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Joint | May 18, 2015 | Committee Room | Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight

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Thank you Senator Pate, Representative Davis for helping make this quorum. Let me welcome you to today's meeting adjourned, Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee. Our Seargent-at-arms are, Steve McCane, Camp Louise, Steve Willis and Jim Hamilton. Thank you for each of you, I have from senate from the house, Marvit Lee, Ragee Sales, Tim McCloy and David Liton. And we come close to having really need you, to bring them in. Okay, do we have any pages here? I think we do. Representative Hurley, any remarks, no remarks. First item on the agenda is the May 4th minutes They mainly dealt primarily with the report from OSBM and Insigea. The staff is currently working with with Mr. Colady to compile answers in details as requested by PED in that meeting. Are there any correction or additions to the minutes? I thank Representative Tommy move to adopt the minutes. All in favor please say aye, oppose no, thank you. Now, to the major meeting because I know some of you want to leave by around three. Before I recognize Mr. Charcle who's obviously standing in front of me very impatiently, let me just say that, we the Chairs, Representative Horn and I, did review the raw data from the survey results previously and attempted to accommodate as many of the priorities that the general assembly and this committee In the reports and actually the status reports that you completed. There was considerable interest in legislative salaries in per diem, and session length and timing or they were actually fairly highly ranked. But instead of PED conducting a formal study, we decided there will be a committee hearing on the topic. After the session to receive information compiled by the National Conference of State Legislators for a presentation by NCSL staff, so that we can I think perhaps get the information in a much more holistic form. This will ensure that the main members here directly from NCSL, which is the primary source for a competitive information even for us when we go out tonight. This allowed three additional projects to rise to the 15 that we propose in this Work plan.combining two allows one additional product, and holding the NCSL hearing instead of having PDE you'll have another two for a total of three freed up slots. And what we have presented and what Mr. Turcotte others will present as we begin now, are the results of the compilation of the whole 42, I believe it was condensed to, 43, condensed to the 15 that this committee prioritized with some combinations. Mr. Turcotte. Thank you, Mr Chair, I'm John Turcotte, Director of the Programme Evaluation Division. This will be a very brief briefing. You have before you this list here of projects, the first 15 represent those that would be presented to you for approval today as the Work Plan, and as the Chair explained it would also authorisly[sp] commit yourself to hold the great hearing, on legislative salaries and sessions. The projects are listed in order of priority, in an order of the waiting event, you collectively have given, the number one project is the funding for the ministry of [xx], community college is number two. Number three, what we are going to do there is look at, functions of the state government that are already privatized, by privatize it means, it's contracted out to the private sector, some as this is maybe to non profit, it has been interesting re visting the Economic Development tears that will be a full and first study event, parliamentary interested medicaid, when you look at medicaid program integrity, there's

no project such like that. Number six is a big project, mega project dealing with possibility of consolidating the state's buying power for health care services and this is a project that got a lot of interests. School calendar, flexibility, married members who are interested may have to cross the board, because of the problem with snow days and other reasons and special bills having to be introduced to deal with anger of district flexibility. We may want to take a look at that medicaid's analytic's, once again consistent with legislature's interest in Medik Number 9 is, we are going to look at Agency Executive Departments and look at the different levels of personnel, or managing personnel. This will be a a full and thorough review of things like staff control, and the growth of people at the top of these organizations, and there's no effect of of thickening where a lot of people here few people here just gets thicker out on this direction, take a look at that. In made healthcare one of the most costly things components of corrections, we'll look at that. The next project was one that we were able to bring together. And that is education requirements for teachers, as well as the certification process itself. We're going to review the Lottery, I've been in two or three Lottery reviews elsewhere those are really interesting projects. We'll be looking at how the games are performed. What's associated with collections or sales from the Lottery. What other states are doing. Those are good bit of literature out there and some national standards on Lottery, which will apply. Number 13 the results first, this is a process of identifying programs that are evidence based, trying to classify them, if they are not evidence based, what are the basis, are these programs If I had, the Pew Center for The States has a very active program and that is abit interest in appropriations committee and furthering this along and so we've a project to do that will help with that. Number 14 is a review of the Ferry Division, and number 15 is a review of management of our State Pensions Funds and Investments. That's it Mr. Chairman. Behind it, there's a blank page and then all the other projects that were considered, some of them got very close like passenger rail, food and nutrition and so forth. But they're listed too for your reference. Now, when we go about our work, we start at the top in priorities and work our way down, and when the legislature or when Committee decides it wants to amend this work plan and perhaps add a project or move a project up in priority. You've that authority when we do this. This is a doable plan Mr. Chairman and members of the committee. Ok, and I think suffice it to say that number 16 the passenger rail, we've actually done a study previously relating to that PED has done one, so there may be some ability to at least in the absence of  authority to follow through on some of the prior studies. The food study is one that is sort of a combination of a couple of prior objects that were done by PED, with discussion of the food deserts and I think it was part of a house special committee last time and we've gotten the Duke, the Terry Sanford Schools express an interest to assist us in doing some of that sort of Independently to at least create a survey and inventory programs. Now, I think  it'll be appropriate that any members of the committee have questions, concerns, thoughts about the plan and the ranking or how we arrive at this location or anything relating to the proposed plan. Representative Cornney.   Well, mine is just from the perspective of the process.

It was very thorough and I want to commend the staff for staying on top of all the members. I mean I don't know that we all responded expeditiously. If we responded exactly how you'd hoped we would, in an orderly fashion. I'm one of those that I did mine differently I think but I think you've come up with a great compilation here and you certainly got our work cut out for us as Legislatures, but you all surely do this is a daunting task these issues we've chosen. But yeah, I think the ones that came to the top are strong in nature and I think we'll gain a lot of insight from this process, and I just want to thank the staff for their patience.   Thank you Representative Curny.  And I have been remissed I want to thank particularly Carol Shaw for having the 42 to combine the cumulative voting associated with these 43 projects, and she and other members of staff were staying on top of us we're trying to come back with these responses. Right, thank you. Other questions from the committee? Okay. Representative Horn Thank you. Staying in the lottery, is that been done before, because I thought I I'm sorry Mr. Chair has the state lottery been done before? If so how long ago? I think there's a lottery oversight but I'm not a Lawyer of any form of studies like the one we're planning on doing has been done here. I do know when we did the studies like this in Florida, the idea is, what is a Lottery? Is Lottery a way of keeping people gambling in a certain limited way? Or is it a revenue maker for public schools, and these two objectives sometimes are driven apart and is difficult for both to occur an issue we often get Mr. Horn is advertising. Should we advertise and promote the lottery, you know the lottery consists of more than one thing, it's a lotto game which is a very very long odds of lap play and fantasizing so forth and then the other are the scratch off games and they are the ones that are bringing most of the money, but we'll look at all of that plus the internal operations of the lottery commission to see if the're any efficiency there Mr. Chairman, but I'm not aware of any others that have been done here I could be wrong so I don't think so. Representative Carney. I do have a question on the legislature salaries and per diems, and John and I were talking before we got in here after we were waiting for a quorum, I'm not so sure that part of that should or could be what is your salary based on? What if just show up for work, if we're looking at that at other states, but in these committee meetings, are we moving now? We are moving now with more technology access that will open us up to being able to at least teleconferencing or Skyping or something from the district if you can't be here, and I'm wondering if other legislatures do that, and do you have to get paid to come to committee meetings, you're paid to be here to do your job and you should show up to vote but is there a trial nationally that other legislatures are looking at for this committees that may outside of our regular meeting ponds, like in the interim for instance. So, I hope we can maybe incorporate that, I don't know if that's feasible and to do that within CSL or not, but just a thought. Mr. Tucker. There are some other states that do this. I hate to keep bring up Florida, Mississippi is my home state, and we didn't do anything much there. He had John Grisham on his PED committee.   Oh yeah we did, he was on my committee there but in Florida they allow members to call in and vote and participate and they join legislative budget committees and other interim committees. I was [xx] developed there, they had a good system. They also televised the proceedings and then committee meetings, and I'm sure that when NCSL comes down and we'll ask them to do this in preparation of the

hearing to speak to that issue Representing Carney. Senator Gunn. Thank you Mr. Chair. Miss Tucker, when were we, I think you also at some point Thomson will provide some type of matrix schedule so we'll know when these are supposed to be happening and completed, is that correct? Yes. We will put the work plan on the PPD website as soon as possible, then as the status of those projects changes we'll update it. But the work plan all the projects on the work plan including these first 15 will be logged in and as events occur we'll post to that. And you don't have to wait for the committee meeting, that's all available on the website and each week the staff updates their projects, and if they have a significant event, we tell them go ahead and update it then don't wait for the weekend to do it Joshua back there keeps up to them and does a really good job at that. Okay other questions from the committee? Please remember that if in this session in this session, the general assembly may nullify this plan or add a project [xx] and it goes to the top. Mr. Tucker. Mr. Chair and members, I did take a look at the house budget and there are no mandates in there for PED. There's one requiring this committee to decide whether or not you want to authorize a review of a pallet project that's going on in the Department of Health and human Service but the report day is 2018 which is beyond this work plan and so, that was in I wanted to pick up a number of things and there were reports that were given to this divisional committee for different things, That's not project. This is unusually and one or two little versions come out. We have four or five projects headed by special provision. I think, since the committee is doing such a good job explaining and coming up with projects ahead of time and being proactive that hasn't been the case. Yet Okay I think I just observed a motion from Senator Gunn, seconded by Representative Carney to adopt the work plan as presented any discussion? None of that, all in favor please say, aye, "Aye". Oppose no just to let you know, the next meeting of PED will be on Monday June 22 nd at a time likely to be 3 O'clock, just to let you know the reason it was moved up to 2 O'clock today as there was some consideration given to some House committees that likely were going to meet at 3 and we didn't know that until the last minute, so I'm trying to adjust that. At that meeting on June the 22nd, the PED will present its Report on State Property buildings and lease space, and I understand it will be most worthwhile attending. And I think we're looking at a July meeting where we may be looking at some technology potential but I'm not sure about that yet. Are you sure we won't be adjourned by July? I may to correct the Public Agenda. Public Agenda said the next meeting will be June 15th that's a failure on my part to update the date. That date of June 22nd is important because that's when the Administration Circles Property Report will be ready, so that is my mistake. Okay, any other questions, or comments, discussion, or otherwise? Seeing none we're now adjourned. Thank you.