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Senate | June 8, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Gratification of bills, the clerk will read. In law bill we oppose the following bill, do gratify the presentation to the governor. Send bill 366 and act to amend the reporting in me in requirements, and the laws pertain to the permancy, innovation in this [xx] committee house bill 163, it act the main various clarifying and technical changes, to North Carolina captive insurance act, house bill 19 I know, and activate my ad-vocation to stay health plan for public employees, house bill 222, and and act allowing boders to the lake and then we change justices on North Carolina supreme court for election, house bill 262, and act motorlises surplus land infarct by including alien insurance [xx] cover siding requirements and by providing greater flexibility, for the mayor of collection and refund of the suppressed lands tax, house bill 795, enact to reform and mend the state Environmental Policy Act. House Bill 909 and act to make various changes with within debit control commission laws. So come to order, Sergeant at Arms close the doors, members will get to their seats, members and guests in the gallery will please silence all electronic devices Leading the senate in prayers is Reverend Peter Milnes Senate Chaplain, all members and guests in the gallery will please stand. That's pretty good. Our father in heaven we pause to recognize the things that you are doing despite our efforts. We recognize Lord that while we plant seed that fades you planted seed that is imperishable, you're like a mustered seed, you're like 11 and we invite you to grow and such small ways in this place but we don't even see or respect what you are doing doing. Maybe someone has been praying in a particular office for 10 years, maybe there's some one in this room right now that's going to do something that would set something in place we just don't know but what you know, and we have confidence of what you're doing so we're working on like a mustered seed that's growing into a kingdom that's so much bigger than us.come now Lord and be with us now because in your name I pray Jesus, Amen. Senator Burger is recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. President the journal of Thursday, June 4th 2015 has been examined and stand to be correct, I move that we dispense with the reading of the journal and that is stand approve is written. That objection the journal for June 4th stands approved ans written we have leaves of absence granted today for Senators Alexander, Berhinghum, Blue, Brian, Roy and Maranda. Serious we do have a nurse today with us today Kristy Park Hill from Henderson Vale is here, North Park Hill thank you for joining us in the Senate today Senator Alexander is here. Senate Roy have a one item for our calendar today. Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you arise? Mr. President we have no items on my calendar I move that Senate Bill 333 be moved to tomorrows calendar. Without objection so order so that wraps up our calendar for the day. At this time then we would like to take a moment to welcome to the pages this week with other large group of pages if you'll start making your way around to the final here in order and here we go. Clerk will read. Pages coming in the chamber this week Casley Backer from North Vicksburg, Sevan Bill Forst city, Joe Backely Luke Roy, Clerg Bucker

Royly, Jackman Hawkins, Greed[sp?] Boore, Wallen Britney Brooks, Lina, brook, Sheryl, Nathaniel Brooks, Rally, Bobby Burtin New Port, Mark Davis Wakesburg, Haiken Faiture Rowly, Kenble Failure Rowly, Adam Falton, [xx], Jack Fereira[sp?] Colonerious Andrew Bulson oatmeals, Drake Keith, Wellington, Larry Rapho, Luke A Vina, Rebecca Rapho the Crogarina[sp] that is myliage shall, they Greco partner[sp] look pane they look pane in the forward Baaling tone[sp], calming Rages Hillos[sp] Stone fallings to go, we want to find strictly Mount Olive, Blake [xx] Senators you don't have any excuse this week, I need plenty of help to be able to get the budget done in no time with all these pages. Pages, thank you for taking time off your summer vacation to join us, we hope you have a great time in the senate, we appreciate your service. do we have notices, or announcements? Senator [xx] for what purpose do you rise? The announcement of conferees Mr. President Senator you have the floor  Thank you Mr. President. The president [xx] of the Senate has appointed the following Senators to serve on the Conference Committee for House Bill 347. Graham Bunckermac[sp?], Pensley Tax[sp?], Scottsdale Fire District. Members are Senator Apodaca, Chair, Senator Trudy Wade, Senator Jim Davis, Senator Terry Van Duyn, Senator Paul Lowe. Senator Nunn[sp?] for what purpose do you rise? No purpose at all. Senator Gunn for what purpose do you rise? For an announcement   You have the floor senator.   commons will meet tomorrow at 11 O'clock in the schedule has been posted, thank you. Do you have Senator Gunn for what purpose do you rise? For an announcement Senator Burger for a motion.   Famous present I move it to the  Senate do now adjourn substitute standard a stipulation set forth senate rule 24.1 the appointment of companies clarification of bills will send house messages to reconvene on Tuesday June 9th, 2015 at 2 PM   The motion of Senate do now adjourn substitute to the stipulation stated by Senator Burger to reconvene tuesday 9th at 2 PM seconded by Senator Bronco, in favor say aye, oppose no, the ayes have it the senate stands adjourned.