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House | June 3, 2015 | Committee Room | Commerce and Job Development

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Go ahead and call the commerce and job development committee to order, now that Representative Tine is here we can start, we may be a little late on numbers this morning, there is another committee going on in the other building and I think is has drawn quite a crowd so, we have a number of meetings over there. Right, first thing this morning and I would like to introduce our Sergent in Arms we've got several we get a Young Bill, we've got Reggie Sills, we've got David Laitin, Jim Moran Chris McCracken. That's a pretty long list. And in addition to that we have a number of pages with us this morning, if you would raise you hand when I call your name. We have Kashen Rody from Guilford Pricey Harrison sponsored over here, we have Danny Kruger from [xx] John [xx] sponsored, Emma Lee from Mecklenburg sponsored by the Speaker, Aaron any from McDowell, sponsored by Joash Dobson. Mary Hoop Hartly from Wake County, sponsored by [xx] [xx] so and as I said we may have members coming in as we go, as they come out of the meeting. Alright, we only have one bill on the agenda this morning that we're going to hear. It's a Senate bill 7 Food Stands Seating and Outdoor Food service and this is going to be presented by the sponsor Senator Tillman. Senator Tillman. Yes Sir, Mr Chairman, members, thank you for hearing my bill appreciate that very much it's good to be all here in the compound of the house, I have figured a way we can rise some money down here is when the house has a meeting [xx] somewhere else this morning. If we can sell tickets to those I believe we can get a bill passed through that we can make all kinds of money. The bill before you this morning and the PCS Mr. Chairman, I believe there is a PCS for that bill. This is the 4th edition, I don't believe there is a PCS. May be not anyway, there is an addition to that includes the outdoor food courts and stands that are mobile they are held in ball parks and outdoor venues, but the reason a part of that bill has to do with convenience stores and Mini Marts to sell foods that are not prepared food. Their just sausage, biscuits basically, and a cup of coffee there is a strange rule on the book that says you can not have tables and chairs for those older folks who come in the morning that's part for the social days, they can because [xx] if you sit down, you will stay long [xx] you might overtake the services so if that's the case, I think that the health department ought to be able to inspect the sewage system at their own expense, not the owners expense and say your using too much water if that's the case, let them do their job and [xx]. But in the mean time please [xx] allows certain outdoor events like baseball games. If you have so many people there at that menu you can have food carts has Hamburger and hot-dog, it has to be a place that has a restaurant attached to a park or at the park and many people don't want to stand in line at a baseball game, they want to get their hot-dog and eat it while they're watching the game, and that's all that allows them to do. That's all it is alright thank you, question from committee members I see Representative Horn Thank you Mr. Chairman and welcome to the brighter side of the legislature man have him right now, sir tell them frankly goes right to your bill goes right to the what I did the last 40 years of my life in particular in the food service business, and I acknowledge I've not read your Bill, and its entire but I do have some questions that just your comments brought up to mind. The push back on eating at, with these food trucks, and things like that is from the

restaurant industry itself, in that, these small restaurants, and many of Mawa Pops as well as the chain restaurants have a huge investment in Brickson Mota, training facilites these and they're called to account by us, the government beyond what I think is reasonable in most cases. Those are all fixed overhead costs that restaurants has, and they employ a lot of local people. Food court, come and go. There has been challenges on sanitation issues, as well as sanitation food handling issues that cause me some pause here. Where we're going to allow those people with sit down, they now compete with that restaurant operation. So, I'm wondering if you had some push back from those folks? What they've said? And what your view is and that bit of a conundrum? Mr Chairman. Yes, go ahead. That's a good question. Food trucks are not included in this bill. This is just the MiniMatt where you going in there and getting yourself some biscuits and your cup of coffee. Food trucks does not apply. The other part of this bill applies to that little food curt that go around at the ball part and not any outdoor saving for any of those trucks that's not in this bill, and the restaurant association is not opposed to this, and I think it makes good sense for business, and that the bill this people will sell more Hot Dogs and Hamburgers and the bar park, if you don't have to stand in line at the restaurant which says a limited sitting. But no food trucks that's a good place they're not in [xx] Follow up. Follow up.   Thank you very much as I said I have not read the bill in detail I just responding to your comment, so you have not had you heard from a strong association or and those folks all those folks are fine with this. Yes sir. No opposition.   Okay thank you, represent diaspora promotion is appropriate term Mr Jim thank you, represent Tobett Thank you very much Mr chairman this might be for the bill sponsor good evening welcome to the house commerce job development I'll talk while you try to find me anyway just wanted to check as long as those businesses are preparing food I'm assuming the health department still has to come validate verify and check that prepared in this process is still at top notch is that fair statement is that a fair statement? Absolutely Representative Torbett you're right they do same inspections I have always done plus they are going to have to take a look at the sewage system that was our only concern on you over Texas so I said come on.  Thank you very much I'm good to go Mr chairman thank you for you did  ask question  thank you Representative Hager. Thank you Mr Chairman and I think more of a comment or just a quick question to the bill sponsor that's OK Senator Tillman it looks like this is just a self contained area you got 3000 seats in there so the ball pork small pork it sounds like illogical I don't know why we we haven't been doing it forth any comment be fine but not needed if you don't want to. Thank you. Representative Brown. Thank you Mt chairman I was wondering if anyone form the Health Department is here and would comment on the bill. No but they fill up the place well it may have I know that they were here. Anyone here form the HEALTH department? Alright, please state your name. Yes, I'm Larry Michael, Environmental Health Section Chief for the division of Public Health and we the section supports this bill and we feel like it adequately supports public health Thank you Representative [xx]. Thank you Mr. Chair, this is a clarification from some of the comments Representative Horn had about, are you creating competition for those store, and I just want to make sure I'm reading your bill properly to say that, are those locations, these carts are that restaurant, so they're not necessarily competing with what the restaurant maybe at the ball park. I'm I really not corrected that language? we say as based from promoted commission with that in? I'm not sure whether they had borrowed the restaurant there or not, It is at any event the Staff is nodding behind you, maybe you want to get Let me check with people and know something here. Stare could u do that.   Thank you Mr. Chairman, represented Martin, if you would look on my 20, 21 of the bill,  you know that are based on the permanent

commissary of restaurant located on the premises of the facility so I think that that speaks to your questions, so would be associated with whatever is already on the facility proper. Thank you Thank you. Representative Brown Question, Thank you Mr. Chairman, after the health department spoke I just thought  a brief comment Members I don't want to sound like Representative Jeter too much here, but as you may know. Please. Well maybe I should just stop talking then. But as you may know this is my business, this is what I do each and every day. I'm not entirely comfortable with this bill, I'm truly I'm not. The portion that has been added to it I actually feel OK about the cart portion of it. The minimatt portion I feel extremely uncomfortable about. I don't know that I'm going to say that I'm going to sit here, and try to hold your bill out, but I don't feel comfortable about it. I don't think that this is where we want to start down a road, as a restaurant tour I make massive investments in my facilities to ensure that there is proper waste treatment sanitation, grease traps the list goes on and on, and I understand that the comment is well this people just get biscuits. Well, have you ever been in this minimatts it's not just biscuits folks and it's going to go on beyond a must. My question is where do we stop and where do we start to truly regulate and make sure that the health and safety of customers is taken care of? Have we met quite frankly that their is a strain on the way water treatment of these facilities when you are talking about Greece going down drains and not being stopped by a proper gree strap system so I just have I give it pause I ask you to think about it a little bit and I just have some concerns about. Senator [xx] Mr. Chairman Thank you for your comments but nobody nobody has contacted me that has a restaurant and then that business says this is for being am very advantaged with the many marks nobody all I am saying is we got many older people that coming in the morning and cant seat down they have back problems and so forth and the simple thing not being able to seat down and eat your biscuit or be able to stand up and eat your biscuit and I think it's only fair to do that but the restaurant association the health department two committees senate floor, nobody has raised his objection until this time and you may be be totally legitimate and your objection and you have every right to say so. Follow up Consider your self notified, Last one, last one Alright other comments, any committee members? Alright Representative Avila Thank you Mr. Chair if I could I would like to make a comment first, many of the places where we see food served I know many of the servers stations where I stop and have hot-dogs they have packed pre-packages and things of that nature. All of that that's already been taken care off under Wallace as far as helping and safety of the public, what senator Hilman[sp?] is talking about is community there are very special little places where the relationships have been built and people have an opportunity to go in and converse and share a cup of coffee and sausage biscuit with friends, and I think one thing we need to do more than anything else is to continue to provide opportunities for community and with that I'd like to make a favor of omission Senate Bill 407 I'll wait the questions come out so we have a motion on the floor, we have a motion for [xx] Senate Bill 307 all those in favor signify by saying aye, "aye". We have session, the ayes have it. Senate Bill passes [xx] that's thank you Senator [xx] [xx] alright that's the only business we had on the agenda today so it is time the meeting stands adjourned and [xx].