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House | June 2, 2015 | Committee Room | Education, Community Colleges

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Testing. Alright, we're good now. Alright. The chair recognizes that there appears to be a quorum here so I will call the meeting of the community college to order and you want to first go over and we'll look at the pages, we've got Olnar Ojo from Camblin County, please stand up. Okay, you're in the back. I'm sorry I didn't see you there. And she is sponsored by Rick Blausher. Thank you for being here this week in your service. Mia Perry from White County, Mia is back in the left, she is from White County and sponsored by representative Stan. Thank you for being here Mia, KeSean Rowdy from Guilford county Bryce Harrison, KeSean thank you for being here Maison Roberts from Durham, speak more, Thank you Maison and then Michael Smith county also sponsored by speaker Moore. Thank you. Thank you for your services Wade. Our sergeat at arms, Young Bay, Bill Mars and Jim Maron. Thank you all for your service to committee members we have one bill on the agenda today that is house so excause me, senate bill 112 and senator Parck is recognize to represent your bill. One trial same bill 112. Good afternoon, this bill simply Coastal colleges to offer courses on commercial fishing and aquaculture. Aquaculture are currently being offered at only two coastal community colleges. Corallet[sp?] Community College, and Brunswick Community College. Corallet[sp?] Community College offers courses that can be transferred to a four year marine biology program at UNC Wilmington, or East Carolina University. Brunswick Community College also offers some aquaculture program, those [xx] on pokes this on fresh water aquaculture. In North Carolina there's a significant potential for aquaculture to become a greater source of income, and economic prosperity for North Carolina's commercial fishing industry. We're the largest estuary in the nation that does expand across other states. There was explosive growth in onshore agriculture sales in Virginia where I think they're now up to about 64 $ 4, 000, 000 worth ofoyster fishing. But practically our flat growth in North Carolina, we're around 3/ $400, 000 worth of oyster fishing. 300, 000, 64 million. Currently in a different bill I'm working out plan that will improve the oyster industry in North Carolina. For this industry to grow in North Carolina, we need to make sure our culture community colleges are offering courses that support agriculture. I ask for your support.  Alright, I saw Representative Waddell's hand first, you're recognized rise?  Just for a motion at the proper time.  OK, for a motion at the appropriate time. Representative Brown? Thank you Mr. Chairman, thank you Senator. Just a couple of questions and then a comment if I can, the two community college that are currently offering the programs. What's the enrollment in those programs, and then the second part of of it is, is what do we believe is the reason the other coastal community college are not offering such a program? Senator Cock I don't have the numbers on that prep staff could help there but as I understand it, it's not exactly the most is not a lot of folks taking this class. And I think that's mainly because there's not much of an industry right now. It's a sort of a circular thing. If we had a bigger industry we'd have more folks taken it with, but we've got to sort of kick start this thing so we can get our industry blooming again if you will. Mary Shuping with the community colleges is in the back she has the numbers you were requesting, Representative Brown. Good morning, thank you Mr. Chair. Mary Shuping Director of Government

Relations of Community College System at Brunswick Community College which is the primary college teaching agriculture program in the curriculum courses which will be a Certificate, Diploma or Associates degree [xx] there are only about 18 total students right now. In the continuing education side they have seen actually a growth from fall to spring they operate four courses online in the following continuing education which is not for credit, and with 35 students, in the spring the same four courses the 57 students and to your question as to why the colleges don't offer this programs, [xx] is correct, it's the lower [xx] on demand but our colleges are certainly ready and willing and certainly able to work as this industry expands to what work with those agriculture businesses and do the training necessary. Thank you.  Follow up Representative Brown.  Thank you Mr. Chairman. Just to comment, I don't think this Bill I don't have any problem passing obviously, but I can say for me personally I want to make a comment just simply because some of you may be aware I got caught up in a piece of legislation last session that was highly controversial accorded game fish bill if you will. And got a associate degree in commercial fishing, I say this is a great step, Senator I think we need educate focks on the value of commercial fishing, the value of agriculture and what only cannot mean to our state but what it can mean to this state nationally we do have a great resource sitting right here on our coast and we are not leveraging it at the degree in which we should and I certainly urge the community colleges to move or do this and us as legislators to try to encourage individuals at the high school levels and beyond and those who might be in career transition possibly think about taking some of this courses and helping us move this industry forward, so I commend you for bring this bill forward Rep. Shepherd, [xx] Okay at the dowry I just have one question Mr. Chairman and that is the community colleague is not required to teach the course they just allow the is that right we are just encouraging them to do so we are not requiring anything Alright I see no further hands or questions representative Waddeii you are recognized for your motion. Thank you Mr. Chair I move we give the senate bill 112 a favorable report, our committee members you hear the motion before you, all in favor say Aye, Aye oppose no, seeing none the chair says that the Aye's have it. Senate bill 112 is given a favorable report, seeing no further business we are adjourned, I just want to say thank you, you got me out of a budget meeting.