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House | May 28, 2015 | Committee Room | 20150528_house_finance

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Take their seats we get started here Yeah we've got five minutes [xx] I was getting you a seat here so that yes. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the house committee on finance I'd like to recognise our sergeant at arms Reggie Sales Marvin Lee Tony Mcgr and Chris Mccrakin then we have some pages with us today we have Christian Hackney from Weit county could you please rise Emily ayes Turner Moson and grand Swisgood an thank you all veryuch for being here today and hopefully we've learnt something this week.  First thing I like to do is that we have a number of bills have been referred to Finance we are going to refer them to subcommittees and the following bills are referred to the subcommittee annexation and de annexation house bill 2666 st alsolad annexation house bill 400 town of midhill annexation house bill 426 turn of weldon de annexation house bill 493 leclua annexation where Brandon and house bill 526 turn of to annexation and I also have one bill to refer to the subcommittee an up tax and this house bill 490 sanford I can forsee tax authorisation and now for the first bill of the day Representative McNeil we have house bill 35 before us please present your bill. Thank you and good morning. I want to thank the chairs and the members of the committee for hearing House Bill 385 [xx] ready on Section 1 of House Bill 385 increases those portions of cut court calls. It seeks to raise those criminal court cost from $1.25  to 2.50. Section 2 of the Bill would allow retiring Sheriffs the option of using their accrued sick leave for service time in their choice of the share of supplementary retirement plan or the Local Government retirement plan but not both. The remainder of the bill sets out the effective dates for the provisions. The share of supplemental Pension Plan was established by the Legislature in 1985, the regional court costs was set at 75 cents that was raised again to $1.25 cents to what it's set currently in 2005 by the Legislature. Legislature the Fund is administered by the North Carolina Department of Justice. It has been 10 years since the costs have been increased. The increase in the number of retired sheriffs combined with the decreasing number of total court cost in which costs are actually paid, has resulted in a decrease in each retired sheriff's pension of approximately 50%. This bill seeks to remedy that deficit and raise the Fund back to its prior level of funding. The bill received a unanimous support in Pensions and Retirement Committee. I want to thank my other bill sponsors for co-sponsoring the bill, Representative Waddell and Presnell. And did you all have any comments? I'm good[sp?] Alright Mr. Chairman, I'm ready for questions or a motion.   Representative Warren, [xx] Thank you, Mr Chair. Just for a motion at the appropriate time please. Representative Tine[sp?]   I have a question if I might of the bill sponsor. Where does the rest of this money go? If we're increasing this from 125 to 250 who's losing the other on 125 I guess would be my question at this point. No one, it's increasing the total court costs, so the costs call costs were $190 and this would raise it to $1.25, call costs would be 191.25 any further question? Representative Warren, this is a good time thank you Mr chair, may I make a motion for a favorable report for house bill 385, motion for favorable report on house bill 385, all in favor will say aye Aye All opposed, will say nay, the bill passes, Thank you Thank you Representative next

bill we have before us today is house bill 698, [xxx] Representative [xxx] Don't tell him that, I'm a lawyer Can I still present now Mr chairman? Yes, you may Thank you Mr chairman, this is the baby [xxx] passed out of health, unanimously yesterday, it is already even funded as one of the pending legislation parts of the budget. Funding mechanism is for $466, 000, just so you all know that is for the implementation of the machinery at the State Lab. The State State Lab has already acquired or has the grant to acquire the actual testing machine itself. So this for the implementation, there is no further cost to the State above and beyond this 466 is a one time fee. The finance portion of this bill is there is a, we are increasing the fee in the hospitals by $5 in essence what this does is test for skids which is severe combined MEO deficiency which is also more maybe commonly known in a crude way as the Bubble Boy Disease. Baby Carly was born in 2000, she died seven months later after having symptoms such as the common cold and bronchitis and things that a normal child born in the winter would have without expectation. By the time she was diagnosed, the simple treatment which is 93% effective if they do it in the first three months it was too late, and she died. So this is something that, and the treatment is simply a blood test. It's not an additional blood test, it's just an additional screen from the only[sp?] blood test we do. And if they get a bone marrow transplant from either a sibling or a parent in the first three months, 93% survival rate with no additional treatment. And to me this is just an incredibly important bill, one that I'm very proud of. I was very proud to get to know Stephanie Nugent, Carlie's mother and the Marsha Dunn folks. I know of no opposition from this bill from the hospital associations to the major hospital groups, no one, and this is a bill that will actually save lives. Representative Waddell, I saw your hand first. Yes Mr. Chairman, just for a motion that cropped up. OK, Representative Jones. Thank you, Mr. Chair. Representative Waddell beat me to the motion, but I would just add to what Representative Jeter said. It did pass out unanimously out of Health yesterday and we had an excellent discussion, and one of the things I would point out is that the physician that was there at the time also pointed out that the newborn screening that would be done for this particular disorder of SCID would also be helpful for other immunodeficiency disorders, and pretty strongly support the bill and I ask for your support. Are there any further questions? Representative Wadell, I will just point out that the serial referral at the Appropriations has been struck, so please make your motion. Thank you, Mr Chair. I move that the House Committee on Finance give a favorable report to on house bill 698, the PCs No it's not a PCs, motion is favourable for All in favour say aye "aye" all oppose no the bill carries there being no further business before the committee will stand adjourned.