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House | June 10, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The house will come to order, members will take their seats visitors will retire from the chamber, the Sargent of arms will close the doors, members and visitors are asked to please silence all electronic devices this afternoon prayer will be offered by Rep Jean Farmer-Butterfield who wold ask all members and all all guest in the gallery to please stand during the ratification and also to remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, Please join me in prayer Father God the giver of every good and perfect gift, first and for most we thank you for the very gift of Life liberty under persuit of happiness that we dare not take for granted, eternal God who owns every government with nation and state in your hands we ask your reverend presence upon our proceedings today guide us by your spirit in the ways of justice and compassion, remind us that life is a gift, that leadership is a privilege and service to others is a calling, could be for us by your spirit, your divine mandates, when I was hungry did you feed me, when I was sick did you visit me, when I was thirsty did you give me something to drink. Start up in us, then what we do until the least of this is a true measure of our good life and evidence of our love for thee. Convict us when we stray from your way and strengthen us when we seek to do your will. As we move through this session today, let the words of our mouths and meditation of our hearts be acceptable and [xx] thou art our strength and redeemer, Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic which it stands one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. The gentleman from Harnett Representative Louis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, the journal for June 9th has been examined and found to be correct, I move that it's stand approved as written. Representative Louis moves that the journal for June 9 be approved as written those in favor will say aye? Those opposed no? The ayes have it, the journal is approved as written. Ratification of bills resolution the clerk will read. The [xx] clerk will post the following bills through the [xx] for presentation to the government. Senate bill 25, an Act to clarify when a county or municipality may enact [xx] or this is related to design and the aesthetic controls. Senate bill 154 an Act to clarify the operation of the limit of immunity from prosecution for certain drugs or alcoholic related offences committed by an individual experiencing a drug or alcohol related overdose, and an individual who seeks medical assistance or an individual alcohol related overdose to provide additional requirements and conditions that must be met before the limited immunity is established to revive the person shall not be subject for arrest or revocation or pretrial release, probation, parole or pot-release if placed upon an offense for which the person from prosecution to move back that the law enforcement officer should not be subject to a civil liability arresting or charging a person entitled to immunity from prosecution, if the law enforcement officer acted in good faith to revive that pharmacist may dismiss an OPR antagonist upon receiving a prescription issued in accordance with GS 106.2 and to revive that a pharmacist ho dismisses an OPR antagonist in accordance with the GS90- 102 is immune civil or criminal liabilities. Senate bill 487 an act to update outdated and obsolete provision in chapter 108 of the general statute. on the North Carolina health child's program in order to avoid confusion by stakeholders and to increase sufficiencies in the administration of program, house 560 a act to revive that it is a felony to assault house bill personnel and licensed healthcare providers who provided for attempting to provide services in a hospital. And the following bills, duly ratify an appropriate role and prepare for the presentation to the office of sectors State [xx] to authorize the town to adopt and enforce all [xx]

related to parking, senate bill 142 to reduce the number of members serving on [xx] county city commission. chapter Bills will be noted. Representatives Blackwell, Brian and Sheperd are recognized to send forth the committee report the clerk will read. Representative Blackwell, [xx] and Sheiford, did you show the full committee report. Senate Bill 462, Public Authorities, Non Profit Corporations, Favor House Committee Substitute on Forite Senate Committee Substitute. senate committee substitute unfavorable calendar, house committee substitute calendar. Representative Brody Dickson Lang and Steinbergh recognized to send forth the committee report the Clerk will read. Representative Brody Dickson Land and Steinbergh, agriculture committee report, senate bill 513 North Carolina format 2015, federal house committee substitute on federal senate committee substitute number two and re-referred to finance; Senate committee substitute number two is placed on the unfavorable calendar, the house committee substitute is received favorably and is referred to the committee of finance Representative Conrad, [xx] and Ross are recognized to send forth a committee report the clerk will read [xx] Just a moment, the house will come to order [xx] the gentleman from [xx] is very difficult to hear the Speake or the Clerk. Very well. Members, we'll ask members to please take their seats of the any conversations that need to occur they should happen outside this, the doors of the chamber. I believe the Clerk is in the process of reading in the committee report the Clerk you may continue. Rep. Hardcomrad, Rep. Ross, [xx] and Job development committee report senate bill 286 regulate the sale of egg liquid container favourable be referred to judiciary two.committee substitute number one is being referred to the committee on judiciary two. Representative Daughtry is recognized to send forth the committee report, the clerk will read. Representative Daughtry judicially one committee report, Senate Bill 386, Register of Deeds, UCC recording fees favourable Committee substitute number one for Senate bill 386 is referred to the committee of finance. Senate Bill 596, protection against unconstitutional foreign judgement's favourable. Committee number one calendar. Senate bill 199 fine to positive crack of court favourable house committee substitute on favourable region bill refereed to finance. Region bill placed on the unfavorable the House committee substitute is referred to the Committee on Finance. Members, a couple of special recognitions before we move into the first resolution on the calendar, on behave of gentleman opponent Representative Louse and all members of the republican [xx] the chairs to extent the [xx] senator Garay to Micheal Nick who is the newly elected vice chair of North Carolina Republican party Miss Nick would you please stand so we can welcome you that motion of [xx] shame of waking category choice said [xx] to gain a jury executive director of [xx] senators of North Carolina Mr [xx] would you please stand so that we can welcome you as well. I am in. [xx] She is in the chamber not just yet, we will come back to that one and our motion that representative Rader [xx] to Radell Junior, Mr Radell where you sir? Thank you for being with us today. Calendar, house joint resolution 670, the clerk will read. And before clerk does, the chair is reminded the house is now considering a joint resolution. Representatives [xx], Timore, [xx] and [xx] Johnson, house joint resolution 670 or joint resolution to honor the life and memory of Dean Edward Smith, legendary men's basketball coach at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the house resolved, senate concurred. Chair directs the clerk to read the resolution in its entirety. A joint resolution and in life and memory of Dean Edward Smith, legendary Basketball Coach, [xx] North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where Dean Edward Smith was born on February 28th, 1931 Emporia Kansas, to Alfred

and Vester Smith, both public school teachers and where he has been, Smith graduated from [xx] high school in 1949 and the University of Kansas on Academic Scholarship, during which time he was a student athlete playing Basketball and Baseball in freshman football and was a member of the Jayhawk basketball team that won the NCAA title in 1952 and finished second in 1953 and where after graduating college in 1953, Dean Smith remained at the University of Kansas where he served as an assistant basketball coach to fallen Allen and Dick [xx] and whereas in 1954 Dean Smith John US Air Force, where he played in coach basketball in Europe and later served as an assistance basketball coach to Bob Spear, and he was a head coach of the Air Force Academy back baseball and golf teams, and whereas in 1958 coach Smith became assistant to Frank Mergoha at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and in 1961at age of 30 became the head coach when Coach McRoy was signed to become head coach of the NBA Philadelphia Warriors and whereas in 1966 coach Smith integrate UNC athletes by recruiting Charles Scott the first African American scholarship play at the University and one of the first black athletes to sign in a major college in the South, and whereas with the a fears winning, speed, and talented players. Coach Smith got a tower hill in ACC play of course a record of 364 to 136 and won 13 HCC tournament titles and finished at least three end of HCC regular season standard for 33 successive seasons including first place titles, 11 second place finishes and five third place finishes known as the Tower Hill under coach Smith skill hadn't won at least 20 games in 27 straight seasons including 30 of at least 31 games a record matched by no other coach, and whereas coach Smith led his team to 27 NCAA appearances, of which 23 were consecutive, 13 straight suites 16 appearances in 1981 to 1993, 11 final 4 appearances, NCAA Championships in 1982 and 1993, and in NIT Championship in 1971. And whereas as head coach coach Smith was instrumental in guiding the United States basketball team to gold medal at the 1976 Olympic Games. And whereas on March 15th, 1997, coach Smith became all time winningest coach in the history of NCAA Division One Basketball by passing Adolph Rupp's record of 876 wins, and whereas Dean Smith retired from coaching on October 9th, 1997, with a record of 897 to 254, the distinction of having one games than any other division one mens basketball college coach in history a record inherent to 2007. And whereas at UNC coach Smith established a tradition of excellence during his 36 years as head coach building an outstanding managed basketball program made up of young men who succeeded not only on the basketball court, but also in the classroom where they achieved graduation rate better than 95%. And whereas coach Smith perfected the running jump and scrambled defenses a team harrowed the fourth free throw, a clenched fist to signal the needed rest in the game and acknowledged of an insist by pointing to the passer and the four corners offenses that proved effective and shortcut and instituted by the NCAA in 1985. And whereas many of coach Smith players went on to become professional basketball players, basketball coaches, entrepreneurs, professionals, and other leaders, many of whom still contribute to their communities through out the world. And whereas Coach Smith received numerous awards and honors as he was named ACC Coach of The Year your eight terms, national coach of the year four and sports of the year by the sports illustrated and received upper usher award for courage at the SB awards and the [xx] Goods Sportsmanship award, and when Coach Smith was first receiving of the mental award for lifetime given by the university of North Carolina on teaching award for bolder grades teaching beyond the classroom I was received as order of the lonely pan in 1988 and the presidential matter of freedom in 2013 the high civilian war granted by United State government and whereas those group was recognized by 4th century and [xx] winning program ESPN and one of the top seven couches of 20th century and as couch move honored with the university award the house distinction be [xx] see in 1998 recognized of his illustrated, he lost your service to the higher education

and only a doctor of laws from in 2007 would recognizes his outstanding service to the managing and the world arena and our nation in an American south state of North Carolina people have made outstanding contributions to knowledge in the world of scholarship people whose talent creativity in the world of the art has entrenched  our lives and people whose divortion[sp?] to and support of our university most are highest recognition and whereas couch Smith was introduced into the North Carolina sport [xx] frame in 1981, Nail Smith [xx] basket ball Hall of frame in 1983 national colleague in basket ball Hall of Fame in 2006, the FIFA Hall Of Fame in 2007, and whereas coach Smith was very humble man who did not seek fame or fortune for recognition for any of the things he did for others and whereas Coach Smith was a man of great culture who believed in equality for every citizen that was demonstrated over and over in this life's work, including when he in the late 1960's integrated a segregated Capital Hill restaurant when he walked in with his pastor and black theology student. And when coach smith was Feared and loved by his players, coaching staff and members of the UNC basketball family, and was repected and admired by this peers, colleagues and UNC fans. And where as Coach Smith was an active member of Binkley Baptist Church in Capital Hill and where as Coach Dean died on February 7, 2015 at the age of 83 leaving his wife, Linnea, Children Sharon, Sandy Scott, Christian and Kelly, seven grand children and one great grand parent to moan his l loss now therefore be resolved by the house of representatives, the senate concurring. Section one the honor of the memory of Dean Edward Smith, former Head coach of the men's Basketball team of the University of North Carolina Capitol Hill expresses the appreciation of the state for his many contribution to the game of basketball. The University of and there by the entire state of North Carolina as well as the public education and social Justice. Section two the general assembly extends it deepest to the family of Dean Edward Smith for the loss of a beloved family member, section three the secretary of state shall send prostate certified copies of this resolution to family of Dean Edward Smith, section four this resolution is effective upon ratification. The lady from Orange, Representative [xx] is recognized to debate the resolution. Thank you, Mr Speaker ladies and gentlemen of the house and honored guests, Dean Edward Smith, Coach Smith was an extraordinary coach, but he was foremost exemplary human being. In basketball he had unparalleled record wins, he was a brilliant coach and a strategist and teacher, his innovations changed the game. His dependable self-discipline and high expecation gave us the never give up fortitude and loyalty with players and a treasured chest of memories for his players, for his fans no one who saw the 8 points and 17 seconds win over [xx] will ever it or the slow graceful arc of Walter David's shot as it soared towards the basket, we knew it was going in those 17 seconds were the result of the strong alliance of a gifted coach, primed players and the trusting relationship between them as well as the joy of the game, isn't this fun? On the personal side Coach Smith was so low key and unpretentious, it took us the Carolina Family and Followers a few years to realize just how impactful he would be not only on basketball but on this state, the community and our individual lives. As we saw his quiet consistent, don't shrink from what's doing right even if it's not popular example, we recognized him for the remarkable person he was, we didn't just admired him, we loved him. I got ahead of his quiet effective leadership at a game my husband had attended in [xx] Michael probably in 1967 it was Coach Smith's first trip to the final four he was working with his own recruits and he was winning, we were winning. Larry Miller was a senior, Charlie Scott was a freshman, Rusty Clark Dick [xx] 84 glare, I think they were bunching around that team. Those were the days. Tickets were first-come-first-served. The front rows were close to the court. We constantly got spattered with sweat. The cheering was so loud and tense, we worried about hearing loss with every spectacular play the fans roses one body.

It was Carolina blue, but it was the first time in my life to experience the home crowd welcoming the opposite players with warm applause as they were introduced. What is this, Coach Smith reminded us that these are teenagers, not long hour on their own. Never tested before thousands. It was also the first time in my life I saw a bad call by the Ref greeted with rebuking silent instead juice and boozes. It was the first time in my life I saw coach stand up and turn to the crowd and lift a hand to acquire the first hand of doing. Gradually we got it. We called it the Carolina Wave it was the Coach Smith way. We learned a lot more over the years, from his quiet unassuming leadership in the community and on the court. Others will share that I will leave you with one more example. When Charlie Davies, the Wakeforte stand out in 1971 ACC mens basketball player of the year played his last game at Carolina. His coach took him out of the game a few minutes before it was over. The Carolina fans rose to applaud him as if he was one of our own he was one of our own because coach Smith we have learnt from coach Smith that basket ball is more than a game, it is a lot more than wining and being perfect that it is about growing up, doing your best learning from but not dwelling on your mistakes, being prepared for what to have ahead, but the opportunity come your way don't be surprised to said being disappointed its about am never giving up am not letting discouraged is a game for you jever letting discouragement trusting your team mate respecting he obosive teembuildiond relationsship anknowlging a [xx] evprienceng the joy the enssence of life can all b e jou in basketball and here I borrow from someone else who says am better than I can, its not often we have someone who moves to our lives atleast [xx] he awaken our better cells started to find goals and greater productivity he reached to understanding of responsibility in opportunity he tought us to love am very grateful to him in my life, thanks coach for assistance for what purpose does the gentleman from Orange representative Mayer rise.? To speak on the resolution. The gentleman has the floor to dabate the resolution [xx] I did not I was not raised in North Carolina basket ball I learned about coach Smith when I moved to North Carolina but only [xx] in 1998 and I wnat to talk something about the dignity of this man who wan't in session that time time I got to turn at Chapel Hill. Some people might wonder, how did Chapel Hill and our community to become one of the most progressive, liberal places in our state and I would argue that it is inmpact because of our basketball coach. Today we see coaches who are afraid to speak up on any social issue, afraid to ruin there brand, afraid to step in to controversy Chapel Hill had a basketball coach for decades who was not only someone who was recognized on the floor but someone who was recognized in the community someone who believed that it was important to life a full life in the community. Participate in his children's school, a local church, just be someone who was approachable on the street. And during a traumanchuos time for all of North Carolina and did all of the United States, we had a basketball coach in Chapel Hill who was willing to take action to fight for integration in a restaurant, to fight for integration in schools, to fight for equality. Later, we saw that this impact transcended generations he was not just a coach, he was not just a man who was a leader in the community. He had something that is very rare to find, someone who inspires people to do what he did. I worked in schools for a long time and one of the ways that you know the best teacher is not by what their students go on to do out in the world, but by how many of their students come back to teach? And say I'm a teacher because of this teacher who came before me. And we all know many many of coach Smith's famous proteges went on to be players, I would guess that behind those, you also can not have find any coach who has had more professional coaches come from their lineage of their program

and finally, I want to speak to coach Smith in a way that I saw him most often which was as a father very fortunate to have a very close friend who is here with us today, Kristen Smith, Coach's daughter. She's one of the first people I became friends with in Chapel and so in my exposure, to meeting Coach Smith, was often taking my daughter over to the coach's house and family's house to use their swimming pool, and I got to see him, the way that he related to his children and to my child. I told the story earlier to wife who's here today, one time my daughter would tell her friends, Oh yes I'm friends with Coach Smith I'm friends with Dean Smith and I'd say well, Sweetie you may not be friends with the Coach but then we were out in a local restaurant in Chapel hill and here comes coach and his family, Kristen and Kelly, they all come in and who does coach come over to say hi to in the restaurant? Ashley, by name asking her how talking to her about school. He raised his daughters to be humble, he raised them to contribute to the community, he raised them to do what they believed was right, and because he had that impact on them, they've had that impact on me and my family and my children and I try to raise my children using coach Smith, Christen's dad, Mr. Smith occasionally to me as a role model for myself my as a father. I appreciate this man so much and I'm so grateful for all he's contributed to our State. For what purpose does the gentleman from representative [xx] Speak on the resolution. the debate resolution. Thank you Mr. Speaker, some of my earliest memories was watching Carolina basketball with my dad. My dad taught me how to play the game and he thought there was nothing like coach Smith, and as a young boy because my dad thought he was great I also thought he was great, and only as I became a man that I realized his contributions and how great he really was. I literally can mark time in my laugh a lot of basketball and watching those games with my dad, when they beat Michigan, when Carolina beat Michigan in the National Championship I remember where I was when we had the bitter loss a few years later against Boston College, I remember where I was and I remember how that felt and I'll never forget that, I guess all that was part of my childhood and those are things that I guess I'll never forget and finally I just want to talk about my personal experience as a young boy with Coach Smith and how I remembered him. Carolina Basket Ball I guess was a right of passage for any boy that played basket ball or tried to play basket ball and I remember to Carolina Basket Ball School as a teenager, and they were probably 500 of us or so and he took the time to get a picture made with each one of us, and took the time to speak to us and it's just something that I'll never forget. And one thing that really sticks out in mind even to this very day was when he had us all together there in the ding dong and the space center. He had us all together and he was speaking [xx] if you all remember Hubert Davis, was down there on the floor writhing and Coach Smith was talking about Hubert Davis and he said that he told Hubert Davis that maybe the MBA was probably not what he needed to do, we didn't think maybe he was quick enough for something like that and Hubert Davis went on to have a great career in the MBA that shows you how much I know about the game of basketball, I remember him saying that and he did't do it in a false humility way or anything [xx] that was just as the other members have spoken about, that was just his humbleness and that was the way he perceived laugh and that's just how remembering and not only in that way but the Carolina way is also has been spoken about that was the rough way he showed us how it was suppose to be done in rough and in college Basketball in general and North Carolina College Basketball and the Tar hills are better because the coach didn't smith and it was an honor for me to have to watch Carolina Basketball all those years. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gilford Representative Johnson rise? For what purpose does the lady from Bancum[sp?]

Representative Fisher rise? To speaker briefly on the resolution Mr. Speaker. Lady has the floor to debate the resolution. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen of the house, although I did not know coach Dean Smith personally, I wanted to share a story that I heard just shortly after his death. It was a story on NPR, about how he had left in his will the money for each of his players to go out and have a nice steak dinner. And that struck me as really something thoughtful and special that you would never have even imagined a person would do in their will. But I think it serves several examples. Number one of the way he thought of his team members as family, number two, I think at back to the days in the 60s when he dared to enter a segregated restaurant with a student of his and his pastor and I think it also shows what a leader he was and what an example he was to all of us, in terms of equality for all, but a great example we had of leadership in the University of North Carolina school system. We we'll miss his presence here, but he's left a great legacy. I commend the resolution to you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rockingham, Rep. Jones, rise? To debate the resolution. The gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I just wanted to briefly add a comment to some of the good things that have been said about coach Dean Smith and particularly about his character and his integrity. My personal background, I remember I was coming of age as a young boy and a basketball fan just as Dean Smith's program was coming of age, and he began leading Carolina basketball to final fours and just sustained success. But if you will remember for a long period of time in his career, he made it to the final four, he made it to the championship games, but it was his seventh trip to the championship game before he actually won a championship. He was criticized early on as where he couldn't win the big game or that type thing. But you know for coach Smith and for the Carolina program him at the time the strength was sustained excellence. And what I think we saw in coach Smith and his character was he never changed. I enrolled as a freshman in Chapel Hill in the fall of 1980, and I spent the next eight years of school there between college and dental school and I was there when coach Smith won his first championship and I noticed that it didn't change him at all. And I was there when Carolina basketball made the transition to the new center that would carry his name despite his objections because he was such a humble man. But he even when he was going and coaching in the 22, 000 Smith Center, that never changed the man. I don't know that I hardly ever missed a Carolina basketball game during those eight years. But what I came to admire and respect even more than all the victories and all the championships was the sustained character and integrity that the man exhibited on and off the court. In the Chapel Hill community a nationwide and even a worldwide figure. We know he was an Olympic Gold medal coach certainly someone who was recognized as I said nation wide and worldwide for his accomplishments but it never changed the man he was a humble man. He was always one who would share the credit, to give the credit to others and success never did change him one thing I will always remember about him, I remember a couple of times, in particular during my eight years there where the fans got a little bit out of control and sometimes you would stop here stand or something [xx] or something like that it was not appropriate invoved Coach Smoke would stand up in the [xx] and stop the game and he is going to move and grab the mike he said we don't do that here and he would have self respected that no matter how many students were chanting or wherever and then went quiet and then show respect to the man so I just find I have some admiration [xx] of Dean Smith my final comment on behalf never remembered I will never forget my staff team for 1997 shortly before his retirement was the day that he passed he may happened to label pass for his the record that amazed Williams and college basketball history and I remember that from multiple reasons but I remember for one reason

that because my wife was gracious enough to wait untill right after the game to get into labour with my daughter and so we made a little trip to the hospital after that game that night but anyway it was just an honor, I think we stand here today and say that coach Dean Smith was a great ambassador not just for the university of North Carolina Chapel Hill but for the state and we're deeply indebted to him for the legacy that he leaves Mr. Speaker I commit resolution.  For what purpose does the gentleman from Guildford representative Johnson rise? To speak to the resolution. The gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution so the Smith family, members and friends, we're here to honor the life legacy of university chapel hill called Dean Smith. I didn't know Dean Smith but I was fortunate enough to have a glimpse of who he was to some of my friend, one in particular by [xx]. Coach Smith played a huge role in his life a he did for others. The issues in the fifth, sixties and seventies were trouble at times, ratio unrest, voting challenges and educational opportunity when somebody issue the African American faced during that time. Coach Smith was instrumentally and integrated the UNC basketball team, but just as important he along with his pastor and African American seminally student attended a restaurant sat down and ate. He was a man before this time. As we honour him today nobody say about the problems we face today health care education boarding gun balance job [xx] to all people the word state that if you full fill the law you should love your neighbour as yourself you do well, but if you show patiality you commit sin and you are convicted by the law as a transcrasor. Coach Smith you've done well, you've done well thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Forsyth representative Hanes rise? To debate the resolution. Gentleman has the floor to debate resolution. Colleagues I am humbled and honoured to stand before you today and share some stories with regard to my relationship that I was so fortunate to develop with Coach Dean E. Smith I have an undergraduate student at the university of North Carolina, that story actually started as a small boy though, it of the 1980 the last big four tournament, in Greens burg, UNC [xx] James 26 points, t [xx] 78, Duke 76, I was seven years old that was the spark. I must be a [xx], 1981, UNC Duke, senior night, in banks do kind of very big and special night duke 66 UNC 65 the match will officially lit, I don't like those guys and I have to be a [xx] 1982 MJ, his J, fade away, it was perfect. The fire was fully lit then I've got to be a [xx] and I have to play for that man. Dean E. Smith I began to do the research at that point I needed to know who Coach Dean E. Smith was, so I went to my father and I started asking these questions, I was fortunately enough of that time to have a father who played for great legedary coach in his own right coach John Mclean North Carolina central university with the team made of the great Sam Jones who visited us in this chamber as I already knew about the legend they are fortune enough to grow welcome western sail of North Carolina and attend the basketball camps and be friend with the family of legendary coach of big house game, clearance big games and so I already knew about them but I got to learn about this man coach Smith and my father begin to tell me the stories many stores that has already been related to you on this 40 day with regard to his five possible right and justice and being a man of high character and I knew at that point then needed to do what I needed to do to get to Chapel Hill and the first thing I needed to do was to become a better basketball player and so by the time I was in 8th grade I was one of the tops I

had been ranked one of top 75 8th graders in the country whatever that means by the time I get the Cover high school in western Salem North Carolina I was the apple of my coaches eye, I was well on my way and by the time I was 12th grader I had a shuttered knee and a severely broken left foot and so at that point actually before that point I had fortunately had parents who would focus me academically I was able to attend the university of North Carolina and as I walked around the campus I started to hear this rumor of the Flashmen men basketball team that existed at the university of North Carolina that provided opportunity for young man like me, who dreamed of being a tarhill[sp?] perhaps basketball was not our strongest suit and so I had this opportunity and said to myself then I can still be a Tar heel. I can play for this man this great coach and I was fortunate that in August after noon September morning I was force enough to make that basket ball team as the fresh man and the day I got that North Carolina blue uniform was one of the greatest days of my life the day I run out of the tunnel and I was missing for the first time I absolutely cried before I hit the floor it was an owesome experience because I was close to being able to play for these gray coach Dean Smith. You have to understand that in the Dean centre as a player as a manager as one of his employee of the university every thing i done the right way at all times we walk in that building and you stand a little straighter you do things the right way you speak in a manner that you know coach things that public speak to others and so when we [xx] on the JVT we learn a little harder all the time and sometime I was just hoping that coach smith will see use because the dream is to make that Varsity squad after one year on the JBT and sure enough one day coach Smith came into the gym and I made eye contact with him and I said this is my chance I finally got it all those years am going to show him I can play and I actually made a pretty good defensive playon a ball I was right where I was supposed to be I attacked the ball and I got the still and he stop and he said come back, he said tell me what you just did and I explained to him how I attacked the ball and why I did it the way I did it and he said well tell me why you didn't go with your inside hand to strip the ball. I said, well coach, because when I was in highschool we came up and devised a way to attack with the outside hand so that I can touch the ball and keep it out and never hit the man with my body as I went by onto avoid the fowl, and he looked at me and he said, hmm! That's good. And I thought I was faint on the court of the Smith's center right there because dean Smith had validated for me, but I did something good on a basketball court. Long story short the end was near for me and I didn't know it at that point, but it certainly near. I tried out for the team the next, they had two gentlemen by the name of Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wllace who also tried out for the [xx] team and that was the end of representative [xx] basketball career. I was very fortunate to have played for the man but I was sad that day because it was the first basketball team in my life that I had been cut from, and I remember calling my father who was also as I said before basketball player at North Carolina social had guided me along my way. When I called I was very upset, I was crying. I told him I couldn't believe that I had been cut, and he listened to me and then he said son, let me tell you something he said Coach Dean Smith has cut far better basketball players than you. He said now which you need to do is get focused on your books before you lose your academic scholarship, either that's what would make coach Smith the proudest, and that's what I did. Years and years later I did my best I was a loyal fan I had several friends who played on the basketball team, one who was a manager Christopher Leevy Johnson, who is now at the University of South Carolina and I utilized those relationships to stay close to the basketball team and over the years I have had the opportunity to interact with coach Smith and I had a couple of opportunities to ask him to help me out on some projects

and what amazed me and you've heard this a million times was that when I called the office when I spoke to his assistant, she would deliver the message that he would call me back only several times we had an opportunity to meet and he would already know more about me it seemed than I knew about myself and this gentlemen actually remembered me and that was startling before me because I was a freshman team player and literally played seven months of basketball and his program I don't think I ever average more than 607 points a game seven or eight rebound but he took it upon himself to remember for years and years and I was always amazed that he did and so I would say to coach Smith and I hope he is listening I would just say thank you, thank you for all that has been described in this room today of this great gentlemen with more than anything thank you for allowing the dreams of a little boy in western Sailum[sp?] to come true and allow me to be a tabular basketball player if only for a moment thank you. Further discussion further debate, if not the question before the house is the passage of house joint resolution 670 on it's second reading those in favor will vote aye those oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 116 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative house tour resolution 670 passes its second reading and will without be read a third time The house resolves senate concurring. Further discussion further debate if not, the question before the house is the passage house joint resolution 680 in its third reading. Those in favor will say aye. Aye. Those who oppose will vote No. The ayes House Joint Resolution 670 passes it's third reading will be sent to the Senate by special messenger, members Chair would ask your indulgence in the welcoming a special guest with us today on behalf of all members of the House and the members of Orange County the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies to gallery to Linnea Smith who is coach Smith's wife and [xx] Mathew is the daughter of coach Smith. Would you please stand up so that we can welcome both to US today. Thank you. We thank you for being with us, I know that on behalf of all the members you can see from some of the comments that were made that Coach Smith held in very high regard by the folks in this house, and we appreciate all he did and all your family has done over the years, I think the comments most have been made when he was a wonderful in basketball not only for UNC, but also for the State of North Carolina thank you all for being with us again. For what purpose does the lady from New Hannover, Representative Hamilton, rise? To ask a question, Mr. Speaker. The lady is recognized for an inquiry. Thank you as a former [**], and someone who was there when they won it all in 1993, I'd like to ask that today's comments be spread across the journal. Provided that they will be provided for the court. There is a motion that the, let's see Members on motion of Rep. Zachary of Yadkin County, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Kevin Austin who is Chairman of the Yadkin county border commissioners and fifth district chairman, would you please stand Mr Austin so we can welcome you int o the house today. Thank you for being with us sir. what purpose does the gentleman from Artic, representative Luis arise.  For a motion pertained to today's calendar. The gentleman is recognized for a motion. Mr speaker for a short title Modify for Hire Licence Log Book Requirement, be removed from today's calendar and placed upon calendar 36 b

Without objection to order.  Members we have three three bills that can be grouped together and actually, we have two sets of bills that can be grouped together. The first group will be, and I'd ask you to look on the dashboard on your calender and that would be house bills 266, 404, 93 is there any one who has an objection to those three bills being grouped together If no objection, the clerk will read those three bills. Representative Robinson house bill 266 a bill to be entitled on act to have certain describe property to the corporate limits of the city of Renowal representative Brawley, HOUSE BILL 400, A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT ADDING CERTAIN DESCRIBED PROPERTY TO THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE TOWN OF MINT HILL. representative Hager house bill 493 a bill to be entitled enact to remove certain described property from the cooperate members of the town of Lake [xx] subject to referendum general assembly North Carolina enacts further discussion further debate if not the question before the house is the passage of house bill 266 four hundred and 493 on there third reading. Those in favor will vote I, those who oppose will vote NO. The Clerk will open the vote Waiting on the lady from New Hanover in case you are wondering. The Clerk will record the vote. 113 having in favor and one on the negative, house bills 266, 400 and 493 pass the third reading it will be sent to the Senate. The next group is house bills 426 and 526, is there objection to those two bills being grouped together. Yeah Objection being heard they will be read separately. House Bill 426, the Clerk will read. Representative Ray, House Bill 426. A bill to be entitled an act to remove certain described properties from the corporate limits of the town of Weldon general Assembly of North Carolina enact. Further discussion further debate. If not, the question before the house is the passage of house bill 426 on its second reading those those in favor will vote I, those who oppose will vote NO. The Clerk will open the vote the Representatives Geobra[sp?], Brockman, Meyer and Hall wish to record on this vote the Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 114 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, house bill 426 passes its second reading and will remain in the calendar. House bill 526. The Clerk will read Representative Burr House Bill 526, a bill to be entitled act to remove certain described properties from the corporate as a town of no rules, general assembly of North Carolinian act. For what purpose does the gentleman from Stanley representative Bill rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Just wanted to briefly explain the bill that this has ran through multiple committees here in the legislative finance committee and the local government committee as well. What this legislation is doing is it will correct a current law that overtaxes some residents who live on Lake Tillery in the town Norwood. For most residences who live on the lake, the Norwood city limit end at their actually property line which is also the higher water mark there at the lake, but for a portion of the town's residents who were part of the force annexation in 2004, the town extended the actual lake going beyond the high water mark, in efforts to tax some residents peer and the land that they from nuclear energy in order to access lake Tillery. When this false annexation was rushed through and 2004 the county tax office asked the Town of Norwood not to go beyond the high water mark in an effort to keep the town's border consistent with where the existing county limits was in concerns to where the lake is so to make that sure everything lined up with [xx]. This legislation will create uniformity in where the town on the [xx], and it would reduce any confusion for the public safety officials and for the tax office and for the citizens concerning what the proper yields and how the propraise is taxed and I would ask for your support. For what purpose does the lady

from Uhena over represent Hermoton large[sp?]? Just go answer your question? That's is three gentlemen from state or [xx] to the lady from Uhena? Thank you representative though we gathered this pretty job and [xx] just for the rest of the body to hear, wanted to know if the elected officials were notified prior to the filing of this bill that we were going to be pursuing a De-annexation. Thank you Representative Hamyson, the bill wasn't fine as you mentioned and I believe Representative Browing passed 20 to four, and the town was given a sign notice that they gave the citizens when [xx] the property in advance that it had was that they found out about it when the bill was filed but they've had additional time to review it then citizens had when an [x] was [xx] in 2004 was actually originally filed and I think, very last week of May it became [xx] all in less than a month, right at a month so, if they had additional time now to look at it and in terms of the city council, the city council voted to oppose the DNH session even though it would bring everyone in line so that all the citizens in the town would be treated equally and, but it was not a unanimous decision. Thank you, follow-up Mr. Speaker. Does the gentleman yield to an addition question? I yield. He yields. So, the took place by way of the North Carolina general assembly acting not by way of the local government persuing the anexation it was done at their request here through the general assembly in 2004. [xx] the gentleman from Durham, representative Lucky do yu rise? [xx] on the bill. The gentleman has the forwarded debate the bill. Members, for me, this bill is like others we've seen which is that once again the general played big government in this case the bill was filed as Representative Burn indicated without any consultation with local government and to me there's no reason why we should sit here as a big government and overule without consultation decisions are to be taken by a local government. There's nothing wrong with sitting down with local government before you file the bill and talk about what your concerns are. And the failure to do that is just me problematic not do that and I think in this particular case, for that reason alone, I think this bill should be opposed thank you. for what purpose does the gentleman from Nash Representative Collins rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill I'm against government abuse of citizens at all level, I really don't care whether the abuse is coming from the federal government, from us as a state government or from our local body of governing officials abuse the citizens by governments is wrong and that's what this is designed to correct report that was given by representative [xx] what you find out is that most of the citizens in this district that live along this lake, are taxed on property that ends at the high which is the normal way to do that, in a way everybody in the state does. But there's one neighbourhood in which the look at the municipality has decided that all the way down to the lake, you're paying taxes as if you own part of the lake that's under water. I've never heard anything as ridiculous, well I won't say that, because you hear a lot of ridiculous thanks [xx] I don't know if I've ever heard anything any more ridiculous than that and that's an abuse we need to stop so I would encourage you to vote green, vote for the citizens, don't vote for government at any level, vote for citizens of our state. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg Representative Bradford[sp?] rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. So folks I serve on this committee and the 760 lines as to what they call the full [xx] line and imagine owning a property and where the water begans[sp?] you're still being taxed on this land, it's absolutely incredible that we are really even having this discussion these folks have land with a house they are still paying taxes to the Town nothing is changing we're talking about the land under the water beyond the 760 line and it's for one core the rest of the lake doesn't play by that same set of rules the green button must be pushed thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Brawley rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. And I can congratulate my esteem fresh man representative Bradford for his excellent discussion and this is an interesting case. A lot of this lake is flooded by a town where the town has annexed up to the waterline and taxes the house and provides fire protection

for the house but not any services on the lake for which they are not equipped. There is a case where the town annexed a neighborhood around the cove and rather than annexing along the shoreline to the waterline as they had done in every other case in the town,  they connected two points at the end of the cove, drew a line and annexed everything on the side of that line. So they essentially took the whole cove, the bottom of the lake which belongs to Duke Power and are taxing the residents for the land. Now a lot of time the principles of justice scale very well, and there's an interesting parallel to this that some of our older members may remember. It's a place called the Gulf of Sidra. It is a piece of international waters on the shores of Libya there are two peninsula that jut in that form the Gulf of Sidra, and Muammar Gaddafi decided that since he owned points, he could annex the Gulf of Sidra. We did not notify Muammar Gaddafi, we thought that was a bad idea. We sent the USS Nimitz's carrier battle group into the Gulf of Sidra. And when Muammar Gaddafi sent out two SU22 attack aircraft, we shot them down. Now the General Assembly is not sending a carrier battle group into this cove. We are simply correcting an error in annexation that the town could have easily corrected themselves. They could have annexed the entire lake and treated every citizen equally, or they could have just annexed the cove in the same way and treated every citizen equally. But whenever we have laws, we are required to treat all similarly situated citizens the same. The town clearly did not. We are simply correcting that, and I would ask to press green and vote for the bill. For what purpose does the lady from Representative Hamilton rise. To debate the bill? Lady asked forward to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker, my apologies to Representative Barr honestly because there have been some very good points made about this bill today and I feel that I may be getting ready to make an example of just this one bill since I arrived in the general assembly in 2011, we've had dozens each year, amounting in hundreds of [xx] session bills throughout the state of North Carolina it's pretty obvious how the majority of this body feels about involuntary annexation. But my concern with this bill and others like it where there is no local support. In fact, you have local elected officials who are begging us not to take away from their tax base. It's just meddling in local government and it's keeping us from being able to grow our cities in a positive way. Elections have consequences and if these were dully elected by their respective communities. Then they should be allowed to govern those communities and work with those communities and resolve those issues at a local level. so, it's for that reason that I object to this bill and others like it, and I hope that we will see fewer of these types of bills come forward in the future. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake represent a [xx] rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill Thank you Mr. Speaker as I've listened to the debate, the primary argument in favor of this bill seems to be an argument against taxing property beneath the water line and I think that's a pretty reasonable argument. That's something that I think this body should consider legislation, but as I read this bill, nowhere in this bill is that specific problem addressed. Let's have a [xx] that addresses that issue and I might take a look at it and might consider to follow [xx] green on it and maybe the other way after looking for merits, but this is just a simple DNXation that's been done against the wishes of the local government and for the reasons stated by the lady from [xx], I'll be pushing red on this one. For what purpose does the gentleman from Lake representative Stan rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the authority to debate the bill. Please vote green. I would like to address Representative Braley's claim about the Gulf of Sidra and sending the battle ships in there to [xx] I think it was 200 years earlier, 1798 when The Marines went into triple A, is that right Representative Cleveland? This is completely justified if

there is a water accident on the road, on the lake, some places it is the jurisdiction of the town, some place the jurisdiction somewhere else,. How do they know? This is no business being part of the town. For what purpose does the gentleman from StanlEy representative Burr rise? Speak a second time. The gentleman has the floor to debate the local bill a second time. Has the light few goes down which I just wanted to stand up and thank everyone for their interest in my local bill that doesn't affect anyone's else district. Further discussion, further debate, if not aggression before the house is the passage of house bill 536 on its second reading those in favor will vote aye those oppose will vote no the Clerk will open the vote. clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 96 having voted in the affirmative and 8 it changed them to negative house bill 526 passes its second reading would remain on the caliber we are back to house bill 16 proper reading Representative Thomson house bill 16 [xx] the entire to the period outdated and their necessary insurance report requirements as recommended by the department of insurance general assembly North Carolina enact. The gentleman from Wake representative Petergen is recognized for a motion. Yes Sir, I would like to speak on the bill. Does the gentleman wish that the house concur or not concur at the senate committee substitute Concur and this is a very technical bill, there's five things to be reviewed and the only change in the senate is reached out a certain general standard. The question before the house is the motion to concur with the senate committee substitute of house bill 16, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no the court will open the vote. The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote, 115 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative the motion to concur is adopted, the bill is ordered and enrolled and sent to the governor, Senate Bill 99, the court will read and before the court does that, the chair does wants to recognize a number of other special guest we have among us. First of to begin our motion of Representative Seth of Lincoln County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Diane Joy who is the executive director of the children's advocacy centers of North Carolina, Ms Joy would you please stand so that we can welcome you, thank you. On behalf of the gentleman from Hayood Representative Quin the Chair is happy to extend the courtesy of Garry to the bossom range members [xx] Mark Brewd, Kaylor Smith, Tim Saled and their family, could you all please stand so that e could welcome you as well with us today. Thank you for being here. Also on behave of Representative Quin, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesy of gallery to the [xx] town manager Mercy Oneil the Director of [xx] Alaska [xx] chair the municipal study task force run closer with attorney county [xx] would you all please stand so that we can welcome you as well. Thank you for being with us. For what purpose does the gentleman from Haywood Representative Quine rise? If it's appropriate at this time I would like to send forth represent statement honoring the Boston range. Gentleman is recognised to do so. I believe the statements up there. Read the statement. Thank you. Representative [xx] recognizing the achievements of all Boston Range Boston Range are in possess the heart of tradition and roots music of North America and West North Carolina, and Boston Range has positive by

the Melton musicians natives of Heywood. All North Carolina natives of Haywood and Jackson Counties in the great Balsam Mountains, and whereas Buddy Melton, Balsam Range fiddler was named male vocalist of the year in because of 14 National Bluegrass Music Association Awards, and considered one of the most skeptic tenor voices in Bluegrass in American music and whereas Darren Nicholson, Mindline Cane and harmony singer has performed at the Grand Opera with major Bluegrass and country artist including George Jones, Mary Herbert and who else Mark Field of Boston lanes Grammy Award winning major player has performed and recorded with Bill Mailrougue, Ricky Skargs, Jimmy Matin, Ronder Vincent, Jerry Doglous, Tony Rice, Alvin Freeman and white water blue grass company, and NOAS Caleb Smith guitarist and vocalist, is a skilled Luthia, in 2006 winner of the progress, music award in both male vocalist and guitars of the year, as a prolific song writer, and where his team sureyed[sp] balls from ranges gifted singer, and Multi is to middlers[sp], was singularly named, as single news fan awards favorite musician of the year, in 2004 and 2005, that received a Mentor award in 2014 IBMA Awards, and whereas Balsam Range has recorded five successful albums performed syndicated television and radio programs, and its members have played [xx] the grantal offer, Broad faced, Raymond auditorium, music city roots, Mountain stage and wheres Boston Range was named entertainer of the year, and vocal group of the year by the 2000 2014, IBMA Awards, and whereas the grants fourth album Paper Town out of the town of Canton North Carolina was named 2013 happy year album  of the year, and Boston Rangers trains amazed was named for 2011, happy year may song of the year, Now therefore the members of Boston should be honored for their contributions to the North Carolina as ambassadors in service to the rich hearts of our state and witness world we understand certified as the reinstatement was read in the house and placed upon the journal on the Tuesday of June 2015, submitted by representative Johnson and Gray, house in last weeks. The gentleman from Haywood, Representative Quinn is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege.  Thank you Mr. Speaker, again I hope you all got out on the North pole code at lunch time and got to hear, these are wonderful blue grass musicians that are such great ambassadors for our state, they've taken the, they've sort of swept the award from the International Bluegrass Music Association in the last several years with entertainments of the year, album of the year, songs matters of the year, all of the top awards have gone their way and they have represented our state wonderfully across the nation and then world in their artistry and representing our tradition and they are leaders in our tradition moving it forward for a new generation. We've had a wonderful day in the North both Carolina House and then the General Assembly, recognizing some of our ambassadors across the globe that represent the best of North Carolina and these young men are genuinely that ambassador type, so with this statement and the honor that their talents have served our state, I just commend them to you as ambassadors of our heritage for the great State of North Carolina, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rowan, Representative Ford rise? To speak to the resolution. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you sir. It's an honour to see in here range today, I've played similar music on our radio stations, they do some great gospel recordings, and was good to hear them today and finally see them in person and I just say may God bless them, the great State of North Carolina we have some of the best musicians in the world. Again we're glad to have you with us today here in the the House Chamber glad to have you visit and please comeback any time, thank you for being with us. I believe the clerk had just read Senate Bill 99 is that correct? Okay Senate Bill 99, the Clerk will read. Senators [xx], Daniel and Newton, Senate Bill 99, a bill to

be entitled an act to establish the definition of fire fighters for purposes of the local fire fighters relief fund, the state-run fire fighters relief fund and the state fire protection grant fund, volunteer safety workers assistant and the rescue chore workers of relief fund to amend the process for filing certified rosters with the North Caroline state file private association and the North Carolina rescue and emergence medical services incorporated to amendment rescue relief form to amend to law enforcement act members definitive act and to specify local government authority as his permit to be filed at a public board of participation and the local government employee retirement system, general assembly of North Carolina enacts, for what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland Rep. Szoka rise? To debate the bill gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker I have a 10 minute 15 minute explanation of this bill could you request but I am going to give you the really short version, Mr. Speaker, for what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Jitra rise? For what purpose the gentleman from Camblin representative Ford rise? Can I ask a responsible question please? Does the gentleman from Camblin To the other gentleman from Camblin.  Yes sir. He yields. Can we get the short version sir?  Absolutely.  lets have it opposite or we can have the short version, so basically, this bill clarifies an update language and defintions, it clarifies certain training requirements it makes the $50, 000 death benefit payable in one year rather than four. There's no class to the state. It passed the senate 50-0 and it passed house pension committee anonymously so I ask you to vote green, thank you.  Further discussion further debate? If not the question for the house is the passage have senate bill 99 on second reading those in favor will vote aye those oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 115 having voted in the affirmative and none on the negative senate bill 99 passes it second and will without objection be read a third time. General assembly of North Carolina enact. Further discussion further debate? If not the question before the house is the passage senate bill 99 on its third reading those in favor will say aye, Aye! Those oppose no, the ayes have senate bill 99 passes its third reading and will be sent to the senate strike that would be enrolled and sent to the governor. Senate bill 77 clerk will read Senator Underwood senate bill 77 bill to be entitled an act to increase the monthly pension benefit to members of [xx] General Assembly North Carolina enact. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wells Representative Elmore rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. This is a local bill at the request of town Northwalkborke I ask for your support on the bill and I will retire for a moment thank you. Further discussion further debate if not the question before the house is the passage of senate bill 77 on a second reading those in favor will vote I those oppose will vote no the clerk will open the vote the clerk will lock the machine and record the vote 114 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative senate bill 77 passes it's second reading and will without objection be read a third time Senator North Carolina enacts, further discussion further debate if not the question for the house is the passage, senate bill 77 on it's third reading those in favor will say aye those oppose no, the aye's have it Senate bill 77 passes it's third reading is ordered enrolled [xx] are recognise to sent forth the committee report clerk will read representative Bray, Will, Brian, and Shakers, judiciary four committee report, senate bill 161, supreme court session in mortgaged favorable. Calendar, and members if the body would give the chair your attention, it looks like several bills that we

can dispose of the chair is glad to add to today's calendar if their is not that the chair believes they are not controversial, and so we will go through and I will just call calendar on all this, and then what we will do is the once we read in before, and the once that are being read in I may ask if their is objection to disposing them today since this Wednesday, and opinion member feel that their are significant consequences or controversy or anything like that we can delay them until tomorrow. Just want the forks to be aware so they can pay attention to the bills that are being read in. Representative Daughtry is recognized to send forth the committee report, the clerk will read.   Representative Daughtry do you share one committee report? Senate bill 301, DOT purchase of contaminated land, as AB favorable house committee substitute. favor of the original bill. Original bill unfavorable calendar house committee substitute calendar. Representative Op, Collins and Warren are recognized to send forth a committee report the clerk will read. Representative Op, Collins and Warren property utilitie committee report, senate bill 716 amount of energy act of 2015, favorable house committee substitute unfavorable senate committee substitute. Senate committee substitute something unfavorable calendar, the house committee substitute calendar. Representative Brown, Ba Jones and Lambeth are recognized to send forward the committee report, the clerk will read. Representatives Brown, Ba Jones and Lambeth, Health Committee substitute, House Bill behavior analysis [**] favorable committee substitute and a [**] and we refer to finance. Reason the bill is placed on the unfavorable calendar the committee substitute is referred to the committee on finance Members, the bills that are eligible for hearing today, if there's no objection, I'll go through and ask individually if anyone has objection. First one is Senate Bill 161. This is the bill that allows sessions of the supreme court to be held in Morganton. Does anyone have an objection to that? Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham rise? Just a comment on the bill. I don't have an objection to this bill because of its ceremonial nature. Hearing no objection, this bill will be added to today's calendar. [xx] Senate Bill 301. This is an act to exempt the DOT from the required approval of the council of state when purchasing contaminated property as recommended by the DOT. It appears this is an agency bill. Any objection to this one? No objection hearing non so ordered. Senate Bill 716, this is the Mountain Energy Act of 2015 that was reported out I understand unanimously on committee today any objection to this bill being added for the day's calendar? Objection The gentleman from Durham objecting. The other one is Senate Bill 374, this is a Modify For-Hire Licence Logbook Requirement. Appears it was quoted out of rules. Anybody have an objection to that one? Objection. The.. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the lady from Souri Representative Stevens rise? Just to inquire about Senate Bill 734, isn't it already on the calendar? That's correct. That bill actually was already withdrawn from the calender thank the lady for that. It got caught up in the stack. The other bill is Senate Bill 462 the title is Public Authorities/Nonprofit Corporations I have an objection but I need to just talk to whoever's leading that on the floor who is leading that on the floor? Then again, the purpose in the chair asking this is so that our Thursday preps[sp?] will be a little shorter than it otherwise would be prepared to wait, that trying to indulge what I believe would be the wishes of most of the members. The other bill is Senate Bill 596 which is protecting against unconstitutional National foreign judgement. This bill came at the judiciary won and I believe it was unanimous out of Jay Warning. The Jay Warning shares indicating that. Any objection on this one? hearing so ordered to be sent on the calender for what purpose does the gentleman from Burke representative Blackwell rise? Mr. Speaker just wanted to advice that I'm handling senate bill 462 public non profit corporations if the member who objected wants to talk to me to see if that can be withdrawn I'll be happy to talk. representative Dollar I think he wants to talk to you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland representative Floyd rise? Mr. Speaker I was could you give me at last number again please the last

bill you send them Clerk will read that. Senate bill 696. Thank you. Senate bill 161 the Clerk will read. Senator Daniel senate bill 161 a bill to be entitled in act to amend the law governing sessions of the supreme court authorisations to be held in Mogaton general assembly of North Carolina enact. Further discussion further debate if not the question before the house is the passage of senate bill 161 on its second reading. Those in favour will vote aye those oppose will vote no the Clerk will open the vote. clerk will lock the machine and record the vote 114 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative senate bill 161 passes it second reading and without objection be read the read time further discussion further debate if not the question before the house is the passage of 161 on it third reading those in favour will say aye opposed no the ayes have it senate bill 161 passes it third leading load and sent to the Governor senate bill 301 the clerk will read. Representative [xx] senate bill 301a bill to be entitle the an act transportation the cloud will prove and counsellor state when purchasing contaminated property recommended by the department of transportation. For what purpose does the gentleman gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Takiing hints from representative Floyd in the last bill I try keep even shorter what is bill from [xx] station asking to example requirement concerning properties purchased Road way or right away, that it does not have to go for approval the counsel state. The Councillor state has always voted yes, and this all it does really by maintaining that policy extend the time period to 60 to 90 days before the articulation can do some work. So ask for support.  Thank you. further discussion for the debate. If not, the question for the houses capacity, sitting bill 301 on the second reading, those in favor will vote I, those oppose vote no the clerk will open the vote. Representative Anderson does the gentleman wish to record on this vote? The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 113 having voted in the affirmative and 2 in the negative senate bill 301 passes its second reading and will without objection be read a third time. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts question before the house is the passage of senate bill 301 on its third reading. Those in favour will say aye, those opposed no. The ayes have it Senate Bill 301 passes its third reading, it will be sent to the, will return to the senate. Senate Bill 596 the clerk will read. Senators Crevelen, Newton and Wade, Senate Bill 596 appear to be in [xx] to clarify existing law recording enforcement of foreign country the General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from Johnston Representative Doltry[sp?] rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Members this bill is to protect North Carolina corporations and protect them from unconstitutional foreign judgements. When a North Carolina corporation is doing business in a foreign country and they're sued, and when they are sued, it is based on a statute or will allow which if applied by the foreign court will be contrary to United States Constitution or the North Carolina Constitution must be denied unless a recognition is reasonable under the circumstances, this protects our North Carolina corporations when they from being sued in an unfavorable way against our own law and I hope you'll support it as a important bill. Thank you. what purpose does the gentleman from [xx] Representative Glazer rise? To speak on the bill please. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. I understand the intent the bill, and I'm sure [xx] appreciates the bill a lot. But here is my concern, first I think it is a problematic when the state engages in foreign policy through legislation, and I

think to some degree that's what we're doing because retaliation against our own corporations in other states, and other countries is opened up. So I think there are lots of implications to this bill beyond this issue. But secondly my concern is that the provision that we've that suggests at least to me that if something doesn't violate the United States' Constitution but might violate the North Carolina Constitution that we can pass a bill that protects that judgement when I think Federal Law is much more likely institutional law to potentially control. I certainly think there's a limit in a good point made in the bill but I think that's the law anyway that if it violates the United States constitution and the rights of the citizens under the constitution that there may be really pressing issues but I'm not sure we have the right to do that as to the north county constitution that being said, because I think there're a lot of issues that remain open under this, I'm going to be voting no. I think there're more implications in the bill suggest For what purpose does the gentleman for Wake, Representative Stam rise Debate the bill The Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. To judgments of other Foreign states like South Carolina we have to give full faith and credit by the US constitution but there's no requirement that we give full faith and credit to the judgement's of Jordan, Saskatchewan or the Tonga Islands, it's a matter of comedy and of course we can deny recognition of such a judgement if it would violate our state constitution. For what purpose does the gentleman from Dame Representative Michelle Ross?  Ask Representative Glazier a question.  Does the gentleman from Cumberland yields to the gentleman from council.   Certainly Mr. Speaker. He yields and I understand the point that you raised is to matter judgement from the government is not by our constitution United states constitution its alright in the state level but if it is If it is not barred by the federal constitution;  does that mean that the state constitution can bar it. That to thank you representative Ross that is my concern and my question and I think you really well I grew with representative Stern so everyone is trying to prove the credit but I think we engage here in an area of effectively the liberty of fine judgement and it is not one way the problem with this it is not backs the potential of other nations to look when we do this of what I'll do to legitimate judgements we've got and so while this there maybe a lot to say to this bill, we have hardly had a debate in much ways on that and the implications of it, and since we're engaging in that I would at least certainly have liked to this bill heard quite frankly from the state department and others about what we're doing and what effect it might have if every state were to do this, I believe the real serious implications here, and we ought not be meddling before we know and I'm going to vote no. For what purpose does the gentleman from Haywood, Representative Queen rise? To ask the bill sponsor a question. Does the gentleman from Johnston yield to the gentleman from Haywood? I do. He yields. What desire a Secretary of State say about this? Has this been vetted with her? I don't know, but her representative was in the JI Committee today. We debated the bill, it was passed for 100%. I asked was anyone in the audience want to speak either against the bill or for the bill, and no one spoke. So that absence in my mind, would indicate that they are certainly in favor of the bill. I believe they are.   OK, speak on the bill briefly? The gentleman from Haywood has the floor to debate the bill. I am very interested in North Carolina globally engaging in exporting and And building in global markets, and creating jobs and doing so but, I do think we want to be mindful of any unintended consequences in my opinion here at the general assembly I don't believe we've gotten in to any foreign policy like this so it seems like a little bit of a new territory to me so I was just wondering if we

are getting satisfactory advice for fully mentioned forth.  Reprentative senator Greff, representative Nathan Ross. Thank you the chair Jeremy Stainseberg. Thank you Mr speaker, Mr speaker some of invited for this strong committee just a few hours ago and who is supporting crime to bribe the store supportive I do think that some questions had been raised and I think this is a good illustration of why we should stick to our general practice moving bills along at our normal standard pace of committee in the one day and not to the floor the next day that being said I wonder if it will be appropriate to ask that this bill be displaced, remove today's calendar and place on the calendar for tomorrow the chair will inquire the judiciary one chairman if he was found with this bill going to the mass instead of today, I certainly won't object to that The Chair will direct the bill, the [xx] calendar for tomorrow. The house will [xx] in just a moment would ask their body attention to any committee chairs to aware of any meeting at 10 A. M tomorrow? Chair is looking to having session at 10 A. M but we will try to call through the committee list ask of any committee chairs they know of objection to that no to 10 A. M. For what purpose does the gentleman from Burk Representative Backwell rise Mr. Speaker there are some cynic committee meeting that are hearing bills at that time that want more of us may be involved with House We're going to check and see what the Senate Committee's schedule is like. The chair is looking at the House to come back to her, the chair is looking at having session at 10.00 am tomorrow at this point, notices and announcement. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, representative Hastings do you rise? Mr. Speaker, the House Finance Committee will meet tomorrow morning at 8.30 in room 544.  For what purpose senator Gaston? the gentleman from house Representative Hayger rise?

For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Dollar rise? An anouncement gentleman has the floor for an announcement. The full appropriations committee will meet tomorrow morning at 8:30 in 643 so everyone it's on a preparation tomorrow morning 8:30 room 643 For what purpose does the gentleman from Rockingham Representative Johns rise? For an announcement. Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Members the health committee will meet 15 minutes after session and know that we will meet in room 544 which is different from this morning. For what purpose does the lady from Wake Representative Adcock rise? For a moment of personal privilege. Lady is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you I just want you to join me in congratulating my seat mate, Representative Turner on 15 years of marriage to his beautiful wife Katina. I'm sorry I didn't see your wife there for what purpose does the gentleman from [xx] Representative Glacier rise? For a point of personal privilege Mr. Speaker; The house will come to order the gentleman has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Aside from the love of my family, the highest honor I have ever received in life has been my 13 years of service in the North Carolina House of representatives. Our members here, serve with great dignity and sacrifice from their jobs and their homes some of their private lives in an increasingly stressful and polarized National political environment. I hold each of my colleagues here, as well as the incredibly talented Legislative and Clerk's office staff in the highest of esteem and for me service here have been a pure joy and a challenge of a lifetime to try to approach each issue we face in a thoughtful and intelligent and deliberate manner, striving wherever possible to find consensus and to solve the problems our citizens or events send to us. For all of the respectable civil disagreement that occurs on the means to get there, I feel certain that the vast majority of this house on both sides of the aisle is fully together on the ends we're trying to achieve and that is a gentler and kinder and better state for us all. That being said, service comes in many forms and recently I've been given an enormous opportunity to impact even further progress on issues that dominate our work and my work at the general assembly issues of poverty and equal opportunity and social justice. And although part of my heart will always be here with incredible friends I have made in this house and friendships that I am certain will last the remainder of my life. My heart now calls me to a different place of work, with yet another set of outstanding professional and colleagues in these same issues. It is my unique honor to have served these 13 years in the house and now we create teams to an honor as well to be named as the new executive director of one of the south-eastern United States most powerful and effective and distinguished institute. The North Carolina Center For Justice Center, whose 45 extraordinarily talented lawyers and lobbyists and journalist and professionals share the goal to reduce the effects of poverty in our state. Improve and sustain support for public education provide equal opportunity and economic security for all who reside here and assure equal justice under the law for us all. So it was with a real mix of emotions earlier today, that I tendered my letter of resignation from the North Carolina House of Representatives today effective upon final adjournment of this long session this summer so you have me here for months, and Lord knows it will take that long simply to clean my office. I have notified my local Party Chair to begin the process of selecting my replacement so that my district will not go without representation this Fall or Winter as the case may be. I intend for the remaining weeks or months that we're here to fulfill my responsibilities full time on the House, and then as well when I leave to continue to work to improve the lives of our

citizens for the remainder of my service in this State. We will all those of us who will be leaving in August or whenever it is, will have our comments at that, but I thought about what final comment I would make at least to notify you and I struggled, and then I thought about that someone has said it a whole lot better than I could in the Arts. The Arts that my wife has taught me over years to love and that Representative Carney has taught us all on this House floor to be a part of, and so I thought these words were what I would leave you with today, and it is from a play, don't take it from the play. but the song for good. I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason bringing something we must learn and we allege to those help us most to grow if we let them and we help them in return. Well, I don't know if I believe that's true, but I know I am who I am today because I knew each of you. Like a common prove for morbid as it passes the sun like a stream that meets a boater halfway through the wood, who can say if I've been changed for the better but because I knew you I've certainly been changed for good. So let me say before we part, so much of me is made of what I learned from each of you you'll be with me like a hand print on my heart, and now whatever way our stories end I know you have re-written mine my friend. Who can say if I been change for the better. I do believe I have been changed for the better, and because I knew each of you, I have certainly been changed for good. it is my honor to continue to serve to the end of this session, and to be and continue to be until the end of session, a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives. for what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland Representative Lucas rise? For a question of privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Having the distinction of being the senior member of the Cumberland Delegation, I felt it in my heart to address the leaving of Representative Glazier. When I was first elected, I was told and found this to be true. That you'd be joining a group of folks with the impressive legal minds and certainly this general assembly is possessed with quality and numerous legal minds but you also learn that among that group there were certain individuals who standout as possessing institutional knowledge on points of law that yield legalise and I won't begin to call a lot of names I'll simply say that when I first came, one name that stood out with me was former Representative Daniel Bartlett, many of you may have remembered him and when he left, I said my goodness, the institution will not find another, but in O3 from my County in Cumberland, we were blessed to have Representative Glazier come along, and I think he superseded that knowledge. I knew Representative Glazier before he came. I first knew him many years ago when he was elected to the Cumberland County school board, and my initial impressions of him grew at that moment for you see at that time I was about 30 pounds less than I am now and so was he, but his

knowledge has just continued to grow while mine diminished. You don't find individuals who are as dedicated as you'll find Representative Glazier. If you come to this institution late evenings many times 10, 11 o'clock at night you'll find Representative Glazier in his office doing research and it's evidenced when you come to this floor that he maintains the knowledge of the institution and he possess this is just impressive, extemporaneous legal lease, so we're really going to be challenged to find someone to replace Representative Glazier. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cabarrus, Representative Pittman rise? For an announcement and a point of personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized first for an announcement. For the announcement is Homeland Security Military Roles Affairs will meet 15 minutes after session tomorrow, I know everybody will be trying to get out of here and all, but Lieutenant Cannon Robert cover from North Carolina National Guard has a report he'd like to make to our committee, been trying to represent for being here this year so, I'd appreciate as many of you as possible to stay to give him decent hearing for that, thank you. For a personal privilege?   The gentleman is recognized. In spite of what happened in 1957 that some of us may remember more than others, one thing I found I thought was [xx] was December 20th, 1957 was [xx] was drafted, and the next September he was sent to Germany. Speaking at Germany on this day in 1957 in Germany there was a I was born over there, I ended up growing in New Jersey, he went to the St. Mary's of the playing school and does study [xx] well the model was, my lungs is getting a little rusty with some [x] and the guy shows some wisdom from time to time around here. He's very [xx] because he puts we maybe in a seat mate, and he shows why Prudence he set when he votes in such a way as to cansel out my vote, Which he does intetionaly am not school ST Mary with care delivers and he was a great guy and I really appreciate so the next doing some of the stories is good story teller, you're out of getting out of story taste sometimes I really enjoyed that. His wife Becky is an ER nurse at White Medical Centre. They have two sons and a daughter, and he's salesman with [xx] will in this body and I just to wish a happy birthday to my seatmate Chris Malone. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rutherford, Representative Hager rise? For an announcement. The gentlemen has the floor for an announcement. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I know Representative Jones announced a community meeting right after Session, but I think he's going to correct that, the Republicans will caucus in 1228 immediately after session. The gentleman from Rockingham, Representative Jones is recognized for a revised announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker. The revised announcement is that the Health Committee will meet 30 minutes after session instead of 15. And members our Nurse of the Day, she's been here all day but has been off and on the floor, please join me thanking for her service today Elizabeth Miers[sp?] from Southern Pines is with us as Nurse of the Day. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland, Representative Floyd rise? A moment of personal privilege, Mr. Speaker. The gentleman is recognised to speak to a point of personal privilege. Mr. Speaker I want to re-use the representative Soko's rule and also the floor's not to take the full three this morning to say to my colleague from Camblin county, thank you as I look down from time to time and see the footprints in the sand and know that he was carrying through the good times and the bad times. Thank you so much. Further notices and announcements. If not the gentleman from [xx] representative Luis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker I move

that subject to receive a committee report real force of bills and resolutions, receipt a report on the senate that the house o adjourns to reconvene Thursday, June 11 at 10 O'clock A. M. Representative Luis may I second of that representative Glazier if the house adjourns subject to receive committee reports and re-referral our bills and resolutions and messages from the senate to reconvene Thursday, June 11th. at 10 A. M, those in favor will say aye. Aye. Those opposed no, the ayes have it, we stand adjourned.