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House | June 9, 2015 | Committee Room | Pensions and Retirement

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I'm going to go ahead and call the meeting of the house committee on pensions and retirement to order apologize for the delay, we've had a little confusion over one of the bills but I think we have that worked out. First thing I'd like to do this morning is recognize our pages when I call your name if you would stand up. We have Valen Melvin from Bladen county, we have Cody Moses from Mecklenburg county and we have Chap Perry from Beaufort. Our Sergeant Sergeant of Arms this morning is V. H Powell, Joe Austin and David Laitin. We missing something? We missed one I did, I apologize for that. Mr. Page Kylie Perry, Kylie is from Wake county. You've been warned Alright, we are going to go back to the calendar, I was going to rearrange the calendar a little bit in accommodation for one of the Senators but you going to go back in order on the calendar, the first bill is Senate Bill 77, increase wolts for firemen's pension and this is Senator Randling. Alright I need read my notes. Senator Randleman asked me to present the bill in committee, this is local bill that would allow the town of Wilsbur's firemen to take a 150% of the set amount for the pension fund each month, the current I believe is $170 that they can pull down, this will happen to take out 50 % more than that, we have spoof this from the town council and associate it to local bill and I appreciate your support. Thank yo Representative Delmor. Alright, questions from the committee? Representative Wario. Just for amotion. Alright I'm assuming that was alright. Any any question about the committee? I will yawn Mr. Speaker. That's talked right over. Alright you've heard the motion from Representative Gill, for a favorable report on senate bill 77, all those in favor take a slumber saying Aye Any opposition? Alright, bill passed. Next to senate bill 99, Fire ware fuel and safety worker system in changes as the Senator Murder. Thank you Mr. Chairman, members of the committee good morning? This is a bill that would in the net shell define fire men in it, the definition of a fireman for pension purposes and retirements, this is supported by the North Carolina firemen Association and the treasures, so if there is any questions I would be more than happy to answer any of those. Thanks Mr. Chairman Thank you Senator, Questions from the committee. Representative Gwadel, from a motion at public time any questions from the committee at all? Alright representative Gwaldel, thank Mr. Chairman I move to give a senate bill 99 of federal why you hold the motion from representative [xx] senate bill 99 fake motion for [xx] all those in favour say aye aye! any opposition? Alright senator come here [xx] thank you. I conclude the meeting for today one bill will be displaced until next week thank you.