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Senate | June 2, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate come to order. Sergeant of arms close the doors. Members can gather their seats, members and the guests in the gallery, please silent all your electronic devices. Leading the senate in prayers is the Reverend Peter Menzel of chaplain. All members and guest o f the gallery, please stand. Almighty God, you are our light and our salvation who shall we fear. The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid, when the wicked even my enemies and my foads came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and they fell, though our  host encamped against me, my heart shall not fear, though wall shall rise against me, in this I'll be confident, if one thing we need here Lord, it is your light, it is your encampment, it is your presence, we ask for that now to come shine in the dark places we can't see, in Jesus name we pray, Amen. senator Brown you are recognized for a motion Thank you Mr. President the journal of Monday June 1st, 2015 has been examined and found to be correct I move that we dispense with the reading of the journal and stand approved as written. Without objection the journal for June 1st stands approved as written. Without objection the journal for June 1st stands approved as written. Senators we have a leave of absence granted today for senator Robinson and senator Stan. Following the motion of Senator Tom Magnus of Richmond County the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to Senator Magnus' wife, Jenas Magnus, their grandson, HUnter Wood who is a third grade student at Washington street school in Rockingham, North Carolina, and as a straight A student if you are with us stand up to be recognized, thank you for being with us today. and also upon the motion Mr president and also uphold the motion senator Magnus of Richmond county the chair is happy to extend courtesies to the gallery to the answering county chambers of commons, if you're with us today, please stand and be recognized. Thank you for joining us today. Senator Tillman for what purpose do you rise? A moment of personal privilege way out of order. Senator Tillman you have the floor for a moment of personal privilege way out of order.   Thank you Mr. President we now senator Mackenna's, grandson you make straight As and I've noticed that your grandmother there looks very nice and then we've looked at Senator Mackenna's. I personally know that Senator Mackenna's when he went out in the seventh grade he made all As and in the eighth grade he made one A and the rest Fs and I understand and checking back that the girl who had set the side of [xx] He moved away to California. Ratification of bills, clerk will read. Enroll bills, enrolling clerk report of filing bills, dully ratified for presentation to the governor. House Bill 552, an act to create the criminal offence of graffiti vandalism. House Bill 691 an act to make it a felony to assault a member of the North Carolina, National Guard who is discharging our tempo to the judge's official duties. Do we've any reports to standing committees. Senator Davis for what purpose do you rise? To send forward committee report. You can send forward your report Senator. Thank you Mr. President. Clerk will read. Senator J. Davies state and local government committee senate passes House BIll 279 committee number one, lake county local border big acquisition review, favorbale. House bill 307 W line child to use a certain fee, favorbale. B40 we can burial state better than cemetery favorable. House bill 346 county's public trust areas, favorable house bill 279, 340 and 346 calendar, house bill 307 finance senator Newton for what purpose do you rise? To send forth committee reports. You can send forward your report senator the clerk will

read senator Newton for the [xx] committee submits the passes, senate bill424. all in favor ask the bill, the favored ask the committee substitute bill [xx] success, house bill 460, all in favor ask the bill, with the favor has the same committee substitute bill idol, I saw the [xx] workers house bill personnel House bill 424 appropriations based budget and house bill 560 calendar. Having any other reports for standing committees. Mr. President Senator Apodaca, for what purpose do you rise? Mr. President, motion but real quickly before that, it's my understanding Mrs. Mcginnis hasn't spoken to Senator Mcginnis in two years, she had wanted to interrupt House bill 340, Veteran's cemeteries and house bill 346, public trust areas were heard today in the committee we reported in [xx] both bill be placed on today's calendar. Without objection so ordered. Mrs. McGinnis now you see what your husband has to put up with everyday. senators advice[sp?] bill be sent to the calendar for the day with those two items added on those are two items on the calendar public bill second reading, house bill 340. Clerk will read. House bill 340 [xx] state veteran cemeteries. Senator Curtis is recognised to speak for the bill. Mr. President, this basically requires that all state veterans cemeteries in the state that the burial can take place on the same day as the funeral even if it's on a weekend. The only exception are state and federal holidays. do we have any discussion or debate? Hearing none. Question for the senators is the passage of house bill 340 on the second reading, all thse in favur vote aye! All opposed vote no! five seconds to be left for the voting, the clerk will record the vote. 47 having voted the affirmative, zero in the negative. House bill 340 passes its second reading without objection and will be read a third time.  North Carolina [xx]. Do we have a discussion or a debate? Hearing none question for the senate is the passage of house bill 340 on its third reading, all in favour say aye! Aye! Opposed no! The ayes! have it, house bill 340 passes its third reading, it will be enrolled and passed to the governor. final vote on house bill 340 was 48 to 0 house bill 346 proof clerk will  read 346 county public trust areas, Senator Cork is recognized to speak to the bill Thank you sir in 2013 the general assemblies authorized cities to adopt order to regulate, restrict or prohibit the placement maintenance location or use of equipment personal property or depree on the states ocean fishes but the senator not include county governments therefore house bill 346 simply authorizes counties to adopt such audiences, I ask for your support, Do we have any discussion or debate? Hearing none, questions before the senate is the passes on the house bill 346 on the second reading not favorable I possible know five seconds for the voting four to record the vote. Apadaca aye, Burger aye. 48 having averted to the affirmative 0 and the negative house bill 346 passes its second reading without objection be for the third time.  North Carolina [xx] acts. Do we have any discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question before the senate is the passage of House Bill 346 on its third reading. All in favor will say aye Aye oppose no the ayes have it the article 346 passes its third reading it will be enrolled in Central Government and that is all for our calendar for the day, anyone having notices or announcements Senator Brown what pops your eyes I have an announcement Senator you have the floor. Republicans will meet immediately after session.

Senator Taller, for what purpose do you rise? moment of personal privilege. Senator you have the floor.  I just want to recognize the citizens of state of North Carolina in their absolute good fortune and recognized and congratulate our very own Senator Buckland in his announcement to serve this state in his new role as he wants hopefully and successfully for attorney general. Senator Barring for what purpose do you rise? To send forth a committee report out of order sir. You can send forth The committee report out of order, senator. The clerk will read. Senator Bingham, magistrate to committee passes house bill 352 committee substitute number one, standard of public safety dispatchers, favorable. House bill 352 calendar, do we've any other notices or announcements, Senator Anderson for what purpose do you rise? For announcement. Senator Anderson, you've a floor for announcement. Thank you Mr. President. The legislative precaucus will meet tomorrow morning at 7.30 in room 414,  alight breakfast being served, we just invite your attendance thank you. Anyone else, notices or announcements? Senator McKissick, for what purpose do you rise?   For a purpose of personal privilege. Senator McKissick you have the floor for a point of personal privilege. I had an occasion of learning yesterday, that a dear friend and someone who was also a former mayor of Chapelhill Catholic House had passed away. He was a very distinguished gentleman he did an excellent job with consensus building as a mayor of Capitol Hill, but more importantly he service Secretary Adina for approximately five years doing hand administration. Someone who during the time I was a student I took probably three of his courses, someone who could reach out to regardless of circumstances and conditions, and would provide meaningful thoughts inputs and opinions. But most importantly he served his community in a noble and honorable way with great integrity. So I would edge that when we adjourn today, we do so in his honor. Thank you senator Any other notices or announcements? Senator Mcquesic for my benefit could you give me the gentleman's name who you wanted to close in honor of as well.  Jonathan house former mayor Chapel [xx].   Thank you senator. Is there any further business come before the senate? Now the chair recognizes Senator Berger from a motion. famous president and I move in memory of Jonathan house that the senate will now adjourn so just standard stipulation set forth and senate rule, 24.1. The Resit[sp?] of committee reports ratification of bills and Resit[sp?] of house messages to reading on Wednesday June 3 rd 2015 at 2 pm senator senator stipulation stated by senator burger Adam members of journalism house to reconvene Wednesday june 3 rd at 2 pm say I the I have it