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House | May 13, 2015 | Committee Room | Judiciary I

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The order this is judiciary1, we are pleased to have some pages with us, a list of bakers. Tell us about yourself. Who's your sponsor? [xx] county and my sponsor is Representative Michael. What year are you in school? 10th grade. 10th grade. Madlene Carghens. Our sponsor is Representative Pat Hurley. I go to Ashford Highschool, I'm from Radford county and I'm a Senior. Reed Harly. My representative is [xx] I'm glad to have all three of them. Our sergeant-at-arms is Berry More and Bh. [xx]. We have only one bill on the calendar and that is, [xx] for a second, I just need to get a paper. okay we'll be at ease for a second home I hope to but know why. I have worked with Mills since [xx] this we'd notice that we have picked a PCS in 64 hours of House bill 616 all in favor say aye, aye. Help me recognize representative Magnil to explain the bill. I can apologize for that short delay. Okay I want to thank committee for being here in house bill 616 the PCS for house bill 615, would establish a one time $50, cost of court charged to get to a probationer, when found to be in violation of their probation. In North Carolina a person placed on probation must a bind by many rules as established by the courts and law. Whenever a probationer is reported back to court for a probational violation it takes valuable court time for the clerks, the judges, the district attorneys and the probation officers. Between 2011 and 2014 there was an average of  48, 948 violators charged with an average of 69, 256 probation violations. I believe you can see from this numbers how much of the cost damage we have to deal with violations. In my knowledge the court have never charged any of the costs of the proceedings to the defendant. Court cost are a retain parts of our judicial system and are charged and all with violations of North Carolina Law unless waived by the court. Probationer is charged supervision fees, to deflate the cost to supervision, so the idea of their helping to pay for their violations of law is not uncommon. I believe it's time to make the probationer who violates the condition of his probation, responsible for a small part of the cost to prosecuting and adjudicating these probation violations. The fiscal note established that this would raise approximately 2.5 million per year for the general fund. And Mr. Chairman, I stand ready if there are any questions. Any questions for the bill sponsor? I have a question for staff Mr. Chairman at the appropriate. This is your appropriate time. I'm not familiar with it, does it prevail any type of problems the charge $50. Half the core is from patients under $198 help the court another xx or that's not a problem. Any other questions? Is this a serial referral to financial? Are you making a motion or you Okay,  I'll make the motion that we did [xx] for House bill 5066 [xx] for good and referral finance You've heard the motion? All in favor let be known by saying Aye.  Aye. Oppose No.  Ayes have it and the meeting is adjourned thank you.