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House | May 14, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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May I have your attention please. [xx] please return to the chamber in the highest prepares full session. Thank you. the house to come to order, members would take their seats those who've just retired from the Chamber the Sergeant At Arms will close the doors members and visitors are asked to please silence all electronic devices, today's prayer will be offered by Representative Leah Gibman[sp?] we to stand and to remain standing for the Pledge and the Prayer. Representative Penny Thank you, let's pray. Great God our Father Lord we thank you for the beauty of this day, and the great privileges that we have to serve you, by serving the people of the great State of North Carolina, here in this place Lord we thank you for all the Law Enforcement Officers who are here with us today and we pray for your special blessings on them as we mourn the loss of those, who had died serving the public, seeking to uphold the law and to protect their Citizens, they ask Lord that you would keep them safe, and guide and direct them and all that they do to serve our people. Father I thank you that even though you knew before you created the Universe, that we as sinners would break your heart, and dishonor you, you still loved the very idea of having fellowship with us so much, that you created us anyway, that's part of how I know that the Gospel should lower because no human being would ever has imagined or made up a God with such great love I pray Lord that there may not be one person here today who does not experience that love in their lives. I pray you would help us bless Oh God, to share that love with each other help us, out of that live that you share. To the very best here in this place, to do what is right in your sight and best for our people. For we prayed Jesus name, Amen. Christians, one nation of God, beautiful, unity will make us strong. I apologize for being so emotional. With all the law enforcement people here I couldn't help it. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gust representative Tobit arise? Mr. Speaker the gentleman for May 13 has been examined and found correct and approved as written. Representative Tobit moves the gentleman from May 13th to be approved is written. Those in favor will say, aye, aye. Those opposed will say, no. The ayes have it. The journal stands approved written ratification of bill resolutions the clerk will read. Enrolling clerk opposed to following bills duly ratified to the Government. Senator wants to extend and act rely with the handicap vehicle owner, who qualifies for distinguishing licence fracture shall also receive one removable windshield placard. Senate Bill 123, an act to amend the uniform flatuant[sp?] transfer act to adopt amendment buy the uniform, commission in 2014 to make related conforming and technical amendments, as recommended by our general statues commission House Bill 79, an act amending the laws pertaining to civil non-contact orders who terrify the ignore violations of the civil non-contact order will be punishable by civil or criminal contempt and clarifying the scope the state receivings when case is on appeal. House Bill 102, it may authorize law enforcement officers, emergency personnel in municipal and the employs operate utility vehicles in some public highways, and to modify removal of morphology including vehicles being used in collection of waste fuel solid waste and recycling 58 and that prohibiting persons under 18 years of age from using cutting equipment hospital 195 and the house committee of North Carolina practice act to allow the substitution of number of biological product. House bill 447 and act of amended to create a promise for making exams, and device a mental equipment for making exams for the dispensing

of delivering home rental products, and to allow the dialysis facilties to be designated as agents to receive home medication patients with lung failure and you probably feel doing a properly and prepare for presentation to officer and secretary of state house bill 65 establishes sensor for travel and culture in Real county, Chucky county and Bahingham county. House bill 204 authorized the clerk will read to take immediate position property condemned for public services facilities. House Bill 243, an Act to modify the composition of economic development commission for Mecan County. Chapter Bills will be noted. Members and for our guests in the gallery, the guests actually outnumber us today. We are, today is what's called a no-vote session. We are in the process of our budget right now and I see a number of school groups who are here. What we are doing at the moment is we're working on the state budget and we have what's called sub-committees and the appropriations committees and those committees have been meeting all day, all morning. They've taken a little break and then they'll come back in this afternoon, they'll meet all day. Some will meet probably even till late this evening, and then a lot of our staff and a lot of our members will be here actually working over the weekend. And then what happens is on Monday we'll come in, there'll be a finance committee hearing. They will hear the bills and then Tuesday will be a full day of appropriations, and then Wednesday and Thursday, it'll look a lot different on the for that will be the day that we are here debating the bill. And it's not in common for us to be in session for eight hours, 10 hours, sometimes even longer. Ain't that Representative Elijah, we've been here for many times even longer than that, and so today looks like it's for the as she want us by playing hockey from school the answer is no, they are just in another place right now. And that being said I want to recognize a number of our guests here with us today. First of we have with us an honorarily Patiede Mason Mayer who is the son of Representative Greg Mayer. Mason, glad to have you with us today, we also have two school groups with us right now, we have a group of students from Wilmington Christian Academy and Wilmington would you all stand so that we can welcome you, thanks for being with us. as well we a have a great [xx] Cash Alminary in Conner's ville would you all stand so that we can welcome you, thanks for being with us. we also have our doctor of the day Doctor  John Ibac from Sholler and our nurse Stefany Leaky from Rolly, would you please stand so that we can welcome you, thank you being with us. On behalf of Representative Brian Brown and [xx] county the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the [xx] to President Dennis Massey, and faculty from PItt Community College Would you please stand so we can wrap on you. Thank you. on behalf of Representative Zachary of the [xx] County, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to the fourth greatest Four Bush Elementary School, would you all please stand s we could wel where are you? Are you with us he may have stepped away representatives you scared off the representative if they come back we make sure we recognise them The Chair will momentarily recognize the law enforcer officials who are here with us today, but I know a couple of members who wants to speak to points of personal privilege on that, so the chair will with before I make this recognitions. For what purpose does the gentleman from Representative Godman rise?  For point of personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker first I want to tell representative Pittman wanted for prayers that was and was very meaningful and thank you so much, but I also wanted to say that this is law enforcement officers waking to tomorrow is Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Day and I have a statement that I want to read honoring law enforcement also's killed in line of duty. [xx] the world being a wild individuals in the United States is preserved enhanced direct result of the vigilance and dedication of law enforcement officers, and whereas more than 900, 000 when officers greatly risk their personal safety to serve individuals in the United States as guardians of the peace and whereas according to the national law [xx] memorial front. On a average, one

law enforcement also is killed in line of duty in Ianl State every 58 hours and whereas since the first recorded death in 1791 over 22, 000 federal, state and local law enforcement officers have lost their wives in the line of duty while protecting the citizens of the United States including more than 530 officers in North Carolina. And whereas in 1962, congress approved a joint resolution authorizing and requesting to designate May 15 of each year as Peace Officer's Memorial Day, and the week in which that day falls week now known as Law Enforcement Officer's Week and whereas throughout the year and especially during Law Enforcement Officer's Week all of North Carolinian's are urged to show their gratitude to law enforcement officers for the role that they play in protecting our lives and property. Now therefore the comemory and acknowledge the dedication and sacrifice of Federal, State and local law enforcement officers who  killed or injured. in a line of duty, May 15, 2015 should be observed as police officers memorial day, and May 11 till May 15 should be a served as law enforcement week with appropriate ceremonies, celemety, appreciation and respect. respect voice amended on this 14 day may representative Ken Goodman, Mr. Speaker I would like to stand on sake of the journal. And so order for what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland Representative Floyd rise. Mr. Speaker I just want to The Chairman has the board to speak to appoint a personal privilege. Mr. Speaker as we begin the session you so and to let our audience know that this is a skeleton crew and that many of us were working on the budget. If you be so kind to let the members in the gallery know that, he was nicen up enough on April 29, 2015, Keph[sp?] was here to to 2:30 in the morning. We did but we did have some unexpected entertainment while we were here that evening. and that's for sure. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gilford, Representative Theracough rise? Speak to a personal point of privilege. The gentleman has the floor to speak to a personal point of privilege.  Thank you Mr. Speaker, my colleagues here know that I spent a good part of my life life wearing a badge and I wore it very proudly and I still carry in my pocket incase I happen to need it down in the hallway somewhere and I'll have to be at this work a couple of time we are gathered here today with some really fun public servants, so folks at sometime in the past put in their, put up their right hand, put their hand on the Bible and swore to take here of us, and they do a very, very good job of it. Once in a while, somebody stumbles their toe the way you even have football players who stumble their toes once in a while or the air goes out of their football one way or the other we are human beings those of us who have worn the barge and are still wearing it we are going to make mistakes in this gallery today we have officers siting all around who are committed to finding the solution to the frictions between law enforcement to the community and they are going to do it they are determined to do it and we are going to support them Representative Goodman thank you so much for your reading it's very appropriate  and I hope all of us can give a good hand when the time comes for this public servants in our gallery, thank you Mr. Chair. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rundoff  representative McNeill rise? Upon a personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Like representative  Faircloth I just what to say I thank most everybody I am a retirement law enforcement officer I spend 32 years with the Rundoff county sheriff's office retired in 2009 and I wasn't going to speak today but I couldn't let it go, we had a deputy that was killed on the line of duty and to respond to the scene of that what a devastating thing that is for the family and for the law enforcement community when we loose an officer Sir, a fine officer killed in

the line of duty, for all those of you that are still serving I commend you and after all decide I'm ging ahead with my career behind me because the challenges that you face these days and times are getting increasingly harder and harder as each day goes by I command you and I also command your families that long you to the people of north Carolina and your respective cities and counties, thank you for your service. For what purpose does the gentleman from Guildford Representative Bliss rise point of personal privilege the gentleman recognized to speak t a point of personal privilege thank you Mr Speaker I just want to echo what's been said I certainly say better than the resolution read by my mind is going blank representative Goodman Ken Goodman and I was certainly going to move to have that spread across the journal had he not done so and I certainly support that but I would like to further have a copy of that sent to the president and the Attorney general of United States of America and maybe some other national leaders right know so I hope you consider doing that. For what purpose does the gentleman from Lake representative Martin rise for a point of personal privilege, the gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege consumer of police services who take from the sacrifice and the protection that our state law enforcement officers give to us so I'm glad some of my fellow members who have served as police officers have spoken up and allowed the law enforcement officers in the gallery to know that there are people who are having them here on the floor who know what they've been through. I'd like to say it's an honor to have this folks here in the gallery and I'd like to say to my colleagues colleagues who have served as law enforcement officers, what an honor it is to serve here in the House with you, and how grateful I'm to each of you for the experience you bring to the decisions we may keep here the defect law enforcement officers and those who're protected by law enforcement officers. It's an honor to serve with you all, it's also an honor to be a son-in-law of a 30 year retired this officer who served with Winston Salem PD, Forsyth County Sheriff Department in a State Bureau of Investigation, he loved his job for 30 years, he even  was putting his neck on the line and coming home from a stressful job to raise my daughter but he would have given up for anything, but boy, does he love his retirement now. And my wish is, each of our police officers here, enjoy safe retirement but in the end I close with a thought and a prayer for those who've not come home and my eternal gratitude to them. Well, what purpose does the member from Kallemen representative Rosa rise. Thank you Mr. Speaker for this personal privilige.  Gentleman is recognised to speak to a point of personal privilege.  Is there someone as many of you who know who spent many years in municipal government and a recovering mayor, I had an opportunity they were pretty close with my local law enforcement and my chief is here as well as other chiefs from my district. Boroinghton Gram and Gibsonville. During that time I had the opportunity to, some of the ride a longs, and spent a lot of time with police officers and every time one would stop a car especially at night, you'd roll up because it's like this is an uneasy situation, you never know what they are going to walk up to. But the thing that has impressed me the most about our law enforcement community, and I know it spreads well beyond my community, and my district because I had an opportunity to ride along with the highway patrol last weekend, and I had never seen in public servants, and public employees more dedicated individuals than those that serve in law enforcement. They do it because it's a passion it's a love, it's a dedication that I don't know is duplicated in any other form of public service. The officer that I have dealt with over the years have just truly been dedicated public servants, and I just want to thank all of them for the work that they do and the job that they do, and I wish that the public had the opportunity to know first hand some of the things that I've seen uniform, some of our men and women in uniform. Thank you. For what purpose does the lady from Bunkum Representative Fischer rise? For appointed personal privilege Mr. Speaker.

The lady, the lady is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker, and ladies and gentlemen I rise in support of today's resolution honoring law enforcement because the hold a pretty special place in my heart my grandfather was a retired police captain in Ashville and in the 1940's he was the first motorcycle cop in Ashville and actually rode my mother to school on the side car when she was in elementary and I have the utmost respect for law enforcement in our state and always as little girl sort of had this in the back of my mind fear of doing anything wrong because I might get put in jail so my grandfather reminded me he had handcuffs and he knew where the jail was and I better be on the straight nero so I wanted to share that in his memory and in honour of all the law enforcement in North Carolina I have a really very one place in my heart for all of you and thank you for what you do For what purpose does the lady from Representative Richardson rise For a moment of personal privilege Mr. Speaker Lady is recognised to speak to a point of personal privilege I too would like to stand and honour the men and women who serve in a uniform that ride up and down our highways and our streets that protect us earlier this year I had the honour of attaining a service in Rocky O Mally where we dedicated a bridge to a young man that was killed 20 Years is avenge and everybody spoke so highly on here until there was no issue about this, village has been named after him and also had an opportunity to run around with two of my states patrols, one in Falcon county and in Ness county and so much about the profession that they never realize the sacrifices that they have to make many times moving out of their county into another county because it is the process, that is required of them, so that they can not be in familiar territories, my Sherriff Police Officer in Luceverde, went by a couple of ladies homes and they were really in need of some assistance with their home, is caused, construction, and air, and heating, he contacted my office and he said you've got to help me do something, so there is a very Human side to these people as well, and for that I say thank you for your service and continue to uphold the oath that you've taken. Thank you.  For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Peterson  arise? To speak on this issue of policeman. The gentleman recognize to speak to a point of personal privilege.  I want to salute you law officers, I really do appreciate you. My most fond memory of working with law enforcement officers when I was a Wake county commissioner, and I told them every year I wanted a deputy to pick me up right as it got dark come new years eve and take me back home when the sun came up. So I got in the car with the guy and and the deputy, and we were riding around doing,  stopping cars and doing different things, about two O'clock in the morning, way out of the camp, and he's still working do a drug raid[sp?], I said alright let's do it. So, we met with about 15 cars, and they were going to walk in about three 100 yards with no flash lights just walked down the road and raid this place, so he said you stay in the car, and we'll come back and get you so I thought about a second, and I got out, and he'd gone about ten feet, and I went up and grabbed him by the shoulder and I said wait a minute those guys could come out of that house and come back here and see me sitting in this car even though it's dark and kill me, where's your shot gun? And he said it's in the trunk, I said give it to me, and I'm going into wood and now you're sitting in the car. So I did, and I told him from now when I go with you I'm bringing my 45 automatic, and he said and I did, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Edgecombe, Representative Willingham rise. Point of a personal privilege. Gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. I actually want to I hadn't planned to speak, I'm a former police officer too and probably experienced that probably the people have not heard, my partner was killed and I

try not to think about that and this brings back those memories and I don't talk about it, but being a police officer is a tough job, and it takes special people to do that I believe. And if you're not dedicated to serving, then you shouldn't be a police officer. And I think those who are in law enforcement, and I think the majority, or large majority of most of policemen do a good job and just like any profession you have some who sometimes make mistakes. But I can tell you that being police officer is a stressful job, it took me probably about four or five years to is to being able to relax, so I can tell you and I was a police man in Washington DC we had a lot of crime, a lot of things happen but I want to commend those who are serving and I would hope that you would appreciate what they do at all times because they're our friends, they're the only ones that stand between us and chaos so I suppose and I just hope that you take it seriously, we're commemorating those who've gone and my partner lasted one day, we went out the first night, he was killed so again like I said, it brings back some bad memory, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Habeas Representative Pittman rise? Point of personal privilege. Gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. My dad instilled in me a great respect for all law enforcement officers nevertheless when we'll be riding down the rad and we'd pass one, I always wave at them perhaps you think you did something, when I was 16 I probably gave a highway patrol man the shock of his life because I was making a left turn to turn around go back the other way, I hit the turn signal switch but it didn't stay down, and so I just turn he pulled me for failed to give turn signal, and I know I shocked him had a 16 year old kid thank him for doing his job but that's always been my attitude, I've had some tickets over the Years and I've always thanked them for doing their job. I appreciate them very much and I guess I shouldn't have been so emotional. Today is because I love I warn the law enforcement officers and just the very idea that someone things its a game or an accomplishment to kill one tears me up and I want him to know how I much appreciate him [xx] I am a polestar, I'll be glad to play with you anytime if you need it and I guess another reason I'm so emotional is because on April 12th when my son killed himself, law enforcement officers did everything they could and try so hard to catch him from doing it and I will never forget they tried to save his life Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Aston, Representative Tobit rise? Inquire the Chair Mr speaker gentleman may state his inquiry what will it be appropriate at the time when the Speaker sees fit to hold a moment of silence in memorial of those officers fallen in the line of service? service to the great citizens of North Carolina It would, the speaker will do that once we are at the very end and then we'll probably adjourn in memory of our law enforcement officers too who [xx] for what purpose does the gentleman fro Caraven Representative Specioly Rise. The point of a personal privilege, the gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege I just want to start by saying thank you. I mean just as simple as that, thank you to our law enforcement I have the greatest esteem for my colleagues here who have been in law enforcement, I was not in law enforcement, I was in the military, my last year in the military I went through basic law enforcement training and that was enough. I had a friend who retired from the rain court before I did he kind of talked me into it and he said yes let's get into law enforcement. So, I went to the training and every time I saw him, he had

retired from the [xx] local police to promise every time I saw him, his arm was rapped or his leg was in in a rap and what happened?  I had a wrestle with some 17 year old, I had been there and I thought, my goodness, what I my getting into? Now I, m just still 20 years am wrinkled and I was worried about getting into something ultimately I didn't end up on police department because they claimed they lost my paper work, but I was probably more believed that I wasn't going to head in that direction, but I can tell you that going through the training, and knowing what you guys do, and going and still continuing all these years to stay involved with what you do. You just have my full respect. It takes a special individual. to everybody cannot be law enforcement we see that all the time we see officers go through the training maybe get higher get on the force but they don't last long if their not of the caliber if they don't have the personality if they don't have the right staff and that's the bottom line you have to have the right staff and all of you sitting up their right now are still sitting their in your uniform law enforcement because you have the right staff and for that I want to say thank you and thank for your courage and thank you for all that you do, thank you for keeping us safe. Member their are a number of folks want to recognize in the gallery hold your applause until I go through the list we do that first all our motion of representative Adams is set your Tobby county, the chair have to extend the courtesy the gallery to captain Thorman Wisney of Haque, Chief Steven of Canover, Chief Gally Bost of Camore chief Trace Redford of Maiden we are also pleased to invite them in front of all members of the house to extend the courtesy of the gallery bring individuals, Colonel William Grey and the officer of North Carolina highway patrol, Eddy Coldware with the North Carolina sheriff associations with the sheriff across the state rich man county sheriff James crimos and deputies North Carolina general assembly police chief Jeff weaver and member of his police the North Carolina law enforce the act of association the North Carolina association of chief of police North Carolina internal order police and any other law enforce officers who were there as well I believe we have a present chief present the association chief of Vance Foil from Caniris[sp?] and I would also ask members of the house any of you who have either serve or have served as, members of armed forces please stand. And I will ask my colleagues to join me in extending our appreciation to our friends in the gallery and our fellow colleagues. Thank you. we also have a group of students. Another group of students was here with us today from the Wake Stem Early College High School here in Mali with us today, thank you for being here. Members I would ask if there was a very proper request and just take a moment of personal preference first of all, I enjoy to see my tripper sitting right there as opposed to to in a car behind me, so we're glad to have you here with us today just, we often take for granted I think, I do, and everyone else is, we take for granted how safe we are and how safe we can be, and it's due in very large part to the folks in law enforcement, if you could imagine what a world would be like if we did not have law enforcement there, you couldn't do anything, we couldn't live in this building you couldn't walk outside and be safe. And we get taken for granted and I know that in the media sometimes, I have a lot, I'm an attorney when I'm not here and get great defense from a lot of police officers, sheriffs, deputies, troopers and others. And I know that a lot of times, those in law enforcement feel like, when they talk the baddest is to be criticized. And I want everyone of you to know, and I think I speak for every single one of us in this house and frankly for most North Carolinian's that you are appreciated for what you do. Let us recognize the sacrifices

that you make, both in terms of your personal safety, your families, your income earning ability, all their sayings to do the job that you do because it's a passion, because it's something that you love, and we are grateful for those of you who go into law enforcement, we're grateful to those who have served in law enforcement and we will never forget and we will remember those who have given their lives as our police officers, and I think it will be appropriate as recommended by Representative Touga[sp?] but before we adjourn we do take a moment of silence to owner and respect in remembrance of those law enforcement officers who have paid the ultimate prize I would ask you join us. Thank you. members we have a couple of announcements before we adjourn in consultation with senate leadership we have decided that the week of July fourth not the week of the fourth, but the a week after I believe that is the 6th is the Monday the Clerk can collect me on that if I'm wrong to make sure I'm telling the body right this moment week of the sixth Monday the sixth after the fourth has been determined that should we still be in session we will be in recess that we will have no vote sessions we are going to let our general staff know even the clerk's office that should they wish to exercise a week of vacation they are free to do so that would apply to members and to ULA. Should members wish to be here that week and work that week? Not sure if you want to but if sure you want to do that you're free to do you say? But we will take that week is also in agreement that if we have not enacted a budget by that time. We hope we will and if we have not there will be a continuing resolution in place. So, there will be nothing pressing at that point but that's been the determination that we've made so, those who have families and want to be able to make plans, we've tried to be very family friendly on that you'll be able to make vacation plans. Mr. Speaker, for what purpose does the Speaker President Floyd stand up. I wonder if I could nominate you as the most popular speaker in the history of the world that's always their fleeting session, don't worry about it but just want to make sure members know that, so you may plan accordingly for that week. For what purpose does the general from Garam represent the power rise? The gentleman recognized for an announcement. Thank you Mr Speaker democrat for Caucus in legally after session in 1425, 1425 immediately after this session. For what purpose does the general from damn representative look your ass? Including the Chair. The gentleman may state his inquiry. Speaker, yesterday you referenced a resolution concerning the men basketball team and I wonder if you can tell us with the senate whether that resolution and activity will be on Tuesday and if on Tuesday at what time will we have a session? Just a moment Thank you. Hey So, you can tell I have to talk to them to find out what's going on on this things. The answer is we're going to get the resolution Monday and so, Monday night we will have a  seven o'clock session I don't know what has been in the counter so according that will be something that I'm not sure. But session at two o'clock on Tuesday is to use the time in the senate and so I think all of us Carolina Grass[sp?] are invited to be their as well, the gentleman is recognized for further inquiry you are saying that the session will at two O'clock on Tuesday as well and we'll be joining the senate. That we'll certainly have a joint session at two on tuesday its going to really be the appropriation day so, they won't be any [xx] it will be a break from the appropriation process to go congraturate our friends from Durham, thank you very much this is a great idea, yes sir For what purpose does the gentlemen from Orange representative Meyer rise? I seen his going to protest the joint session, is that what's that about?  I'm proud to represent both Durum and Orange Counties, [xx] general makes status enquiry  given that the 4th of July falls on a Thursday and the fifth of July falls on a Friday do you have any advanced as of whether we will have a session on Friday the 5th of July?  Probably not we

certainly won't lead on the fourth so there will be no reason to be here on Friday the fifth so in actual I think the gentleman might have seen his calendar wrong. The fourth is actually on  Saturday so we will have session the second whether we will have session Friday the third in order will remain to be seen but no you're safe from Saturday on I can't make any promises about Friday or anything before that week. Thank you Mr. Chair the fifth is my birthday and I just prefer to spend it anywhere but here Alright well  you're safe for what purpose does the gentleman from Robinson Representative Gram rise?  For announcement Mr. Speaker The gentleman has the floor for an announcement in doing my planning I have scheduled Tuesday, next Tuesday afternoon for the members of our state recognized tribes to come to legislature and interact with representatives, this is an opportunity to keep our trouble folks involved in the legislative process and those individuals will be here from 1-2 Tuesday afternoon we're going to meet in 1425 and I would like to extend an invitation for you to come by and be a part of that interaction and part of that discussion with your tribal members I've asked tribal chairs to come by or have a designated person traveled administrator to be a part of this interaction with the legislative body which is a joint process. So, thank you Mr. Speaker and I'll be sending out notices also pertaining to that. Thank you. Further notices and announcements the clerk has announcement, clerk checking out will read House committee on appropriations, agriculture and economic resources met Thursday May 14th at and 421 LOB the house committee on appropriation of general government will meet Thursday at 12 PM in 425 LOB. Further notices and announcements, if not the gentleman from Gaston representative Toby is recognized for the motion. Mr. Speaker I move that the House adjourn in memory those North Carolina officers that were killed in the line of duty of service to North Carolina citizens. Persue it to messages from the senate committee report we refer to bills on resolution to reconvene Monday May 18 at 7PM representative Tobert seconded by representative John subject to receive a message from the senate, committee report and referral in honor and in memory of those officers who have lost their lives in service for citizens of the state of North Carolina to reconvene on Monday May 18, 7 o' clock PM. Those in favor will say aye, those who oppose will say no, the ayes have it, and we stand adjourned.