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House | May 18, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The house will come to order, then give members may ask before the sergeant, sergeant at arms the whole block at the door is just as you can remember is just coming in members we have folks coming in and we'll do a couple of things out of order I will go ahead and recognize nurse of the day today who is [xx] from Gram and thank you for being here [xx] welcome [xx] of the day The house will now come to order, members will take their seats visitors will retire from the chamber the sergeant arms will now close the doors. Members and visitors you are asked to please silence all our electronic devices, the prayer this evening will be offered by Representative John Ager. We'll ask the members and those guests in the gallery to please stay in for the prayer and to remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Representative Ager. I just want to begin by thanking everyone for welcoming this democrat into your body, for your friendship and your congeniality. Thank you very much, let us pray. We pause to lift our hearts to the one who created this infinite and fantastical universe in our small coner of life here from planet earth. Protect us from pride, as the power we have been given is rightfully yours protect us from self righteousness for you despise those who refuse to recognize their own sickness of heart, protect us from despair, for we know that our web of laws is incapable of fully bridling the human heart protect us from greed as it lurks about seeking to devour those who are not vigilant, protect us from harsh judgement because over and over again you have commanded us to love the less fortunate and even our enemies, protect the communities of worship in our state such that rebellious hearts can be transformed by the seeds of your divine love. And during this week, we pray that we at the heavy responsibility, have spent in billions of dollars of revenue in ways to bring opportunity to our people, finally teachers and knew how to love our neighbors, how to love you with all our heart and soul. We pray hardly capable, of naming your holy name, Amen. I pledge allegance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic of which it stands one nation under God, indivisible, at liberty and justice throne. The gentlemen from Harley, Representative Louis is recognized for the motion, Mr. Speaker the journal for May 14th has been examined and found to be correct, I move so it stands approved as written.  Representative Luis moves that the journal from May 14th be approved as written those in favor will say aye aye, those oppose no, the ayes have it the journal is approved as written. Through out the vacations bill resolution the clerk will read. Following reports the following bills duly ratified and presentation to the government Senate bill 445 enhancement I protection for clients to serve this as primary purposes to provide services for care, treatment, rehabilitation, on rehabilitation for individuals of middle illness, development disabilities or services finish these orders by increasing punishment for client abuse exploitation or neglect by imposing a reporting requirement on employees and volunteers a sexual offence or offence against morality was perpetrated against a client by making failure to report these violations as a class one house bill 434 enactment via medical recertification is not required for renewables or removables windshields pluck handicap pluckers if the person is certified as total permanently disable house bill 878 enact to expand the membership of the board of trustees of the North Carolina school of signs in my plans and the following bill duly ratified properly enrolled and prepared for presentation to the office of the secretary of state House bill 130 and I authorise maybe come into contract with the local board of education for the provision of meals to inmates in the county detention facility chapter bills will be noted. Representative Davies and Forward will recognise they sent forth a committee report, clerk will read,   Representative Davis, and

forward local government committee report house will 490, house will 389 lolock[sp Allan [xx] just to change the favourale[sp] and we refer to finance. Bill has referred to the committee on finance senator [xx] and prioritization favor and we refer to finance. This bill in front of the committee of finance. House bill 466, senate bill five district assessment [xx] original bill and favor counter committee said. Favor committed substitute on favor reasonabity, we refer to [xx] house fill, we refer to the committee on finance. House fill 874, cities availability charge, improved property, [xx] substitute on [xx] original bill finance. Original bill, and payable counter committee substitute, we refer to the committee offer this. Representative's Jordan and Stephen to recognize same profit committee report Representatives Jordan and Stephens, children youth and families, commit a report, send a bill 114 [xx] party cooperate and refer to Judiciary III The bill is referred to the commitee on judiciary III. Messages from the senate the clerk will read. House Bill 82. Excursion, security custody or child abuse, House Bill counter 36D. House Bill 293, adoption line changes. Counter 36D. House Bill 879, juvenile code reform. Counter 36D. Members we have one bill in the calender this evening. It's Senate Joint Resolution 715. It will not be recorded the vote. Senate Joint Resolution 715. The clerk will read. Senator Appledarker, senate joint resolution 715 a joint resolution providing that the general assembly shall meet in joint session at the Duke University Men's basketball team for winning the 2015 NCAA Championship. The Senate resolved, the House concurring. The gentleman from Harnett, Rep. Lewis, is recognized to debate the resolution. Mr. Speaker, members, this is a very simple resolution. This allows for the House and the Senate to sit in joint session to honor the achievements of the Duke University Men's basketball team this year. It would call for a joint session to convene at 2 O' Clock tomorrow in the hall of the Senate, and I would respectfully ask for your support of the resolution. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. And members by way of just further information on this, the Chair intends that we'll have the House session at 1:45 tomorrow. It will simply be for us to gather long enough to send a message to the Senate that we'll be going over. We're not planning on taking up any other business tomorrow, other than just that and that won't be a recorded matter, but it would be a joint session at 2 in the Senate. Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question the house is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 17 on its second reading. Those in favor will say Aye. Aye. Those opposed No. The Ayes have it. Senate Joint Resolution 715 passes its second reading and will without objection be read a third time. Senate resolves the House concurs. The question before the House is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution resolution 715 on its third reading, those in favor Aye, aye  those oppose No. The Ayes have it. St. John resolution 715 passes its third reading and it's order to know. For what purpose does the gentleman from Yugan[sp?], Representative Han[sp?] rise. For a point of personal privilege the house has come to order, the gentleman has the floor for point to personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen in the house want you to think back a little bit. Think back about 23 years. 23 years ago, President George Harvard Walker Bush, and Boris Yelsin declared the end of the cold war. think about that, that's a long time ago. That was the same year that Jeremy [xx] took over as President of [xx] university, then I think [xx] college, am I right Geren? now 23 years later, Doctor McGee is finally hanging up his [xx], or so he says. Of course he has tried to have a couple of other times, with not much success. Jerry McGee is the longest serving university President in the state of North Carolina. Under his tenure, Wingate University, in Wingate North Carolina, by the way Union county in

case anyone was counting, that sweet union to you all. Wingate University has tripled it's annulment, begun numerous new programs including a Doctoral program and as a matter of fact, our own Aaron [xx], is a Doctoral student at Wingate University. I'm going to rent out a room in my house to him this coming summer so he can continue his studies. Also in that program is our former teacher of the year, James Ford Wenger Universities, the tour programs will become part of the Wenger's University's history. Under Joel Maggie's leadership we renew buildings including the back center our own do [xx] engineering in charge of the billing of the bad center. We've been in college of health sciences, new campuses, one of in Anderson County from our own inimitable representative from Union County is officiated by the way, at more than 400 college football games. I suspect despite taking a heater to I just kind of goes with the territory. He's an full hollow things, full of them, including the North Carolina. Oh thanks, you serve our many boards commissions with two box and receive the highest surveillan award in if you order the long list time but I must carry one of this the highlights of his life, I'm sure was judging, dancing in the clover. when my wife and I were the dancers and we got great grades, except for another judge named [xx], gave me a failing grade that night. I will never ever forget it more forgiver. But ladies and gentlemen in the house, we are truly blessed in North Carolina to have such people as Joel Maggi leading leaving our State really and leaving the efforts of our universities. North Carolina independent colleges and universities serve great purpose in North Carolina, we are very proud of them in Wingate certainly front page top of the pole. So tonight ladies and gentlemen I'm pleased I'm honor to participate in and I recommend to you a resolution congratulating Doctor Jerry Mcgee on his retirement and I ask the clerk to read that resolution in it's entirety Mr. Speaker, thank you very much The clerk will read the representative statement. Representative statement congratulation Doctor Jerry E McGee on his retirement. Where is doctor Jerry E MacGee? Served as President of Wingerd University since 1992 and whereas Dr. MacGee is the longest serving college president in the North Carolina and the longest serving chairman of the board North Carolina independent Colleagues and University and wheres as a native of Rochiham and Richmond county DR. [xx] earned a tittle of bachelor of science from East Carolina [xx] from Noval University, and where Doctor McGee served nearly 45 years in Higher Education secure hundreds of millions of dollars of scholarships and [xx] in campus development like Richmond Technical Institute, now Richmond Community College [xx] university, [xx] college, forming university and Wingate University and where Doctor McGee direct a 23 years presidency cruise involvement formatted 125% true to negotiate status because the doctor is going to the institution to gain program and pharmacy position assistant studies, major in education, Nursing, Physical therapy, a bit more than third or five new campus facility, another campuses in South Charlotte in Hamsterville North Carolina, in ways Mr. Macgee is conferred thousand upon thousand of degrees to future health educators and business community leaders and now therefore Dr. Jerry [deserves of recognition for his life time of service to high education in the and should be congratulated on his retirement, it is this bill we understand satisfied that the program state was read the house and place to put the general on 18th May 2014. Members on the motion of the members from Union representative Owen, Ark and Brady the chair is happy to extend the courtesies to the gallery to Dr. Jerry M'cgee retiring president of Lincoln University Mercel Mcgee and his brother and sister in law, Mr and Mrs Danny in Carolina cadre, would you all please stand so that we can welcome you with us today Mr speaker for what

purpose does the gentleman from Richmond rise? To make some comments about and I know is calling up when he hears-- The gentleman has the floor to floor to speaker a point of personal favours. Senator Gay is one of two final people that were born in [xx] North Carolina which is in Rockingham, the first one was my dad and the back known as Joe Mcgee, and believe me Representative Horn you think you know Doctor Mcgee but you do not him like I know him he grew up Rocky he went play baseball for the Rockingham Rockets, and then we went to East Carolina and from there he came back and worked for Burlington Industries for a little while, and perform in the red stocking review in Rockingham and he knew he needed to find another line of work. But he went on to [ XX ] College and then Foreman and then came back to Wingate, and I was on the  Board of Trustees, when he was hired at Wingate University. I forgot one thing, [xx] I served our country at the same time we shared a tent in and North Carolina National Guard for a while. There are other stories about that but I'll not tell those on the floor, but the one point I do want to make is, I've never met anybody that was so proud of his home town, as Jerry Maggie. He never went anywhere that he didn't tell people that he was from Rockingham in Richmond county and [xx]. which is a little [xx] village right outside of Rockingham, and he, every student that ever wanted to go Wingate university that was from Richmond county whether  they had a dime or whether they had any money or not Jerry McGee found a way to help that student go. And I will be entirely grateful  to him for the friendship he has always shown to me, for the the things he's done for Richmond county Wingate University in the state of North Carolina. Thank you Mr speaker. Members of the house we also have a number of other folks to recognized this evening. We have several student's in faculty from Appalachian State University with us this evening in the gallery, there are two student groups. First we have two graduate student's who are participating in the graduate education day tomorrow here at the general assembly. They're Miss [xx] Brown with the department of biology and her mentor Dr. [xx] and Miss Courtney Rogers from the department of psychology and her mentor Doctor Denise Smart, graduate [xx] and associate Dean Rob Saunders are also here. If you all would please stand so that we can recognize you and welcome you to be with us also. And the other group from Appalachian State is an undergraduate class NC in action, they are studying North Carolina government and politics, and they will be here in Raleigh through Wednesday. With the faculty leaders Dr. Adam Newmark and Dr. Mike Porter, and their students also please stand to be recognized, thank you for being with us as well. And Dr. McGee on behalf of all the members of the House we want to again thank you and your wife and your friends for being here with us this evening, we know the wonderful job you've done at Wingate University, and we actually have a member of your alma mater on the Speaker's staff, and so she does great job at Wingate, thank you for your service for president and also for the contributions Wingate has made. We appreciate and we're honored to have you with us this evening. Ratification of Bills and Resolutions, the Clerk will read. The Recording Clerk reports the following Resolutions duly ratified, properly enrolled and prepared for the presentation to the Office of Secretary of State. Senate Joint Resolution 715, a joint resolution providing that the General Assembly shall meet in joint session to honor the Duke University Men's Basketball Team for winning the 2015 NCAA Championship. Chapter of bills noted. For what purpose does the gentleman from Henderson, Representative McGrady rise? Point of personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege privilege. Colleagues, 35 years ago many of us will remember that on this date Mount St. Helens exploded I'm really feeling pretty old today today because 36 years ago Mrs Bell gave birth to a baby boy and that, he is now my seat mate, and happy birthday to John Va lour[sp], join me in. Let us turn our pages to come forward if you would. All pages please come to the front. As the pages are coming up, you all can hear

me, you're here for a very interesting week, maybe [xx] that we had first thought it was going to be this way. This is the way that we'll be doing the budget, so all of the time while you are here with us we'll be spend, in the appropriations committee tomorrow, and then Wednesday will be some very long sessions here and Thursday we'll be here for a while too. But Pages, I would ask, the clerk is going to call your name and introduce you to us and so when he calls your name if you would step forward, so we can know who which of you are [xx] Michael Allan, Cleveland county, Speaker [xx] divine golsby, Mecklenburg County, Representative Brackets sponsor, Mecklenberg county, Representative Brackets Sponsor, Junior Harbour [xx] South Carolina, speaker Moore sponsor, Tommy Jackson southern county Representative Leeves sponsor, Trace Levi Johnston county Represtentetive Leighn sponsor. Macklins McCony Cabras[sp?] county, Representative xx sponsor [xx] County representative Turner sponsor. Nate Scovins, Gilford County Representative Pierce Sponsor paid and stacks Richmond county Representative Goodman Sponsor Benjamin Stalker Bolt county. Representative Blackwell sponsor, Rachel Volkanel Moore county, speaker Moore sponsor, Mariah Right Scotland county, Representative Pierce sponsor. Pages we're honored to have you here with us this week. I would ask my colleagues to please to join me in welcoming our pages. Thank you for being with us, you may return to your post, notices and announcements for what purpose does the gentleman from Stokes representative Holloway rise? For announcements. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement.  Members we have a last practice at when we adjourn, it's the last one before the big game, the game is next week so please come over there and let's practice up. Thanks for the notices and announcements, if not the gentlemen from Harley, representative Louis is recognized for the motion.  Mr. Speaker, subject to receive of committee reports and we refer to Bills and resolutions, I move the House to adjourn to reconvene at Tuesday, May 19th at 1:45 PM. Representative Luis moves seconded by representative Bell at the house adjourns subject to the receded commitee report and they rever forward bills and resolution to reconvene Tuesday May 19th at 1:45 PM. Those in favor will say aye. Aye.  Those oppose no. The ayes have it, we stand adjourned