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Senate | June 9, 2015 | Committee Room | Finance

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I introduce our Serjeant at Arms [xx], Terry Barnhat and Steve McCain. Thank you, we appreciate all of your hard work in trying to make our job easier here and make us look good. And today we are fortunate to have some great pages, and I hope that your visit here to the General Assembly is enjoyable and informative.  Michael Davis, Senator Randleman Gherkins[sp?], if mispronounce it let me know. Victor, Senator Stein, I might mispronounce it. What is it Pictor[sp?] Pictor[sp?] I'm sorry, thank you. Clara Buka[sp?], Senator Stein, Savana Bell, Senator Hise, John Bickley, Senator Hise Warren Briden, Senator Randleman, Valence Steagles, Senator Tucker, Victoria Parker, Senator Quwic thank you for being here today and we appreciate your help in trying to make our finance committee work smoothly. Members of the committee we're going to pull off the calendar, Senate bill 399 it's being worked on so we're not going to be talking about that one today we're going to have Representative Doherty up first on two bills. First one being house bill 217, Clayton DNA-xation annexation, Representative Doherty welcome. Thank you very much Mr. Chairman. I hope you know how much I love the Senate Is that always or is that jus just for the moment. Alright Representative Doherty now you can start telling the truth Senate bill 217 has two land owners, one here who wants to have his property DNX, and one here who wants to have his property NX. They are swapping land represented dotry we have Senator Raven. You have a motion center Raven? Yes, I would like to move for favor of honors  Alright. represent Johnson Candy he knows it better than I do and if he says it's good it is good alright representative senator Regent has put forward a motion table report and house point 217, any questions senator [xx] do you have any question? Gendy do you have a question over there? I do not have okay then we have a table report for some house put 217 all in favor can you say I oppose ney I's have it alright representative Doctry now it is clown to house put 218 which is quick annexation this is a bill where [xx] and access the university central crop research center who are in the 86 hecteres 9 arcs no objection to it. Crop is growing and that is 600 house project.  OK we have a favor report motion for every crop from senator Cork, Any questions? So no more case of questions. I'm trying to say if this is the one, no it is another bill okay.  Heydes, go right ahead, no problem. Alright, you have a questions? Sentiments? I just wanted to ask the representive Daughtry to know how well we trained today I think I have got to be in your committee, I will talk to you later senator Heydes I may just answer his question, just making sure on this between Johson Cane and Clay I believe it is, they distribute sales hat volume rate or based on tor is that based on population? I don't know. My point I'm trying to get is is there a major change in the tax revenue received by the town for annexing this. They can't tax this. It's not taxable. It belongs state. It's not taxable. They've worked together. All they've done is instead of having to settle an annexed property, the university has agreed to let them take they can't tax it, they can't do anything to it, can even begin sold it, they can't do anything   I thought you'd violate this. Okay I have a motion motion from Sen. Bill Cook for a favorable report on House Bill 218. Additional questions? Seeing none all in favor please say aye. Aye. Opposed nay. The ayes have it. Rep. Daughtry, who will present this on the Senate floor?

Sen. Newton. Sen. Newton will be presenting it. Okay. Very good. Alright members of the committee, let's do House Bill 73, Carrie Annexation. Rep. Dollar. Welcome, Rep. Dollar thank you, Mr. Chairman. And also Sen. Burgers. Sorry, I didn't see that name on there said yeah can speak on it. How did you broke subdivision and right down killed your farm load and for the rest 20 plus years they received caring so workers whose system is failing. Now that community, it's about 87 residents or so, they want to be in the town of Carrie. They don't quite fit within voluntary annexation with voluntary annexation, and this is a legislative annexation. This would help them with their water, which they really right now and also with all their other services, I know of no other opposition in the community to this. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. I would appreciate your support. Senator Burger, any additional comments? Thank you, mr.chair.yes.in this particular situation town of Carrie is willing to invest over $4 million in this neighborhood to bring it up to standard. This system failed back a number of years ago both their city, it was a private sewer and water system that failed and these constituencies these people have struggled with that, they have been able to receive services from Catering but at a very much higher rate and they would just very much like to be a part of Caring would like for them to be a part of them. Okay, senator Stan. I would like to move for a favorable Alright senator Stan has a motion for favorable report on house bill 73, members of the committee, any additional queations or comments saying none all in favor please aye "Aye" oppose Nay Ayes have it, Senator Bangoe will you manage this key bill very good. Thank you Mr. Chairman, members of the committee. Thank you representative Dollar, good to have you come visit. Alright which take care of house bill 99, town of Parkton NX session senator [xx] Thank you Mr. Chairman this is a senator Macusic will say a very simple bill the town of Poptone which is to DNX a little over 80 hectares a land all the people that are affected by it have assigned or funded by agreeable nobody is on decent on this matter and appreciate your favourable vote on this matter I've got a motion from Senator Mckissick for favor report on house bill 99. Any additional comments, questions? Seeing none all in favour please say I, oppose say nay. I's have it, House Bill 99 and you'll handle this on the floor, correct? Thank you Mr chairman and thank you ladies and gentlemen. Very good, alright. We have Senate Bill 50. Senator Davis Senator Rabin makes a motion that we adopt the PCS for Senate Bill 50 for discussion all on favor please say I,  or oppose nay  I's have it. Alright senator Davis you will be explaining senate bill 50 Wilson county occupancy tax modification. Thank you Mr Chairman, members of the committee I will start just simply [xx] today, this is Senator Brian's bill however she has an excuse absence for today also share that the delegation is actually in full support Senator Newton he's tied up however, he's conveyed that he doesn't really like these bills, however, he wanted to be clear that he doesn't oppose this as is currently drafted. So with that being said, over in Green County and this is a local bill that would impact my neighboring county of Wilson down East in a simply local occupancy tax will take them up to the 6% capacity so they could engage in. Senator Davis, I've got a motion in favor of the report from Senator Tillman, alright, I'll hold that motion. Senator Telmen, question. Just quick into this, is this tax the proceeds this tax spent in the same way they all are that require 50% of the tax raised to be spent on  advertising and tourism. We haven't broken from that motion in this bill. It's still would be

consistent with that, the only shift is there is a third that would go towards the tourism, to county tourism, 2/3 the city and upon the city getting agreements from the tourism than those funds can be released, it's consistent with that general guideline. Senator Hise you OK? Alright any additional questions or comments? Let's see, who is that motion from? Who raised that motion Senator Tillman, I'm sorry. It was a final [xx] OK, alright. Senator Tillman made a motion for favorable report on Senate Bill 50 PCS and unfavorable to the original bill, any additional questions or comments? Seeing none all in favor all say aye? aye Opposed nay? Ayes have it.  Thank you so much Mr. Chairman. Now are you going to have Senator Bryant? OK very good. Thank you Senator Davis. Alright, last bill on the calendar today is Senate Bill 448, equalized tax on appropriating use, their is a model fuel. Senator Rabin do you carry in this bill here today? yes Mr. Chairman I am, thank you. Ladies and gentleman of the committee what this bill does is [xx] views we had to that one [xx] because equalized [xx] this brings that on an energy basis. Bill I can't hear you. It brings on an energy basis rather than per gallon basis because as you know different gases and different things produce energy in different amounts just as we have done with liquid natural gas, and with gasoline we're now doing with propane and gasoline. Alright Senator Rabin do you have an amendment for this bill? We do have an amendment. OK, would you present that amendment, alright. I'll sign it, and I'll read it. This moves the bill on page 1 line 17 by rewriting to read, this act becomes the January 1, 2016 and that's all it does it changes the date of the [xx] Member of the committee you have a amendment from Senator Ray-den and you can read it very clearly you have it before you. Questions? All in favor please say aye! aye Oppose nay, ayes have it, alright you have the bill is amended before you I've got Senator Hyse,  move for report, bill has amendment roll the PCS. Senator Hyse makes a motion that we have a favor report for Senate bill 448 as amended, any additional questions or comments? Seeing none all in favor please say aye ayes have it. Thank you Mr. Chairman, Senator Jackson will run this on the floor he's released from custody in the house Very good, okay so Senator Jackson will be the floor manager on 448 And to the committee that fulfills today's calendar, we will have a committee tomorrow. The One bill two bills we have Zebra what were they? one bill is Buster 156 156 and the other bill is regards to beat the group just working on the business registry. Okay this is registration that will have fee on it but will be put on the bill so maybe to the committee we will have a committee meeting tomorrow senator Topman[sp?] will be chairing it. Will begin at 1 pm probably and if you be kind enough which in get a business than quickly Before next weeks project on the slot so that is it for the day, senate committee adjourned.