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Joint | May 19, 2015 | Chamber | Joint Session

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Mr. President, Senate will come to order. Sergeant at arms is recognized. Mr. President the North Carolina house of representatives and it's officers awaited for the word for your direction. The sergeant at arms may open the doors to admit and sit the members of the house of representatives and their officers, all members and guests will please stand Joint session will come to order. Mr President, the sergeant at arms is recognized, Mr. President the coaches and staff members from Duke University's 2015 MCAA mens championship basketball team are at the door and await your direction. The seargent at arms will open the door to admit coaches and staff members from Dukes University 2015 MCAA mens championship basketball teams to the chamber the sergeant at arms comes along with Senator Blue and Representative Brian we'll ask all our guest as welk as the senate all members in the garely please stand. You have the floor Thank you very much Mr. President ladies and gentlemen the senate and the house I present I'm happy and honoured to you present coach Mike and our visiting dignitaries from Duke University Coach Shushesky and friends congratulations on a stellar season National Championship that makes us all here in this chamber proud and all our people of North Carolina proud, we are honored to have you today with us. in the senate chamber, congratulations once again. Thank you very much. Along coach K today, we have coaches Jeff Caple, Nate James and John Shire, coaches welcome as well, and staff Kevin White, athletic director and Michael Schoenfeld,  Vice President. Thank you for joining us as well. Everyone can please be seated. Members listen to our calender for the day, senate joint resolution 714, the clerk will read in it's entirety. Save your revolution 714, a joint revolution honoring the Duke Blue Devils on winning the 2015 national basketball championship whereas on April 6th 2015, the Duke University men's basketball team, won the 2015 National collegiate athletic Association NCAA division one championship by defeating university with constant 5 goal 68:63 and whereas this championship give Duke University it's 5th division one NCAA title for the men's basketball program adding to the championships won 1991, 1992, 2001 and 2010 and whereas the Blue Devils

have achieved an outstanding record, during their NCAA tournament history, which include being selected 13 times as a number one seed and appearing in 39 tournaments with 11 championship games appearance. 16 final Four appearance 20 elite eight appearances and 24 sweet 16 appearances whereas the blue devil finished the 2014/2015 season with a record of 35 and 4 and were read number one but USA today top 45 basketball coaches fall in where might of the success can be attribute to the leadership of head coach Mike [xx] a hall of fame coach is doing his 35 season at Duke has led his to a record of 945-251 and Whereas, Coach Krzyzewski along with his coaching associate head coach Jeff Kapel assistant coaches Net James and John Shyre got it blue devil's to an 11 record against nationally ranked including the 61 against top [xx] and whereas coach maintains his record for the most number of MCAA tournament wins capturing his 88th MCAA win during the 2015 tournament and with five captain-ship titles he owns second most captain-ship in MCAA history and whereas Dukes historic run also saw coach [xx] become the first MCAA division one mens basketball coach to amask 1000 career victories and with the monumental win coming by virtue our 77 to 68 triumph over St Johns at Madisons square garden on January 25, 2015 and whereas many individuals team members were recognised for their efforts during the year and throughout their college careers including Jahlil Okafor, who was a consensus first team all America, National Freshman Freshman of the Year, became the first freshman in ACA history to be named Conference Player of the Year, and whereas senior co-captain Quinn Cook, earned second team All-American and All-ACC honors after posting career-bests in scoring, field goal percentage, free throw percentage, three-point field goal percentage, and three-point field goals, and Whereas, freshman Tyus Jones was named the Final Four Most Outstanding Player and was selected to the All-Tournament team along with teammates Grayson Allen and Justise Winslow. Tyus Jones was also the South Regional MOP with Justise Winslow and Matt Jones earning spots on the South Regional All-Tournament team and Whereas, each year Duke University is recognized as one the nation's best academic institutions and its basketball program continues to have one of the highest graduation rates for its athletes. In 2015, the Blue Devils placed five members Grayson Allen, Tyus Jones, Amile Jefferson, Marshall Plumlee, and Justise Winslow on AC see all academic teams for the first time in program history, and whereas this accomplishment reflects favorably on the tradition that begin 1906 when Duke luminous wobble rid cap car establishes water basketball at the Duke University then Fernity[sp?] college and where this extra ordinary accomplishment bring great honor and distinction to the State of North Carolina and deserve recognition by the State now therefore be resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurrent section one the general assembly expresses their appreciation and admiration of the people of North Carolina to Duke university Smith basketball team for winning the 2015 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Championship. Section 2, The General Assembly especially recognizes the achievements of team members Grayson Allen, Quinn Cook, Amile Jefferson, Matt Jones, Tyus Jones, Sean Kelly, Sean Obi, Jahlil Okafor, Nick Pagliuca, Marshall Plumlee and Justise Winslow, along with

assistant coaches Nate James and Jon Scheyer. Associate head coach Jeff Capel, and head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Section 3, The General Assembly honors the memory of Wilbur Wade "Cap" Card for his contributions to the basketball program at Duke University. Section 4, The Secretary of State shall transmit a certified copy of this resolution to the Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead, Vice President and Director of Athletics Kevin White, and all the individuals honored in this resolution. Section 5, This resolution is effective upon ratification. Senator Blue is recognized to speak on the resolution. Thank you very much, Mr. President and my colleagues in the general assembly, first I want to thank Senator Barbara and Senator in the stay house for working hard to help make this happen and I would tell coach K and friends from Duke you have the floor of the house and not normal thing here, and they came out just for you. Because the house is proud of you. But I would say but we are honoring a basketball team today, for winning the 2015 NCAA Division One National Basketball Championship this is remarkable for Duke but it's also remarkable for the citizens of North Carolina, Senate I came to those legislature and sends coach Kelly Kiln to Duke and both of us deal those things in 1980 we have celebrated the 10 championship for these chambers. Five of them, have been gotten by coach [xx] all levels from triangle schools. And so as we look at that, there is no doubt who dominates college basketball I think North Carolina can lay claim to doing that, and all of us have to feel very proud about that. When you figure out that over which every 3.5 years, for the last 35 years a championship in basketball has been for almost a triangle, and coach Kay has led in half of those and what it does, it says something greater to us, it says that since nobody else can come close to what we have accomplished and there is something going on here that makes it even more proud, when I look at the composition of this basketball team and it's culture this eleven is now and the basketball team come from nasty some of the streets of Colombia North Carolina included, and you know that the coaches as well my current kept it out that, they represent four states and North Carolina included so all of this people, the players as well as the people that you see up front, kind of choosen every much involved in the United States to come due what they have done, they choose North Carolina because we are a special place and they choose North Carolina because they know that they can do the function that they wanted to do, better here and anywhere else that is here than anywhere else, and we knew, realize that they choose Duke to be the place in North Carolina that will do that thing because if you do the Duke that when it can be done in where else we believe that and so when you let that what this championship means it means not only do we celebrate basketball we celebrate the anticipation part by the part Duke university is the where plus internationally known and international participating university, but it shocks people when I tell them that Duke university as a second largest private employer in North Carolina 15, 000 students 36, 000 employees most of them in the triangle area, unlike any other business that operates in the state, everybody is concentrated. And we think about them defence you will realise that it's an institution that expands and manages over billion dollars a year in

research, research that helps cure illnesses that plague us around the world. Research that create new jobs for all of North Carolina and then you think about creating jobs that's really a lot of treat 178 from the general assembly, about for the people of their state. This is a place that tear student Athlete as well as all students, faculty staff, administrators and all who come, that if you associate with us you can be excellent. You can be the best, but if you really want to be done with us you can be exceptional you can be the best of the best, and when it all goes down, no one person [xx] believe, and nobody gives up including them into the months of pop around this country, better than Mike Shooshosky, let me refer back to resolution that was read by the leaving clerk he told you and with specific attention to page two. The five of the eight rotation players. Vigor rotation players, on this team are on the all ACCO academic team I want you to listen to that. So not only do they compete with their physical powers, with their skills and ability. But teach with some ofthe brightest kids from around the world academically five out of eight three of the professional you have talked to me about. Making the ACC all academic team that they are going on to play in a pros after their first year. But the cause of the disipline that they learned from Coach K., and was imparted to them, they still applied themselves in all academic in one year in college but I will tell you something else the thing makes it so significant I think are two thought that really encompassed coach Kay and his teams, exceptionalism. The first was an inscription on his London Olympic village where coach was in 2012 during the US Olympic basketball coach and that description as find as the unison to strive to seek to find and not to yield. Think about then in the context of the championship game that many of you saw. First coach Kay's Olympic revival of United State's basketball prowess, is a prime example of that belief, where in made a 2012 and we hope in 2016. But also those who watch the game the like down defense of Amil Jefferson and Matt Jones the contribution of Marshall Kenley Queencut state of leadership and you cant helo but think of not yielding so it's from home most area where kili state and many of you recal thia from the I too shall lie in dust when I'm dead, but now, let me win noble renown. and that's what coach Kay inspired these kids to do. 18, 19, 20 year old kids. no individual immortals and they too will in thus with everybody else at some time, but while I'm here, let me seek noble renown and that they did, and became one of the greatest teams and one of the greatest productions that we've seen in North North Carolina and this country when Grosan Nolan decided that he will charge through all kinds of defences to go to the ring and bring the team back when the [xx] despite of making protocol rebounds scoring when Tyus Congestus Winslow started doing exceptional things and Matthias Jones decided that he could pop shots that folk thought were impossible. They all decided to make their way at the present. And so, I say to you this afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, for you to have the kind of appreciation let me do it for 10 million North Carolinians that we express here today. There's something that makes us feel be there that

we are, and we acknowledge coach Kay, his coaches his basketball team, the Kevin White, member of the Olympic committee and the athletic director of the year in 2014 and all of those who have done things to bring honor and distinction to North Carolina as they brought honor and distinction to Duke. So I commend the resolution to you, and hope that you will vote for it unanimously. Thank you Senator Bloo and Senator Bloo at this time, if you would like, we can ask the Sergeant at Arms to remove Senator Alexander, and his red jacket from the senate chamber. It's your call Senator Bloo. Do we have any discussion or debate? Senator McKissick, your purpose arise? Speak on resolution. Senator McKissick has the floor to speak on resolution. Court says Senator who represents Deron, as part of the 28 senatorial district I'm particularly proud to see coach K here today and the other coaches from Duke, as alumnus of Duke Law School some 30 years ago, coach K came to Duke about the same time that I was attending in law school there, but the thing that I can speak to about this gentleman which go above and beyond the victories, all the champion hips, all those accolades that you've heard of, was the personal character integrity this gentleman has but more importantly, what he has done to assemble a talented team, when you think about what it takes to win those victories time after time, year after year, five championships. He got first to go out there put that raw talent, you got to be able to identify it all that may be. I remember spending time with coach Kay back around 2002 where and he mentioned to me that he was getting ready to fly over to London to meet with a Sudanese player and I'm sitting here thinking I had no idea that when it came to recruitment, that your eyes and your boundaries search that far to prove together that talented team are resources, but to the extent to which he has those instincts, those talents that innate sensibilities that allows him to go out and recruit that raw talent, to see within these players potential that they can realize and those players may be out there all over this country it bring into duke and choose them he gets to not just thinking individually but collectively as part of a home he energizes them he motivates them he gives them to understand what it takes to be a winning team and to have that energy that's required to pull off victory after victory, after victory and it does it in a way that seamless that in a time he had been able to accomplish for that he deserve a special degree of recognition because he changes the lives of those players he opens up doors of him that it otherwise not ever have opportunities for economic prosperity but more importantly do have one of the highest graduation rates are players that attend this university and play on this teams they get the skills set they need to compete academically for that I'm very grateful to the coach K and more importantly to what he's done in Durham he's come there and raise his family, his three daughters he has grand children there now but he went into a part of Durham which as been forgotten historically and he built a center know effectively in Durham as the Emily K center private money went to that center about $7 million it opens up excessive opportunities for those through out our community any low wells kids go there each and every day and he see about 1500 students a month and they come there and there opportunities to excel increases to perform increases and more importantly is the forum and place the location that people in Durham feel as part of their own that something that says something about his personal character his personal commitment, and to see him take personal resources and do it, and go out and raise the funds to keep that center going year after year, is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful opportunity for Durham. It's a wonderful center and enriching lives a minute each and every other day. So, to Coach K., I

thank you for it all, Coach K. I've said to you even though earlier today when we're talking about that championship game and we're talking about Grace and Allan going out here turn that dim around in five minutes time and I said cock I've been away from this step away for five minutes and turn back around and wonder what happened and he said to me and I wondered what happened even though he may not personal credit for giving the plays out and giving the instructions out he gave these guild sets to those players that they internalised what they needed to do at that critical point in time and so when the opportunity came regardless of what forces they were facing then regardless of the challenges that were ahead they knew how to seize that moment in time to orchestrate plays in a way that was seamless, in a way that allowed a victory to occur, but more importantly to bring another championship to Durham, another championship to the State of North Carolina but to open up those doors of opportunities for those wonderful players on that team, they may not be coming back to Durham all of them, they may be going in to the NBA, but they touched our lives and Coach K, turned things around for their lives in a way that which we could all very much appreciate and to you coach K for all that you do as a coach, your caring for your players, your commitment to them realizing their own individual personal potential and to all that you share with them that allows them to go on and to accomplish great things in their lives, I thank you. Senator Woodward, for what purpose do you rise? To speak to the resolution. Senator Woodward has the floor to speak to the resolution. Thank you, Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen of the legislature. In April 1980, I was the news director for WDUK, the Dukes student's station, and I got a call from the Sports Information Office that Tom Butters, then the athletic director, had an announcement to make about Duke's new basketball coach we were all very anxious about that, we'd had a couple of great years, we had had a great run with the miracle team in 1978, a couple of great All-Americans and we were very eager to start the 1980/81 year with our new coach. So, with my old tape recorder and little microphone I went over to the press office to meet this new coach in the announcement and I have to tell you I was a little frazzled because we got the name, I couldn't pronounce it and I dog gone sure couldn't spell it. Thank good I was in radio I didn't have to spell it, but it was a little bit of a surprise and I always have often heard Tom Butter say it was one of the best decisions he ever made, bringing Coach K to Duke and to Durham. So, we didn't know very much about this coach from Army, but we quickly learned that he brought an exciting game of basketball to our beloved Cameron Indoor Stadium. So his first year coaching was my senior year, and all four years at Duke my friends and I sat right across  from the Duke bench and we got to watch Coach K in action, and how he molded his first teams. And of course, leading up to that exciting final home game we had that year where Gene Banks went out to the top of the key and hit that shot over the outstretched arms of Sam Perkins, many of you Tar Heels remember that shot, that sent us into overtime and an upset win over the highly ranked Tar Heels that day in Cameron Indoor Stadium. And Coach, I was there through some of those lean years after that, but since then I've watched you persevere and offer the determination and the drive and the class that you've brought to our program Senator McKissick mentioned how Coach Krzyzewski and his family have made Durham their home and they've always been proud Durham residents. I want to put in a plug just for a moment about Mackisisosky and he spends integral part of the basketball success in our university this is what coach has and what a great that it's been that we've seen over these 35 years since that day in April when I got to meet this new coach of the Duke basketball team so I commend the resolution to you and in it offer my congratulations to Coach Kay, to all of the members of our basketball family and to my alma mater thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Senator. Mr. President Senator Soucek for what purpose you rise? To speak briefly to the Resolution. Senator you have the floor to speak briefly to the Resolution. Thank you, sorry if we didn't mention, here's armour matter of West Point and on the key aspects of why I think is coach Kay's success when you look at the state, national even at the world's stage, is he's so well personified as what the mission of West Point is.

The mission is to provide leaders of character for a lifetime of service to the nation. Thank you Coach K. For being such a able personification of arm on our mother's nation. Senator Pate for what purpose you rise? To speak very very shortly Mr. President. Senator Pate you have the floor to speak very very shortly to this resolution. Thank you very much, we're all southern here, we have great amount of hospitality among us. Coach K, we invite you to come back again next year. Do we have any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the senate is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 714 on it's second reading all favor will vote aye opposed will vote no five seconds be allowed for the voting and court will record the vote 46 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative senate joint resolution 714 passes its second reading without objection will be read a third time. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Do we have any discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question before the Senate is the passage of Senate joint resolution 714 on it's third reading all in favor say aye "aye", opposed no. The ayes have it. Senate joint resolution 714 passes its third reading and will be sent to the House via special message. At this time I would like to relinquish the gabble to speaker Moore house to come to order, special message from the senate, the clerk will read senator John resolution 714 it has the resolution only to do on winning the 2015 for basketball championship, Johnson senate results. Senate bill 132 the resolution is placed on calender for a meeting consideration the clerk will read, Senator John resolution 713 adjourned resolution I will do [xx] on winning the 2015 national best world championship, senator results the house can Representative Hose is recognized to speak to the resolution. House members you truly will have to rise to be recognized while we're here, we don't have the live system here. Thank you Mr. Speaker, thank you ladies and gentlemen and also special thanks to all kind of people from Duke University through out this building and so may coach Kay, coaching staff and administrators from Duke, thank you so much for being here today I'll keep it short you know in the house we have 120 members so we don't have the luxury of giving long speeches so we have to get right to the point. [xx] and speaking of points, I think coach K you make them very well as you'd let your work speak for yourself for all you've done since you have been at Duke University for these 35 years. Although I'm privileged to serve Durham, and a large part of area in which Duke University is in, and of course the MAK Center, I think people maybe allover the world know you for your great deeds for the community. Lots of folks don't know the success of the Dukes children miracle networking and all the work you did as you grew with that effort over time the character is already been talked about that you have brought to this program, to the city and the way you have continued to exemplify what hard work, dedication and principle mean and the lives of so many. I would even note that you have with you, some players from national championship teams and you continue the lineage of tradition I remember seeing John Shyre the last time you were here to pick up the accolades for national championship and certainly they're well deserved. One of the things that the Duke University does in North Carolina and around the world is understand his position and his responsibility, and certainly by having you at the helm of the basketball team the most visible entity on the campus along with medical center, you exemplify that and carry that responsibility and certainly ensure that everyone else knows what Duke University is about, what Mike Krzyzewski is about. When people come to Durham sometimes they laws. And you know, there's folks downtown that say where is Sushi Hicksville I'm trying to

get to Sushi Hicksville I say well, you know, it's not, is short of a state a man and it only pops up during basketball season, so, if you're not here the right time to yield, you cant go. And then, of course there's and they can find k court if they can get a ticket ti get in so in general you're always in fine company when you are looking for a Shusheskyville, or if you can make it to K court, or if you can just go to Duke University and see some of the great things happening so coach Kay, no finer individual could be in position of trust that you are and you have healed that trust that has been at Duke University, we thank you so much, we commend the resolution to all of the members and again our great thanks from the city of Durham. Representative Brian, for what purpose does the member rise? Stage a debate to the resolution. The gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Coach Kay and Duke members, it was my privilege to walk in with Senator Blue this morning and we do not have alot of duke grads on the outside and I'm Duke old grad and so I had the privilege of walking in what was nit mentioned like the speaker, I'm actually a [xx] undergrad and so my undergraduate years, I graduated during the 1993, Chaon and Duke played ten times over that four year period, they were five in five against each other and and three national championship including the first two thank fully [xx] have that one on my way out it is then and I'll be honest, the time can always appreciate your victories, all those national champions. Now, championships [xx], I have come to enjoy what I truly think In case when a sport builds rivalries and certainly the greatest cause of basketball rivalry there is, and it's always a privilege to watch the teams play, and even this year in the overtime game that Todors lost which was a tough loss for me, I was incredibly impressed that Tyers Jeamings as a freshman coming in and having one of those games that people remember in the series for years to come, so from a title fan in grad whose also a little bit of Duke in him now. Let me say how much we appreciate your excellence in basketball and the best rivalry cause in sports. Representative Steinberg, for what purpose does the member rise? To speak to the amendment, Sir. The gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution. To the resolution rather, excuse me. It's an honor and a privilege to have you all here and I wanted to share something of a little different note, or a personal note because it relates to not only to Coach Kay and the Duke program but the assistant coach Jeff Kerpel as well I had a godson by name of Alex Corlanda when I see Coach K shaking his head, back in Richmond, this is going back a number of years ago, who was dying from cancer and he was very close and dear to me and as a matter of fact I still have his picture on my desk. He was a tremendous Duke basketball fan and one of the things he wanted more than anything else as he was nearing ens of his life was to get a short signed by all the players at Duke and a ball signed by the team and the coaching staff and so that request was made to coach Kelly and took care of it [xx] I know he established this kind of thing many many times and certainly I want to know on Alexis behave how much that [xx] here from Himare Know and how much that much people when he was at vco and rich man was very successful when up there this was about a certain time that [xx] and we can remember you helping us raise on behalf

of Alex and Alexs family you came out and gave a very strong address that Alex is [xx] and the loyalty in Virginia, so. This job of coaching, I have a son that coaches with Kent State and this job of coaching goes beyond just what you do on the floor and action know there are alot of things that we don't see and we don't read about but these folks are class from head to toe at Duke and I just wanted on behalf of my Godson, my late Godson Alex Cornala this opportunity to thank you all thank you very much Representative Warren for what purpose does the gentleman rise? To debate the bill the gentleman has voted debate for resolution Thank you Mr. Speaker Winston Churchill once said, I couldn't resist an opportunity on this floor of the house excuse me before the senate and don't linger overly compromising but couldn't resist this opportunity I guess for a second as a churchillian in manufacturing in London celebrating the like of Winston Churchill I keep in my office a large picture of Churchill underneath which it says deserve victory, deserve victory we shall win not through the evil and army but through the merit in couch can your stuff unquestionably you have earned, you have deserved victory. On behave of the members of the house the people of North Carolina you make us incredibly proud you have given us a great tradition of victory, integrity, statesmanship, leadershipand responsibility. We are forever grateful, and with that, never never, never give in. Thank you Mr. thank you. Representative Brown, for what purpose does the gentleman rise? Speak on the resolution. The gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I never realized today the fire would be held on the Senate floor Coach K, I rise actually on a personal note. I grew up in a town in south-western Ohio and there's a young man that has made his commitment to come play at your university, young man by the name of Luke Kennard. I had the honor of knowing Luke's family watching Luke be brought up in our community. Wonderful basketball player, but most importantly he's a wonderful young man. We have a great deal of pride in who he is is, for what he represents for our community, the role model that he has become for the youth of our community, and what we think he will do in the future. And as a Buckeye, I can certainly say I wish that he would have chose a Buckeye school, but I also know that without a doubt this young man will come to Duke and he will be brought up, and that energy and that commitment of just being a purely upstanding human will be even greater personified under your leadership and your direction. And I just commend you for what you've done with your program, and I look forward to seeing what this young man will do for your program as well, thank you very much. Representative Fisher, for what purpose does the lady rise? To speak to the resolution, Mr. Speaker. The lady has the floor to debate the resolution. Thank you, and this is partially to dispel the myth that only men can talk about basketball. I am here to just speak briefly to Coach K and the folks that he's brought with him today. I have a son who attended Duke University, and I want to thank you for broadening his education. He never played basketball but I think he was at every single game, and one game in particular that I want to to be sure you knew about. We wondered for a while just exactly what the tuition money that we were contributing to Duke University [xx] was going forward. And I spent camped-out as a freshman in [xx]. He wanted the total experience. and he got it. And then he said, mum and dad be sure that you tune in to this particular game, be sure you tune in. And so, we tune we thought maybe we'll see Jonathan, we don't know for sure, but we looked through the audience and

we looked and we looked, and lo! and behold, jumping up and down in the arena was Jonathan, he was the awe in go Duke. And so then we the Jonathan's Education was much more diverse than we had ever ever hoped or expected, and that is so much and thanks to you coach Kay the wonderful experience you bring to all the students at Duke University, not just the players, that all of the support and the diversity in education that you bring to all the students. So, thank you and congratulations to you and all the folks at Duke University. Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question for the House is the passage of Senate joint resolution 714 on it's second reading. Those in favor will say aye, "Aye", those oppose will say no. The ''ayes'' have it. Senate resolution 714 having passed its second reading will without objection be read a third time. General Assembly enacts the question before the house is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 714 on it's 3rd reading. Those in favor will say aye, "Aye". Those say no, the ''ayes'' have it. Senate joint resolution 714 passes its third reading and is ordered in row. Members it's an honor and privilege to recognize that coach Krzyzewski to address our joint session at this time. Coach Krzyzewski. Thank you, Thank you very much Thanks very much. Please be seated. Please be seated. Thank you, thank you thank you very much. Tired of hearing about me and Winston Churchill, I'm not tired of being a North Carolinian. I want to thank you for accepting me and my family 35 years ago, we knew coming to Duke would be an amazing thing but we did not know how good it would be to be in [xx] North Carolina and to be a North Carolanian, my three daughters we're brought up here and my 9 grandchildren are North Carolinians, we'll be her forever and I want to thank you for allowing us as to be residents of your state, to me it's the best state of all the 50 states and one of the reasons it has no ceiling, to see all of you when I watch all of you you and listen just because I'm a little bit older now 68 years old, I sometimes in being here over the last hour, wonder about the people that were here before you and the men and women who represented democratic poverty the Republican party, independence, the jobs that they have done in bringing our state to this point where it's at a point where there is no ceiling, I also think of that my profession that the people before for me and my inner state especially in the ACC have done things at a high level, both on and off the court that set a great example in saying that, I cannot help to think about two of my brothers who passed this year in Dean Smith and Bill Guthridge. They set a standard of excellence on and off the court which helped a young coach like me understand what the pursuit of excellence was about. I ask you resolution at this no vole but if we can now take a moment of silence just to remember both Dean and Bill at this time Thank you and thwy were friends of mine and although we were competitors I laugh a little bit red spore[sp?] coats and different things that are said, but I also know that the love of our game there's no place in the world that loves its game, the game of basketball more than this state and how lucky are all of we that we're able to do our profession

and a place where it's loved. Obviously nobody wins all the time, you're happy when you win a good amount of the time but you also recognise the excellence of everyone I want you to know that all of us as basketball coaches understand our mission are universities. We understand that our sport is followed feverishly and it's given so much of attention, but we work at universities and this state is blessed with not just Division 1 universities, 2, 3 it's blessed with a lot of schools alot of schools that embraced education I would ask you since those measures this resolution was passed without anybody going against it that as you go forward in taking our our state, where it should be, its rightful spot as a top state, that you always remember education. The real heroes in our state are the teachers. It is  the teachers and our administrators who run our educational systems not just, obviously at the at the university levels of the college level, at elementary school, the kindergarten. There are things that we can do educationally and I'm very very mastnet right now with the centre because we really we serviced 1500 kids a month in different activities but 200 through college program they come from 40 different schools and they come to us because they're gifted buy they're not all that they need to get we're trying to give them that little bit more and help guide them through the mess thay is sometimes there to achieve a college education the application process, the testing and all the things that are foreign, they are foreign to so many of our residents in the state of North Carolina. people do not know how to follow the trail. And so, if we really want to do what this state is capable of doing we need to be the leader in education. We need to be a standard, not just in basketball where we can say there're 10 national championships and 3 their kids, that's a cool thing. The coolest thing that we could say, is that we lead this country in our efforts to improve the education of our youngsters. Thank you. Unfortunate, I'm very fortunate that I had, my mom never went to high school, she's a coining my dad went to two years to high school, and they provided educational experience for men, and I was good enough on basketball to be awarded some scholarship but also to get into The United States Military Academy. It changed my life, education changed my life there's no way that they're national championships, I've been the head coach of The United States National Team for 10 years, and there's no way any of these things could have happened well polished kid from Chicago with parents who did not finish high school, there're thousands of these kids throughout our state. there're treasures waiting to be developed and opened. And if we take the time to open through imagination and commitment, through education, the wonders that will happen are are amazing, and you all can be a part of it. As much as you get immersed in all the things that you have to do with budget and all the all the things that you have to do, and thank you very much for your service to our great state. Please, please always have an open heart and an open mind and never put a ceiling, and never put a ceiling on what is most important and that is educating are youngsters. As a representative Duke University, I want to say that it's an honor for our university to be part of this North Carolina team. we are all in it together, we are all in it together and I hope all of you realize this as we banter back and forth who hit the last shot and who won and all that kind of things, let's all win. Let's all win, and let's all be on the same team and make this state what it should be, the preeminent state in this Union and

the preeminent state about education thank you for honoring us today and I hope we will be back, alright? Thank you very much. Coach Krzyzewski and other members of the Duke University team we want to thank you for being here with us today, you certainly honor us with your presence, and I know I speak for both the House and the Senate and again thanking you for what you have done, what you continue to do and making all of us proud in North Carolina that you are here with us. We would ask Representative Brian and Senator Blue and the Sergeant-at-Arms to escort our guests from the Chamber. Thank you again. Thank you. Representative Lewis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, I move that the Joint Session be now resolved, and pursuant to the motion prevailing earlier in the House, the House will reconvene on Wednesday, May 20th at 10 o'clock A. M. Representative Lewis moves, seconded by Senator Burger, that the Joint Session be now reserved and pursuant to the motion's previously met, the House will reconvene Wednesday, May 20th at 10:00 A. M. Those in favor will say aye, "Aye", those oppose will say no, 'No". The "ayes" have have it, the joint session is adjourned, the senate will stand in recess.