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House | May 21, 2015 | Chamber | House Session, Part 2

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May I have your attention please, visitors please retire from the chamber as the house prepares to return from recess to session. Thank you. Representative Tobit Vice Chairman for the Committee on Rules Calendar and Operations of the house is recognized to send forth committee report, the clerk will read. Representative Luis counter in operations of the house committee report, house bill 97 2015 Appropriations Act, favorable committee substitute number four, all in favor of committee substitute number three.committee substitute number four, calendar original committee substitute number three all in favorable calendar and without objection committee number four is placed on today's calendar is in there somewhere Further discussion, further debate if not. House will come back to order. Members who are remaining we're waiting momentarily for the budget report to officially come in from committee, correct that. Correction, the report, the clerk was one step ahead of me as usual, it has been read in and the budget action is already on your dashboard. For what purpose does the does the gentleman from Catawba, representative Adam rise? Good a reason isn't it? For what purpose does the gentlemen from Cumberland represented Soccer rise? for a moment of personal privilege. The gentleman from Cumberland has the floor for a point of personal privilege. Ladies and Gentlemen of the House, before I begin to debate on the budget. I'd like to take just a moment for us all to reflect on our upcoming holiday which is Memorial day. I know we're all eager to get out of here and for some it's just another federal holiday another day at work and a time to take advantage at the mall, but for me Memorial Day isn't about any of that. Memorial Day is for remembering the people who died while serving in our country's Armed Forces. There's no greater sacrifice than giving up one's life in our service of our country it's because only they've been some many who've made that ultimate sacrifice than we're privilege to stand here and debate the issues that we do. Memorial Day to me is a day of reflection and a day of thanks remembering those comrades and arms which did make that ultimate sacrifice it's not only about our remembering and in recent wars the families that's

the parents, the sons, the daughters of those who've lost their lives are still us. And I personally ask you to reach out to each one of those families who were left behind and let them know that we should not only appreciate the sacrifice of their loved ones but their ongoing sacrifice and continuing day to day. So whenever we leave this place and travel back across the state to our homes please remember the purpose of memorial day. Say a prayer for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, reach out to their families in appreciation and give thanks that we live in the greatest nation on the face of this earth, thank you. Special message from the senate the clerk will read. House bill 595 Military Experience earlier certification requirements. Calendar rule 36B and without objection today's calendar. Senate bill 716 Mounting of energy act of 2015. Rules calendar on operations of the House. Members on behalf of members of Rowan county representative Warren and Ford, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to the following individuals Mr. Terry Osborn who is the CEO and General Manager of our Rowan [xx] ABC Board, Mr. Derrick Crawford, the Executive Director of the gives game plan for life Mr. Ronalo Wyne director and inter city and present ministry for cage Joe gives game plan for life, also a former Jacksonville Jaguar and Washington Redskins player, Miss Nanette Dylan and Mr. Chris Sifford of Salisbury, accompanied by the Governor's legislative liaison first thing would you all please stand so that we could welcome you to the legislature today. Thank you very much. House bill 595 the Clerk will read. Representatives Whitmire, McNeill, Cleveland, and G. Martin, House Bill 595, A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT TO RECOGNIZE EXPERIENCE AS MILITARY POLICE OFFICERS FOR PURPOSES OF LAW law enforcement federal location and to increase the size of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission. General Assembly North Carolina enact. Gentleman from Transylvania representative Whitmire is recognized for a motion the house will come to order. Thank you Mr. Speaker members of the house I move that we concur with the senate committee substitute for house bill 595 great bill made it slightly better and I ask for your support thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham representative Luebke rise? Should we get 30 seconds on what's about since we're pretty much just opening dashboard please. The gentleman from Transylvania is recognized to debate the bill second time. Thank you Mr. Speaker. This is the severe in credit for military experience and basic law experience trying to repass it unanimous and the senate on its third reading they had come back with the unanimous vote. Thank you. Further discussion, further debate, if not the question before the house is the motion to concur to a senate committee for house bill 595, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. The chair sees the following members in the chambers who haven't yet voted representative Torbett. Chair will give a few more seconds for voting. You're fine. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 110 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative the motion is adopted the bill is ordered in road and sent to the governor. House bill 97 Yes with objection house bill 197

is added to today's calendar, so ordered 97 the clerk will read. Representative Dollar, L. Johnson [xx] house bill 97 a board to be entitled act to make base budget appropriations for current operations of state department, institutions and other agencies for other purposes, General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. The gentleman from Wake, Representative Dollar is recognized to explain the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker, members of the house. I come before you today with a bill that's been product of the considerable manner of work by a number of individuals in this chamber over a number of months and weeks. I think I can speak for most if not all of the chairs and how pleased they are with all of the hard work that all of the appropriation committees have done in their various areas as well as the full committee itself particularly on Tuesday when the committee dealt with a record number of amendments. And everyone kept the debate fair and kept the debate at the appropriate level and that was greatly appreciated by everyone. And Mr. Speaker I also in starting out I want to make sure that I thank because we really didn't get the opportunity to do this the other night I want to give a special recognition and feel free to stand a give a round or applause for our sergeants at arms who did so much work on that day, passing out and being very efficient with the flow of amendments on Tuesday and with the decorum in the room so please give our Sergeants at Arms a round of applause please. I'll also recognize and what I may do is hold this again recognize so that later when all of our staff is in here a member of the staff are working on some projects right now and they'll be in here later and so physical research and all of the other teams who have worked feverishly on the staff to put our budget together we will also make sure when we have all of them here to give them a round of applause as well for all their hard work. You know I remember an occasion in the last session when we brought before this house a version of the budget it was kind of a sort of a stripped down version of the budget but something happened. Just a moment Representative Dollar, the house will come to order. The gentleman has the floor to continue debating the bill. Thank you Mr, speaker. Something happened that was rather unique. It was the only time that I've ever seen on a major budget bill that we had unanimity here in the house, everyone voted for that bill, and I still don't understand why the senate just didn't take it and concur, it would have saved a lot of headache I think, but Mr. Speaker today I believe that the appropriation committee brings before this body and recommends for your consideration and free will today a budget that should have, and deserves widespread bipartisan support, and why? Why should it deserve that support? Because it serves the interest of the people of North Carolina, it puts our priorities in the appropriate order. We began in this budget by reserving $100 million in savings reserve or rainy day fund. That fund is now been allowed to build up to some $850 million on our way to our goal of a billion dollars in that fund,. We've also been able to reserve $200 million in repairs and renovations and we all know the critical needs in that are, we continue to try to make process. We also fully fund the enrolment growth for K12 our universities as well as Medicaid and Roman, and this budget also fulfils some very critical promises that this house has made, this house set out last session to raise teacher starting teacher pay to $35, 000 at the minimum across the state. This budgets fulfils that promise and I know everyone can take pride in that. This budget also fully funds the teacher pay skill the new pay skill that was held out last year and put into place.

This budget also provides a 2% across the board raise for teachers and for state employees and as my seat mate has reminded me on constantly we also provide a 2% caller for retire's as well. And I think it's important to remember I know there was some concern last year with respect to salaries there are a lot of adjustments in that salary language we spent quite a bit of time on that to make sure we were fixing some of the issues and concerns that were raised coming out of last year we believe we've got most of those addressed and everyone will receive at least a 2% increase or equivalent there off. And again as my seat mates said to make I do there is a 2% caller for our retire reason in our retiree system. We have also appropriately funded those other benefits, the Education Appropriations Chair Chairs will be speaking in a few minutes about the features of their budget. All of the budget areas are going to be talking about what they've been able to do with their resources in their various budget areas, I will just highlight a couple of items. One Mr. Speaker, is the digital classroom teacher preparation, there are so many critical investments there being made in this budget in education truly setting it is as our highest priority, and truly focusing on student achievement which I believe is the goal of all of us, to make sure our children are prepared for the economy of this century and beyond. In Health and Human Services we're particularly pleased, and they will be giving us details in terms of foster care where they have done quite a bit of work, people in that committee and others, Representative Stevens and others who have done quite a bit of work in foster care. There is a considerable amount of funds that are being put into critical mental health needs, I think everyone is pleased with it. The committee also worked with, and they'll give you the details on this, on early childhood, 0-5. There's also additional funds for hospice capacity in that area, they've done tremendous work. One of the most difficult areas that we've had over the last several years in terms of budgets has been Justice and Public Safety, and I think that team has been waiting, not so patiently, to have some resources. They've known the critical needs, we were able to provide them with some resources this year to finally address a number of those critical needs. One of the salary needs I want to mention is with our correctional officers. As some of you may be aware, we now have a new system of custody levels that are being implemented, and we're going to start funding that system effective January 1 2016 to implement that and those individuals certainly deserve our attention and we're very pleased that we're able to help those critical employees all across the state. I think the priority areas and I won't steal their thunder but is what they been able to do in terms of court modernisation and this body should be proud that you addressing many of the needs, critical needs that were brought to this chamber a few months ago by the chief justice of North Carolina supreme court. Now there are some other areas in terms of cameras for highway patrol cars as well as body cameras and I think there are some amendments to perfect our budget in that regard and we're very pleased. The folks in the and transportation have struggled mightily and continued to work on the issues of making sure that we have the resources necessary to continue to modernise our transportation system. They know that's the backbone of our economy in North Carolina in terms of infrastructure, and they have worked tremendously on that. In the area of agriculture and natural resources and economic resources, those folks have done yeoman's[sp?] work this year. They have a very complex budget, and they have made some very critical investments that I believe they will tell you about that will help particularly in the rural areas, and particularly with infrastructure as well. Water and sewer and other projects that municipalities around the state have been longing for for some time, and there's money in there for parks, both state and local, resources that we're very pleased being able to provide this money in there for economic, job creation initiative as we

continue to build North carolina's economy we're very pleased with that, general government areas has a number of needs that they have worked on and fulfilled, they will be telling you about that and our new committee, our capital committee which is really reconstitutes a committee that sort of went away because there was no money, we were able to reinstate that committee this year, they've really just starting their work, there's a lot of exciting things that are going to be coming from them in the future, they're very pleased to bring several proposals in this budget to address a number of critical needs and education and other particularly in education so that we have the infrastructure that our students need, particularly at higher education and in other areas they're addressing areas like the highway patrol academy, things that have gone lacking for a number of years that we're now able to begin to address, and we're extremely pleased with their work there. The IT folks, we always sort of leave them for last but we love them, sort of. They have a number of initiatives, both within their area and spread throughout our State Government to continue to try to modernize what we're doing our processes. We really do believe, and I'm sure that Chairman Stam will mention this to you, that therein lies the key to so much efficiency and better use of data in trying to resolve a whole range of State Government issues and services for the citizens of North Carolina as we move forward. Mr. Speaker, let me just sum up because I know that there will a lot of very good and sound debate on a number of amendments to that we will continue to work to make this budget an even better document. As we move forward, I want to thank everyone in this chamber for all of your hard work, for what you will be doing today, some amendments will pass some will not, but I appreciate the debate and the engagement. All of us here, all 120 members of this great house, in their hearts desire to serve the best interest, not only of their district but of the citizens of this great state. I commend the members of this house for your work, for your dedication, for your willingness to serve and for your willingness to put forward to the people of North Carolina a budget that is worthy of the great state of North Carolina and I commend the bill to you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Buck Representative Blackwell rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. As I begin to address the House especially with respect to the education portion of the budget, I want to first recognize Representatives Bryan, Holloway and Horne for the hard work that they also put in on this budget, and I want to also recognize the members of the Appropriations Education Committee. This was the seventh time I've had the opportunity to work on our education budget and the first time that the vote in the committee, as I recall, was unanimous in support of it, and I hope that that support for this portion of the budget will continue. I'll try to avoid being duplicative of some of the things that Representative Dollar said, but I want to comment on some things that I think are important to understand about the the education budget. First of all, or there is $518 million muller in the first year of the biennium for K12 education that was in the base budget that we started with there is almost 600 million in the second year more than the base budget. If you eliminate the ADM Roman there is a portion of those increases you are left with little over 400 million more for purposes other than funding ADM growth a little bit less than 400 million in the second year. We maintain teacher assistance funding without cuts we have approximately trippled the amount of money that will be available for textbooks and digital resources lather so that the funding will increase from roughly 24 billion or so to almost 72 or more. This budget contain support for important legislation that the House is already passed or debated including the elevating Educators Act, the Digital Learning Plan, the Teachers

Recruitment and Retention Plan and the Principle Preparation Plan. It also contains a provision to restore drivers head funding fully from several funds and produce[sp?] and does not involve a transfer from the Highway Fund as had been the case in previous years. With respect to the community colleges there is approximately a $40 million each increase over their base budget in each of the years of the by-annum. Some of the important elements to recognize there is we are beginning and have provided for almost $17 million to fully fund summer term enrollment for people taking all sorts of curriculum courses the intention being to make it easier for students during the summer to get some of the course work at our committee colleges that can help them move quickly towards degree. We also in this budget continue to provision that was in the last past House budget which the senate chose not to agree to which we had referred to as the North Carolina Guaranteed admission program in the purpose of which is to assist students towards completing that associate degree in the community college and if they do so guaranteeing that they will have admission to the UNC system to complete a four year degree this budget provide especially at this point in the second year for a reduction in the management flex cut that the committee college have had that had been built in the budgets as we've been coming out of the great recession and dealing with that, there is a tuition increase but it keeps us at a rate which still makes access earn the lowest or maybe the lowest community colleges in tuition in the South Eastern part of the United States in not the country as a whole and moreover gives the community colleges essentially the full benefit of the monies gained rather than reducing their appropriation overall. It provides 17.5 million in the first year of the bianuim[sp?] and 20 million in the second year to help them first with Information Technology upgrades and for our instruction equipment and technology and finally on the community colleges there is $2 million provided on a recurring basis to assist with veteran's tuition, with respect to university of North Carolina as the chairman of the appropriations pointed out just a little earlier, we have fully funded their enrollment growth and that provides 49 million in the first year and 80 million in the second year. In the first year if you isolate that above the enrollment funding is another $88 million, I think essentially we funded most of the things on the university's wish list. I'll highlight just a few of those before stopping. First there's $8 million to assist the East Carolina University Medical School, there's 9 million to assist with veteran's tuition in the university system, there's 3 million to help stabilize enrollment at least for City State University and there is $2 million each for three different initiatives that the university wished to engage in, one is their online competency-based initiatives, one is Union Square Campus which deals with nursing education in Greensboro and is a collaborative among the several institutions there, and the third is game changing research that is directed to six priority items. Finally I will say that with respect to you and say also there is a substantial reduction in the management flexi cuts that they have had in over this last six, seven or eight year and hopefully if we don't to do it in this budget we will soon eliminate those entirely. I recommend the education budget to the body. For what purpose does the lady from Wake representative [xx] rise? For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Marlon rise? Sorry Mr. Speaker, I was a little bit, The lady from Lake has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you. I am extremely proud of the HHS budget we've put together. I think we've been able to deal with some critical areas thanks to some additional money that has

come in as well as a change in direction. And the change in direction is something that we're talking a lot about in terms of not just HHS but a lot of what we're doing in government and that is outcome and evidence based results and in that direction what we're doing both at the administrative level as well as a service level is to work out measures for performance and measures for case management and healthcare and we will be working with the department in working to define their contract objectives with measurable results and also have those contracts based on this current termination of 30 days. in terms of the services, it's been kind of a slogan I guess that we're saying rather than pay for health care we want to invest in health care. And along that line what we've done is taken the age group 0-5 and focused specifically on it in terms of what services do we give that group and what kind of results should we be getting from that. And we're going to be having the department to designate a lead agency that will be working with the School of Public Health that will design a statewide plan that's going to help us improve our birth outcomes, infant mortality and basically the overall health of children in that 0 to age bracket. That very disturbing fact in North Carolina is in spite of all the wonderful facilities in medical knowledge that we had at our fingertip, we still rank 40th in infant mortality and our objective is to raise North Carolina a fast and high on the list in terms of driving down the infant mortality in the state and we've added new appropriations to the local health departments to work with us in particular counties where they are suffering from a high level of infant mortality. It will be 5 million, 2.5 recurring, 2.5 non-recurring in the first year and 2.5 in the second year. We are also asking the department in terms of being able to monitor and plan a measure to establish a department of evaluation in their own area of the department to be able to keep track of what they are doing making sure that they are analyzing the programs they put into place to get the best results from all the funding that we give to them. In the area of child care subsidy we've been increasing the budget this year by $1.7 million, and preK will continue with the budget as was last year. We did go back and I should call the grandparent act, but we have removed the exclusion with the known parent care giver and they will now be able to get subsidies for the children that they are taking care of and we've also gone back to the prorated fact for those who are only using child care on a part time basis. Another thing we are going to look at to is the three areas that deal primarily with 0-5 age and that is our subsidy program pre-care and smart start, and working together and looking at all of the programs they administer, we're going to look at the continuum from a child from birth to five and at those age appropriate times make sure they receive the right programs in the right amount, and we look to be able to break a cycle that we've created that causes us to have to spend a lot of money later in life where we could spend that money more effectively sooner. Again I'm very proud of the work we've done, the staff and my co-chairs have been great, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Marlon rise? To continue the conversation. The gentleman has the floor to continue debating the bill. Thank you. Public health ladies and gentleman a lot of you have heard about our need will achieve medical examiner's office needing upgrade and you can see in the second year 2 195 000 nonrecurring funds they are some funds that go along with it. Moving on to the local health department, we're going to improve birth outcomes, remember what we've just heard zero to five has been the focus this year and we're providing funds to initiate a competitive block grant process, to provide funds to county health departments to use

to increase access to prenatal care and improve birth outcomes. You can see 2.5 recurring in both years and 2.5 non-recurring in the first. Moving on to mental health, development disability, substance abuse services. I send it down the three way psychiatric beds where we're given 4, 927, 500 recurring in both years, to provide funds to purchase additional short term inpatient psychiatric services from community hospitals, you understand how much we needs bed right now. Behavioral Health Crisis Units, we need be able to have someone walk in to Urgent Care Centers and Facility-Based Crisis Centers Thess centers divert persons from hospital emergency departments and state psychiatric hospitals and we've got 2 million now recurring in the first year we also have House Bill 923 is in here to establish on behavioral health partnership power program. This is a new special provision that authorized the use 25 men are the proceeds from the Dix Hospital sale, to convert unused raw hospital beds into licensed psychiatric beds. 50% of the beds will be reserve for referrals from LaMCoS. The remaining takes proceeds must be deposited in the Mental Health Trust Fund to be appropriated by this body general assembly in 2016 short session. The department is directed to provide recommendation on how these funds could be used to increase committee base behaviour health services throughout the state and decrease the need for causing in patient services, we don't need anybody in hallways any longer, and I turn over to my colleague. For what purpose does the Gentleman from Mcdow, Representative Dodson rise? To debate the bill. Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker and I'll be brief as well because think most everyone here has heard this at least once. But I'll also echo my colleagues and say how much I've enjoyed working on this budget, working with the committee to make it better through the process and also to our staff for their incredible inputs, so, I'll preference my comments with that. With regard to medical assistance the Medicaid portion of the budget, I think we are really pleased with the things that we've accomplished, starting with the 2 million recurring in both years for traumatic brain injury waiver that's something that was recommended in the Oversight Committee I believe, and that's something that we were able to fund. We also have 2.5 in non recurring in each year for Medicaid reform, if you look in your special provisions, there's not a Medicaid reform proposal in there, we just have the funds allocated, because we are anticipating a Medicaid reform proposal coming to this body before this session is over, and that's where the funds are allocated fully fund the rebase hopefully we wont have to come back to this body to ask for more money for the Medicaid rebase because its fully funded within this budget. I think that's an important point to make. The Cost Settlement, Representative Brown offered an amendment in Appropriations to those of you on the eastern part of the state. The House Budget increased its outpatient cost settlement provided at medical centers to 100% of allowable Medicaid cost to hopefully fix that issue as well so we think that was an important thing. With regards to special provision, there is one that I think is important to mention and it has to do with authorizing DHHS to administer the Medicaid and health choice within their enacted budget. A couple of things I want to point out on that, it does give new flexibility and new autonomy to the department. However, it does now allow them to spend more on the Medicaid budget than we actually allocate them, and I think that's an important important point to make. It also establishes a new joint legislative oversight committee on Medicaid, strictly dealing with Medicaid, to make sure that the General Assembly had strict oversight responsibilities with regards to the medicaid budget and health and human services I thought that was an important point before any state plan amendment or waiver can offered the department will have to come before that committee make their proposal and if the committee does not like that proposal then the general assembly can come into session and address that issue as we see fit. So even were giving knew flexibility knew autonomy to the department we're going to have a new medicare oversight committee and the general assembly will still have their oversight responsibilities so thats a move in the positive direction. We also refund the health choice fund re-base and as my colleagues has already stated funding the things that needed to be

fund in the other portions of the HHS budget so we all proud of this budget. I think we received bipartisan support in the Appropriation Committee, The Health and Human service Committee and we as a team comment this budget to you thank you Mr Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford representative Frank rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. You know everything that we're working on this week is vitally, vitally important to the citizens of North Carolina both those in their 70's and those in their very early years and everybody in between but all these programs we work on and all of these steps that we take make life better don't really matter a whole lot unless their folks are safe. And you heard chairman Dollar say a few minutes ago that those of us in JPS have been worrying. We've had some tough hours sitting together over the past two, three years, and looking at our protection system as far as public safety in this state I just want to use one example. When our State was first settled, there were people who had different cultures and who didn't get along that well, and so when those who came in from the old continent to this new world needed protection they went out and cut down some of our fine trees and they build a forte, and they put the forte around where their little community was going to be and they fixed it so it would be safe, but once in a while a log would break, or a storm would come along and knock a hole in the gate and somebody would sneak in and some harm would be done. We sort of felt like our fort was shaken a little bit the last few years because we had to take so much away from what otherwise would have been spend on our justice system. Well folks, we've got new logs on the card we're putting them back in and the only way to making sure this state is going to be safe. $42 million were able to had to expand the tours for just some public safety this year. We're improving security and staffing efficiency by Electronic Intrusion Systems at four state prisons and replacing those guards who were in those towers with technology and therefore we're 10.4 million which can go even further to better the system. We have some other operating efficiencies which are also saving 1.4 million, so that helps as well. You have all heard recently of some of the incidence that have happened in our country they have been so sad for all of us when we've seen confrontations between those who would keep the peace and those who wanted to be peaceful. That makes a very tough problem for society and we recognize and you all recognize that we can't stand by and say North Carolina is OK, we don't any problems. We have to take some steps to address those problems we're seeing around and we're doing that for training for law enforcement officers and adult corrections officers. We're building training facilities we're getting appropriate use of force training programs and equipments to supply this agency so that the training can be modern, the training can be applicable for what the officers face or in the holes of the correctional facility and that perhaps we can teach some of our officers to maybe take a step back once in a while and use some other talents other than force. We hope we can make progress on that, we believe we're laying the foundation for it. We're addressing mental health in the correctional system, we're funding 72 additional mental health unit based in central prison and establishing mental health behaviour treatment units at eight close custodies facilities. $8.86 million. there are folks in all of our population that have mental problems but it has to be compounded when you're

in the correctional system and we have folks there that need to help take care of that and we're going to be addressing that. The highway patrol, you've seen them driving the cars up and down the road and keeping us safe. Well the plan was to drive those cars as long as they run to warranty and then replace that car so if something went wrong it didn't cost us a whole lot of money to fix those older cars but we got behind and our troopers have been driving cars well over a hundred thousand miles and well into more money spent on maintenance. We are putting $9 million into assure that our highway patrol and state bureau of investigation also have cars to that are within warranty and are well kept up. The highway patrol one of the things I heard when I got back down this year was and again this is in reaction to what we've seen around the country, they were saying, we have some cameras in our automobiles that work very well when we stop a motorist out here on the road, they sort of record automatically what goes on during our dealing with that motorist or perhaps confronting that criminal as a case may be. Problem was not all the cars have those cameras, you might be stopped by trooper who had a camera and you might be stopped by a trooper who did not. The troopers wanted the cameras we are not forcing anything on these troopers they want them the department wants them and we are going to supply them they are going to have cameras in all the highway patrol vehicles and they prefer the dashboard camera because most of what they confront is in front of the car as they are here doing their work, so they prefer those to the body cameras. The courts, the courts have suffered, you've heard from the DAs you've heard from the judges you've heard from Clerks you've heard from people who have cases in court you've heard from defence attorneys the courts have been struggling they've been doing the very best they can, but we are now able to begin putting them where they need to be in terms of serving as properly. Court operations durry fees and interpretives we increase the budget for operations in those regards and for witnesses and dullys in the state court system $10 million were able to put back into the court system. Not all it's needed but a great help. One of the big things we've heard from the courts was information technology. The green screens were very effective famous have been for years and years and years in the court system and we keep hearing that we can't catch up, we can't serve the public the way we should unless we get into the modern age with IT and we're providing that $19 million nonrecurring with the biennium. A couple of special provisions. There are people in our society who have conflicts with the law and are not because of the income level and they were to afford a half-houred attorney, but they deserve to be represented in court just as anyone else does. And they also ended defense services who does a very good job of that, but they were outside of the general structure of state government and years passed they were part of the administrative office of the court that was separated years ago, we feel like but they're all to be benefit from having energy and defense services placed back under the administrative office of the courts and to give the AOC not day to day supervision. The commission will still run the [xx] services but AOC will provide for us and audit periodically another look at how those services are being provided. So that we can do the very best that we can. Expand DNA on arrest for all violent felonies. Now we all know how valuable DNA is if we watch TV at all, and we are getting a good record of folks that want to do evil in our society, we're getting good collections of DNA. However we haven't been able to have all that all the law enforcement would like to have, we can afford at this point to take DNA samples of all felons we're going to in this provision we're going to take DNA samples from

all violent felons because after all they're the most dangerous folks out there. Finally I wont touch on the body cameras. We have a part in the special provision we provide for a study it was a bill originally as now in the special provisions and the study will take a broad look by the Criminal Justice and Training and Standard Commission and the Sheriff's Standard Commission along with working with UNC and district attorneys and others to do a thorough study and by next spring to come back to us and tell us what we need to do on the state levels about policies having to do with the use of body cameras, what we need to leave to the local governments for them to work out what we need to do as far as storage of the images that come through thaise cameras and we need to do as far as how the public has access to those cameras and as well as how law enforcement can protect, can have its control of its investigative uses for the products of those cameras so that study will coming back to us on the spring in the mean time you will hear a bipartisan amendment which will go ahead and start providing the means for local governments to begin buying cameras if they have not to be able to afford it locally and then we'll be helping them with some state funding, and that will come to by way of an amendment I believe. All and all we are showing up at criminal justice system we are on the way to doing a much better job all around I think, and I commend the budget to you. for what purpose does the gentleman from Decklin representative Dickson rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Mr. Speaker, members of the house, first I like to say how well the coach is, our Representative West and Representative Mc Kyle Ralph treated me and our fine staff in the agony in [xx] they were very patient and kind to me, and I really appreciate that they help me learn a lot, I vote in the committee with unanimous, we did have amendments, there was not a single no vote on any amendment, the proposed committee appropriation for the agriculture natural and economic resources committee is $441.6 million, this represents about a 21% very needed appropriation, in this budget, we have treated agriculture, environment, economic development, and rural development the best that we could with the funds available, I commend this budget to you. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Dare representative Tan rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the Bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. First I'd like to thank my fellow chairs in the transportation's appropriation's committee for all their hard work, the transportation budget fixing the issue of volatility in gas tax. It solves the reduction in revenue due to declining consumption, and attempts to begin to catch up on the $35 billion dollar shortfall that we face over the next 25 years that is needed to make our roads safer and to support new infrastructure projects. The transportation budget will do the following; Stabilize the gas tax and create a new more predictable formula. We took into account the fact that tax would've dropped 30 cents had we not made changes earlier, and met the consumer half way at 33 cents. Diesel remains at 36. The new formula will be tied to the CPI index for technology as opposed to a globally traded commodity. We spread the burden of investment as evenly and fairly as possible by raising all the if you were in rles today you've heard that the DMV fees have been reduced from our original proposal this fees have not been touched since 2005 and affect businesses and individuals alike, the plan presented today also includes a comprehensive reform package for the department of transportation making us more openly responsible for the money our citizens entrust us with. It is quite frankly the part that I'm most excited about, we sought out plans from all over the country about what had already been done in other departments at transportation and try to bring the best back to North Carolina. We cannot ask our citizens to help fix our infrastructure without ensuring we're getting the most out of every dollar. The reform package will help us to better identify how our tax dollars are spent. We will identify clear inconsistent

goals and implement a strategic plan to meet those goals. As part of this reforms, we will be more open and transparent to the people of North Carolina, we will require communication to the people about our goals, our inefficiency, and the status of new projects and once that close lanes. There is a lot of good work done by the department of transportation and we need to communicate our successes better, but there are also specific problems that we need to be open about and addressed directly. We will also make the department more responsible to the people by developing a portal reporting system and ensuring that the roads are fixed within 48 hours. The plan honors the investments we are asking of every citizen by making our roads in every county safer and modernising our ports which will help to boost our economy. It is time we made our roads safe while we invest in the infrastructure that will support our economy. We have a choice today. We can either fix the now problems with our infrastructure or we can continue to keep the K down the road I commend the transportation appropriation to. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston representative Torbett rise?, For what purpose does the gentleman from Onslow representative Shepard rise? Mr. Speaker to speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Ladies and gentlemen of the house I'd like to also thank our chairs work so hard on this budget is certainly is it perfect but at the same time we have a lot of infrastructure needs in the State of North Carolina, and I want to commend representative Torbitt for working so hard in the off session with many of us to try to reach some sort of solutions for this. Representative Stine spoke about the work that is going into this and what we've tried to do as he said the fees has been raised in 10-15 years in many instances, and that was a way that we were looking to seek revenue and of course I'm glad that they've been reduced to 30% thank God I think that is better compromise for everyone involved, but I'm just going to hit a few bullets once concerns the budget and the highway fund revenue is a lot 1.8% and a highway transfer revenue is about 2.2%. New revenues are directed to confront resurfacing in which 100 counties all 100 counties in the state of North Carolina will get some paved mirage and I don't know about you all if you've driving around and many of our counties, there are a lot of secondary roads that needs some pavement on those. So I'm glad that we're able to do something for all 100 counties with this budget along with that the other 20% goes to port modernization. There's been much to say about the fact that we didn't get the [xx] plan, I wish we could plan here. Last week I was doing some research and watching a program on television and I found out that not only were [xx] part of the problem but I where the ones in southern South Carolina and Georgia are. So if there's a time that we really need to work hard to modernize our ports, it is now. Because in order for us to attract business and get more people to come here, our ports have got to be modernized so we can provide the complete infrastructure that we need for economic growth and I'm proud that we have worked on this and we're looking to modernize the port, we have put more money into the shower draft in dredging fund which will help all the coastal communities where the filling up is causing a problem for our fishermen and our recollection fishermen and so forth and with ships getting in and out of our ports, we've dedicated so much of that to the [xx] and most of you that know anything about [xx] know that it is something that we desperately needed to do. So I'm 100% pleased everything that we've done but we've tried hard to do what we thought was best for the state of North Carolina as a whole and I commend my chairs that have worked so hard to bring us to this point and we'll keep working with you all to bring the best budget forward for the state of North Carolina. We also have added $21.5 million more to STI investments which will help also to continue to help the state of North Carolina with transportation needs, whether it be ports, the railroad, the highways or wherever. I commend this budget to you and I ask for your support, thank you very much. For what purpose does the gentleman from Anson[sp?] Representative Cleveland rise? To speak on the budget. The gentleman has the floor to debate the budget. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. In the general government portion of the budget. Our funding in the first year of the biennium has increased 8% over the base budget amount and 5% in the second year in the department of culture resources, we've divided $130, 000 for the museum of art, we've provided $10 million for grants for libraries, we've provided funding for continued excavation of

the Queen Anne's Revenge, hopefully that project will get done this biennium we've fully funded the challenge grant for the North North Carolina sympathy, actually symphony, actually we've increased it to $2 million with a $9 million requirement for them to raise. We provided $500, 000 in each year to buy[sp?] name to fund art craft and then we created a Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, we brought together the Governor's Commission on Military Affairs and the Veterans Affairs Division, and we're making a Department of MIlitary and Veterans Affairs and it will cover all of the military and veterans areas that presently are located in State Government. The Housing Finance Agency will provide a $20 million in both years of the BINM the department of administration we've provided funding for the office of state human resources to create a new applicant tracking system that combines compensation classification for state employees and a program to track employee performance, management and training. In the department of revenue we provide monies from the collection assistance fee to upgrade E-services capability as a TEM's and provide maintenance fundings for the TEM's and the iTest system. The Department of Insurance, the regulatory charge will remain the same as 6.5% and we'll add the authority for the commissioner to hire an Actuary for the Captives insurance market in the Office of Administrative we have provided funding for another administrative law judge to be located in Wentzville, and I would like to thank my co-chairs representative [xx] for your honor dealt for the hard work and support and our staff Lisa, Daniel and Cara, for their many hours of diligent and working on this budget For what purpose does the gentleman from Lincoln representative Sain rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker, thank you chairman Dollar, chairman Lambert, chairman MCrady also chairman Johnson for your leadership in crafting this budget. I'd like to thank members of the IT appropriation committee for their collaboration, and I want to thank representative Bryan Brown and representative Paul Tin who the last several years have emerged themselves in IT and state government and have been tremendous help in helping understand why we're trying to increase efficiencies across the board in state government in regards to IT. As you may or may not know the IT appropriations committee is made up of various appropriations committee sub chairs. Because chairman Dollar eluded opening remarks, IT touches all aspects of state government. Now as we typically have all the past several years the IT portion for the budget presentation is usually saved for last or close to last and it reminds me the mortal words of Ricky Bobby if you ain't first you're last. So many years in state government and it has presented a lot of problems as we all know issuing report after report and it's been through administration after administration because a lot of folks don't understand Information Technology so last several years this body has done a great job in getting our mind and our arms around the issue facing information technology and state government and becoming a leader across the United States other legislatures are looking to us other policy makers are looking to what we're doing in North Carolina and I will also ask what we're doing has been done in a great bipartisan version no one really upset it's in a blue jersey red jersey over IT we just want it to work with that the ATI budget provides over $84 million over two years to improve the operation and infrastructure for State Information Technology Resources. It continues previous efforts to providing fundings to support the operation of the state chief officer and the office of the Information Technology Services ate the same time, funding of $2 million are provided to plan, and implement efficiencies needed to to improve the operations of the state's I. T organizations. service funds, which is supported by receipts from state agencies, is reduced by transferring functions which are most appropriately covered by the general fund. This reduces the annual cost two state agencies for IT services, from $195 million each year,

to approximately 180 million. Effieciency. An additional $8 million are provided for the Government Data Analytic Center GDAC as you may know it. To continue efforts to improve the state's management understanding and effective usage of the data it maintains. Funding of approximately $4.5 million are provided each year, for I. T modernization to improve efficiency and customer service in the State, this includes funding for doing factor [xx] which law enforcement agencies need to operate effectively. As well as increasing the availability of mobile apps for state agencies, security concerns are also addressed, as there were $4 million as appropriate each year to continue improvements, to protect the State's IT infrastructure and data, to improve the State's economic development capability a partnership is being established with the university of North Carolina in Charlotte UC are working with state agencies to provide dominating modelling to support their efforts to recruit businesses to teh state is $500, 000, when I put an extra exclamation mark on that for those of you that are part of the I. T oversight committee, last interim we trip we had a committee held there at onsite at UNC Charlotte, what we learned are some of the great things that are happening in our universities, so it's a great use of our resources somethings we're already invest in that we know that are important it's wonderful that we with our university system to make things happen for a state IT operations and IT architecture is required to be developed state security requirements are enhanced project management and IT procurement are improved and the state seatle are required to standardize hardwares and softwares for state agencies the state seatle are also required to establish performance measure and maintain them in the agency website the budget includes requirements for a data center consolidation plan as well as beginning the process of consolidating governance and human resources all the IT special provisions are intended to maximise the effectiveness and the efficiency of state iT operations thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Union representative Bob rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker and Colleagues. I want to start off by thanking my colleagues, co-chairs and the staff who helped us prepare the capital portion of this budget. In this budget you will find that what we've tried to do is align the financing with the asset life of the assets of the state. Friends as we provide 20-year funding for those major capital projects and we provide current expense cash for the repair renovations portion also in hand of what we're trying to do is to maximize and leverage state funds to match dollars from other sources we have many examples for that where we can leverage significant cash from other sources. Another major budget focus is to focus capital on boosting our state's economic activity in our partnerships between the university-industry and technology and other endeavors. We've provided a significant effort in our repairs and renovations by providing over $200 million we really want to create a fiscally responsible plan to meet the RnR[sp?] needs of our state's asset. And then finally we provide capital funding to and extend the useful life of our existing structures and state assets as needed. With that I'd ask you to recognize my co-chair Representative Hardester. For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford Representative Hardester rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker members the capital budget provides $269.5 million in 2/3rds of bond financing should the general obligation bond not be passed by May 2016 for the following projects, how we patrol the training academy in Raleigh 30.7 million DHHS medical examiner lab in Winston Salem 13 million NC state engineering building 65.1 million UNC Charlotte new sciences building 90 million, Appalachian State Health Sciences building 70.7 million. Thank you, Mr. Mr. Speaker, members I commend the capital budget. For what purpose does the gentleman from Craven, Representative Speciale, looks like the gentleman is awake from the sleep. members it appears we have gone

through the explanation from the committee chairs, we are still receiving the amendments, the way process is working so members will realize is that the amendments are going through a process where central staff is reviewing them to make sure that the amendments that are in fact in order under our rules, those will be brought back to the chair and any amendments that are out of order will, probably the easiest thing will be for to notify those members if the rules somehow does not comply with the the rules. House to be at ease just a moment. Members for all those planning to vote for the budget rule 12H suspended. Rule 12H is suspended without objection. Members the Chair is in position and the Chair intends the most part to take the amendment samples that get reported from central staff, so they won't necessarily, as a matter of fact they won't be any kind of particular orders on the dashboard. First amendment I see represents.... Lady from Franklin Richardson is recognized to send fourth an amendment the amendment tittle being H97AMQ12 version 3 the Clerk will read. Representative Richardson moves to amend the bill on page 233 lines 15 through 22 by deleting the lines. The lady from Franklin representative Richardson the Senate recognize to explain the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker. I stand before you today to support me in deleting those lines that was read by bill that were read by the Bill Reader on House Bill 97. This particular version of the bill were closed a call center in Edgecombe County which is located in Rocky mountain, North Carolina, which is a tier one county and it is surronded founded by at least 14 or more Tier 1 counties, we also will be losing 70 jobs if that center closes, and we do have adequate building and space and facility there to house that facility. We also have difficulty with the fact that people were asked or given an opportunity to relocate but we must understand that it is very difficult for people in low wage salaries to relocate to another area. We look at the county of Guilford North Carolina and it is a Tier 2 county but it is surrounded by other Tier 2 counties and some Tier 3 counties which would afford Guilford County residents more job opportunities than they would receive than the citizens in Rocky Mount are able to take advantage of. We also udge you to understand of our rule North Carolina, we do not have the economical tool that a county like Guilford county does have even though it is a TO1 county because they're surrounded by outstanding universities, other institutes jobs offer

opportunities, they're located near Hawthorne which is one of probably the richest areas in our state, we have several educational institution in Lucky Mount or in the surrounding area that would be able to support any job training that is needed for this particular call center, we have Nash County Community College, we have Wilson Community College, we have Hcom Community College, we also have Burton College and Wesleyan College. When I read the article in the paper of August 14 2014 it said that the centre in Rocky Mount shut down due to a disaster weather disaster, and the Department of Revenue decided at that point that maybe we need to have two centres, it did not recommend in the news article crossing the Rock Mount senator by actually adding a second centre so if we now move all of the job opportunities to Guilford county if there is a weather disaster of any kind, we are again faced with a non operative service and the people of North Carolina who need to call in to department of revenue, well be unable to do so. So I urge you to cannot take 70 jobs out of Rocky Mountain or Edgecombe County, a tier one county surrounded by all the other tier one counties, we need the revenues, we need the jobs and we don not have the tools in our box that many other counties have and we have argued the assembly each time we need to help us and rule North Carolina, to help employ our citizens and help improve the economic plate of a distress area, thank you I ask for your vote on this amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Onslow representative Cleveland rise? To speak on the amendment. The Gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Last year during a budget cycle the Department of Revenue came to us and told us that the Rocky Mountain Center was a disaster. They had constant turnover, they couldn't get support, I asked, why didn't go to community college there and get training done? They said they wouldn't do it. They needed a new call center and we had quite a discussion over it, and I was concerned about what they wanted to do, moving it. They were adamant that they needed a new call center, they wanted it in Greenville, and the community college out there provided the trainig etcetera etcetera. So, at that time I made a deal with them, I said okay, we'll fund a 100 person call center, we'll give you 50 positions there and then you can phase out the Rocky Mount call center I've figured with all the term oil and transition they were having in [xx] trying to keep the employees that should have been an easy accomplishment and we even put a provision in the budget last year that they had to keep open through this fiscal year then they come this year and say we want to rebuild, I also gave them or should I say we, the General Assembly gave them I think there was $1.4 million to do some minor upgrades to keep the [xx] Call Center functioning through this transition period. This year they came to our committee with plans to relocate and rebuild the Rockingham Call Center. In direct opposite of what we had agreed to in the previous budget. It is not needed, the department does not need call centers, the idea over whether exempt staff has gone back as far as they could, there's never been a problem otherwise with call center. I would ask you ti defeat this amendment. For what purpose does the

gentleman from Edgecombe, Representative Willingham rise? To speak in the bill. The gentleman has the floor debate the amendment. I think we've realised that over the yearly time things change and in this case I think in the law senate kind of view all you probably got pictures of the building where the center and is located, and also the office, this center is part of an incubator which was built fairly recently looking at the year that it was built, and it's a fairly new center and very convenient now what has happened, the information that we have from the Department of Revenue indicated that they would like to keep this center open and there is no additional cost as reported to us, and I would hope that we don't wait till we have a catastrophe before we try to address the issue. We want to make sure that we're able to save the citizens before we have something to happen and the Department of Revenue seem to believe that it would be prudent to have another centre not just because of weather, but for whatever might happen, I think that this is a good reason to have it. The other thing too is that to live in Edgecombe County, a tier-1 county and losing 70 jobs is like losing industry for us. This is serious and I would hate to think that we have those who have taken away from those who don't have, and that's what it appears to be here. And also we get back to this whole thing about urban against rural, we're a rural county, we're small and we need everything that we can get, and this is not an additional cost to the state. As a matter of fact, the expenses there are paid by the fees that they collect. So, here we can do what's right in this instance and I would hope that you would support this amendment because this is just the right thing to do at this time thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Nash, Representative Collins rise? Briefly to debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. I'm going to stand to support this amendment. I do believe I've talked with Representative Cleveland about this multiple times, and I do believe perhaps he may have been told to say graciously slightly different stories over the last couple of years about the call center in Rocky Mount. What the DOR is at least now saying is that there will negligible call savings by moving this call center to Greensboro. If there were cost savings I'd probably be in favor of it, but since they really aren't, again, it's moving jobs away from an area that desperately needs them to one that already has, at least more than we do. I think that as long as they don't ask to build a new facility or anything like that trying to claim that the facilities are dilapidated because this is a building it was just built in 2000 two[sp?] it's nowhere near dilapidation, I'm for keeping the call centre where it is. I do think sometimes we get plagued with information that is slightly stretched, and I think maybe that has occurred in this situation, but I see no need for a move at this time again, unless we start hearing demands that would increase the calls for this call center, but to keep it the way it is will not and will not really do away with any real cost savings it would have by making this move. So because of those reasons, I'm standing in favor of this amendment. For what purpose does the lady from Wilson, Representative Farmer-Butterfield rise? To speak on the amendment. The lady has the floor to debate the amendment. I support the amendment wholeheartedly. I used to represent Edgecombe County, I know the critical needs there. I said over the other day on the floor that I was tired of rule and other than being pitted against each other and I felt that there could have been a compromise worked out if all the stakeholders had had a chance to be at the table. So I'd like to ask Representative Cleveland a couple of questions if he would. Does the gentleman Onslow Representative Cleveland yield to the lady from Wilson? I do. He yields. And he looks forward to my questions.

Representative Cleveland I think in the appropriations meeting the other day it was stated that people in Rocky Mount were offered an opportunity to stay on there job and go to Greensboro. Is that true of false? In my discussions last year there were, that was the option was there. I thought I did not say that they have to do that but in the discussion as it was mentioned anyone who wanted to move could move. Does the lady wish to ask an additional question? Yes. Does the gentleman yield on addition question. I yield. He yields. Is the answer yes. I guess we can say yes Does gentleman yields to a third question?  I yield. He yields. Were they offered relocation cost? I have no idea if they were offered any relocation cost I don't know what the process is with the department of revenue for doing things like that. Another follow-up please. Does the gentleman yield to a question? I Yields. He yields. What was done to address the turnover in problems with staff skills in Rocky Mount during this period of two years? In my discussions with the department of revenue, I approached that I asked that they go on the community colleges and try to get some coursework and what not for call center and that they inform me that the community colleges were not interested. Follow-up. Does the gentleman yields to a fifth question? I yield. He yields. What has been done to get all of the stakeholders together during this two-year period including the legislative delegation and the department of revenue? I have not done anything to do that, it was a budget decision, it was a budget problem, it was worked in the budget process. Thank you Representative Cleveland[sp?  I ask that you please support this amendment the whole work has not been done and it's very obvious that this rule could [xx] this. For what purpose does the lady from Davidson Representative Brown rise? To speak on the amendment Mr. Speaker. The lady has the floor to debate the amendment. As I said in appropriations, my heart goes out to the people of Rocky mount. But we don't make decisions, they storm that. We make decisions based on what is best for the people of the state and I ask physical research today to just do a little research, and this is what we found and this will point to some of the problems that we're incurring in the decision was made to move this facility to Greensboro, in 2013, Rocky Mount had ha maximum delay of one hour 21 minutes and 29 seconds and answering calls, I don't think that's acceptable. The last five years, the average number of positions of vacant positions were 14 and the average time that it took these positions to be filled was 287.6 days so this points to the fact that it is very difficult to fill these positions in Rocky Mount whereas in Greens Fall you got a greater pool of experienced an educated people, you have numerous colleges, numerous community colleges, this is certainly not rural Vs. Urban, this school is a physical decision that was made at the behest of revenue and we are trying to follow through on that commitment as best as we can, I ask you to please to Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the lady from Franklin, Representative Richardson rise? To debate the amendment of second time. The lady is recognized to debate the amendment the second time. According to the budget that we just put together, I think that we have eliminated problems over a hundred positions due to the fact state agencies have not been able to fill those positions six months or greater so I don't think that 14 vacancies in a rural TO1 county is any different than state government trying to find appropriate and adequate staff to fill positions so I do not see that as being anything different than what is [xx] will have to do is to is to take time to hire qualified staff and our state government sets the example that we are constantly having vacant position because of the difficulty in finding a qualified people to fill those position and also the time that it takes to fill the position so I please I ask you again do not move 70 jobs out of a T1 county that use this jobs badly thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Onslow representative Cleveland rise?

To speak on the amendment again. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment the second time. The decision to do this was brought by the department [xx] their desire was new call center with people and to close the Rocky Mount Center. And we follow that desire and I'm not sure how I can figure that someone would say there won't be any cost saving in closing a call centre if nothing else to utilities and equipment and everything it's being maintained in one call centre is a cost. Lenoir now has a brand new call center with brand new equipment and [xx] for 100 people the people in rocking mouth they can and want to go they can go it restated it was a budgetary decision and I would ask you to defeat this amendment. For what purpose does the lady from Representative Insko rise? To debate the amendment. The lady has the floor to debate the amendment  Thank you, Mr. Speaker. As I've listened to this debate, it sounds like it's really a win win situation. Representative Collins said that there really isn't a great deal of savings in closing this center clearly the jobs are needed, really are now and surely our need for additional call centre employees will grow across the state so I think it's supporting the amendment does a great deal of good and doesn't really do damages, so I urge you to go for a win-win on this one and vote Yes for the amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Nash, Representative Collins rise? To briefly debate the amendment a second time. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment a second time. Just want to make you aware of a couple of things again, to remind you that this is not really an appropriate patients issue as such because this is not an appropriated expenses, these are not appropriated expenses, these are expenses that are paid out of the collections assistance please. The second thing is I keep hearing the DOR want this, the DOR wants this, I've gotten my information from the legislative liaison from the department of revenue so they may have said it one time they wanted to do this but that does not what they're saying now, just wanted to make that clear. Further discussion, further debate on the Amendment. If not, the question before the House is the Adoption of Amendment once and for by Representative Richardson. Those in favor will vote Aye, those opposed will vote No, the Clerk will open the vote. The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 59 having voted in the affirmative and 57 in the negative, the amendment is adopted. Representative Glazier is recognized to send forward an amendment, the Clerk will read, and this is Amendment H97AMQ10 Version 5, I believe Madam Clerk?  Yes, the Clerk will read. Representative Glazier moves to amend the bill on page 185 the lines 19 through 20, line sort of goes between lines of the following. The gentleman from Camplin representative Glazier has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker and members, there's two parts to this amendment, the first part is simply a technical change that the fire statute disaster to do for lack of a better thing, a grammatical problem with section A. Section B is part representative Stam's bill but it's as for by the lottery commission as well and that is simply to make sure that anything that we're funding with the lottery that it's clear to the public that lottery funds have helped pay for part of the problem so he's been, people don't know what it does and it doesn't and so this was requested by lottery commission, it's part representative Stan's bill and I know of no opposition to the thank you Mr. Speaker. Further discussion further debate. If not the question before the house is the adoption of amendment two sent fort by representative Glazier those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will no, the clerk will open the vote. Representatives Corny, Jackson, Goodman,

Quinn do those members wish to record on this amendment? The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote 115 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, the amendment is adopted. Lady from Wake representative Harley is recognized to send forth an amendment the Clerk will read. And the amendment is H97AMC58. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Just a moment the Clerk needs to read the amendment. Representative Harley moves to amend the bill on page 185 lines 19-2 by inserting between those lines the following language to read. The lady has the floor to explain the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Many of you are already aware that we last session had a study bill talking about food deaths and in healthy eating, I'm not going to stand up here and talk it's about obesity and weight loss. One of the things that came out of this Study Bill was that no one bill is really going to solve all of these problems, but we have some options. One of the best options that we have determined to come out is what we call a Healthy Corner Store Initiative. In every community, there is at least a small corner store even if we don't have large grocery stores. One of the things that this Bill will do is on several levels, it's a rare opportunity to provide some jobs for local people to supply these corner stores. What the Bill does, is we provide a grant for refrigeration and equipment for some of the small independently owned corner stores in the State of North Carolina. Now, you say why you trying to provide the refrigeration? It's because the Coke people and all the people that go in those stores, provide that kind of refrigeration also will allow local farmers to provide their products in a local area. Now, many people don't have access to a grocery store, but they have access to a corner store, and getting nutrient-rich foods to these people are critical in many communities to be able to go buy something more than a honey bun and a Diet Coke. So what this bill does, it expands small businesses. It allows the small corner independently owned stores to expand their businesses by offering the nutrient foods. It's an opportunity for new businesses to be developed, it's a business Bill. We can develop new businesses of small local people supplying the different corner stores in the different parts of the state, and it helps the local farmers and fishermen to be able to give them another source of where they can sell their products, it's a win-win it will allow a statewide to begin to address this issues. This morning when I came in, I stopped by a corner joining my home, on that corner is a KFC, a cookout, Bowjangles and half a block where's the church's chicken. I picked up my iPhone and I said Cyril, find the nearest grocery store. Cyril came back and said, there's not one. I said Cyril where is the nearest grocery store. Cyril came back and said, five miles from here. So we have people in the city, in an urban area, they have access to all the junk food in the world but they can't get nutrient rich foods and it's not just my district, it's your district. The state is riddled with these food deserts. This is a small opportunity to do something with it. What we're trying to do here is to guarantee this million dollars to start this project, I ask your support of this bill. For what purpose does the Gentleman from Transylvania representative Whitemire arise? Brief to debate the amendment. The Gentlemen has the floor to debate the amendment. I'll seek to remind down the body that last year the house sanctioned a study committee on this topic, found this as one of the viable prototypes that does need our support so it was soledly supported I think the bill that came out of that was unanimously supported when it came out by the house so I ask for your support. For what purpose does the lady Surry representative Stephen? To see if representative Dollar will yield for a question. Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the lady from Surry?

I yield for question. He yields. Thank you Representative Dollar. Isn't there money already in the budget for bills that have not yet been approved but may need an appropriation? yes and if I recall correctly, this is one it's actually one of those so it's no harm no felt. But it is duplicative of what's already there, is that correct? You can do it one of two ways, you can either pass this amendment or we come back later and pass the bill itself but the funds are there. For what purpose does the Lady from Wake [xx]. Does the lady wish to debate the amendment a second time? I just want The lady has the floor to debate the amendment a second time. No I really don't need to I think everybody understands what I'm trying to do. Thank you. further discussion further debate? For what purpose does the gentleman from Craven Representative Speciale rise? To debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Ford [xx] are you kidding me? If I go to the corner store I want a honey ban and a coke this is another, let's came up with before we think it's a great idea shave in down everybody's throat. Have you been to these stores, the corner stores that have the fruits? I would need those fruits if they gave them to me, they're been sitting there for a while, nobody wants them, people are not going to the corners dotted by fruits and vegetables. They're going there to buy honeybums and cokes. And for us to provide refrigeration, look this is a free market ladies and gentlemen if there was a market for that if the people wanted the bananas and the tomatoes will there be buying them because they will be there to be bought because that's what they will stack its business. If they are not stacking it putting them in position buying them refrigerator and turning them to start this is not going to sell them and I've been doing many of them and I know you have too, where you see those fruits and those vegetables sitting there rotting on the shelf people don't want them, I think this is the crazy idea that's might too sense. For what purpose does the gentleman from representative Brown rise? To speak on the amendment Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker with all due respect to my good friend from Cleveland representative Spehali this actually isn't a crazy idea ladies and gentlemen I would urge your support of the amendment and here is why I would urge your support of the amendment. Is probably in my opinion the only person in this chamber that is in hospitality in food service industry, I can tell you just how vital this is and not only that but this actual protocol has been piloted in Green field and I can tell you that the market is in fact there the pilot project is taking place in our urban area of green ville is working and is working and is working tremendously well in fact so well that these entrepreneurs are looking to open two more stores doing the exact same thing. This does just doesn't provide reflegeration ladies and gentlemen this provides education to small business owners and entrepreneurs who do not fundamentally understand the firm to table initiative the fresh food initiative, it helps them to achieve the goal of providing these products to their local constituents, this is an absolutely great thing for us to do. If we want to start talking about making our society healthier, this are the first steps we have to do it. If you look at Greenville plaza[sp?] as an instance, one of the reasons why it was piloted because there are no grocery stores, there are no healthy foods for these individuals to get. And in many instances they have to get on a public bus, and provide two several stops in order to get to grocery store. Now you tell me, put yourself in that person's shoes, are you going to get on that public transit, go to a grocery store buy bags of groceries get back on that bus take two transfers back to your house, the odds are is you are not going to do it. I go to my local grocery store across the street from my house and it doesn't have the best produce and the best meat, it's called convenience, but we have to be able to provide these individuals with the option of being able to receive these foods but not just to do that, but to provide the entrepreneurial training that it actually takes in order to be successful. I urge you to look at the pilot that's taking place in Granville, the changes that it's making in this urban market, and I urge you to support this amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wilkes, Representative Elmore rise? To speak to the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. I would like to talk about this issue from a rural perspective, I want to take you to a community in my area, it's called Traphill. The closest grocery store for a person that lives in Traphill is a 30 minute drive in any direction, it doesn't matter. And in my area, we used to have a lot of what I would call the general stores where folks could go and get a variety of things. If they wanted a honeybun and a coke they could get it, but they could also get a pound of nails, but they could

also get a ham and cheese sandwich, those stores it's very difficult for them to stay in business because of the issues. I also have an aging population population where it's many elderly people that have difficulty driving those type distances to where when they need something, a food product maybe for the next day this type of initiative may help the stores do that. So it's not just an urban problem or a bus problem or a five mile problem, we're talking a 25 mile problem, so I'd appreciate you supporting Representative Holloway's Amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cabarrus, Representative Pittman rise? To speak on the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. I think getting people to eat fruits and vegetables is a great thing, something we really ought to do that's good for their health and great idea. However, I would consider this tax payer funding and private enterprise and I would always vote against that, so I ask you to vote against the amendment, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg, Representative Brawley rise? I wondered if Representative Brown would yield for some questions?   Does the gentleman from Pitt yield to the gentleman from Mecklenburg? With great trepidation. He yields. I promise to be gentle Representative. I appreciate it. I have seen many neighbourhoods where the grocery stores have closed, and in no small part this is because grocery stores are very small margin businesses, and the reason they close is they lost money, they could not afford to stay open. And my sense also serves that a million dollars is not going to subsidize grocery stores, and I'm wondering how you anticipate the training and how much training you can do for a million dollars? I concede the need for the source of healthy foods in the areas that do not have them. I also recognize that that lack of grocery stores is probably because cause of an inability for grocery stores to make enough money to stay open in those areas. My question on this is, how does this million dollars change that situation? The gentleman has the floor to respond to the question. Representative Boles[sp?] thank you for the question and your point is well taken. I think address it in two parts, if you will. The first part is, is that you are absolutely right, the grocery store business is an extraordinarily narrowly margin business model, and it's very difficult even for large retail chain to survive in the grocery industry. However, this bill is not intended for grocery stores, this is a corner store initiative, and in many cases a corner store that's in a community that's already functional and operational and has its overhead covered. It's just simply supplanting and allowing for them to expand their operations and to provide healthy initiative in their stores. So from that you're not talking about the enormous operational cost that a grocery does in fact provide, but in fact existing infrastructure if you will then existing in creating a further more of education and thanks for these owners to understand how to source these products, how to appropriately price these products, how to appropriately take care of these products to make sure that they're not in fact rotting on the shelves, so customers can receive these things. I would go to your point as well that I think a million dollars is a slim amount of money. I would like to see more amount go work because I believe that the ROI at the end of the day will be great for the state. Would the gentleman yield for a second question? Does the gentleman from Pitt yield for an additional question? I yield I do. He yields. You have a sense of how many stores you will be able to impact with million dollars? Representative Burok I think you here for the question would actually direct that to representative Horley who is the primary bill sponsor to it. Again quite frankly just the kind of speak on its second time if I will. A lot of my reason for championing it on as a primary sponsor of this bill seeing the success of the pilot program took place in Greenville the greatness that's brought to the community and the changes that it's making and quite frankly what I've seen from the business side and this individual being able to look to expand even further as a result of it. So Representative Brown suggests that Representative Hallway might be better able to answer my question. I wonder if the Gentle-lady Does the lady from Lake yield to the gentleman from Mecklenburg? Yes I do. She yields. Approximately 6000 stores. 6000 stores It will be done by an application process, we are not going to try to do, we are working on the department, we'll work on criteria for the program

to see who really qualifies, the refrigeration that will be provided will be done over a period the time the stores should be monitored as to how well the programs does. If the store can't sell the produce, we then take the refrigeration put it some place where it may be needed but it will do about 6000 stores Mr. Speaker, will the gentleman with the gentlelady yield for a second question. Does the lady from Yeg yield for a final question from the gentleman Mecklenburg? Yes I do.  She yields for the final question. I'm trying to do the math in my head, I think that works out to about $1300 a store, is that sufficient to provide refrigeration? All the equipment is not refrigeration. Some of the equipment may be just some shelving that may be necessary. It will vary from because stores already have refrigerations some stores have shelves so it varies. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Katabra representative Adams rise? To ask a the bill sponsor. Does the lady from Wake yield to the gentleman from Katabra? Yes I do. She yields. I understand that this money is for the purpose of this money is to purchase and install the small food retailer refrigeration equipment display shelf and other equipment necessary for stocking nutrient based food. who will account for the maintenance of the refrigeration equipment and replacement of it at the end of it's life? Well that's one of the good things about this bill. During the course of this period of time that they're being monitored by the people who are helping them how to handle the food and monitor the situation they will be assisting the store owner in any repairs in anything that may be necessary but however, I'm not quite sure yet of all the details that have it, some things have to be and we don't know if we'll run into some problems but the flexibility is there for them to learn to how to take care of this equipment how to handle the food. You actually try to find somebody, if you notice in the convenient store the candy man comes in and he outs in all the candy, while the food person is going to come and keep everything in the food refrigeration shelving neat, fresh and it would be part of their business. Follow up? Does the lady yield to a follow up question? Yes I yield. She yields. Could it be require accounting in other words would the store to setup a deferred maintenance account so that money can be set aside to maintain the equipment offer the lifespan of the equipment and the shelving how would this be accounted for and who will do the accounting for this? Basically we're trying to trust the equipment for a period of five years yes so while the equipment is in the store the people will come periodically to make sure that the equipment is working well, and for five year period of time but the equipment value is worth longer than five years the state will assist where it can in making sure it's properly maintained and everything and the temperature is alright initially and then the store owner will take over that responsibility. Request to debate the bill. The gentleman from Gaba has the floor to debate the amendment. I've been involved in commercial real estate for over 25 years and I've seen the recent maps that show the called food deserts and in my estimation the one's I have looked at Catawba county are very in-accurate as been mentioned before if there's a market for this subsidized food people who satisfied that market people who are in the will satisfy the market if there's no market for it the amount of money we're talking about here $5, 000 will be insignificant with the regards to the investment involved to provide store for the so called food deserts I can't see that market revenue at all and I can't see the money involved would change that, thank you. Mr speaker For what purpose does the gentleman from Representative Glazier rise? To see if Representative Hurley might yield for two questions. Does the lady from Lake yield to the gentleman from Cumberland? I yield. She yields. Representative Hurley am I correct that in response to some of the questions that this amendment that you are putting in doesn't provide the appropriations unless the house bill passes would that be correct? That is correct.

And second question Mr. Speaker. Does the Lady yell to your second question? Yes I yields. She yields. And if that's true the bill itself requires department to develop guidelines relating to all the administration of the funding including the questions that have been asked today to provide guidelines for selections to provide guidline for termination of the agreement provides that the guidelines have to be posted and that there is 20 dates notice all of that and those technical details are in the bill and it requires oversight by health and human services as well as physical research is that correct? That is correct. Thank you Mr. Speaker For what purpose does the gentleman from Craven representative Speciale rise? Speak on the bill. The gentleman I believe have debated the amendment why is that correct? No once. I apologize the gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment a second time. This may or may not be good idea I don't know I know is not a free market idea and that's something that we should be promoting I believe that the amendment sponsor has a good heart has good intentions. A lot of things that we come up with, ideas that we come up with that may be good ideas that we might want to try, we can try but it doesn't have to be paid for by the public on the public dime. The public treasury is not a cookie jar for us, to try all the things we want to try and we're task we're spending this money wisely and it doesn't any sense that we're not going to buy refrigerators and fast foods into areas where there is no market because if the way the food would already be there so the way the market works people just don't goo t corner stores convenient stores the gas stations, they just don't go there to buy letter and tomatoes and the obviously don't go there to buy bananas because I've seen the bananas along the way and as a response to my colleague here from Granville, he's absolutely correct that Granville is a testing ground for this because it is Granville where I've seen the worst bananas, the worst fruits okay I go up their all the time and it was scary, some of the stuff make me nervous to see it sitting their for sale and I'm not kidding you. I've looked at it and I even commented to my wife that I can't believe that they're selling this. You see the point here that I'm try to make is that this is public money we are talking about let's not spend it favourously if this is a great idea it should go on support on the private sector we should be able to fund raise for it whatever to get the ball rolling, but I can tell you based on my experience and what I've seen in stores along the way to Granville it's a fair of concept please vote me off. Mr Speaker  For what purpose does the gentleman from Cambridge and Representative Floyd rise?   I want to know Representative Hall will yield for a question? Does the lady sitting directly behind the gentleman who was asking the question yield to the gentleman's questions? I yield She yields Is this your  amendment. Yes it is Would you do the appropriate thing please I'd like to call of the question Mr. Speaker. I'm the one who is the talking I don't like the kind of debate. The motion the lady is permitted to move the previous question, the question for the house is the motion for previous question those in favor will vote  aye, those oppose will vote no, clerk will open the vote court will clock the machine to record the vote, 92 having vote the affirmative and 24 in the negative in the previous question, the motion in previous question is adopted in this will be today of course because it's an amendment and now the final question we do not the three minute re battle the question for the house is the passage of the amendment three offered by Representative Hurley, those in favor will vote aye those oppose will vote vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The court will clock the machine and record the vote 67 having voted affirmative and 49 on the negative the amendment is adopted. Mr Speaker For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford. Representative Blast rise? Inquiry of the Chair. The gentleman may state his enquiry  Mr Speaker

we're going to be here a while there is a lot of amendments, and many members including me use the board in some sort of gay is to know how much is in question, how many more people are going to speak, is there when question is going to be called, is there, can we have some sort of delay in time for members please off the floor to be able to get back to vote on the motion to call the question. The Chair will take into account and see what the  gentleman is asking, but once the question is there others, I can say  it's slow but there is only so much the Chair I can do but what's the question there representative Blaise is there,  there is really no, do anything.  For what purposes does the gentleman from Wake representative Martin rise? Inquiry of the chair. The gentleman may state his inquiry; Is it true Mr. Speaker that you're already with regard representative Blast used to saying things slowly? Members, our motion, representative Turner and representative Davis Hamilton of New New Hanover County the chair is happy to extend the courtesy and so is the gallery to the [xx] superior court, the Honorable Jam, Kennedy, Miss Kennedy would stand so we could welcome you. Thank you for being with us today The gentleman from Henderson Representative Macgregor[sp?] is recognized to send fourth amendment the court for read. Representative Macgregor[sp?] moves to amendment from page one 66 lines 33 through 34 by rewriting those lines to read. The gentleman from Henderson has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker this amendment will to discussion that occurred in the appropriations committee. My colleagues form the far West offers an amendment related to buffers and indicated the we perhaps perfect the language on the floor working with Representative West and some advice from Representative Whitmire and Pendleton I put forward an amendment which really clarifies that the money in the bill which is $2 million dollars shall only be extended on land that borders military facility and then rather leasing out those facilities, I reference a document that to clean one of the management trust fund who is administering this monies has ousted or really available. The reason for the amendment is just to make sure we don't have a sort of creep meaning that funds get on land that joining a National Guard Armory and some little county or something so this is trying to keep the money where it's supposed to be my expectation is almost all this money will be probably on the Eastern part of the state and actually relates sort of the pre-effort to the black process, so I've said more than I know about the amendment and I urge your support. For what purpose does the gentleman from Charity Representative West rise? To debate the amendment Mr speaker, The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment . Thank you Mr. Speaker members of the house my good colleague from the Coastal Plain has come up with a good idea and urge you to support it. Further discussion further debate?  If not the question before the house if the adoption of amendment four[sp?] offered by Representative Mccrady those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 115 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative the amendment is adopted. The lady from Guilford representative Harrison is recognized to send forth an amendment, the clerk will read. Representative Harrison move to amend the bill on page 166 line 44 by inserting after the line a new provision to read. The lady fro Guilford has the bill to debate the amendment. Mr. Speaker I. Okay. I need to look at the dashboard on short amendment. Sorry about this delay.

Okay, sorry, Sedimentation fees. So, thanks Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen of the house the department of the environment has seen a steady erosion in the sedimentation arose in control inspectors, sedimentation is the number one water pollutant in our state. In 2008 we had 65 positions, and now we are down to 34. The Governor's budget proposed that we raise the sedimentation erosion control fee, because that's what pays for these inspectors. Right now we got a possibly 1200 active and these sites are only visited once in a ten months per property and by having more inspectors we'll have opportunity to provide technical assistance to the property owners as well as to provide the necessary inspection. So the amendment proposals to the the Governor's budget recommendation that the fees shall be less than $90 and no greater than $170. This will allow for the of at least 16 additional inspectors and this is a hugely for our state as we continue to develop the land, so I urge your support. For what purpose does the Gentleman from Cherokee, Representative West rise? To debate the amendment. The Gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker, Members of the House, I'd ask that you vote against this amendment We discussed this amendment in committee. Right now the economy is recovering, there's a lot more fees coming in collect enough money if they need additional personnel from the thieves that exist now and I'd urge you against this amendment. Further discussion further debate, if not the question before the house is the adoption of amendment five sent forth by representative Harrison. Those in favor will aye those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 47 having voted in the affirmative and 69 on the negative the amendment fails. Representative Lucas is recognized to send forth an amendment, the clerk will read. The amendment is page 97 AMK 30 that's the amendment, the clerk will read. And while the clerk is doing that, the gentleman from Representative Shepherd, if I was reading the Gentleman's lips right, does the Gentleman wish to be recorded as voting NO on the previous amendment? Yes sir. I surely made a mistake. Gentleman will be recorded as having voted NO on the previous amendment the clerk will read, Representative Lucas move to amend the bill on page 57 line 39 by re-writing the lines to read The gentleman from Cumberland has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen this amendment attempts to add a sense of collaboration to section 8.31 where we are appropriating funds for staff development for the regional education service  alliances the amendment is very simple it simply adds toward to collaborate with the state board of education. We recognize that collaboration is really collaborate is an insence of that in a verb and it means to work jointly with others, or together especially in intellectual endeavor. This to cooperate with or willingly assist or to cooperate with an agency and we think that with two groups who have the expertees cooperating together, our state will be the greater benefactor and I urge passage of the amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wilkes, Representative Elmore rise? To speak to the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. I appreciate Representative Lucas bringing forth the amendment but since I've been in this chamber I've learned that there were collaborators interpreted very differently by different people. What I feel like like is collaboration is very different than what another representative might deem as collaboration. My concern with the amendment is that this could possibly hinder the intent of what this money is going for we do have a staff development need with our teachers across the state. We still have licenser requirements that are subject specific, those type of staff development opportunities are currently very limited in

availability to our teachers the hope is with the recess helping some with a staff development needs that the verification that we need for our teachers will be there, so I would urge you to vote red on this amendment, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Burke representative Blackwell rise? Speak on the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr Speaker I would ask the house with all due respect to representative Lucas to reject this amendment. One other things that we hear very often from DPI and the state board is that we are giving them more responsibilities but wanting to cut their budget and so fourth, they've lost a lot of money raise to the top and they are going to have to be getting rid of folks over there. There's nothing to prevent collaboration to occur without it being direct it but we don't to require them to get engaged in this. The recess have the I think attractive quality that they are largely influenced by the receive needs of the schools districts that they serve this is a good program that will enhance professional development and we don't need those folks to have meetings and associations unless they agree to have them so I would say let's live well enough for line and live the provision intact as it is in the budget. For what purpose does the gentleman from Stokes representative Holloway rise? To speak on the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and even though I greatly respect what my two colleagues had to say, I do want to point out I don't think there's any great harm in this amendment passing, and Representative Lucas was actually very modest in he did not share with you that this amendment did actually pass in the aid. Appropriations Committee, so it was actually part of the budget at one point and then it was stripped out in the full Appropriations committee. I don't think this is an earthshaking amendment and I don't think its passage will hurt anything, and I'd ask that you'd support the amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland, Representative Lucas rise? To speak briefly a second time. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment a second time. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and I do thank Representative Holloway for pointing out that this did pass and its oversight and we appreciate that and the only point that I would make is that I still find it very difficult to find something wrong with collegiality especially among experts in this great State of North Carolina. I'm reminded of a real excellent presentation that we all witnessed a couple of days ago by a well respected coach Mike Krzyzewski, who shared to us in a paraphrased version how well we've done in winning Basketball Championships and he stated that how much more proud could be of us if this great state could lead the country in educational pursuit, and with cooperation I submit to you that we can, I urge passage. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wilkes, Representative Elmore rise? To speak a second time to the the amendment. The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment. I appreciate Representative Holloway pointing out that in the Education Appropriation that this did pass, but I'd like to point out full Appropriations restoring the language to it's original form did pass which is a larger committee, but let's talk about the specifics of what a RISA[sp? Can do for your teachers that are in your district. Teachers that are not teaching in a specific subject matter related to reading or Math have not had the staff that they have needed for their subject specific requirement, so your history teachers, your home made teachers. Any teacher in other fields have major difficulties finding workshops being available to be able to renew the license. This is trying to fill that gap. So I urge you to defeat the amendment to help your teachers in these other areas subject areas in your schools. Thank you. Further discussion, further debate if not the question for the house is the passage of amendment six offered by representative Lucas, those infavor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote.

60 having voted in the affirmative and 54 in the negative, the amendment is adopted. the lady from Randolph representative Hurley is recognized to send forth the amendment, the clerk will read. Representative Hurley moves to amend the bill on page 18 lines 37-38 by starting between the lines within the following. The lady from Randolph is recognized to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen of the house several of our fire departments have search and rescue teams Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Buncombe County, Greensboro, Granville, New Bern, Fayetteville and New county in Wellington, they need some money for their search and rescue and this amendment just gives a permissive there are 20 million in the fund for the State Emergency Response account and this just gives permission if they will use they may use this dollars refferd 527 original searching rescue teams and for every dollar that they give them to use it allowes to be marched by $1 of local funds I appreciate your support, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Transylvania Representative Whitmire rise? Ask question the amendment sponsor. Does the lady from Randolph yield to the gentleman from Transylvania? Yes sir. She yields. Great respect for Representative Hurley. I have continue since I've talked with you to receive my concern on my other head I wear I work with this a decent amount disaster relief fund that we have I think somewhere around 5 million, that may sound like a lot but when you have an arena or hego or whatever, it can be very quickly and I do understand it's may, but the questions the funds will be this there is many states don't do it the way we do. When we have either a state or federal declared disaster, if it's federal we match 25% of the overall cost the federal match at 75 and as of the presidential disaster declaration, if it's a state only declared, the state pays 75, the local government pays 25 in other states in our policy there are [xx] fifty fifty and other things that you said, so I'm not certain that the five main is [xx] but if it is about figure what's left. Such is that an advance that we can't always predict or determine when we'll be hit by a major hurricane or a major disaster to have to be due to mother nature, it could be cherished event, consequence management et cetera, et cetera. Please elaborate on the neigh that certainly left to the department and also that overall amount and in her case season come the 1st June and we've already had a tropical storm that has started early, last June we had the earliest name land fall in July the 2nd are we taking it from the right source? My answer would be. The lady has the floor to answer that question. Thank you. My answer would be [xx] told me there was 20 million there, and that I think if they had training and helped they can be a big help for what disaster comes and may as what it says it's permissive, so I would appreciate your support only I don't see that there would be a problem. I know if we a disaster, you will need as many hands on deck that are trained. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman Guilford Representative Faircloth rise? Speak on the amendment. Gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. These search and rescue teams are certainly great to have when we have an emergency situation they situated around the state a lot of local funding has gone into them, they don't ask questions when they are needed they jump on that track or what else maybe and they go to help out whether be the cost with the Hurricane whether be a mountain slides in the mountains, they are simply asking for some state help in funding this very expensive operation of keeping up these equipments that they have to use, they are vital to the emergencies we are talking about representative Whitemire I believe. I ask that you support amendment. Further discussion further debate? If not the question before the house is the passage of amendment seven offered by Representative Harley, those in favor will vote aye, those oppose will vote no, the Clerk will open the vote. Clark will lock lock machine and record the vote

108 having voted in the affirmative and six in the negative the amendment is adopted. The gentleman from Union Representative Brody is recognized to send fourth an amendment the court will read.  Representative Brody moves to amend the bill on page 243 line 24 to page 240 line 51 by deleting the lines and submitting the following language to read. The gentleman from Union has the floor to debate the amendment.  Thank you Mr. Speaker and fellow members this is pretty a simple one I guess because I don't know if there's going to be too much discussion, it's just a matter of you making a decision. The department of revenue in the budget has put in a provision that would allow the state to go into a reciprocal agreement with the federal government and what it does is going to say that the federal government will scholar the federal tax returns and find anybody who might owe North Carolina some money and the opposite is going to North Carolina will do the same, so we're probably asking what's wrong with that? Well what the program itself is found under title 31 of the Administrative Code, and this code has been around for about 45 years, maybe 50 years and then in the course of that time only eight states have grabbed onto this program. So what I'm asking you to do is to remove this from the budget and send it back to the committee process. The question being is why are 42 states feeling that this is an unpopular program, and that's basically it. I'm asking you to send it back to the committee, we'll find out why 42 states reject this program and so maybe get a fiscal note on this thing to find out if the money that we're really expecting is going to be there, very simple question and I ask for your support. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake, Representative Dollar rise? To debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. My friend from Union County and I have discussed this amendment and I guess we just come to two different conclusions it is, I do agree with him though that it is a straight up sort of policy issue for this body to decide. This provision came to us as something vetted with the administration that they believe that North Carolina should participate in. It is a reciprocal program for debt collections for folks who have federal contracts, and what this allows is for the state to have reciprocal agreement with the federal government we help the the federal government collect on debts on federal contracts, they help us collect. The state that have implemented this over the years have seen a return to the state, a positive return to the state of anywhere from around a million to $17 million. In this particular case, there was an amount of money originally attached in savings to the state, we did not choose to put that as a savings in the state budget because we felt just starting out we wanted to see how it would actually operate, we didn't know exactly how much it would generate. However, we do programs like this in the state of North Carolina all the time, with respect to the debts that are due to the state of North Carolina so I would encourage you to defeat the amendment to keep the provision in the bill, this should generate money for the state of North Carolina, allow the state of North Carolina to have [xx] reciprocal agreement with the federal government with respect to those who have government contracts when they owe us money. For what purpose does the gentleman from Union representative Brody rise? Just to speak a second time. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment the second time. A couple of things I just to let you know that I do not owe any federal or any of North Carolina. So if anyone suspects it's personally I don't. The other thing is wouldn't you like to know why 42 states in this country have rejected this excellent program and that's all I ask. Further discussion, further debate, if the question before the house is the passage of amendment eight offered by representative Brody, those in favour will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote.

30 having voted in the affirmative and 82 in the negative the amendment fails. The gentleman from Camplin representative Floyd has filed an amendment H97 AMD 27, does the gentleman still wish to proceed with the amendment? Mr. Speaker may have returned please. The amendment will be returned to the gentleman. The gentleman from Wake representative Mark is recognized to send forth an amendment the clerk will read. The amendment is H97AML35. Representative G. Martin moves to amend the bill on page 246 line 12 by deleting bar and submitting including legal services related to work compensation claims more by department employees. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker this is an amendment that I don't think it's going to be a controversial, but I do want to check just one last thing and would request that we could temporally displace this. The amendment will be displaced. The gentleman from Scotland representative Pierce is recognized to send fourth an amendment the Clerk will read. Representative Pierce moves to amend the bill on page 313 lines 27-28 by inserting the following new sections between the lines. Before the gentleman is recognized the Chair would inform the members in the body that should this amendment be adopted it is material amendment, which would mean the bill would not be able to have its second treading today and would push the calender out for Saturday. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker you are very [xxx] I just wanted the gentleman what he was walking into. Thank you Mr. Speaker thank you ladies and gentlemen thank you. Some years back Mr. Speaker, there was a committee you were here and we had the poverty and economic recovery state mission that we talked about [xxx] was very important during that time and I just want to make these statements out here where are you going with this, last year close to one billion working families in North Carolina, claim the [xxx] details IRTC for the first time, excuse me, for the last time. The tax credit bumped 108 million trying to locate [xxx] North Carolina we put an end to that tax in 2013. The EITC only goes to families that work but earn low wages help them keep more for what they earn so that they can support their children and get a foot hold in the label market. The average critic was about 119 in 2002 small investment they can make a big difference for happy looking families pay for their basics. The ICT supports because it helps local wage employed across the state of four things that make the [xx] payers to work, like transportation, child care. It also allows families across the state to keep a little bit of what they earn, and also it helps with necessities and services that car repairs and other necessities of life, it was a great program and we hate that this body feel that would something we should not continue, but I stand this afternoon just put my little two sense something that would really help a lot of our workers, low level families to make a difference in their daily so Mr Speaker I would like if you don't mind I'm hear what you said if you can allow representative Lucas just to have a comment on it please. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland Representative Szoka rise? To debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor, I'm sorry did the gentleman yield before I thought the gentleman to stopped debating? No sir.   I apologize does the gentleman wish to continue debating the bill? Let me just make one statement before he stands Mr. Speaker if you don't mind. Certainly. There was a conversation that I was not privy to but I did hear about it, just wanted to make this statement that some have made. There were some folks who opposed the EXCC excuse me because they claimed that it was a lot of fraud associated with it. The fraud rate that opponents highlight is in the error rate which fraud accounts for only a very  small percentage of errors only half of tax filing were flagged for [xx] so that was not true, most low-income tax payers have their tax

return completed via were responsible for errors and that reduces the error rate, but we just want to say this was a great program for many of our workers, low-wealth workers, low-wealth people people who would not make this much in North Carolina and we just wish we could continue that, but this time I will yield the floor. Thank you Mr. Speaker for up to this but I thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland Representative Szoka rise? To debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment Ladies and gentlemen I want to remind everyone of comprehensive tax reform that was passed two years ago which gave broad tax relief to our taxpayers, particularly more tax relief to those at the lower end, for example married[sp?] filing joint with standard deduction was moved from $6, 000 to $15, 000. That means that currently today and last year and right now, that married [xx] were the first $15, 000 of income is not taxed, is not taxed. I think that more than makes up for loss of this error income and tax credit and the second point I'd like to address is what my good friend Representative [xx] said talked about was fraud and the fraud numbers don't come from the North Carolina Department of Revenue, they come directly from the Department of Treasury or Audit who they have audited at the Federal level EITC every year since 2002. And in 2002 the first year of the audited, there's a 29% and fraud rate if you go look at the audit and they had posted online, you can google and found it yourself, the check out errors they took out errors they took out add the statistics, they took out all this kind of stuff that they corrected for that, and having a Masters in Statistical Analysis I did look at the numbers, and I found what they had done to be mathematically correct. Now, by the time 2014 came around that number of fraud, proven fraud, went all the way from 29% all the way down to 25% it's a huge drop drop, so the last time that this state paid earn income tax credits was about $112 million back in 2012 and do the maths simply comes to about $28 million in fraud. Not errors, not mistakes, out right fraud. I could not vote for $28 million line that was going to a fraud and I suggest you should red on this amendment, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Dam representative Leakey Russ? speak on the amendment.  The gentleman has the floor to debate amendment.  Members of the house, like to think about the question of whether you know anyone who is eligible for their earned income tax credit. If your thinking about that, I will give you an answer And that is look at anyone from our janitorial staff and if that person, one of our Janitors who does such a great keeping our building clean, one of those Janitors has a child one or more that person will benefit from their earned income tax credit, from our state earned income tax credit. So if you saying no to this amendment, you're saying no to the working people who keep our building clean. And I think it humanizes the whole issue, when you think about that, its working people making low salaries and they are working. Please think about that as you consider how you're going to vote on this. Now I don't know if it will convince anybody one way or the other, but I think many of you know that it was actually being promoted by President Ronald Regan. Because Ronald regan had the insight that working people were not really paid enough in their jobs and this is an earned income, that is to say a working peoples' tax credit. Further, I want to address Representative Szoka's comments on the issue of fraud, the fraud point is something that first of all is across our tax code, I have also looked at studies by the department of treasury, and the department of treasury first starts up by saying, it's not this issue of fraud it's an issue of error by error rates we mean that the department make sure check into the RS is looking at the error that they think is there. And when in fact the study was done, was completed it was determined that most of the returns had been flagged for error were in face legitimate returns there was no fraud. The issue that gets kicked around and is really error rate. When you actually look at the error rate there is one other thing that treasury points out. The error rate among business

filers is high, is far higher than the era rate among EITC recipients. The amount of people for example that treasury points out, rent and royalty income has much more fraud in it than does the EITC. So please don't believe all that about fraud, it is not a problem of fraud it is a problem with error rate that are audited. And again rents and royalty high rate of none compliance than anyone with the EITC. So please think about the people who do the very work if you will, recognize that that $100 means something to them even if it wouldn't mean much to you and I urge you to support working families in the state and to adjust on this amendment, thank you.   For what purpose does the gentleman from AS Representative College of AS?   Gentleman supported by A member I just like to say that we have thought about their people who do the dirty work and that's why due to some very good tax of work but Representative Louis Haward and others which are in support and bid to be apart of, we raised the 0% tax bracket as one of our representative Zord Miss just wanted to say what the amazing dollars and cents raising it from $6000 gives and $9000 gives our fellow citizens an extra $517 and 50 cents which is almost exactly $400 more per year than the $119 that we are getting under the tax income credit. So the other income tax credit was as I heard a great program having 0% tax bracket is a great, great, great, great programs. I would ask to votes for this amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cabarrus rise? To ask Representative Szoka a question. Does the gentleman from Cumberland yield for the gentleman from Cabarrus? I do He yields  When we had and I can't say earned income credit, did were there very many essense of folks actually getting more tax than they paid in? Yes that is how that earned income tax works. Mr. President. May I come in? The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. I don't know something changed along the way or what but I remember back when I was making about well six to $7, 000 a year and I got turned in earned income tax credit, I got back exactly the amount I payed in back more, sounds like sudden change along the way if you ask me if he was starting to get back more and paying in, and I certainly can't support that, of course sanity so I ask you to vote no on this amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Hall rise? To debate the amendment. Gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Members I just received a text from my legislative assistant to remind me that they qualify for their own income tax credit so I'd urge the body to vote for your hard working legislative assistants and help them out with this amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Stam rise? To speak on the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment I'm having passed out a calculation on how much the people of the state have saved from a reduction in sales tax and we had another piece of paper passed out earlier by a member Representative Cunningham that the second page shows how aggressive the state sales tax is. We have had $4 billion in reduced collection of sales tax in the last years. That is highly oriented toward poor people and that is a much, there is no fraud there, of course I urge you to defeat the amendment and go home tonight.  For what purpose does the gentleman from Guildford Representative Blast Russ? To see if Representative Peursem yields for a question.  Does the gentleman from Scotland yield to the gentleman from Guildford? Yes sir.  He yields.  Thank you Representative Puersem in Major Salon page one in line 13, it looks like this EITC is being restored for taxable year 2013 and we've already passed the deadline for filing for 2014 and is this the intent of your amendment to retroactively reinstate this and will those claiming have to file something to claim the ending four years income tax credit for 2013. Thank you representative Blest, staff was working on a change then they came to me earlier and said they

were changing it, I don't what happened and I was surprised when the Speaker allowed me to do the amendment without that change on it. I dont know which sheet you have but its J with a 2016 the amendments but I was surprised that the Speaker let me run it because staff was working on the change that date Mr. Speaker, I was surprised when you called and thank you when you called really [xx] make that technical change. [xx] 16. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cambridge, Representative Sucker rise? To debate the amendment the second time. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment a second time. Just two quick points, the first in addressing representative Luke's comment, it is not error that the problem is, it is outright fraud is what is said in the Department of Treasury. Representative Howard has pointed out some issue to tell you that there is some [xx] she is our host right now and that on North Carolina department of Revenue, has in the past, added a pass mark percent of the returns on this state and I have found some more results for the Department of  Treasury, it's not error, it's not mistake, it's not any of that it's not front, so I would again urge you to vote red on this amendment. Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question for the house is the amendment of 10 set forth by Representative Pierce those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will the vote the clerk locking machine record the vote, 44 having voted in the affirmative, 72 voted the negative the amendment bills right from Lake Representative Haves recognize the same forth the amendment, the clerk will read Representative Haves that moves to amend the PCS on page 123 lines 1-8 by rewriting lines three From Lakers report we invite A member Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen what this section does here is to clarify some language in a bill which is opening up access for overnight rested, for individuals who have family members that they're caring for in their home, and need to get away for a weekend or or maybe have issues with other family members and need a secure and safe place for their family member to go for overnight care, and I would appreciate your support for the amendment, thank you. Further discussion, further debate, if not the question before the house is the adoption of amendment 11 set forth by those in favor will aye those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 113 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, the amendment is adopted. For what purpose does the gentleman from Scotland Representative Pierce[sp?] rise? Like to be recorded voting yes. The gentleman will be recorded as having voted aye on the previous amendment. Representative Bobgoner the Chair saw the member in and the chamber is of the question does the gentleman wish to be recorded as aye on that previous amendment? The gentleman will be recorded as having voted aye on the previous amendment. The lady from Wake Representative [xx] is recognized to sent forth an additional memo the clerk will read. Representative [xx] moves to amend the bill [xx] by deleting the lines. The lady has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Solar is this close to this a perfect energy source as currently possible. There's an unlimited supply at least for the next billion or two years. It's clean, if you disregard the issue if content in the panels. That's the discussion for another day. So why I'm introducing this amendment. I'm opposed to solar energy as it exists today for three different reasons that arise from three different aspects of my life. As a Chemist, the facts do not support Solar as a viable long term source, because power we have created enormously successful production of Solar Power, we have neglected to develop an effective, efficient distribution of this power, why? Because we've made it so financially rewarding to produce the power, there's been no

incentive to address it's imminent nature in order to capture it and store it for later use. As a business owner, it is extremely unfair to the business community when we generously support with tax dollars which they've contributed to, the start up of these plans, and then by law guarantee them a market for their product whether it's needed or not. As a Chair of the Health and Human Services Appropriation Committee, my fellow Chairs and I, had to make heart wrenching decisions on literally life and death issues that rested simply on the fact, we didnt have the money we lack the money to provide adequate child care for average kids, we lack money to address the needs for traumatic brain injury patients, we lack the money to provide services for the mentally ill who've been sent back to their communities for treatment that isn't there. If this is the correct, the economic incentive helping start your company and guaranteeing your market then let's make it the business incentives state wide. Yet we know as rational and knowledgeable human beings that won't work, if it's not good for every business then why should it be right for one business? Please support my amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Harnett Representative Lewis rise? Debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker and thank you members. I want to thank representative Afla for bringing this amendment forward. This is not typically an issue that I rise to speak on, but I do want to clarify what this amendment does. The original budget that rolled out a few days ago extended the tax credit on solar investment for four years this amendment would essentially allow it to end this year, the compromise position if you will which is what is in the current PCS is to extend it for two more years. I would ask members to defeat this amendment, not because representative Avris[sp] heart is under the right place, I admire and respect the work that she's has done and I think there's everyone of us in here, that have areas in this budget in which we would like to increase some amount of spent to address the concern that is on bide and this is not an issue to me, although that's how it tries to be played up a lot of the time, between, are you pro solar or anti solar? Do you believe in renewable's? Do you not believe in renewable's? Are you conservative? Are you liberal? I've never actually taken time to speak on this before and if you're going to endorse me I'm going to do it. Here's the truth, anything in the world that helps move our country closer to energy independence I'm for, what does that mean? That means I'm for solar, I'm for cars that get imporved gas milage conservation, I dont want us to throw away stuff if we can recycle it. At the same time, I understand the closely held feelings that we have to pay for these things. I know representative Avra points are right, it does cost more, our power bills are higher because we've made the decision as a society at least for the next two years, padorn me, at least until the end of this year to try and invest in alternative sources of energy. The bottom line, and I'm sorry I talked longer than I intended to do. The bottom line is that I believe that to your extension of this paticular credit, allows the industry the opportunity to complete projects that it has under to complete projects and it has sided but not yet began, but I'll say this and I'll say it now, this ain't no more, I ask

my colleagues to defeat this amendment, to let the language in the budget stand, to extends the tax credit. Actually it extends the tax credit for one year and then its reduced tax credit for the second year, and never again will  I stand on this floor and ask the members to extend the credit beyond the two years that were in the proposed committee substitute. So I do ask all of you to please join with me, with all due respect to the amendment sponsor and defeat this amendment, thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cabarrus Representative Pittman rise? Speak on the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I've already told you before probably tired of hearing it that I'm against any taxpayer funding of private enterprise. Also I have a great concern but I know, I believe Representative Dickson shares, of a lot of good farm land being used up for the solar farms and part of the reason that's happening is because these companies are able to pay these farmers a whole lot more for the use of their land than the people who want to farm, raise crops could do. It seems to me if they're capable of doing that, they can pay so much more money for that land, they don't need our help, they got enough money, and so I just feel like the compromisers in the budget is better than what it was before and move me a little closer to being able vote for the bill, this would move me a lot closer. I just don't feel that there's wise use of taxpayer's money to keep doing this stuff and the sooner we can stop it the better and to me we all stop all substance of these, no matter what the energy source is, but I would ask you to support this amendment, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Craven Representative Spesholi[sp?] rise? To speak on the bill the amendment. The gentleman has the forward to debate the amendment. I appreciate that our colleague won't ask us again to extend this but I can assure you there will be someone in his place that will be doing the same thing two years from now. We have given solar and opportunity we have subsidized them. We have done everything that we can with the tax payer dollars to subsidize an the industry to see if it will take off. There is many, many solar firms out that now it is time to cut the umbilical cord, it is time to let it either stand or fail on its own is one thing to experiment, it's one thing to investigate new technologies, it's a whole another thing to continue subsiding them and by subsidization other is costing us. Electric companies have been forced by power from them regardless of whether or not they need that power. I mean it's just a lot of crazy things going on in the industry, we want to have whatever alternatives that we can. Alternative energies and that's great and again we have subsidized, we've given it a shot, let it expire. That's what I'm asking you, let it expire and let the industry stand on its own and see if it stands or falls. If it falls then it's still on its [xx] and it's not ready, and until it's ready until the free market is ready to support it, they are going to have to put some more work into it. But we need to quit spending the tax payers dollars on to, we need to quit reaching into this cookie and continuing to spend the money as if it was an endless supply because it's not. I ask you to support these amendment for what purpose does the gentleman from Kinder Representative Millers rise? To speak on the amendment The gentleman has the forward to debate the amendment Ladies and gentlemen I will not deliver the issue and repeat what has already been said on this amendment. But I will speak and support and address a few items that I believe for those who spoke against this amendment a little bit mislead on. I've heard the phrase of pursuing energy independence, ladies and gentlemen understanding that extending this tax credit that is supposed to expire, a tax credit that is shifting the tax burden from one to another upon your citizen, it actually gives a subsidize solar in our stage is not leading at all to any energy independence because there is a shadow grid, that is running, that is turning and that is burning to be ready at a moments notice when a cloud passes. Energy independence is not being achieved by curb policies. I've heard the phrase too, we

need to invest in alternative forms of energies. I will not belabor what I've already said on the first point, but understand this, is this body about subsidizing aspects that could be harmful on the backs of our citizens? Or are we about pursuing reasonable forms energy? Just not something that is alternative even though it could be harmful and more expensive. I've heard the phrase about this needs to allow known for a long time that this is not going to continue, but in the industry that built it's investment model out of is actually built in to law by way of politicians understand the uncertainty, everybody faces uncertainty in industries that benefits off of the actual government role you should understand increased uncertainty, so the aspect of a completing existing projects is not true talking about it and this is positive because we're reducing the tax credit with having 35 to be extended on the first year and then 20% in the second year, ladies and gentlemen understand this, currently as verifiable by the Department of Revenue no audit and there's no report of what is actually claimed as expenses that goes for it's credits that are transferable of whether those expenses are valid or not, the state of California is actually ahead of our state of North Carolina in regard to fraud and abuse of claimed the expenses that may not be true. Who knows, you're going from 35 down to 20 and if expenses just happen to increase and it's never checked are you really saving any money for the tax payers? I don't think so. It was also said that this is the last, this is going to be done I've heard it time and again that the members here can't bind future legislature. Ladies and gentlemen we are elected to vote up or down based on matters that are before us today, it's very simple, do you believe in subsidizing a special interest of the backs of our tax payers or not? not do you believe in it two years from now, or someone said this or someone said that, we are elected to make a decision here and now. Ladies and gentleman the time has come, the time has passed, we have pursued tax reform that provides a fair, just, and equitable and uniform tax burden upon our citizens, extending this is harmful, and it is wrong, and I ask you to support Representative [xx] amendment and to vote green For what purpose does the gentleman from Nash Representative Collins rise? To debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. North Carolina is the only state in the south east with a lot of required energy portfolio standards and sets the senate bill three pass that have required this North Carolina residential electricity rates have risen 35% faster in North Carolina than in the rest of the south east, and for industrial customers, they've risen at a 150% faster, two and a half times the rate increase in the rest of the south east. 2013 study entitled Energy Cost Impact on North Carolina families said something which we all know. High energy prices just proportionally hurt low to middle income families in North Carolina. I hear a lot of people stand up in this chamber and in our committee meetings saying that they're for the least of this. I here that term bundid[sp?] around a lot, but you my dad told me when I was young that talk is cheap, and action show what we really have in our heart. I'm against this tax credits because it is the worst version of wealth redistribution that we sanctioned here in North Carolina. I'm against using the tax  code to distribute wealth period, but I'm especially against it when we use it to redistribute wealth from the poor to the wealthy. Which is exactly what this tax credit has been on for the last seven years. To me it`s the most despicable thing we're going in North Carolina. We ran a committee meeting the other day and my seat mate here showed a picture of a house one of the presidents of one of this solar companies 7000 square foot house it cost about $2 million didn't have a solar panel on it and I heard a gentleman who often berates me for not caring about little people say loud enough for me to hear way across the room that this gentlemen was independently wealthy before he became the president of the solar company. To me that's the whole point,

that's the people were giving this money to, so if you can sleep at night if you continue to take money from the poorest of our citizens and give it the richest or our citizens, then vote against this amendment. I'm supporting this amendment and I thank Representative Arvallo[sp?] for bringing this forward to continue this tax credit one more day is a [xxx] against the poor people of the State. For what purpose does the lady from Forsyth Representative Conrad rise? To see if the bill amendment sponsor would yield for a question.  Does the lady from Wake yield to the lady from Forsyth? I do  She yields.  In your presentation of your amendment I'm not sure if you stated the cost factor of this two your extension for the tax credit do you know what that figure is? I don't there are a lot of others that has spend a lot more in depth into those kind of details I can probably defer to possibly Representative Millers. May add for question to Representative Miller? Does the lady yield to an additional Question? I'm sorry, does the Dwighty[sp?] wish to direct the question to whom this I'm sorry represent Millers will re-direct the question Does the gentleman from Henry Hill to Dwighty [xx] I've heard the question Representative Conrad had and I'd be happy to address that, directly it's so uncertain how much it's going to cost because again this claims based on expenses but it's my understanding that our fiscal research has a number around 40 million per year but again as it tiers down now here to look about the till down whether there is a fake given (xx) any or satisfactory and a bill on the past which was called the safe (xx) try and host some paramours so there is a different numbers you may see out there but I just say it is uncertain is to the $40 million range you know because in the year there are just going to come after this claim expenses they see the piece of the part that is left here in North Calorina because you have members that are saying this is no more so there is going to be a major rush to the actual hog troph here in the state this is on the back of our  tax payers I say it is uncertain but it is not good at all Thank you For what purpose does the gentleman from Duplin represent Dixon Ross?  To debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment.  Thank you Mr. Speaker members of the house I think all instances relative to solar I think I've made myself very clear for a period of time. We are in the process of trying to correct the mistake that occurred many years ago and there was a process to where hopes in good faith. Negotiated the very issue that we are talking about here and the result of that negotiation is contained in the current budget without this amendment. I'll just bring up one historical fact in senate bill 1878 in 2008 or 2009 in the fourth audition of that PCS without one word of discussion, without one recorded instant This General Assembly evaded 80% of the property tax value of the improvements on the solar facility. And some of the people in here supporting this ammendment voted to give that 80% of of [xx]. That's where the great tragedy occurred there was negotiation in good faith, the conclusion was drawn and that is presented in our budget and I stand by those negotiations and I ask you to defeat this amendment. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Pender representative Millis rise? To see if representative Dickson would rise for a question. Does the gentleman from Duplin yield from gentleman from Pender? Yes sir. He does. Representative Dickson I I heard that it was said, that there is negotiation in good faith that what you see currently in this budget without this amendment is what was agreed upon. I was individual that have negotiated this issue in good faith for some time in this body and I will tell you that that is not the case, the [xx] provision was all that was to be,

my question to you is are you mis-informed about the fact that this renewable tax credit was supposed to expire and not be extended or I`m I the one that`s mistaken. There`re many things that are mis-informed on, this is not one of them. I'm fully aware Of exactly what is taking place and I`m fully supportive of what currently is in the budget in regardless of your individual attempts to get things your way. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Malone rise? To debate the   The gentleman has the to debate the amendment. I am so conflicted about this. Alright, and I'm all ticked off as well. If I had been here in 2007, I would have voted against the whole package, and I come up here and we're doing what we're doing, we're having these discussions and 681 comes along and we're in or in a committee, and I just thought it was a bad bill, but I did think It had a lot of good points and we pass 760, with those good points in it and I was happy to vote for it. I didn't mind getting attacked for it that's just part of what we do. This Amendment brings the situation back up and I have to go back over, and take another look at it. I'm going to sit here and I'm going to look at this yellow, this green and red button, I'm going to push one of them, I'm not 100% sure which, but I don't have a good feeling about any of these, I do have a problem with the idea that the Solar industry do have this contract, and I supported them because I think there're a lot of people who's jobs depended on it, and we did have a contract and I didn't like the bill, but on the other hand I'm kind of surprised maybe it's my fault that I wasn't aware of the fact they were also getting tax credit snail take ahead on that one. But it's kind of like it, you're getting it now and then you're getting it again, I'm not sure I like that either, I say voters consiscious feel good with whatever is is  that you do and we will see in about 30 seconds or so what is it that I'm going to do thanks. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston representative Baumgardner rise? To debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker I was speaking in favor of this amendment because everybody in this room that pays power bill get's a renewable fuel surge on that power bill, and I have an issue with that, I have always had an issue with that, I don't think it should be that if the rate, if this solar panel or renewable any other renewable fuel companies can complete in a market place if they can sell power from however they want to generate it and sell that power and make money then good, good for them, but for us to give them a subsidy and I've looked at some these companies I see who owns on I see where ultimately some of that money goes, I think it's a mistake and I support the amendment and I would ask you to do the same. For what purpose does the gentleman from Nash representative Collins rise. See if representative Millers would you yield for question. Does the gentleman from Pender yield to the gentleman from from Nash? I do Mr. Speaker. He yields. Representative Millers I know you are instrumentally negotiating house bill 760 would you describe for us after that negotiated settlement for what the sunset would have been based on that agreed upon settlement that we sent to the senate. Yes Sir a part of deliberations that went from house bill 681 and therefore into 760, it was understood that the safe harbor provision that already passed which was allowing 80% of certain facility that were [xx] to continue all the tax on credit and that there will be no further extension it is beyond that, that, that

was a part of the overall negotiations of all the other reforms associated with 681 which transferred into 760 I can have peace of mind and cleanness of heart and that was the facts and I know there are a lot thing she shared here today but I can walk in truth knowing that the safe harbor provision was the only extension of any type of tax credits of renewables that were going to be passed out of this chamber. My follow up. Does the gentleman yield to the additional question?  I yield. He Yields.  And then when we saw this budget, I think that tax credits were going to be 2020, is that correct? That is correct to the PCS to the finance piece our Monday came out there was a surprise to see a four year extension which would be to 2020 on this provision. A followup? Does the gentleman yield for an additional question? I do Mr. He yield and so then had to begin a new round of negotiations which eventually, or which eventuated into the dates that we now see before us which extended beyond what 760 deed which is what representative Arville[sp?] is trying to repeal, is that correct? That is correct, this provision here, this amendment here is seeking to hold true to the good faith negotiations that actually happened that I was involved in as the anchor sponsor of the reform legislation and not more or less the negotiations of those who occurred outside of my preview as the anchor sponsor of an a reform negotiation.  Great comment. The gentleman from Nashville has floor to debate the amendment.  I would say that if you have to constantly renegotiate alreay negotiated points, that's not negotiating in good faith and I remain in favor of this amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from [xxx] Representative [xxx] rise? To see if Representative Millers will yield for a question?  That's the gentlemen from [xxx] yield to the gentleman from Gilford.  I do Mr. Speaker. He yields. Thank you representative Mills, I'm trying to just get this very straight, crystal clear, this amendment will simply restore us to the status quo, of 760 that passed this house and a fairly overwhelming vote a few weeks ago, is that not right? Yes, Representative Blest, the aspect of the renewable tax credit was supposed to sunset. It was extended by way of this budget as a part of all the energy reforms negotiations that I have been a part of as the anchor sponsor of 681 as well as the anchor sponsor of the reg reform bill that the sunset was supposed to sunset. This amendment offered by representative Avler actually allows the sunset to sunset and to not be extended in light of the good faith negotiations that occurred by myself. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, Representative [xxx] rise?  I have a point of inquiry of the speaker,  The gentleman may state his inquiry. Will it be appropriate this time to take about five minute recess and allow the sergeant - at - arms to distribute the new budget materials and perhaps make a new brief respect for some members.  Well, we are actually, the gentleman's [xxx] is the last one so the Chair was about to submit present the question to the body on this question. Seeing no further discussion the question before the house is the passage of amendment 12 offered by Representative Abel. Those in favor will vote aye, those oppose vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will open the machine to record the vote. 38 having voted in the affirmative and 77 in the negative, the amendment fails. The lady from Gilford Representative, and actually the Chair will direct the Sergeant at Arms to go distribute the copies of the budget this time. The lady from Gilford Representative Harrison is recognized to send an amendment the clerk will read.   [xx] Representative Harrison moves to amend the bill on page 309 lines 17 to 31 by rewriting the lines to read. The lady is recognized to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker.  Out of respect to you and the rest of the chamber I'm going to pull that amendment. The lady has withdrawn the amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from [xxx] Representative Zachary rise?  Members the chair is considering taking a dinner break at this point, it's about 6:20. It appears that we have Madam clerk, how many amendments do we have, I haven't counted them but there is quite a screen-full. We have 68 total amendments, we

have disposed off 13, which means that there are 55 left. The chair does not believe there, I don't believe there is any more amendments eligible at this point, so that is our task before us. The chair is going to suggest that we have a dinner break here momentarily and that we reconvene, we'd like to confer with the rules chair and the majority leader, just a moment The chair is about to put the house into recess until 7:30 to allow folks to have a proper dinner break, because it does appear that the way we're going that we would be here probably until midnight and probably a few minutes after midnight, so that is the plan. For what purpose does the. Notices and announcements before we recess? If not, the house is going to stand in, just a moment And, thank you for the rules Rules chair, for clarification, if members have requested amendments, they're eligible of course as announced previously the time to request has passed quite a bit ago, but as long as the members have requested amendments they are still eligible, and I think they maybe a few that are still trickling in that are going through the process. Notices and announcements? If not, the house is going to stand in recess until 7:30