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Senate | May 27, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Justice and Public Safety

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We'll go ahead and call our meeting to order, it's going to be a brief meeting because most of us have another meeting to attend at 8:30, so we have the lower house keeping, sergeant-at-arms today is Steve McKay, Keg, thank you, and Ken and Louis. Thank you Canton. Senate Pages and I'm going to let you stand up, Pages in here? Now if you will introduce yourself, say where you are from and say whom your sponsor is. If you want to begin in the back. Good morning? My name is Grace, I'm from [xx] and my sponsor is [xx]. I'm Mary Taper, I'm from [xx] and my sponsor is [xx].   I'm [xx] Senator Lowe is my sponsor here. Thank you, thank you ladies for helping us today. So we are going to go ahead and begin with [xx] and then I want to thank all of you in the back for coming this early but this was relating only time that we can fit this in so I appreciate you being here and I appreciate all the members for getting up and coming in this morning. So, since I'm the only chair I guess the other chairs have no comments. So, we'll go ahead and begin and I want to call Christine lead forward and she is going to talk about the senate target and guidelines and then we will open it for questions . Thank you. Thank you Madam Chair, good morning? You have in front of you three pieces of paper one for the agenda which [xx] interesting and then the second sheet should be [xx] appropriations committee on justice and public safety spending target to look like this. So the senate appropriations have given out targets [xx] gave out targets yesterday, the justice and public [xx] spending target is $2, 409,, 302, 179 in the first year, that's $20 million above the space budget of 2, 389, 302, 179 Senate has provided guidelines to the sub-committees in their work their work they have to evaluate the budget problematically eliminating programs that aren't needed and providing adequate funding to those that still serve vital functions recurrent expansion items have to be funded with recurring reductions they are to address you were to address budget needs for both years and BNMs to minimize an year to come back in a second year. the budget cannot include any spending of aversions or shall not revert language in special provisions of money items. There can't be any vacant position reductions in the sub-committee budget the full chairs are going to be handling the vacant positions. If filled positions are eliminated they have to be identified, of course any cross subcommittee area items will need to be consulted with the other subcommittee area chairs. Salaries and fee increases will be the preview of the full chairs. The next item is kind of key, workers compensation right items have to be increased or decreased to reflect the average of the 12-13 and 13-14 actual, so that is going to cost JPS subcommittee approximately $19 million because that their base budget is about $19 million left of what the average worker compensation cost were next years. All program receiving funding by transfer from highway fund will subject to continuation review and the day PS area this is the inmate [xx] program and the makes up program made a carrier safety program and the highway patrol. the report are need to are going to leave and the result of pending items and funding priority should be included in the package, on the other back there are specific committee deadlines for JPS the full chart about of ours that we have evaluate the practice of weaving coffee and and have reiterated the statutory salary increases for the highway patrol magistrate and clerk are on the full chairs preview so do we have any question on the guidelines pay Christine if you will for a say. The other thing that is on in your stacker paper is a calender this is the Senate's schedule for completing their budget. We're on day 2

on May 27th if you turn it over to the back, you'll see they're going to be working on the budget this week and all of next week full appropriations, they're shooting for May 9th. I mean, June 9th, sorry. With the 2nd reading of the budget and passage of the budget on May 10th and 11th, and then they left 2 weeks for the conference process, in order to get a budget completed by June 30th. Any questions regarding this schedule? No questions? Well, I want to thank our staff. That is one group that I did not recognize earlier and if it were not for these folks and our committee clerks, we would not get a lot accomplished, so I thank them for helping us and making everything move as smoothly as it is. But anyway, if you do come up with questions after the meeting, you can either question staff, you can question one of the appropriation sub chairs and we'll be glad to accommodate you and try to address whatever your issue is. But the meeting is adjourned, thank you.