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House | May 19, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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Representative McNeill, please keep forth. May I have you attention please? Visitors, please retire from the chamber as the House prepares for it's session thank you. The House will come to order members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber, the Sergeant at Arms will close the doors, members and visitors are asked to please silence all electronic devices. Today prayer will be offered by Representative Tricia Cotham. Members and all visitors in the gallery are asked to please stand for the prayer and to remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. Representative Cotham. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Let us take a moment and pray. Lord it's the 10th time at the Legislature with decisions being made on how we budget for your people. It's also an exciting day as we will soon celebrate the National Champions of college basketball. God, help us to remember that you are always on our team. You are our loyalest and our constant cheerleader. You want us to be victorious. Help us to remember that if we get side-lined you are our best coach and your playbook is the one we should review. If we are thirsty, you will bring us water if we are sore or tired, you will give us strength and through it all, win, lose or draw, your grace is enough. Lord, remind us that you want us to win at life, even if we commit a foul, you will still love us. Let us not forget these words and God, help us to have a time to take a time-out and let us feel your passion and confidence in us, for you and on your team, victory is always in sight. Amen. [xx] The gentleman from Harty, Representative Louis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, the journal for May 18 has been examined and found to be correct, I move that it stand approved as written. Representative Louis moves that the for May 18th to be written those in favor will say Aye, "Aye", those opposed No the Ayes have it, the journal is approved is written ratification bills resolution clerk will read [xx] the following bills to the [xx] presentation to the Governor. Send the bill 90 in it next clarifies that motor vehicle must have at least one working stop lamp on each side of the rear of the vehicle and to make other clarifying changes. House Bill 405 and that is to protect property owners from damages resulting from individuals actually in access on scale of permissible access to conduct glowing to them. House bill 659 enact or update the list of immediate precursor chemicals that it is unlawful for a person to posses with intend to manufacture or deliver and to clarify what constitutes certain drug offenses involving methamphetamine. Chapter of bills will be noted, messages from the senate the clerk will read. House Bill 237, Repeal Personal Education Plans/Modify Transition Plans. Calendar. Members, please join me in welcoming a a school group we have visiting with us today from Elizabethtown Christian Academy in Elizabethtown, North Carolina, would you all please stand so that we can also properly recognize Thank you for being with us and members adopt day to day as Dr. Brian Young who is the Evergeric University and and he will also the house with my pleasure to call Myraum [xx] to have you with is today. Members in just a few minutes we are going to a adjourn the house and go on to the joint session with the senate we're working right now to determining the schedule of the order of the house for the next two days some mind for the quote if you bare for some few minutes you may have some information to help in your planing members if I can have everybody's attention just a moment for your planned purposes this is the planned schedule, we will have a joint session today at two o'clock, that session now I Presume [xx] only guests from half hour to 45 minutes, once that happens, I think Representative Dollar is going to announce the appropriation committee is going to meet 15 minutes after we adjourn this afternoon, after the join session correct

so and the chair is going to recognize Representative McNeil in a few moments wherever he is to announce pages of retirements, but here's the plan right now. Assuming Appropriations is able to report the bill out tonight and everything is able to be engrossed, what we're going to do is going to have session at 10 AM tomorrow. We will not vote. We will not take up the budget. The purpose of session at 10 tomorrow is that when the bill get's reported in tonight, it's going to get re-referred to Pensions and Retirements will meet at 9. We will then have a session in here at 10. Presumably the bill will be done in Pensions and Retirements back here to the full house. The bill may even have to be reffered to another committee may or may not depends on a number of things, but the intent of the Chair is that at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon that we actually start the deliberations on and the budget itself so members who do not serve on either the [xx] Vietnam. The Appropriations is meeting today and then of course actual members in here to vote on the bill will be at three o'clock tomorrow so that is the planned order of business. I do believe there's about 80 or so amendments pending in appropriations that the logistic way she were dealing with is making sure your staff will be able to get everything down in a row. So that's the general schedule. For what purpose does the gentleman from [xx] Representative [xx]. I have a question Mr. Chairman. Gentleman may inquire. I understand all the difficulties for staff as you've outlined them. Can you give us a sense of how long a recess we might have those of us who are not on pensions and retirement. There will be nothing that unless you we change every time it's tomorrow morning. There would be nothing that a member would have to be here for until let me say one [xx]. There's a possibility the bill may get through rules at some-point after the 10:00 AM session there's a chance that that may happen, if that is most things and rules it can be very short trips and it would come back but but the deliberations on the budget Representative Luke you would not struggle until 3'00 PM. That's the give birth had could have ample time to discuss this bill, and I know Rep. Hall had asked for something in the afternoon so that the Democrats could caucus, and I believe Rep. Hager wanted the Republicans to be able to caucus because I wanted to. Thank you very much. Yes sir. For what purpose does the gentleman Nepaton[sp?] Representative Roy arise? To inquire Chair. Gentleman from state enquire for planning purposes it's budget is to come out of propriation today what the night, tomorrow will have you are anticipating from midnight tomorrow night or you anticipating for all the sessional part in the morning for planning purposes for memorial day and so people get out of town. I know the budget's very important. I think probably what I'd like to do is to get a sense of where we are tomorrow on this and make that call tomorrow. I don't want to determine it prematurely right now. Follow up? Gentleman may state his follow up. If it goes to Thursday, if you could planning purposes or do it at a decent time earlier on in the morning, 9 or 10 o'clock or whatever. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rutherford, Rep. Hager, rise For an announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. For Republicans, since we may not get the chance to be together all together by tomorrow, Republicans will caucus at 1 PM tomorrow watch you email for the location. I'm done. Does the gentleman from Moore wish to make the announcement at noon tomorrow? Yes. The gentleman from Moore, Rep. is recognized for an announcement. As most of you all have gotten in your email, the highway patrol is opened tomorrow. They are having tourist from nine and at noon they are serving lunch tomorrow, and I think everybody's been invited. If you check your email. As far as transportation is available The gentleman from Randolph Representative McNeill is recognized for an announcement. The pension and retirement our mass committee will meet at room 415 at 9A. M tomorrow morning and our only agenda is the budget house bill 97 For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham, Representative Hall rise? To announce a Democratic Caucus medium caucus. Thank you Mr. Speaker, in light of the new you've given us. House democrats will caucas their 12 noon, tomorrow, in our caucas room. Further notices and announcements, now the gentleman from Hornik representative luise is recognise for a motion Mr. Speaker I'm moved that upon the solution of the joined session to the house adjourned, subject to receive a committee reports and we were forced our bill to reconvene on Wednesday, May 20th

at 10:00 A. M. Representative Louise Moores seconded by representative of Hagar that upon dissolution the joint session of the house adjourn subject to the [xx] of committee reports and re-referral bills to reconvene Wednesday May 20th at 10: A. M. Those will favor will say aye, those opposing will say no, the ayes have it, the motion carries. Special message from the senate the clerk will read. Mr. Speaker the message to be sent to your honorable voter with the information that pursue to Senate Joint Resolution 715, a joint resolution provide a general assembly shall meet in joint off session, town of the Duke, University of Mains basketball team for winning the 2015 NCWA championship stands ready to receive your honorable body in joint sessions respectively, sir my I request of her   The chair message we sent to the senate informing that honorable body that the house stands ready to join them in joint session. Members, please assemble in the [xx] we will be admitted as a group, the house now stands adjourned.