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Senate | May 27, 2015 | Committee Room | Senate Health and Human Services

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As soon as we get this outcome we'll do the best to get that data together, it'll be supplied to us by staff in decision making process but A we're 20 million less than the house in our targets, we have no new money and just money for growth as was stated, so you take the two year based budget revised budget two years ago we were able just to come out even which we can with those things and then comment a few things but all we're going to be doing is shifting money around because we have no new money we must stay within the confines of this budget. Senator [xx] will speak to that as well I specifically want to address the comment of discontinuing contract to primary case management as we're coming in I think you've seen across both spectrums from the house and senate is moving [xx] to a fully [xx] system in these operations whether that is [xx] PLE in the other acronym that's developed along that process. Whoever those entities are, it would become the responsibility of those entities for case management that are coming in, they're going to have to control their calls to be able to meet those operations and it would transition from being the concept of the the state, doing a state ward manage cure operation, coordinating care is more accurate case management. This would be coming in so as we transition we fully expect to terminate that relationship and we've new providers coming along that will make up that relationship. Follow up Mr. Chair. Yes madam. We've got to be out of here by 8:30. Okay. Okay. Take your time. You should've ganged me first. But in response to that are you telling me that decisions will be later on, because the medicate decision is a process so decisions about primary care of a case management map terms of what program they impact will that be later on the second year of the biennium or however. To follow this two parts for that just to address one will be I think we are looking to making consistent with the transition in Medicaid but I think we're also looking at contracts and when they renew so we will be focused on when a contract renews making the plan going forward rather than just saying we are in a long term contract and trying to back out of it. OK, do you want I mean we're trying to in doing this budget we are trying to adopt tailing the medicaid reform as well to have consideration sitting out as we make the base decision as we go through the budget, as we get through. Thank you Mr. Chair I do want to say that I will come and see you because the're some programs that are probably hidden with evidence based outcomes you may not see in terms of a broad explanation but want to talk about those in terms of the ground experience I have with those. Okay thank you mum alright any other questions for staff from members? Chairs? Alright well do we have a calender I don't see one here maybe I do yes I do yeah you see the calender is pretty aggressive so yes senator Rams yes you are correct your expression is wanted no other questions we'll adjourn this meeting thank you.