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House | April 21, 2015 | Committee Room | Transportation

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Members please take your seat, we're going to get started, we're five minutes late right now. [xx] call the meeting to order. Members take our seats we are to announce our dedicated folks that help us here are Sergeant at Arms [xx] Adams, Joel Osteen, David Laitin[sp?] and [xx] Garrison[sp?]. We have three pages. Pierra [xx]. I think I got that right? Mecklenburg County Ethan Maston[sp?], Surrey[sp?] Carey[sp?], and then it says Stephens, and Louisa[sp?] Harrison Wke county Representative Paul Stan. Representative we have a lot of bills today the first bill on your agenda has been displaced [xx] to have identical senate bills already come over and if you go down to house bill 170 house bill 319 is being displaced [xx] have a senate bill that identical that just came over so were going to start with house bill 233 representative [xx]. Representative [xx] is over here, you are recognize to object the bill range also. Thank you Mr. Chairman., thank you committee members for hearing this, representative Hynes in now has champion in the couple bus safety bills we championed one last session that actually raised some penalties and we thought that would actually help the situation we've had a number of children injured or killed in our district and that's what led us to look at this area. Once we had that bill approved and it did work as a step through process and was approved, we started getting feedback from district attorneys across the State that even though that bill was in place and had good intentions, it still did not satisfy the need to have the evidence they needed to prosecute those who were running past stop arms, and that is a result of this bill in which we are actually recommending more cameras to be installed on buses, and this also came from the Child Safety Task Force, and it functions somewhat as a grant process. We would actually put up some money and then the locals would have the match it. So $1 put up, the locals would match it with $2 to bill[sp?] with it, add more cameras to our schools buses to be able to have the evidence that's needed to be able to prosecute those who are running past our school buses because really two parts, one is the money and the other part is the item that will was more cameras on buses and I'm more than happy to answer any question, Okey questions from all represenatatives raise as you walking by, Okey, presses on [xx]. Rep Adams what kind of estimate cost are we looking out here, We've got the recommendation $700000 in this bill and like I said it will be a dollar put up local districts is putting up $2 so we wanted to put cameras on their [xx] they would have to provide two or three dollars in the march program Alexander, sorry, how much do you think a camera on a school bus costs? the last number I saw was approximately $3, 000 probably come back soon but does it buy more Alright, I certainly make a comment I've raised three children taken them to the school bus since the fifth grade and at one morning me and daughter did almost got run over by the someone riding the school bus I'd probably pay the 2000 for the one in my neighbourhood Thank you Further questions. Thank you Mr. Chairman my question for the sponsor In section one that strikes through the section applies only within the school bears upon the front rare

the word school and then it goes on to give some information that makes evidence, is this an anyway lessening the ability of the motor in public to recognise the spirit of the school bus if we strike it out the words on the bus?   No. Staff has mentioned that one. Thank you Mr Chairman that requirement exists in a different statute will continue to exist if you look at the bottom of your summary in gs20_4 01 the definition the school bus will continue to refer the bus to be mine.   Thank you. Okay Representative [xx] Thank you, can you give me the idea of the money we appropriated the last time in terms of the power it's been given to has all of that money been used and part of this the thickness of this is the patnership between the DA's and the schools to do this together the DA's to prosecute the schools to provide the Camerons report tell me about the [xx] and is this money going to be utilised? My understanding moisted money has been utilized but they only cover a small percentage of the buses across states and this is another allocation that would actually target those high risk bus stops they would also be available to continue the I don't think there is no point time that every bus have a camera on it but this is continuing to move in that direction to target those areas for the [xx] habit history trees of us part being harassed or are still these things inbuilt? [xx]  I'm truly supportive of the concept on the what we are doing so as a phenom movement to been able to make this cameras mobile or they are the district to from the three purpose and run a camera ready bus to target hub the problem is, Yes absolutely there are companies out there who actually specialize and as they seem to grow they are specializing in just what you are talking about and that is targetting of the most high risk areas most high risk roll so you are not necessarily looking up a camera every bus, you are looking to getting what the local folks are investigating where they are having the most issues and then target, target for various also from a funding standpoint this gave us a really strong opportunity to Representative [xx] said reaching so some almost high risk areas for the also give us an opportunity to do some good public private partner system along on the way so work with companies who would help do a share statements concepts with some of our school districts where they will be able to offset some of this cost in fines that's generated in what happen source, what we are hoping for is when we target all those areas, ultimately this will be something that will probably much more efficient, we need to [xx] in our school systems for this very important technology that we need to say brought to kids Okay representative Shepherd. Thank you Mr. Chair, just to speak on the bill if I could. I so appreciate you all working on this bill, last month I had an email from a transportation supervisor of schools on Johns county and he was really concerned because And at several instances I think has more soft school bus but here when they went to court they didn't have enough evidence, so could possibly and this time to fill they're just really hard to prosecute because want the witnesses, eye witness to this. So I think maybe this is a resolution to that so that we'll be able to antics and the laws that possibly went into the school bus I appreciate it, my major concern is that the will get something, that is matching but thank you. Representative Adams. Yes I understand we're getting a approximately half of the instead of public schools in North Carolina and I just want to know how many buses are involved in North Carolina Carolina right now we did not but we purpose to get that number.  Actually the number miles with us is pretty staggering in North Carolina get that   recognize John, identify yourselves and who you're with Derick Grant with the Department of Public Construction Transportation Services. We have 13, 500 buses on the road everyday transporting 50 something percent of the students, and as of right now we have little over 800 of those buses that are equipped with cameras from the previous program there's a question I have a question Yes, I understand

that it was 13, 500 and it should provide funding for 230 more buses [xx] Derick Grant again with BPI. So you're correct, the systems that have been out there for about $3000 a piece, so if it's a grant program, then I guess your money times three would be the point is well taken that it doesn't have to be every bus that's equipped with a camera. The idea is to have the perception out there for the general public if they realize it's a serious offence and hopefully will change behavior Okay, Senator Manning, this is being referred to appropriations after this, did I answer your question one more follow up is this an education budget item [xx] would come out of the general appropriations of the prime of public construction so it works. And next I got Rep. Brown Thank you Mr. Chair, just quick Maybe you think this I going to be on the ground this area this effort to raise this money, you should talk about outreach to businesses, number one, [xx] it's not going to take all of us to differ to get the word out about this problem to find someone who's going to really organize this do we have any idea I will be willing [xx] and who might that be thank you. Like the question I have only talked with [xx] large districts they do have staff already working on this they are actually trying to raise money for [xx] regardless of what we want to do here and so they have and the system already in place solicit work in district attorney and to equip as many [xx] quite frankly the parents are actually demanding so the [xx] district I think will prepare your concern might be the small districts and I have not [xx] small districts I don't know programs [xx] thank you Mr. Chairman couple of questions if I may. In sections 2A of the bill talks about the Department Public Instruction Development of policy to prioritize allocation of funds is referenced to that so the program has already been going on or a program is that money prioritized so that the the department decides which district and which buses within the district are going to get cameras and we'll be continuing with the sign policy or just under the new policy The gentleman from Nebyer, The Gentleman for BBR suddenly this is a word that the previous funding was far elias and so each thought is was a mistake using the two cameras four years for last year this years it will combine. It will ask you are wall ties will probably look at the database we have in the past 10 years on where the violations are taking place in which counties and we can take a priority based on where the violations are taking place, suddenly the buses within those counties will be a local procedure. Follow up. So based on that do I understand correctly that it's in turn the bill that the department will make a choice as to who gets the stumps that the local LAS with in [xx] districts will not have and the opportunity will say we need a comp unless they pay fully on the ran, we thought we need a camera here or there and whether or not it's a small school system with limited resources or a larger system with greater resources would not necessarily be factored into this EPI prioritization, if that's the word. Gentleman speak to prioritization. Certainly we can work with the bill sponsors and do the priority however general assembly best, the four cameras that we out their in some of the four districts it could be across the board or it could be based on significant percentage over the past couple of years, and it's much less than the percentage generated in the larger district based on where we're seeing the problems of motorists passing stop school buses we can develop that power based on whatever the interpretes the national question.

Mr. Helson Buyer,  yes, Miss [xx] Representative Blackwell's point it's common review, so you'll be able to figure that out, but Mr. Chairman I would offer a motion for a favorable report Just a minute two folks are here with quick questions representative Rotman I just wondered, does this bill do what the storage of the data, at all through buses because you do without the storage, representative [xx].  Now is it up? Not is not.  Representative Craigen,  thank you Mr. Chairman, I just have a comment and listening to the discussion here, a couple of things were said to be kind of disturbing. A comment was made that the have a problem  of getting testimony regarding thanks someone passing through a school bus is the school bus driver a valid person to say [xx] that don't make kind of sense to and hear the screwed GPI suddenly have all this data of where these problems occur. Are they working with the local law enforcement to resolve the problem while they are waiting for us to gain $700 they can take pre-choose irrational some of the common sense here is gone. Okay did we have a chance to have the other way, the chair put the sponsor on it. So, this is a problem that we have been working on since 1998 and so depending on what we received for the past two years has been allocated up there so only about half of the buses that have cameras on them now are with that funding and it has been local incidence, so we've been working with the school District and may in turn be working with law enforcement. So as few dishes will work with law enforcement and if I may ask law enforcement to resolve any of the the problem, or they just playing their [xx] I have the huge aggravation here over the idea that this been going out for so long, and you some much status and haven't done anything to solve the problem to law enforcement.   If I can recommend possible passing of another bill. Is there any problem? But general a lot of spying going on. Yes sir again they're grumbling with BPI, it's my impression and Tacco with transportation records around the state that law enforcement is very they are impressed from the data they getting from there cameras, and they are very excited to have this and they are turning the pictures over to the law enforcement. The're taking it to the BA or getting straight to the motorist, and getting more convictions than they used to.  Thank you. Representative Soshadow.   Sir gentlemen from the DPI here.  what happens on this bill here today is it possible that you could email this committee. Some of the information, some of the statistics such as, how many incidents have there been? How many of those incidents they've been able to prosecute versus how many had to let go because they couldn't pursue it, they didn't have enough evidence Yes, we are in the process of gathering some of that data from the cameras, we know an order of magnitude how many times the violations take place. Tracking that through the port system is sometimes difficult and we are just getting started with that. I can seen[sp?] what have a report from the university, we can get started on that [xx] the camera seems irrelevant, period. I mean it's the bus driver instead it starts casting and it didn't get prosecuted, that should be in the statistics somewhere. Whatever information you got on that would be appreciated, Absolutely. Maybe 100 current exchange supply that adjourn your first, the carry representative Brayer very motion. Motion favorable report for house bill 243 other refer to on appropriations. You heard the motion or discussion. All in favor say aye, opposed no, the ayes have i to president Torbett so I can present the next bill. Of Chairman [xx] coming to the podium, members of the committee like to put you on record to be watching your email, we very well may have another transportation policy committee meeting tomorrow, so watch your emails we're formulating those that will be on the agenda as we speak I have a question real quick that represents the speciality please be careful

when you set this new things because other committee is gone known as well at the time you can turn it to [xx] absolutely Representative Davillah thank you Mr chairman this is the parameters required for amendmended transportation laws and [xx] section one authorizes [xx] trying to help instalition on vehicle device on what he is saying representative [xx] can you pose for a second I apologies this is the PCS looking forward thank you representative Brown, you may continue representative [xx] Thank you section two bill we have an amendment [xx] offer the sections, section 3.1 and 3.2, give authorizations [xx] contract for operations person are rarely related, rarely related to receive [xx] activities that needs responds actually the road operations. This is my favorite part of series whereby getting started I understand as much but in a lot of those are well to explore this sort of activity from and in section four authorizes DOT with the concurrence of law enforcement to meet [xx] system current law more important options. I don't know, I just want [xx] to move on. So this is just a assist in the removal of these and not just the law enforcement, so I had the amendment which is a very simple amendment so I'm just going to read here it's just on page one, line 29 to page no lines that I delete section two that section was to expand the certain times [xx] so then there's unpaid open rail toes, if you haven't reported on 45 days and has been discover saying that if you go beyond the 30 days are starting in law it's not part two bill time to extend the note work on that so that the amendment with the late section two. We're going to pause right there and do the amendments, the members have copies of the amendments or did they request copies of the amendment, are we good to go on the amendments. Thank you very much, any questions on the amendments seeing none, I'll ask for the ayes all in favor say aye, on the amendment, those opposed, thank you representative Ailer. Okay, back on the bill Any questions I may have the assistance on the LAG department Mr Justine follows with the amendments. Thank your representative. First question to now we have Representative Paul, to represent him in any other questions. Hey say that loud, representative Mayor, Yes, thank you for your discussion I know this no section three part one this years development and just as they appear as it had range of a priority to your for that pay and every thousand remains in the likes of the facility, I say it's development that on my body the movement is desires more bodies they use of, and I have a problem with that directory.  We have Representative Paul have your say.  I mean and I guess in a wide range that is poor things and I like to understand to see if they know  whether they have time and authority  to do all   [xx] new  for follow up. I saw him going to the stand alright. Thank you Mr. Chairman, the bill just authorizes the activities the sale of naming rights just stated as authority to the department in their parameters, specific parameters [xx]. So I guess the answer is yes, they have right written in mill[sp?]? Yes, and I just wondered a lot of times and like some of this I guess concessions they don't mind the kind of money they pay for the sales is any where whenever this accounted for so that we can keep this record down so that at some point this concessions will have become a drag on the old the old system itself. I guess what I'm saying that it's actually [xx] to go in the hole as opposed to making representative Divinah[sp?] I can tell you on the very process of so far we've asked them

to come back to the oversight community and, some other point back, that's what they're doing I feel like this process would be the same they'd report back on what they're doing with their provide over site to that point   Representative [xx] we also have stamp to ask as well and also speaking as chair I assure you that if they were performing some part of the function that was nor probable, they would no longer provide that function, they will go to staff for that. Thank you Mr. Chairman, all of these operations would be presume into a contract, and any receipts of course the department will keep accounting records of all the receipts, and where they are deposited. Representative Yarborough I believe I saw your hand earlier. Yeah I was wondering how much passenger rail [xx] owned? though there are currently two routes, there might be a team on to explain the rail, just that two routes now basically [xx] train we're looking into. Anybody in the audience who would like to comment on this, don't want everybody jump at once.  We had a charity. Please state your name tell us who you're with, thank you.  Thank you chair I'm Mary John, and I work NCCAC represent java, I do not have NCCAC leads based on that value data information and so I don't think I have to respond. Thank you very much. Any further questions for Representative Yarborough? Thank you Representative Blackwell. Thank you Mr. Chairman, I have two questions. First to the extent that this would authorize the department to engage in concession say also example under section 3.1 A and B, are their currently private entity providing those things it will disgrace by this legislation who would turn over that operation, or either they have to re-contract with the state in order to provide the services. My question got me rethinking the whole process and I'm not sure who's providing it now, anybody have sponsored that in the DOT. Representative for DOT once again please tell us who are again. Mary Jonathan from CDAC. We do not have legal authority as I understand it to currently [xx] type of contract [xx] without anything behind it. I sponsor that Mr. Chairman. Thank you Representative Brockman. I'm not clear on the answer the rest whether you're saying you don't authority to engage in this behavior currently because the [xx] act and therefore private entities are providing concessions on their trains and stations and things, or you're saying that we don't have any concessions at all anywhere currently that are being provided by anybody private or otherwise. Another triangle Perhaps I can answer that question, is anything wrong. Excuse me, would you push the button on the mic and maybe pull it a little bit closer to your mouth, thank you. Thank you your representative Radford, I would get more clarification on that but I don't understand to get this  in terms of what's being provided I can get more details of that from matter on the bill.    what is the problem representative Braxton. Final question, can we also get an estimate of what might be made available on this report might be for the department.  Representative you being noted, thank you Representative Vira. Any comment? No comment on that. Any further questions?    Senators are you ready for a vote? All in favor say I. 'I. ' Those Say nay. The ayes have it. I guess we wouldn't need a motion, I apologize I'm trying to watch the clock and get it done.  Are you here to make a motion? Representative Harper was preparing to make a motion. Make a motion for approval on favor will vote PCS unfavor will not.  Is part on representative Ross, you've heard the motion, the first vote was a grace rehearsal. We'll actually vote for it now, all in favor say aye, the opposed no, thank you. Thank you Representative. When you come back after the next bill in front of is house bill 422 amend funeral possession law representative Eva Alexander bow and all after. Representative Alexander is

recognized. thank you Mr. Chairman. This is exactly the same legislation that was passed in last session, had a very strong committee and strong vote on the house floor, moved over to the senate and disappeared into the black hole what the bill does is simply what everybody believes to be the case in terms of [xx] per sessions. representative Bob. You are recognize for the motion. No [xx] in our special coming we recognize some of the [xx] every product on hospital for put for treating The brain you have the commotion [xx] Thank you, good job. [xx] last wore 428, current plates, Charles Krew does have a referral for finance settlers. Thank you Mr. Chairman and community members what you have before you is a bill  that will seek to extend the deadlines that occur the [xx] first in 2015. Last year somebody may remember Senate Bill 793 chatter school modification I was able to get an amendment in there to the chatter try to score rather permanent plates portion for July 1st of this years and this is something that's been I'm going for several years and I'll try to keep the chatter schools in their permanent plates. What this bill will do is do away with July 1st 2015 termination and make the permanent plates law at the chatter schools and this applies only to vehicles that are used for students transportation and official chatter school related activities so we're not buying cars for administrators [xx] it's basically for school transportation and Mr. Chairman I'll be happy to try and answer any question Is there any questions from the committee? Represtative [xx] I just got one quick one, does this affect in any way how this vehicle having inspected and I would having vehicle may expect that the, there is effect that many want, want this, Representative McNeil thank you for the question. I will would say no but I'll like [xx] the staff to get a [xx] Thank you Mr. Chairman, no it has not affected inspection in any way. Further questions from the committee? Representative [xx]   Thank you Mr. Chairman I just want to remind the committee that we spend a great deal of time through the program evaluation at the site committee several years back and we are trying to now there were just hundreds of these prominent plates out there and obviously these caused in the State money back but just to let me know that still and I know this has to go to finance from here. Further questions for the motion proposed? Representative Jitra. Another bill on house bill 428 on a serial favorable clients. motion or discussion. All those in favor in say aye. Aye. Opposed no, the ayes have it, representative [xx]. Thank you Mr. Chairman and committee Representative Turner, Robert Turner for house bill 456. Thank you Mr. Chair. Is there a PCS? Representative McNeil first who is it, without objection PCS is [xx]. Thank you, I'm happy to bring this bill to you from our farming community. The important things are that it authorizes a vehicle weight exception for certain movements for dairy products, and removes a farm vehicle restriction on existing weight exception for water, fertilizer, pesticides seed-kill[sp?] or animal waste. In my county we're having some clarification issues on the near hally[sp?], so I'm trying to address

that, and the analysis we're including dairy products into the agricultural crop products weight exception that seems to again clarification and we were removing the farm vehicle restriction for the weight exception again for animal waste hurling. I'll be happy to answer your question. Mr. Chairman, I just want to respectfully remind committee members that we could be discussing this all day, but we had two more Bills here before us Time runs out. And that will not be necessary. Okay, Representative Cleveland, For motion, there's an this year. A question to the bill sponsor. Representative Turner, in part two in section 1A part two says from a farm to a farm from my forum to your forum assuming we want a [xx] it does not clarify the distance and my question is where farms is far [xx] so is there any limitations on we have further travel is [xx] destination at what spot do you want? A 150 miles it's in the bill okay, I think we skipped over [xx] do you have any question? It was just a motionless Mr. Chair. Thank you Representative Caren Thank you I have a question, now I hard ways we are not supposed to transfer that because of the diseases and the illnesses that they have. Is this exempted? [xx] no. Mr. Chairman You're recognized [xx] Yes we use this manure for fertilizer on our fields, and so our farms are smaller than they are down which you may be familiar with mainstream farms and they're only on the roads but D. O. T is working with me on this. They are only on the roads from field to field or from farm to farm so we're just trying to clarify the one which there has not been in restriction. Follow up, follow up. so the concern is spreading illness from [xx] farm to another so this doesn't remove any the exemptions they will protect that Okay, we are also this bill also helps farmers to operate within the EPA regulations because when they spread in their own field it has to be so many parts or whatever and so this helps them to dispense their manure to other fields so they don't over for lose fields which is the EPA concern [xx] I'm just trying to understand the reasoning behind the bill does male can in oil [xx] more than everything else and then why do we need increase rate ones? We don't really know how much is in youor way because been thought that animal eat is difficult we could weigh the truck that they don't have access to do that, thank you very question So guess the answer was that this [xx] I was Okay Representative Cleveland Thank you Mr. Chairman favorable report of proposed committee for house bill 456 unfavorable to the original and we don't have a referral we'll have a motion, further discussion all in favor say aye, Aye! Oppose no, thank you I'm on turn departing knowledge is presentorial once again representative Drake there that was lively conversation thank you very much be on purpose now is Representative Ailer Thank you Mr. Chairman this bill has come through the local government already and it is going to the floor from here apparently what I say is that men calls to order where you turned about in total free, you go to our allies plan which is loyal degreee and to the right you see the bay the bouncer out there

[xx] other folks are going to using a park this is right next to it candy park and [xx] but they're trashing the park and we would spend there, and wildlife, [xx] nobody take responsibility this gives [xx] this is for the markable orders jurisdiction if the other entities are not enforcing the rules and regulations any rules and regulations by wildlife those medical engineers that supercede what they do had no authority to tell those people to leave or to get rid of the abandon boats, they sunken out there so it's just the last soul and we're trashing the area and any question as rolled answers thank representative of Allies, any question from committee representative Odel. Thank you Mr. Chairman Aron just for a motion. I'll read that appropriate time representative Waddel for a motion. Mr. Chairman I move that we five house 478 a favorable report You've heard the motion. [xx] Committee is in front of us, all in favor say aye, those opposed? Ayes have it. Thank you Representative [xx], next on the list we have here representative, representative Tiger, representative Elmoh, house bill 618 drives licence conceal hearing with the very referral to judiciary two. Representative Elmore Thank you Mr. Chairman. What you see in this Bill is the development through the DMV with consultation from this chair association and the ministry live outside the cords can't develop aid process will with the concealed [xx] permit holder chooses, can have that on their licence, similar to like the organ donation and the second section, bills with basically have that process will be formulated. So, those are the questions? Okay, Representative [xx] I support the Bill and in an appropriate time I'd like to make a motion. Okay, Representative Adams. Yes thank you Mr. Chairman, sometimes people get concurrent licences at a time the burden correspond to the time of life in this how would you resolve that difference? Thank you Mr. Chairman I believe that is part of the process development that is kind of [xx]. Okay, Representative Thank you everyone.  Thanks Mr Jenner, thanks for bring this representative Ray Moore and are we going to eventually get to where instead of having having it separate permit you're just going to have it on your license because I've thought for a long time that's the way it should be and I understand it might take some time for every buyer to get on the same page when you get your answer bringing in but as at where we're trying to go here. Thank you. Right now it's warded upon the quest because there was some concerns the people talk of me that said you know I have to show my idea of the bank but I don't necessarily make those since now I 'm happy since there are people that are still concerned with that and I think until you develop a process and they understand the process it's a little premature to go a whole lot more Okay well someone is here to speak on this bill [xx] and we're up against the time for about 10 minutes Thank you very much Mr. Chairman I'm Mark Erickson I'm the [xx] over the instructor and the director of the [xx] group. Our concern is privacy as you know recently the legislature passed legislation to maintain the privacy of [xx] from upholding and I ask you take this bill forward, that you include the requirement that the privacy be maintained so that only Law Enforcement could tell by on the licence [xx] the other thing we've noticed is that there is no launch on these paid ID cards for non-drivers and also we

the causative of passive passion maintaining the [xx] of a hundred church are [xx] Thanks Sir. Representative Clevlen. Thank you Mr. Chairman. I guess it's a good idea there's not a lot of holes in this. Drivers licence is now issued for five to eight years depending on your age, Concealed Carrying permits I believe are four. How you're going to? That to me is a huge problem. Someone's going to, his concealed carry  expires and he still has his driving license saying, I'm a concealed carry person. Suppose his concealed carry gets pulled, concerned do we have a method in place that DOT's notified that this guy has to get a new driver's license? There is a whole lot of scenarios you consider out and ponder that will cause problems if we put this on the driver's licence, and the concept I think is OK, but putting it in use and enforce I think would be a bigger pain than it's worth. Representative Hager. Mr. Chairman, I think if you look at summary of the bill, [xx] bill now is I'm going to read the first line house bill 618 redirect division [xx] consultation share [xx] support to develop a process to include the consumer payment endorsement and they would report back it doesn't say it happened like Representative Clayton just says we could be helping the process May I? Sure. Why waste the money? Okay, we got three people to you and Representative McGrady was going to make a motion and is the opinion of the Chair ones [xx] large meeting first thing, the [xx] name is noon this room. Hey, watch your emails in case of changes, thank you. Meeting is adjourned.