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Joint | May 21, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Speaker Moore

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Good afternoon, the great deal of work, we've rolled out and are continuing to work on budget that really works for the priorities of North Carolina. We are a dynamic state we are growing the house leadership has responded to a number of changes that we've had including bring more good pay jobs to the state, we've had this surplus as a result of that, the tax reform we've done hence fourth, realy have us in a great position right now this budget that we're going to be talking about today, recognizes a commitment we had for the people of this state, to see further job growth, to see improvements in our transportation funding, see more money being put into education, to fund in the key in the core priorities of North Carolina, prudent responsible budget has already to expect a $400 million surplus that we can use to pay off some of the recession [xx] cuts and debts we've had to deal with over this last four years there a number of highlights some of the key one's will be that we're going to have pay increases for our state employees, for our teachers. We also have some targeted increases for high need areas that Chairman Dollar is going to speak to also. Key points of course will be that we're raising the starting salaries for new teachers from 33, 000 to 35, 000. We are going to also make sure that we take care of highway patrolmen where there has been high turn over, issues there, the prison officials a number of things that we've needed to do for quite sometime we're doing in this budget. We've also put substantial money into savings, reserves, repairs and innovation. And we've for years and years the repair and renovation, maintenance of our buildings have been kicked down the road, they just keeps getting kicked down and kick down, we've said enough is enough, we need to deal with these issues, we need to find these critical needs. The economic development is a big part of the budget as well, we want to make sure the governor has the tools that he needs to recruit new industries and to retain the industries that we have in North Carolina so we also provide added for funding of those things. Another thing that hasn't been talked about a lot but is very important is the modernization needed for the court system, and the Chief Justice spoke to us very early on in session about the state of the Judiciary, and we have adopted a lot of those recommendations to try to modernise our courts, to approve efficiency, to make sure folks have access to justice and to make sure that the courts function efficiently. And on the other side, when we talked about the prison guards and those things, to make sure that judgment's carried out effectively. We have a good system in place, we're very proud of our JPS funding that we have. Overall, this is a great budget that represents a very balanced approach to seeing that the needs of North Carolina are met. We're investing in pay raises for our employees, critical infrastructure needs in development, and really trying to move this state forward with economic development. The team behind me here, these folks, the Chairs have worked for months. They've put in very long hours including this week and weeks before, those of you who are here at the Capitol Press Corps or come by at night when now you drive by a lot and you see lights on in these offices, and they're not on because somebody forgot to turn off the switch, they're here because members have been here working diligently early in the morning and late at night to try to come up with a good budget. To get buy in of stakeholders, to make sure folks have been heard, and we're very proud of the product that we're rolling out today that's going to be considered in committee again for one final review, and then on to the floor. With that being said, I did want to recognize our Senior Appropriations Chair Nelson Dollar to make some comments. Thank you Mr. Speaker, and I believe the Speaker has really covered all the highlights. I would want to simply add my thanks to the four Chairs of the Appropriations Committee and all of the Chairs of the various Appropriations Committees that make up a very large system and very large segment of our General Assembly putting together the budget. As you know the budget is the largest, and possibly most important document that we have and we are very pleased is to with all of the leadership of these fine people and others who are still working right we'd be pleased to respond any question that we might be able to answer with respect to the budget and some of these olks maybe be call on to assist as well yes sir. Can you kind of details what the speaker just said you were proving the judicial system and all I can heard give another view of what you are doing there. Watch the folks in JPS and may currency if we have one of our JPS chairs here chairman Farecroff if you come over here we might need to calling you for some additional expertise, but one of the principle elements one of the key elements is to make sure that we are allowing people to electronically file

their cases you can do that in the appeal courts, but we currently do not have that in supleme court and the lower court so we're investing money owed by [xx] most of it is non-recurring money to fully modernize our court system, and this of course was a major priority for the Chief Justice. And we're also putting other money in to the courts so that they can really run, and Chairman Faircloth might be able to provide a few more details on them. I think one of the most important things we're doing is to take the justice the team from North Carolina, which is the enforcement arm, the courts and corrections, and where we have found places where communications were not taking place as they should, we weren't accommodating people the best that we possibly could. We're trying to have everything interactive, and all parts of the justice system have received help in this budget where in the past few years we've had to chip away at it, and we have seen that we were getting to a sort of a critical point with the justice system, we have taken care of that I think in this budget. Next. Yes Sir. What changes are you making DMV fees and other transportation revenues? the issue their really is a long term issue and every state is working to address this issue. How do you fund your infrastructure, your roads, and your transportation network? And in North Carolina we've certainly relied heavily on the gas tax, in North Carolina we have a strong tradition of not putting those costs on the local government the way they do in other states, and we're looking, having been exploring a range of areas that could be addressed in order to make sure we have the infrastructure we need because we know how important it is for our economy all across the state. The provision that's been in the end with respect to the increase of fees is being looked at and that, will be a part of that is going to be addressed in the exposure rules committee in a little while because their was some concern that some if those fees were may be being raised a little more aggressively. then some were interested in and so we are continuing to look at and find that, but I really think the long term issue is something that the general assembly is going to continue to be working on and that is making sure that we can fund our long term transportation needs and certainly we are very pleased with the reforms the STI reforming that was done last year a year before last that was a monumental bill and I think we are going to continue work on those issues moving forward, do you ever change the views in PCS?, Their would be some adjustment there probably some downward adjustment in those I don't have the details at this moment. Probably I've pointed too many more questions I didn't want the majority leader to be able to speak also Thank you Mr. Speaker, thank you chairman Dollar. You know this is a great budget for us as [xx] you know that in finance we had some adjustment to do and thank me if you've reported that I had voted against the bill today as it still stand its a great budget for North Carolina it's a good conservative budget it does right thing for the economy it drives us forward it does right thing with the surplus we've got it does thing with taxes and with our seasons moving forward and I commend chairman [xx] and the team for what they've done for this budget. Thank you Mike. Yes ma'am. Two questions actually. One, is it operative hospital that at a PCS used to be offered 24 hours before I can be veted on I will refer to the rules chairman on that technical issue but I don't believe that's the case. What's requires is simply leave with the house or end up doing that doesn't require suspense of the rules just with leave with the house so will say, and under the circumstances I think most members would rather because they're going to be on the floor for several hours most members would rather have a chance to review whatever the next few hours than being even the good news I think they'll come back Friday and Saturday. That will be the alternative [xx] I think its important to [xx] that 99.9% of the states that's been online since at least one more than for everybody to look at and digest. Right, some of the things that have been the most controversial, are things we're now hearing have changed, and so we're currently get a handle on that. Somebody can let our readers and viewers

know, for example some of the taxes and sentence some of those are being ruled back in tax credits, can anyone speak to that? We Dollar Mr. [xx] speak to that and then welcome. You gentlemen tell me if I missed something here but, the PCS will remove the extension of the RND tax credit. There'll be a technical adjustment, this is not really part of the PC yes, but as part of the agreement that was reached with respect to some of the renewable energy issues, the actual costs there have dropped. There'll also be a reduction of $20 million first year and $20 million second year adjustment in the film grants that will be part of that as well. I think those are the major pieces. And I agree with Chairman Dollar, we've gone through this for the last probably 48 hours working late into the night, 10, 11 o'clock at night trying to determine where we need to be, and what's the best budget for North Carolina. These differences, these changes make a big difference for a lot of us, I think they put the money in the best place. We didn't get into it, but we're fully funding our UNC system, which we think that's very important for us. We want to make sure we're funding the core principles of what government's here to do, educate its citizens, provide a safety net, build infrastructure and protect its citizens. We want to make sure that we're putting the dollars, the trusted dollars that citizens give us, that they they have they give us willingly, and we want to make sure we put this in the right place of benefit the North Carolina citizens. And I think that's what you see this adjustment has done, it's kind of like having children as they grow up you perfect them, you perfect them, you perfect them. By the time we get this vote out it'll be perfect. I like that prediction, I like that. Next. Yes sir. Just a question for you Representative Hager, I know you had mentioned earlier that you were the ones who had a no vote earlier in the week, with the budget the way it stands now, do you see as having enough votes in the republican caucus to pass and I guess pass with flying colors later tonight. I do, I do with the changes again, growing that child up as I talked earlier and it's gotten better and better as we've met, and these guys have put Chairman's Dollar[sp?] has put [xx] work into this. I don't know how much sleep he's gotten in the last week, but it can't be much because I've been here with him a lot times, and he's been earlier than I have and stayed later than I have. So this budget has just gotten better and better as we've gotten better and better we're well ahead of where we need to be as part of our vote count. yes, says from the senate side how are they going to asses your budget and what they're going to do to it? I think they're going to just going to pass it I like that for checks, that's good. Next  There's a number of incentives and tax credits and giveaways and special interest how will boards not look at that as a betrayal of confidence and tax reforms that having been taking place  over the past couple of years? Certainly looks like a reversal of course. I think the adjustments are modest but chairman Luis, I think. Thank you for the question, I think it's very important to point out that only two short years ago we had the highest personal and highest business income tax rate in the South East. We have taken steps to make sure the working families can keep the money that they earn. We have taken steps to make sure that businesses want to stay, and continue to grow, and invest here in our state with that said, we said two years ago that we felt tax reforms was a process is a journey, it's not the ultimate destination at which you arrive. We never praying that everything was perfect when it was past. So it's important to understand and I've used this example in this very room before if you think about your tax policy and your regulatory policy, it's been a lot in there regulatory reforms as well think of that as a diving board of the pool if you will and the swimming pool below you is coming do do the business in the state, we lowered the board by reforming our taxes and we lowered the board by cleaning up and reforming some of our [xx] sometimes we ask a little wince, to get them off the board and he'll provide good jobs for our people so we think with the governors leadership and the advise and direction from the general, that we've much less dependent since we've been in the past, but to pretend that there isn't still some need to get them into the poll is not just as realistic. [xx] A word for Speaker Moore, what do

you think is different about this project, compared to previous year that we got more than just token democratic, support for democratic, what do you say for democratic, what have you said for democratic I have been to the democratic, very simple to what have said to republicans and everyone else and I think this is a very balanced approach to a budget we were fortunate that the tax reforms and the improving economy have resulted in more revenue for our state in a week, if you think about the cash we had to make will be the last four years. Thank you, we never making cash but we had to make sure we that we join this recessionary period, reduced taxes to try to support the economy, it worked but I think we're unable to find a lot of things, we're able to find and restore a lot of it now we really tried to focus the money where we think on this together, we focused a lot on education this is a very, very poor education budget, you told me 2% pay rise is for teachers and states in ohio[sp?] talking about making sure if money is going in education and be there to fund things there are electronic text books we've done a lot of initiatives try to really move the ball down the field to improve education and for a number of my collegues I mention education it's more than juts a political issue I have two sons those I want the best for them and every other child in the state and I submit to this budget does that and I believe that you'll see today you have strong bipartisan vote for this bill. I genuinely believe that it really does find the priority and it does so responsible and it's different from since the republic has been in charge because we actually have a little bit of extra money now it's no enough money to make everybody happy to around and never will be we can actually instead of having to do cuts we can go back and actually restore those things that we have to deal with in the past. And one thing I want to mention about representative Louis's remarks about tax reform, if we were able to to put back in the deduction the medical production in this for folks who had extremely high medicals bills who need that tax deduction, we were able to put that in we had lot of refers from folks back in our districts, that this was a critical issue so we've put that back in the budget as well so there is an additional tax relief in this budget as well. Is that just for senior citizen's or? That's for everybody and is provisions for everybody. Any body else? I'm glad it was such a budget perfect budget there were so few questions we are glad to be able to do that for you. Thank you very much we will keep you posted the rules will be meeting next and it's going to be on the floor 3 O'clock today. Can I ask one more other question? Sure. What did you learn from the present budget as speaker? Well you can't do it at the back of a napkin with a calculator I'll say that and I should have taken more Maths classes thank you all very much.