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House | May 14, 2015 | Committee Room | Local Government

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Like to call this meeting of local government to order appreciated by being here. I'd like to make an announcement to the committee really that we will not have a local government committee meeting next week to the appropriations of budget process. I'd like to welcome the sergeant at arms [xx], Bill [xx] Jim [xx] we appreciate you all for being here and appreciate all that you do for the legislature. I would like to recognize our pages, we have [xx] from Gaston County, to my Representative John Tobbit, Haley Rackliffe from Sorie county sponsored by Representative Sarah Stevens and with [xx] from [xx] county sponsored by Representative Mallone I hope you enjoyed your week here, do you understand me and I feel a lot of knowledge meet some new friends come back again. First item today's agenda to be heard will be house bill 874 cities, available charge, improved property, Representative Jordan will be presenting the bill the floor is yours sir thank you Mr chairman. But there is a PCS willing to object the PCS property before us, and is also would be able to [xx] the finance committee. Yes, thank you Mr. Chairman house bill 874 was brought to me, the idea was brought to me by a small ski resort town in my district which consist of many hundreds of plotted lots most of which are not built on but they are on the same time having water system and they came to me and said the counties in 153A-284 which I have put on your seat have the authority in the case of improved property that would qualify for building permit they could be charged the minimum periodic availability charge, and they say we like to that is a small town, it's something that would help us specifically and will help other towns in our situations. And so I take a look at it and it really is in this bill we're just taking that same language and adding it to chapter 168 which is the cities if you have any questions I'd be glad to answer but that's what's going on. Thank you Representative Jordan, are there any members of the committee that have any questions or comments concerning the proposed bill? Representative Luke[sp?]. This will be a question for the bill sponsor. Do you have any, is there any limitations on how much [xx] a county or can you build a city can you charge the, basically the availability charge. How is that based? Is that based on what otherwise would be the property tax or tell me how that would be, maybe staff of, Representative Jordan. I'll be glad to. What the law says is that it cannot exceed the minimum periodic service charge for properties that are connected. So there's a connected property and there is a minimum amount, that periodic availability can't exceed that minimum. [xx] out there. Well that would be a minimum but is there, for staff is there a maximum written here in any way about how much a city could charge? I understand these cities need revenue and for that but, I just want [xx] with this bill, there's a limitation to how much the city could charge [xx] Sure. Representative [xx] the statute says that it cannot exceed the minimum service charge so that would be their cap. Thank you. Any other questions or comments from the committee? Representative Rose? Just a motion one appropriate. Thank you sir. Are there anyone[sp?] from the public who would like to speak for or against the proposed bill? Seeing none Representative Rose I believe now it's the appropriate time. I moved pcs for house bill 874 be approved and roll into I guess a new committee substi most I think the proper motion would be to vote favor or pcs on pcs on the original and a referral to Finance. Exactly Okay, you alright. Ready the motion. We have that before us, all in favor say aye, aye, opposed those say nay. Pass your [xx]. Thank you representative report. Next item on the agenda is House Bill 389, Roanoke Island Fire District Changes. Rep. Tine will be presenting the bill. Welcome sir and the floor is yours. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. This bill is a house keeping bill brought to me by Roanoke Island Fire Department and also the town of Manteo. Currently the taxes collected in support of Roanoke Island Fire District go through Manteo before they go over to the fire department, and they both would just like to reduce their record keeping and bureaucratic level of involvement in moving this money from one spot to the other. Thank Rep. Tine. Is there any member of the committee that has any questions or comments concerning the proposed bill? Seeing none, I would ask is

there anyone in the public who would like to speak either for or against the proposed bill? Seeing none, do I hear a motion? Rep. Warren.? Make a motion for a favorable report on 389. And there's a referral to Finance. Thank you, with the referral to Finance. That is the motion before us. Any discussion before we vote hearing none, all in favor say aye. Aye. All opposed say nay, [xx] has it, thank you representative [xx] you're going to play the report. Next item on the gym, house bill 466 states bill just took an assessment, was in a blast whoever is presenting the bill, the floor, there is a PCS, not an objection, Pcs people force and there is a referral to parmit you may proceed. Thank you Mr. Chairman, members of the committee, this bill comes at the request of the mayor and some town councilmen of Stocksdale. Stocksdale, if the projector, what do you call that Guilford coutny, it's about retaining[sp?] stocksdales up in the far left, right alongside Rockingham county part of the district goes over, the fire district goes over into Rockingham. Mayor Randy Braswell has told me that he's talked to senator Barger and senator Wade they're both in support this. I will certainly verify that with them personally before it comes to the floor. This is requiring the county commissioners to call a special election in the Fire district to allow the people whether to go from 10 to 15. I'm not aware of any opposition, I've talked to the county commissioner whose district includes Stockdale and he supports it, and so I would ask for your support. Thank you, are there any questions or comments from any member of the committee, representative Warren? Yes sir, thank you Mr. Chair and I guess this should be maybe BILL sponsor of stan for help, is calling for special elections at Coir, will that be. Will they be required to wait until the next general elections? Respond to to that please They will be required to wait until the next time that all the breezing were opened in the county which could be conceivably the premium of 2016 original election. Thank you very much. Promotion for everytime. But true to that. It doesn't qualify for special, I mean it's not a safety or healthy issue that would any other questions or comments by any member of the committee?  One quick comment.  Yes sir. [xx] is actually one pretty city if you have a large one but it's one [xx]. Thank you sir is there anyone from the public that would like to speak either for or against the proposed deal? Seeing none Rep. Warren I think now it's the appropriate time.  Thank you sir make for a motion for a favourable report for house bill 466 with referal to finance. Yes sir, I believe it's a PCS could you please make it Am Sorry favourable report to PCS for house bill 466 unfavourable the original over the referral finance. Thank you sir that's the motion before us just before we vote seeing none all in favor say aye all oppose say no pass you now Rep. Boles the next item on the agenda is house bill 490 [xx] text authorisation Representative Salma will be presenting the bill welcome and so, there's a referral to the finance committee. Thank you Mr. Chair. Members of the committee this is a fairly outstanding intact bill it was local bill brought to us by the Sanford business community. The bill essentially authorizes the city of Sanford to levy a loan market it requires for the hotel and about 3%, it requires them to develop a tool and development authority to administer the parcel the bill is in accordance with the guidelines for tax adopted by the house finance committee. Mr. Chair. Yes sir. Just to spend. Thank you. Just to tell representative Symil to continue.  Alright, just respect those in favor of the report yield any questions. Thank you representative  would you like to add anything? Thank you Mr chair I'd just say we got no opposition everybody is on board any questions from the committee? Yes sir, representative Luke. Thank you Mr chair, the question is a friendly question and that is, we have this double  task, mening double like one time by the county and one time by the city, does Lee county has occupancy tax. Representative Trama. As it say's I don't oppose this I am just curious. Thank you Mr Chair, the county does already have an occupancy tax, it was set up in the 80s it is the minister through the community commission goes to community college, central community college and support, the convection center, so in the communication with the community college communication with the

business folks and other community leaders, this was determined to be the best. I haven't been able to get through to the council chamber properly. Thank you very much. They had a question or comment about the member of the committee. Seeing an example from the public thy are speaking for against the proposed bill, seeing none representative Floyd have brought now appropriate time. For favor of the report house bill 490 will perform to finance. Thank you so that's the motion before us and we discuss before hearing none all in favor say aye. Aye. Oppose say no, if you have a favorable report this meeting is adjourned. Thank you Mr chair.