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House | May 20, 2015 | Committee Room | Pensions and Retirement

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I'll be in the limo in the clerk I'll call the house pensions and retirement committee to order, if you have any cell phones or any devices please silence them at this time. I'd like to recognize pages first, Daven from Mecklenburg county and sponsor John Bradford, thank you for being with us today Daven. We also have from Mecklenburg also by John Bradford and Julie Cuba from Lancaster South Carolina. 10 more, and Lisa Johnson as far as South Carolina speak to chairman. Thank you for your service here, I hope you're having a good week and you're learning a lot. Thank you, our sergeant at Arms Daniel [xx] VH Pal and David Lancaster. Welcome to the pensions and retirement committee. Without objections the PCS for house bill 97 is before us, Representative Brown. For a motion. Representative Brown you're recognized for a motion. I move for a favorable report in the proposed committee substitute house bill 97 unfavorable to the original [xx]. Alright, everyone has had the motion is their any discussion? yes. Okay. What has changed? I will recognize Representative Dollar to answer that question. The item that are in retirement related and I'll just run them over very quickly, there is a cost of living adjustment for retirees of 2% they are in the bill. They are also law enforcement retirement benefits except for the 401K [xx] allowing the judges who had service as ALJs, administrative Law judges will now be [xx] [xx] the insurance benefit that was, that we passed [xx] 56. any more questions for the debate, seeing none representative Gee. What type of money that we're talking about unless this is an increased of retirement would you restate your question to which specific part are you talking about well I was looking of retirement part for all the different or is this that we will be getting retirement of related benefit that is of advantage staff is recognized to answer that question if you understand it.    I will repeat later the research division I will make an attempt I several say that the call of 2% pull of the retiree the retiree of any statement agency or this rate university, community college will receive a 2% increase in their retirement benefit and we've had the judicial retirement system will receive a 2%call work retire rate to the legislative retirement system will receive a 2% call work not sure that answers the question.  Representative Marshaw.  I think what [xx] On daily basis, They are actually on those who are after call, I'm your holder on your folder. in your folder. Okay, that's what I was looking for. Thank you.   The call rate section is on section 30.21,

the first two tables. So the contribution increase due to the caller and the liability increase due to the caller. Are there any further questions or debate? If not, the question before you is the motion made by representative Brown. All in favor say aye. Aye. All opposed say no. No [xx] we're adjourned.