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House | May 20, 2015 | Chamber | House Session, Part 1

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May I have your attention please. Visitors please retire from the chamber as the house prepares for its session, thank you. The house will come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber, the sergeant at Arms will close the doors. Members and visitors will please silence all electronic devices. This morning's prayer will be offered by representative McNeil members and visitors on the gallery are asked to stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance, representative McNeil. Thank you. Before we pray. I would like to ask all members to remember my father, his name is also Allan mcNeil, had a heart catalyzation yesterday. He's at home and is doing fine, is doing well today. But your a thousand players for him will be appreciated. Let us pray. Our most precious heavenly father we thank you and praise you today that you're mighty and loving and adjust Lord. Today I use passages from your words to show that your love and justice God says in his word in John 3:16 that 'For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. That whomsoever believe din him should not perish' have an everlasting life, and in Romans 3:23 God's word says, "for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" and in Romans 6:23 God's word says for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and in Romans 10:13 God's word for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, God's desire today is that all would have a personal relationship with him. that is my prayer also today. Guide us Lord in all that we say and do today, that we might be an example for you it might give you the honor and glory in all things, in Jesus Christ name I pray, amen. Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of The United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all The gentlemen from Wake, Speak of [xx] [xx] is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, the journal from may 19, is examined and found to be correct,  I moved to be approved as written, speaker Stan moves the journal from May 19th be approved as written those in favor will say aye those oppose no the aye's have it and the journal is approved as written. Gratification today's resolutions, the Clerk will read. [xx] reports the following resolutions, dully verified proper roles and prepared for presentation to the office of the Secretary of State so we draw resolution 714, our drawn resolution are in the deeply tables in the women 2015 national basketball championship check the bills will be noted members our nurse of the day Sindy Hord from Apex North Carolina Miss Hoard thank you for being here with us today. Representative's, Dollar, Johnson, Lambeth and McGrady are recognized to sent forth the committee report, the clerk will read. Representatives Dollar, Johnson, Lambeth, McGrady, appropriation committed report house bill 97, 2015 appropriations act. Favarable committee substitute number two, unfavorable committee substitute number one and we refer to pensions and retirement. Unfavorable as to committee substitute number one, favorable as to committe substitute number two which is re-referred to the committee on pensions and retirement, the Chair further directs that a serial referral to the Committee of Rules, calender and operations, the House be headed to said the Bill. Members the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the floor to Mrs Lisa Davis, who is the assisting clerk for the Mississippi House of Representatives. She is here this week through an Associate Exchange Program with the American Society legislative clerks and secretaries. She will be spending time shadowing the clerk's office, and learning about our legislative process. Miss Davis we're glad have you here with us, would you please stand so that we can properly welcome you today. Thank you. Messages from the Senate. Hospital wanting, charity, welfare [xx] of education, elections. Counter. Members, my way of giving an update on where we stand on the schedule today there are pitches of retirements committee is going to meet at 11 o'clock, Representative Nell will be making that announcement momentarily, and the house is going to

finish with notices of announcements the house will stand and recess till noon. The purpose of the house coming back at noon will simply be to have the bill come back earned from pensions and retirements and the bill to be sent on to the rules committee and I believe Representative Louis is going to call a rules committee meeting tentatively for 12:30 at this point so I'm not sure how long that will take but we'll once when we come back at noon, we'll know how long we will sit in recess. We'll also look to see the nature of the amendments and where we stand to see if we're even going to attempt to try to do second reading on the budget bill today it is the chairs' intention at this point although I'm not in this iron clad at this point until we see how the day goes. But it does appear where we are from a scheduling standpoint it takes roughly four hours for the bills to be printed, copies to be made and all that so there's just a logistical issue of that. So if best case scenario let's say rules are made at 1:30, excuse me at 12:30 we come in at one and then went back into recess, the soonest that we would be able to start the budget will be around 5 O'Clock this evening. That may be, I don't know if anyone thinks that, if anyone thinks it's a good idea please raise your hand as opposed to a Thursday, Friday session. Can somebody Representative Hall, you only vote once not twice, come on. We're going to keep that open and see where we stand. The options are very simply to have a session this evening that will start at around five o'clock and go to some period of time or potentially to simply come back tomorrow morning, have all day on Thursday, and then do third reading depending upon how late we're here on Thursday, either, very early Friday morning or some other time on Friday so that's why we are logistically either way it does appear Thursday will be a long day here in the house so I don't know if we will make a gain by trying a second reading today, but we will keep you updated perhaps, in case we get through the day, we are just trying to is it truly does take four hours for all the copies that have to be made, and you've all seen the budget bill how thick it is. It is a pretty the arch document and staff goes back to it and makes sure there's no problems, so. For what purpose does the gentleman from Randolph, Representative McNeill rise? For an announcement, it's the appropriate time. Gentlemen is recognized to make his announcement. For the members of the pension in retirement committee, we will be meeting in room 4:15 at 11:00 am this morning, please bring your budget books with you. Thank you. And the clerk reminded me we will have a session today at three. Miss North Carolina will be here with us today speaking with us, though at session. We will have that at 3:00 o'clock today so go ahead and put that on your calendar. for what published us the gentleman from Cumberland and representative Gracier arise? Thank you Mr. Speaker for an inquiry of the chair. The gentleman may state his inquiry. Thank you, just in this process and I made Mr Dan an email yesterday, that whats the deadline that you would like for floor amendments to be given the staff? well I mean we don't have a budget bill freedom in right now I certainly think if you have a concept of an amendment to have that in place but I can't answer that just yet I think really honestly Representative Glacier depends where we get to determining the schedule. We will get that deadline later in the day. Alright thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland, Representative Floyd rise? Inquiry Chair. The gentleman may state his inquiry. Mr. Speaker with the schedule that you provide you mentioned a Friday session, is any way possible that we can work to avoid that Friday session? As you look at the schedule. The only way to avoid the Friday session, and I'll try to make this as brief as can wait I get to the week too much of how this has to work, will be if we did second reading today and we went however long we go and then we came back tomorrow probably the normal hour of the day probably if I say morning I don't mean midnight I mean like at 9:00 am or some normal time  and in all day again tomorrow or how long it takes I mean a lot of folks may have to withhold the debate to a second reading you kind of save it for third on Thursday, it just depends how many amendments Representative Ford they were almost 80 something amendments on appropriations. 104 amendments on appropriations I don't know

if those same amendments will come back, but that's what we are dealing with, so to think that we could truly hear all those amendments and start at five O'clock this evening and get that done, that's going to be really tough but I do want to see how things go, I think a lot of it depends how somethings play out in the other two committees as well. The gentleman is recognized for a follow up. So the five O'clock session What would prevent us from going to second reading other than at the 84th minute. I thing maybe 15 or 20 may appear, so what would prevent us from having concluded the second reading today. There's nothing in the rules that prevents us from having a session today at five o'clock or whatever time for that matter. There we want to have sessions to take the budget up. I'm just trying to be mindful of making sure that the body has an ample opportunity to see the budget, to review it and have four debate on the process, and to make sure that this, we've tried to be very transparent and open in this entire budget process and so it's just simply a logistical matter of not overwhelming folks  but we would, probably what I would do is to be kind with you is to, check in with my caucas then check in with your caucas,  to see what the intentions caucas are. on this and if it appears that there's overwhelming majority one way or the other we'll probably get that way For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham representative Horle rise? Announcement Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker and Democrats will caucus in 1425 immediately after adjourning here. Members we actually have two groups visiting with today want to recognize we have a school group from St. Marcus Catholic in Huntersville, would you all please stand so that we can welcome you? Thank you for being with us today. We also have a group of students from Hall River Christian School in Pittsburgh, could you all please stand so that we can welcome you as well? Thank you for being with us For what purpose does the gentleman from Lake Representative Dollar rise? The gentleman is [xx] to rise to a point of personal privilege. Point of personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor for a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker for figured out all of these. I would just offer or suggest to one thing that the [xx] leader may want to think about the chamber may want to think about it is  its session ought to be on Thursday depending on the technical matters, one of the things that could be done is if there was an agreement that all that maybe agreed upon amendment sir, we taped all amendments on second reading and then third reading could potentially various we have done in the past if it runs late on Thursday night, it could be early after midnight on Friday or it could be very early Friday Morning if we dispense with all the amendments and then maybe both sides potentially agree to have speeches, floor speeches, for a set amount of time on both sides. On third reading and that would get you out fairly early, Friday morning one way or the other, so I think there're some options there depending obviously as Mr. Speaker said, depending on staff's ability to be able to get the document produced and before us. But I do think we've to realize that we'd probably have some debate and a number of amendments that these folks would want to bring forward, and we must go ahead and kind of have that in our thinking. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Hayward Representative Clin rise? For a point of personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor for a point of personal privilege. Well, I hope some of you've been visited by the members of the arts community today but I want to invite you to the back part of our building here at 12.30, two of highway Kennedy's finest young musicians are going to be playing Treven and Travis Stewart old time feeling

Banjo, the real deal so if you want a little event, they will be here at the Legislature 12.30, thank you. Members also one of the thing the Chair is considering consult with the caucus on this, should we decide not to proceed with the budget today, there is a chance we have, I think about four or five those that appear to the chair to be pretty non controversial that were reported Addison's committee some house bills we made take those up this afternoon but if that were the case that would be at the three o'clock session so, but again the chair doesn't believe there is a controversy so I can take it, if they are controversial we won't do them, so we'd probably try to get those around aand get those to those, but again 3P. M we will have Miss North Carolina here to speak to the other house Further notices and announcements. For what purpose does the gentleman from Harteck, Representative Louis rise? For an announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Mr. Speaker, I'd encourage members in ancient parties outside the rules committee committee to watch their emails, I would anticipate the rules committee meeting at 12.30 today, I would encourage members to to bring their copies of the budget and their money report when they come. Does the rules chair want to go ahead and just formally announce, to make that announcement subject to it being cancel if something doesn't happen. Mr Speaker for announcement. The gentleman has the floor. The house committee on rules counter on operation of the house will met at 12:30 PM today in room 128 members are encouraged to bring their budget and money documents for what purpose does the gentleman from Cambirn representative Floyd rise? Mr. Speaker may I enquire the rule. Does the gentleman from [xx] yield to the gentleman from Cambrin it would a pressure. He yields. Mr. Speaker the gentleman has forwarded the record you recognised. If I may I just want to talk will rule person of just. I prefer that to Mr. Speaker right there. Perfect am sure your coleague do as well any further notices or announcements? For there still be a visiting day we are just by a day of what we are doing we are in the budget process right now so a lot of the work that we are doing is not actually here in this 4 chamber it is happening in some committee meetings yesterday the appropriate mention that committee met and start the meeting at 9 in the morning I think figured it finished around 9 o'clock last night or so so its is a pretty long day so it is more than likely but more than likely tomorrow we will have a session and we will probably hear for most of the day probably starting in the morning morning and going to witness right outside so if you would like to join to that you are welcomed back in the gallery but I think there is a lot nice things you probably on a pretty day like today and tomorrow but we appreciate having you here but that's why you haven't seen any votes we're going to be doing most of that tomorrow but to our school groups and our guest we're certainly glad you're with us. Members of Chairs about to put us into recess until 12 noon again for by way of information there will be no votes conducted at 12 noon, the only purpose for that would be for any rereferrals or any procedural matters that need to be dealt with at that time so feel free to come at noon but again members are reminded the highway patrol has invited members of the General Assembly to the Highway Patrol Academy, so I would encourage members who can, to go there and show our appreciation and support to our state troopers and law enforcement. Members subject to the receipt of committee reports and the rereferal of bills and resolutions. I'll withhold it. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wayne, Rep. Bell, rise? An announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Mr. Speaker, I just want to remind the Republican caucus that, we do have a caucus at 1 o'clock in room 423. Thank you. Seeing no further notices, or announcements the Chair directs to the house stand and reassess substitute that will receive the committee report and refer the bill resolution until 12 noon Democrats 1425 house democrats coccus in 1425 right now thank you. may I have your attention please visitors please return from the chamber as the house repair to come back from recess thank you. the house will come to order committee reports the Clerk will read. Representatives McNill and Ross thank yous the retirement committee report house bill 97 2015 appropriations acts favourable and rerefer to rules calender and operations of the house. The will be re-refered to the committee on rules calender and

operations of the house, members pending receipts of committee reports and re refer of bills and resolutions the house representatives will stand and recess 3 O'clock P. M.