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Joint | June 11, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Rep. Hall

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Lets get in here tight, we all know each other and we are all together for North Carolina so let's get in here tight.   Oh really? Okay. Rodney, would you close that door please? Thank you. Senator Dave of North Carolina. I'm representative Larry Hall democratic leader and house representative we have democrats here who care about North Carolinians and about the rights of all North Carolinians and about our constitution and I certainly have and take great exceptions to how we just take it away the rights of North Carolina's sensation state employees and their right to decide to make other people 2nd class citizens. I have some members of the [xx] here who want to speak but this it's about senate bill two and about whether or not we can actually legislate second class citizens now, intentionally in North Carolina, whether we can desire to help out state employees take an oath to serve all North Carolinians and in their desire they will selectively provide their service and assistance. This is not what North Carolina is about. We 're not just better than this, we're whole lot better than this. In this process that happens today, registration by ambush and yes, we knew it was coming, and yes, they will be in the rules if they do it that way. Just because you can does not mean you should and the institution took a big hit today, in the way this was done. Anyone have any other comment? This is pleasure representation. Thank you. Weve been talking about the need for jobs and about economic security and we in North North Carolina know that that jobs and economic viability just took a huge hit with the actions take off today. The folks who are in the queen houses their jobs are secure. They will get their retirement benefits, they will get their health care, they will get the benefits that come with their job even if they are not doing their job. Folks on the outside who are going to be continually discriminated against, will have harder time, doing their jobs or getting to their jobs or doing the things that they need to have done because people have been given permission not to do their jobs, it is a sad day in North Carolina and for a state that was supposed to be focusing on and the wellbeing of all North Carolinians. It is a sad day andi hope we can we know what's going And happen. This will go to court just like so many of the bills that we've seen from the other side and again tax payer money will be used to defend North Carolinian's in this state against the bad legislation coming from the other side. In a public debate on issues shows courage of conviction. Hiding behind procedural rules never does we honored Dean Smith here yesterday. Good day that because we did not honor to his legacy of equality today a long time ago there was a conservative columnist who I ended up becoming friends with named James Kilpatrick who died a number of years ago. He used to be on the Point Counterpoint on 60 Minutes. And when DOMA came out in the federal law, he wrote and he and I struck up a pen pal friendship over another case, but he wrote to me as well about that years ago and what he said in an article was if you want to preserve family values, how about fighting poverty. If you want to preserve family values how about stopping domestic violence? And if you want to preserve family values, how about fighting child abuse? If the gay couple down the street threaten and my marriage and the institution of marriage and he was right when he wrote that in the 1990s and it remains right today. And sadly we have now given license on constitutional license to government officials to sanction a spare treatment of our citizens based on their sexual orientation and a refusal to honor their constitutional right to marry I closed my comments because these were speaker's well because in the morning today they will

violate the united state constitution a point made by representative [xx] representative hall repeteadly of the last two weeks, we violate the state constitution, we now only get wrong it substitutly but we get wrong procedurally. For days now, we have violated our own Rule 5 which requires that if we are to undertake unfinished business we must vote each day. If we refuse to do that, as the majority of the House of Representatives to go on a different Order of Business. For at least five days now we have not done that, and we have violated patently Rule 5, which by the way was specifically put in the Rules to prevent what we've been doing. We not only violate that, we violate Article 2 Section 22 of the Constitution of the State which has already only once be enjoined on the Veto-Garage[sp?] Theory several years ago in the NCAE Litigation, it will now again be left to the courts to enjoin both substantively and procedurally what we have done today not only violates both constitutions, it violates the spirit of who we are as North Carolinians. I think as all of the members here have said, it is a sad day for equal justice under the law in the state of North Carolina My name is Cecil Brockman from Guilford County I just wanted to say, and to remind everybody that what we're talking about is love, and what we just did is not to try to discriminate and I just wanted to apologize and all of my colleagues here in a Democratic party. We would like to apologize to all lesbian and gay couples because your love is not different than anybody else love in this state and we're sorry on behave of this state of North Carolina. All we're done today is injure the respect and accountability of our legislature and the respect our citizens will have going forward for the decisions and the processes used to make those decisions as we go forward, and a time a crisis of our government we've continued to go down this road were instead of doing what is best for the state of North Carolina we continue to try to discriminate and go backwards is that human rights in the state this again in not about what North Carolina is really about and I hope that people as they see us resolving to court to continue to have to defend the rights of our citizens because our regislature fail to do so and in fact impeaches on those rights hopefully our citizens will see. North Carolina is better and we cannot allow this continue to happen in our state, take any question.  If you are looking for a legal you need to have somebody who knows the agreed party first, can you challenge it right away or do we have to get down the road away until you see physical reason and then now how do you perceive? What next? I think we already have agreed parties so I think there be sufficient stand in that bill and again the first instance were happens I believe I'll take anyone else's comments representative Michelle. The first time one of these letters that is bound, first of all I think it will challenging on constitutional grounds anywhere in procedure but the first time one of these notices is given that I'm not going to do my duty in a court house, I think at that point certainly legal standard will attach and soup can be brought by community organization, they will be effected represented population or the individual who subsequently applies for either the marriage license because this allows the the clerks of court and the magistrates and the registrar deeds to discriminate so and either one of those cases I think stand and will exist and I'm sure that this will be addressed in court. Yes sir. Particularly your resolution on this issue would be that people who have a problem officiating to step down from their jobs or carry out their oath. My resolution on this and again don't forget what this bill really does because it not only says people can give continue in six month notice that I'm not going to do my sworn duty unless it also allows us forprovice[sp?] the people who previously quit this job because they refused to do their duty can take the oath again and basically lie say I'm going to carry out the oath when I know not then submit a statement saying now that I've taken both and I've got the job back I'm not going to carry it out and continue and in addition for the period of time after I resigned I still get my retire benefit contributions as if I never left so that's what he bill does and it

does it for a post end both the magistrates office as well as [xx] office and so the resolution I think should be if you take the oath for the citizens of North Carolina you should discharge that oath fully like it says you to take it without reservation ad it says you will fully discharge it without favouring And I think that oath should have some meaning in North Carolina yes yes madam. On Tweeter already were getting national attention for this vote  that just happened it's amazing how fast things go this days. what do you think do you expect some backlash on national law about this? Do you think we are going state is going to go negative attention? Yes,  we've already had a backlash from the business communities saying don't do this we don't want to have major businesses and assets in sate of North Carolina if you are going to discriminate you citizen you start down a step slippery slope and now said no matter who you are you can not be the sword that whether is emergency services police services access to the court house that you will not be denied if this train were to continue across government services so it should be a national attention we are a national state we have been one of the tops state for people to come and create jobs and locate businesses we have got what a top university system extra and extra everybody should be conservative about this and there is no question the word suites free quickly [xx] let me, yes sir one of the things that you need to take a look is how is going to spread for instance now that we have allowed people who have taken oath to uphold not only in North Carolina constitution but United State constitution to give them a pass so to speak to make it happen and then [xx] what is going to happen is they are going to pick on I'm just not go come here for instance let me give you a good example of something that really sort of an ex moron [xx] Frank and Graham they have the date decided that since was that [xx] Wells Fargo use gay couples in [xx] the we are going to throw our business away and do another [xx] while low and behold [xx] as I'm saying they went to BBNT and we use BBNT and BBNT have been one of the biggest Spanches [xx] engaged within in Mayamy flood so now we get BBT on [xx] they are going to stay with BBT Are they going to start their own bank, which means they also have to start to do the lock. It's very very extremely simple, and this can be done without anybody being aggrieved, it's a constitutional issue, and any citizen can bring that action has the right under the Constitution.  Anybody who wanted to know that? Yes Sir,  Representative Brockman, you're reaction to, what caused you to stand up in the house [xx] to what happened when you started to say what you saying [xx] you down? Being a human being is what caused me to say it, I think anybody who feels, any compassion, to their neighbour You know their community, would stand up and say something, because it doesn't make any sense, we live in 2015, this people are people who fight and die, in our country Representative Gerald Martin eloquently said this on the floor the other day these are the men and women who fight and die for us and who freedom were now discriminating against his will, so I think its also important to remember that as well though. Many women who fought and died for this country will be discriminated against. And your answer is being shut down and not being in the show.  Alright am still going through I'm still afresh man am still considering up here, so. I don't know, am just surprised that I just couldn't get out the simplest thing it seemed like their apology, you know, so. Any other question? Okay. Thank you.