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Senate | June 10, 2015 | Committee Room | Redistricting

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OK let's begin the redistricting meeting. Today we are going to be focusing on House Bill 2 63 we are also having our Sergeant at Arm Donald Blake, Steve Wilson for helping us coordinate this meeting and helping us efficiently complete it. Our pages for the day are and if I've missed pronounced the names I'm sorry but I'll try not too. Larry Yarborough, Dr. Sen. Brook. Larry thank you. Adam Folton Senator Robinson, Jasmine Boikens. Senator Robinson, Rebecca Larpow[sp?], Senator Brook Lakewisemen[sp?], Senator Burger Pauline Stiggle[sp], Senator Tucker Cameron Rodgers, Senator Brian thanks very much I hope you're busy here, the General Assembly is entertaining and informative. OK let's begin Senator Block makes a motion that we accept for discussion, the PCS for senate bill 263. All in favor please aye, Aye! I'm sorry, correction. House Bill 263, any questions and discussion? Seeing none, on favor please say aye Aye! In opposition, say neigh. The ayes have it thank you, okay, first part we're going to talk about is, since we've spent a good bit of time on the Greensborough issue, we're going to talk about the issue and we're going to have Representative Elly dealing with, excuse me Representative Earle dealing with the City of Trinity Terms of Elections, would you come forward. Thank you, Mr. Chair and the committee I'm not in Kansas any more, I'm in the senate. No, it's different over here and thank you for having me this morning. My bill is the bill about the city of Trinity and I lived in [xx] the Trinity area for about 28 years and I have been to many of the Trinity council meetings. I did this bill because of the concern of many many people would call me and ask me if there's anything they could do to change things is Trinity and I called the [xx] governement to say what could be done and without petition and without going directly and they didn't want to be known, isn't that much individual could do to change it, so the only thing I could do was to try to make a different to maybe the number in Trinity in their city council, they had eight council members plus the mayor which is nine, they only have 65, 100 members two distance in Trinity and and which is the city the county seat there over 25, 000 people and it has only has only seven plus the mayor so they even have less than Trinity has also [xx] has around 12, 000 people and they have seven plus the mayor, the other state say municipalities are have five plus one, so what I want to do is to reduce it to one member per ward instead two members per ward and one at large along with the mayor and is not changing any district in there is already in a ward system and they started this became a city again in 1997 used to be a city when Trinity college was there which became Durk University and then after they left was not a city again but it is a city now they have there only banks because of no growth since [xx] says that 22 was zero change from 22, 000 to 2, 010 and are still group by 27% [xx] group by 16%, high point group by 22% and Homasville which surrounds this give a 35% they turn down of a park that they a grant already approved for, they turned it down for $500, 000 which they had 500, 000 safe which is a matching grant when this committee came in when this group counsel came in. Although they have been approved by the previous counsel and the people voted again to have the part they still turned down. They have not done their PowerPoint they did have about a million dollars in power phone deaf was and there was an African American lady who I sat with [xx] during a counsel meeting and she said her road was muddy all the time going in and out when it rained and so I told her to come the city didn't do anything and she did. And I had the DOT

representative go out there and said she was she could have a power phone we want, they always go for that, they have stayed, they still not have not done anything and this is another year we are mature enough declared [xx] Representative Hurley[sp?] you've explained it well. Members of the committee any questions on this portion of the bill okay sorry, I'm sorry Senator Smith Thank you Mr. Chairman is there opposition to this bill other than from the counsel people just the few counsel people I think there are few others our friends our ones come in most people are for it. because they do I think it does need to be reduced ti be on line with the rest of the county. Okay, any additional question on this portion alright would you remain aside and just in case we have some additional questions representative Hailey. Senator Apodaca you have an amendment okay we got it before us here it's a really a change of the general statutes number Ms Hatue can you explain what this amendment actually does From page two line five of the PCS incorrect citation is given the surgeny are called early for county and city unfortunately when the PCS does the citation was to the county side that is not the city statue the amendment will change it to read GS168-23 instead of 153A- need to and the statue itself is the one that requires each county and city to re visit the district following the return of federal the city or centre. Alright just to be clear one is changing the citation that is in page two line five it states 1538-22 that was a wrong citation and we are changing it to just a technical collection to general statue for 168-23 is everybody understand what that simple technical changes it's 160A that's an apple that's 22 okay alright, the motion is before you any questions? All in favor please say aye, opposed nay ayes have it. Alright, so what we have before us is amended of the house bill 263 PCS. Senator Wade will you come forward and explain the changes that you've made in the bill that was originally proposed and discussed  twice in this committee and also in the floor of the senate dealing with Greensboro. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Actually there has been three changes made to the bill that you passed before in here and in the floor on the senate. The first change was basically technical which was technical correction, the Mayor who is going to only vote when there is a tie, the bill originally may there effective as soon as the bill is passed obviously it did not need to take effect until the next election in the new council was seated and we do that correction and this PCS the other thing is that and after the 2020 census is made then this the bill can be altered hopefuly this not be altered and changed while the district so set up by the city council this goes until the 2020 census has been turned in and the only other change is the filing date since it has taken so long for this bill the filing date has actually being pushed back to open at 12 noon on July 27th 2015 and close it at 12 noon on August 7th 2015, just to give a little extra time for filing that's the only change Mr Chair Miss Churchill do you have any other comment Just one clarification change and firing period applies to trinity and green sparrow, so they both would have a little bit of a delayed falling period, bu they still will have a two week falling period And sufficient time to conduct their elected, elections, correct? Okay? Alright. Members of the Committee you have the PCS before you as is amended. Are there any questions, or comments? Seeing none I have got motion from Senator Apadoca for a favorable report of house

Bill 263 PCS as amended and unfavorable to the original Bill Mr. Chair, Enrolled into, enrolled into a new PCS. Alright, you have a motion before you for favorable report I have a question before we do that motion, if that is okay Mr. Chairman? You have a question? Senator Ingram Yes, thank you for bringing this back, we have had several discussions about it, so you know where I stand. I Just have a question if you would be amenable to last page, section three, line 25. If we could change that to December 2016 and lines 28 and 29 commensurate with that. Would you support an amendment. No, Ma ̓am I would be against the amendment. Senator Wade. You respond to the question? I did, I was against the amendment Okay, so the Bill sponsor is against the amendment. Alright. Do you have a question? Senator Smith? No okay, and let's do this. How many Senator Robinson is not a member of the committee but it's your District, I understand, so take a couple of minutes to explain your concerns. Thank you Mr. Chair, and first you probably know what my concerns are but there's other is that we only saw this early this morning, I realized that the original bill is in the house waiting to be heard so my question would be why Senator Wade has first added this the Trinity Bills 263 since it's in-house I believe elections right now? Senator Wade would you respond to her question? Yes Mr. Chairman. I think this improves the bill and I wanted to be able to make this corrections and improve it, make it a better bill and that's why we're rewriting it as a PCS. OK. Follow up Mr. Chair. Follow up. Could that not be done in the House when it come to elections. Senator Wade are you the bill is before us here let's stay on the subject of this bill please. Okay, well the other thing too is Senator Wade as you are aware that the this has strong opposition from the entire community with thousands of signatures recently published in the paper if you're representing the citizens of Greensboro why are you moving forward with this? Senator Wade please respond. Mr. Chairman I think we've had a discussion but I'll be glad to discuss the three changes in that respect. There are certain things that have been brought up but and I was corrected, I mean this PCS and certainly there was a poll done in the area, more people wanted it then were against it and I think that was published in a weekly paper, that would be my only comment Ok Final comment Mr. Chair, not a question, just a comment Yes maam, comment And for the record and that was a small paper, the larger papers as well as signatures across entire Greensboro community, have strongly opposed this and have asked that it be removed and I think it's just an upfront to the citizens of our community this to continue and move forward, plus a delegation knows nothing didn't not know that this was being entertained today.  Thank you senator Robinson alright members of the committee any additional questions or comments? Seeing none, senator Apodacah made a motion and I'll repeat it that motion for favor report on house bill 263 PCS is amended and tabled to the original bill and this will be rolled into a new PCS. Alright, all in favor please say aye all opposed nay, the ayes have it, this bill will be sent forward thank you. Senator Wade Representative Hailey[sp] thank you, and members of the committee thank you for your indulgence and we call this meeting closed