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House | May 28, 2015 | Committee Room | 20150528_house_localgov

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We'll call this meeting to order of local government. We'll like to welcome everyone today, our sergeant at arms Young Bay Bill Mars, Jim Maron. Our pages I apologize in advance for butchering your names, Carly Aguilera, Yeken county, Jeren Wade county, Tim Montague from Wade county Randolph, Nick Ryan Harnett, or Harnett, there you go. Let's get started and we're going to start with senate bill 77 so that senator Randleman can get to another meeting Senator Randleman. Thank you Mr. Chairman. you have before you today senate bill 77 and it does come as a local request to increase the amount [xx] environment supplemental pension so that it will be equal to 150% of the monthly pension amount paid by the North Carolina's firemen, firefighters and rescue squad workers pension fund. I question the town and the manager about their fun balance and they do have sufficient funds to do this increase and they like to do it for their farming, Rep. Cleaveland, thank you Mr. Chairman, I know the fund has sufficient money in it, but the state wide fund is it not? No Sir this is the local funds anyone else Rep. Boles right now is it I think referral to committee on pension and reteirment you heard the motion from Rep. Boles all those in favor say Aye any oppose, the Aye's have it thank you Rep. Luis house bill 411 OK Mr. Chairman and members good morning, in preparation for the presentation of house bill 411 I have prepared a the marks that I have turned down for 20 minutes at the discretion of the chair. You are out of Order. For a motion. I know you are the rules chair. I would like to say Mr. Chairman if you were in that house bill 411 is both requested by the town of Andrew Via unanimous resolution and by the Len Hoffman and I would respect to ask you a favor report. Rep. Floyd I believe now is it, Yes for old to finance, you've heard the motion all those in favor say aye, aye, any oppose? The aye's have it. House bill 412. Mr Chairman if I could I'd like to point out that Representative Sir Herman is here and certainly with your permission I would like to invite him to join. Absolutely. In this ladies and gentlemen, house bill 412 exactly as house bill 411 is at the request city of Dawn and of the property owner which will be annexed. I know of no oppositions to this bill. Representative Jitra For a motion Go right ahead. I move to approve favourable report of house bill 412 with the role of finance. You've heard the motion, all those in favor say aye.   Aye. Any oppose? This meeting is adjourned.