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House | May 20, 2015 | Chamber | House Session, Part 2

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That the house prepares to return from recess thank you. The house will come back to order but chair will ask members to please their seats we have a special guest guest with us today and before we go there I do want to do a couple of courtesies of the gallery that we should we would have on behalf of Representative Susan Martin and Jean Farmer-Butterfield of Wilson County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to the following individuals from the Wilson Chamber of Commerce Dynamic Leadership. To Lond Warston Kerly Chase Mayer Corco, Melissa Evans, Blake Godwin, Melissa Howell, Joey Lam, Reindeer Leggings, Joe Marks, Clay Scotts, Stephanie Shorts and Claudia would you all please stand so that we could welcome you for being with us today, thank you for being with us. members the chair to advice we have a special guest to be addressing us momentarily and that is Miss North Carolina Beth Stovall she is the Chair directs the following escort committee be appointed representative John Bale, Lary Bale, William Braison [xx] are appointed to serve as an escort committee for our special guest Mrs North Carolina would ask those members and representative would have those members to retire into escort Miss North Carolina in representative Hager the returner is that way not this way the gentleman was confused Is the escort committee is ready? Or do Representative Heinz[sp?] have a [xx] on the other side of the building right now? The chair would direct the sergeant at arms to invite the escort committee and Miss North Carolina into the House I would ask the members to please rise and welcome our guest when she enters. That that is not Miss North Carolina. Please come in. Members you may be seating there was great ends and disappointments when representative Whitemire walked in as we were waiting for you so we are glad you came in members just an order to introduce Miss North Carolina Beth Stover who is from Goles Bole and she is a daughter of she has been attending UNC Wellington with a major in Baker performance studies her platform is inspiration art she developed this to inspire students to explore and discover their talents. Having collaborated with local arts councils and schools, Beth plans to partner with the North Carolina Arts Council in schools state-wide to help foster and promote education, funding and support for the arts in public schools. She is truly an inspiration to many of North Carolinians and it's an honor to welcome you to the North Carolina House of Representatives and we look forward to hearing from you. Ma'am, you have the floor to address the house. Thank you Mr. Speaker, members of the House of Representatives and especially Representative John Bell for helping escort me in today. In addition to being a representative of the Miss America Organization, as Miss North Carolina, I'm also an avid lifelong advocate for the arts. With that being said, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support, your leadership and your support of House Bill 138. I truly believe that

with perseverance and a positive attitude, we will be able to achieve our goal of creating a paradigm shift from the arts are nice, to the arts are necessary. before the pageants, before my platform, art and soul, before deciding to major in music and pursue a career in vocal performance, I was just a young girl who loved creativity and self-expression. I am where I am today because someone believed in me enough to me and helped me hone my creative skills. And that person was Lisa West. Because of her positive and attitude. I begun to realize my potential for success and that I could actually pursue a career in music performance. she was my middle and high school chorus teacher. I would not be here today addressing you all as an aspiring operatic performer and Miss North Carolina 2014 if it weren't for Miss West. I'm a product of her instruction, and I'm a product of arts education in North Carolina. The arts are valuable and vital if we are to have have a bright and creative future ahead of us. Art has the power to transform the lives of young people especially. Let's never forget that those involved in the arts problem solved in new and creative ways because in addition to knowing how to think outside the box, they understand the box itself. No limitation can stop someone who understands the importance of art in our lives. Because of my arts education, I didn't give up after being rejected from music schools, nor did I give up after not winning Miss North Carolina after my first try because my art instructors gave me the tools that I needed for success I'm who I'm today Miss North Carolina 2014 a known finalist chalene award winner miss America and an aspiring operatic star and a very passionate person I'll add that in there. Can you imagine what our future will be like if every student in North Carolina and our nation has the same opportunity to fall in love the arts that I did? never give up on making that future a reality. I simply can imagine that I will be majoring in music aspiring to become a professional performer, or choosing to perform classical orias all the way Miss America stage if it work for my art education, for this reason it is extremely important to me that every student have that same opportunity that I had to fall in love the art and realise their potential for success no matter what they choose to achieve in life. This is the power that the arts have to enrich lives and enhance the skills we need to achieve our dreams. Arts education is the gateway to a brighter future. So thank you once again from the very bottom of my heart for helping make those dreams become reality by supporting that gateway and believing in the awesome power of the arts, thank you. Thank you again Miss [xx], we're honoured that you're here with us today congratulate you on your achievements and certainly wish you the best, thank you. Thank you. The escort committee will escort Miss North Carolina to the retander[sp?] Thank you again. Also our motion representative John Bale lary bale and Dickson of Wayne county the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Victoria Basket who is 2015 Miss Goldsboro, Miss basket could you please stand so that we could welcome you with us as well today House will be released just a moment. The house will come back to order. Representative Louis chair of the committee on rules calendar and operation of the house is recognized recognize to sent forth the committee report the clerk will read. Representative Louise moves calendar on operations of House committee report House bill 97 2015 the probations act favoral committee substitute number three and committee favoral committee substitute number two.committee number two is placed on the unfavorable committee substitute number three calendar and without objection today's calendar so ordered. Members it's the chair just

consulted both the the majority leader and the minority leader, the minority leader has requested to have time for staff to review with the minority caucus, the Chair believes that's a reasonable request and will grant that in consulting with the parties it's been determined an appropriate start time would be 6:30 this evening we would start the budget deliberation at that time that will give caucus exempt property handed up to debate the bill, the bill as we speak is being uploaded to the dashboard of this time so we are able to actually get that moved up so we really to our staff who are listening out there we really appreciate you diligent efforts to do that. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rutherford representative Hager rise? For announcement Mr. Speaker. Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker republicans will caucus immediately after session in room 1228. Representative Hord does the gentleman has an announcement about a democratic Caucus? Thank you Mr. Speaker. The democrats will caucus 15 minutes after recess from here 15 minute after recess. For what purpose does the gentleman from Union Representative Horn rise? Point of personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor for a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Today we celebrate May 20th, May 20th 1775 when Charlotte's rebellious and visionary spirit in history, begun with two dozen prominent civic leaders who signed and approved the Mecklenburg declaration commonly referred to as Meck Dec. The first declaration of independence in this country. Something we can all be proud of as North Carolinians, the rebellious history of Charlotte and Mecklenberg county paralyses a rebellious culture of it's colonial inhabitants. Consider the Ulster-Scots also called Scotch Irish who came to the states from British northern island is in endurance service but not surprisingly bring with him a hatred of British operation that was easy for me to say this days are trying to honour state flag along with people 1776 the date [xx] the [xx] was a name given to the resolution adopted North Carolina the entire state of North Carolina on April 12 1776 the adoption of the resolution was the first official action in the american calling for independence from great Britain during the American revolution, North Carolinians have lead the way, all the way we are now america we've ever sent the shan great for proprincidy even a lot for a good fight, we probably going to see one beginning shortly. But in the final analysis we are all a family and just like those colonial in 1776 who showed the great proprincidy for fighting amongst themselves did come together because this we may fight with each other we all so fight for each other Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen just take a minute and think about it we've led the way since 1775 and North Carolina will continue to lead the way into the future thank you very much Mr Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland  representative Soccer rise for a point of personal privilege the gentleman has the floor to speak to the point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr Speaker ladies and gentlemen you'll find a little invite there I want to explain what that is in last years the last budget that we passed two years ago this body and the senate graciously appropriated $125, 000 to complete the committee structure in our state section ceremony located in Carmel In county people in carmel In county raised double that in so that the structure is done and is being re-committed and all the families who have put their love ones to rest there thank you for that vote and that time and you've surely come to the rededication ceremony, thank you. Further notices and announcements if not subject to the we refer bills and resolution in the proceeding committee reports the House is going to stand in recess until 6: 30PM.