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Senate | June 10, 2015 | Committee Room | Information Technology

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You come to order. Thank you all this morning we will start by introducing our pages and we will begin with show backley coming in this is my page is coming in just to make clear agent Galison hope Mill senator Maddy [xx] the force Ballington senator Gallon Rebbeca the pool from two [xx] senator Block coming [xx] Welington senator ray senator Backer North Rockbar senator Randnmon Babby counting from new park senator Henderson, Michael Davis Luke Spur,  senator Raymond and Worn Branden,  Rock bar senator Raymond as well we are covered with pages for our meeting today it is always good, sergeant at arms Mercus how are you doing today? Charles and Dallas yap, coming in there will be one for job is always for us there is one bill on the counter today house bill 812 and to begin force. Thank you Mr. Chairman thank you committee member I appreciate you passing by that good Legras music to come in here and talking a little bit about technology. I'm Representative Davis Radell one of the primary sponsors here with  Representative John Bradford House Bill H12 it's a bill about transparency and open government. Beverly Pardew we she was governor established NCO books websites and it is a place you can go to get information about contracts and grants made by the State of North Carolina Associate and Agencies, and one of the requirements on the enacting legislation was that everyone of the governors cabinet agencies and community college website would have a link to the out NCO open box website, and really by accident as I was going through looking for some information on budget and other matters I came across into the open books and dug a little bit on it, and found about about the enacting legislation and went back and just looked for my own information to see how many agencies actually had that website link, and it was less than a third of them, so I thought we need to do something about this, so what this legislation does it puts a deadline and at the end of this year you will require all of the governors cabinet level agencies and the community colleges website to have a link to the NC open books, but also we cast our net a little broader and just made it as you can see in the legislation all government agencies essentially. So that's the purpose of the legislation is to give us little more access. As legislators it is also to open up access to NC open books any information there to our constituent in easy manner. Megan Cook is not delight to work with, with the LITS folks, he's here if you have any possible questions Mr. Chairman, and at that I'd be happy to entertain questions or motions. Senator Ford. [xx] Any other questions, comments from members of the committee? Senator Tucker. Thank you Mr. Chair. I guess the first question would start, even though we've got a deadline, what happens if they don't accomplish this since we've only got a third participating already was going to encourage them to actually do so. Mr. Chairman. I'm going to hold my breath until they do it. There's nothing in the legislation. That would be the next step. What I'm trying to do is take small steps towards opening that government, giving more transparency. The first thing is to give them the opportunity and I will tell you that several of the council State Agencies have already put this link on the website just by initiating the conversation with them. [xx] Thank you. What do we do are there anything in the contracts or data, from any of these vendors that would be providing information that might be be considered confidential or intellectual property, and how would we protect that? Good question, thank you Senator Turk, this information is gleaned by the OSBN and they get a lot f help from the DOA officer State Controller as well as OITS and this is information that's brought for the Grants information, it's called through the NC grants programme, the NCIS and I believe the North Carolina system of granting contracts it comes to our e-procurement

and procurement online divides so many information that goes Into that system will be available through open books on the granting contracts and the grants is updated, I believe in real time it occurs that in the process contracts are updated monthly on open books.  Just to add that I believe all the information here will public information already, this is just consolidating it at one place to repeat them.  And then I guess the 64 question would be is is this kind of, an appropriation or cost associated with this and is it appropriated?  No, no appropriation, I've spoken with the different agencies look what he has and they're convinced that to add icon link on agency websites on the website as the bill just at no cost. I will also point out to your first question as it does report to the IT committee, that's in the room when we do budget next year we will be aware which agency have followed state requirements and which ones have not. Others were coming in. Seeing no other questions or comments Sen. Ford has moved for a favorable report on house bill 812 all those in favor please signify by saying aye, 'Aye. ' Opposed the aye's have it, Thank you. If you don't have one Sen. Broock bring it on the floor thank you appreciate, thank you members of the committee having exhausted the agenda of today's meeting we will stand adjourned.