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Senate | May 27, 2015 | Committee Room | Senate Finance

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members if to will have a seat and we'll get the committee going welcome to senate finance, and today we have some pages with us and if you would stand up and wave, Mackel Rof from Bangintom sponsored by senator Robinson, Adrian Albea from Greensboro sponsored by Senator Wade, Kiana Forbes of confirmed bill, Senator Davis, Christian from Denver, Senator Bagger, Mackeler Grenn Senator Bingham and our two row, Senator McInnis. Thank you pages, I know you'll learn a lot this week. Sergeant-at-arms today, we've got, Darl Jeffrey and Steve, the legend himself, Wilson. In his own mind, thank you sergeant-at-arms, thank you pages for being here and we're going to get right into the agenda, we've got two bills today. The first one we're going to call up is house bill 909 and Senator Gunn is going to run this bill and we will have a brief explanation of the financial aspects of this bill. PCS, we'll have a motion from Colonel Raven adopt the PCS all in favor aye, Aye Any opposed, it passes, the PCS is before us. Thank you Mr chair and committee members Mr Chair, first I'd like to recognize Representative Heager for his help in crafting this legislation and Mr. Chair, I believe there is a technical amendment that needs to be run I believe by senator Sanderson if you don't mind. Well the amendment that we would hear, thus senator Sanderson go ahead with your amendment. Thank you Mr. Chair, this is a purely technical amendment, and I'm going to ask staff if they would quickly go over and I think they can explain it a lot better than I can. Yes sir, the bill basically makes two technical changes, the first section that is added in the amendment lather it just adds a definition of antics spirits or liquor in the excise tax statute, and then it also in sub-section 1H that is added clarifies that the sell tax applies to spirit liquor, will also apply to antique spirit liquor. Alright, you've heard an explanation [xx] any comments senator [xx] on the amendments? You like it. I like it. Alright any discussion on amendment, not for a motion. Somebody have a question? if bonding? No, no bonding. Okay, Senator Daniel, can I have a question? This is just a clarification Mr. Chairman, we're wondering if the word Spirituous  is spelt wrong and should be speartus. It's pronounced wrong Spirituous is the way you say Spirituous is, is that the Latin version. We'll have a check on the spelling. If the spelling is incorrect we'll make that correction with your approval. Al right, now we have a motion for the amendment. All in favour aye? Any oppose? The ayes have it, the amendment is now rolled into the bill. Al right, go ahead Senator Gan, financial aspects only. Yes sir, thank you again Mr. Chair. Just hear you on your finance, but do you want to know of the people in commerce did ask us to make so clarifying language, we did that. I think it's been acceptable to every stake holder that I have spoken with so I think we are good to go from that side and we that Mr. Chair I would like to call on staff I believe Mr. Sondas to explain the finance aspects. Alright with that we are here now thank you Mr. Chairman cross honor research provision the sections in this bill that relate to finance are sections one two and four Section 1 is the spirituous liquor, the section that was just amended, and essentially what this does is bring antique spirituous liquor in compliance with the pricing scheme and the excise tax scheme that regular spirit and liquor is currently subject to section 2 is related to the sales possession of consumption of powered alcohol, in your pocket, this could be an incrustation for house bill

29 which is where this came from, there wasn't enough turnaround time to get an incarceration note for this bill, but one is being prepared for the floor and section 4, relates to the sell of North Carolina [xx] commended of spirit, liquor bottles as the [xx] and this is the section that was clarified from [xx] it allows one bottle per consumer per year to be sold after the salary. Per 12 month period I should say not calendar year and then it brings this liquor bottles under the same excise tax scheme as liquor sold at stores and gives the ABC commission until October 1st 2015 to adapt the rules for the implementation in this section to include the way that the funds will be distributed back to the local boards and the taxes will be collected thank you for that explanation. Any other aspects on the financial side that no seeing I don't have any questions seeing no questions. Senator McKissick I'm sorry Senator Haguer was blocking your view I knew you had one, you told me you had questions. Well, actually there are other sections of the bill that we can discuss later so appropriate time I'll move for a favorable report.  I will hold that for a minute, we have people from the audience that will have a chance to speak for two minutes and those that have signed up and you'll have two minutes to speak on the financial aspects. No time for the other aspects of the bill, so Margo Metsa with the Craft Brewers, are you here Margo? if so approach the mic and give us your name, who you are with, you have two minutes. Sergeant-at-arms will put the timer on and you may start with your name and who you represent.  Thank you Mr. Chairman. Thank you Members of the Committee. My name is Margo Metzger, I'm Executive Director of the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild representing 130 small brewers in North Carolina as well as 50 more in planning across the state, I just wanted to take a very quick take a moment to say thank you to Senator Gann as well as Representative Haiger for working with our industry, to enable contact brewing as well as authorizing for private sheets for breweries, these are critical provisions to allow our [xx] industry to continue to grow and thrive that's all thank you. Thank you Margo[sp?] and we've Patric [xx]. Patrick if you'd close the mic now so you all know he doesn't wish to speak. Scott Metlan Scott tell us who you are who you represent please sir you have two minutes. My name is Scott [xx], I am the [ XX ] Top of the Hill Restaurant ib [xx], in topple organic spirits, and that's how I'm representing today, I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking at the statilarry sales bill, I cannot tell you how much it means to North Carollina worries to be able to sell one item, per person, per year year, to visitors who come, because we are competing against some of the most well funded companies in the world, we talk about other local manufactures and the ability to actually, make our product, pure in somebody's house, after they taken a tour, is incredibly important for our marketing efforts. we also think it's a great situation because it creates another revenue stream, an additional revenue stream for the state because because again we will be paying the excise taxes and the sales taxes on that and in that way we are going to become an even bigger and larger in the existing ABC system, because when you talk to ABC board one of the frustration they have is that North Carolina Liquor sales are not as strong as they would like it to be, in our ability to be able to get this into the hands of the consumers that have visited to the stories it's going to mean you are going to have more sales through the ABC system of our existing North Carolina products and that is going to even strengthen the existing ABC system even stronger and so we appreciate but can't emphasize how important as the 8th largest private employer in Orange County 50 people from my restaurant, I employed six right now in the distillery, and if this bill passes I will hire six more. And I just really appreciate the fact that you would take a look at this and approve it. Thank you. Thank you Scott, John Carr if you would approach the mic your name and who you represent, John.

Thank you Mr Chairman and members of the committee, John Carr Lobbyist for the North Carolina Association of ABC boards our commerce are related to section four of the bill which allows the store's the authority to sell liquor at retail that is a significant change in the law. We oppose that change I do appreciate the conversations with Senator Gunn about the bill and the changes that have been made to clarify the quantities that can be sold there. We support the distilleries and we carry their products if a sale is made by the distillery, and the consumer would have traveled the three to four miles to the ABC store to make that purchase there then the sale that they gain is the sale that That we loose our primary concern of the bill is not revenue although is a concern. Is the presidence that comes form this significant change in your current policy which has been in place since they were put on probation. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Thank you John. Thank you. Having no other members that have signed up to speak, we'll go back to the committee for just a moment to see if we've a question. And we had none. Previously we do have a motion for a favorable report I believe Senator McKissick had made that motion. All in favor aye, any oppose. They ayes have it. Bill passes. Thank you. You've been hard on that bill. We will now move to House Bill 347 modifying [xx] Senator Apodaca you're   recognised.pcs.we have a PCS before us and I believe attached to your bill. Motion from Senator Apodaca moves the PCS, all in favor, aye, any opposed, okay. PCS is before you. I got it senator, thank you. George. Thank you Mr. Chairman, members, this bill will do three things, number one it will modify the Graham County occupancy tax but it does not make any changes to that tax rate. Senator Herrington you don't like that, okay, but Senator Herrington[sp?] a problem with the second one. The second part of this bill would authorise Boucan County to level, in addition two cent occupancy, 2% occupancy tax and makes other administrative changes. The use of the proceeds state saying the funds are amended to the travel and tourism authority, three, four [xx] the use for tourism promotion and reminder reminded to the tourist product development fund, the third item of this bill authorize the Guilford and rookie harm county boards of commissioners upon the request of the stokes down town council to hold a special election State [xx] Fire Protection District for the purpose of increasing the allowable special tax rate for fire protection within the district, from 10 cents to 15 cents, that's the three item in this bill if Senator Harligton likes or if she doesn't, I ask for your support, Thank you Senator Appledocker, we will now see if other questions from the committee and seeing none, we have a motion from senator [xx] for a favourable report. All in favour aye, Aye. Any oppose? The Ayes have it, thank you Senator Apodaca.  Thank you Mr. Chairman. You and Roger West are to quite a team. Having no other Bills before us, I don't see anything, anyone okay, the meeting is adjourned.