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Senate | May 12, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate will come to order. Sergeant at Arms will close the doors, members will go to their seats. Members and guests in gallery please silence all your electronic devices. Leading the Senate in prayers the Reverent Peter Mullar Senator, chaplain. All members and the guests in the gallery please stand. Let's pray Lord you are faithful and we come before you and we stop to acknowledge that you are sovereign not just the State but of all nations and we depend upon you today for every thought, every word, every action of our well bless these proceedings Lord and carry us through this next week of working side by side for the betterment of this populas in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Senator Apodaca is recognized to a motion. Mr. President I move that senate do not opt wrong one Excuse me one second Mr President the journal of May Monday 11 has just been read I examined it and found to be collect I moved the senate I matched with the reading of the journal ended its stand approved as written and that's Monday May 11th 2015 journal. Without objection journal from May 11 stands approved as written. Would you have a leave of absence today granted for Senator Hardsole? We also have a nurse with us today Collins Shon of Carolina is here. Luis Shawn please stand to be recognized thanks for joining us today Senators pound the motion senator Jim Davison of Macon County. The Chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to Mercy O'Neil, Town Manager of Waynesville and Jack Hewing, Executive Director of Lake Junaluska, if you're with us today, please stand and be recognized. Thanks for joining us. Upon the motion Senator Harry Bryan of Onslow County, the Chair is happy to extends courtesies of the gallery to Miss Janet Bowen and the [xx] belongs to a Chamber of Commerce leadership class. If you are with us today, please stand and be recognized. Do we have any reports of standing committees? Senator Randolman for what purpose for you rise? Send send forth the committee report. Senator Randmond you can send forth your report clerk will read Senator Randmond to committee submits the passage house bill 79 committee substitute number one attempt to follow see [xx] bill favorable. House bill 82 all in favor will ask the bill, but favor has to senate committee substitute bill execution non-secure custody or child abuse, house bill 293, all in favor of the bill, the favor has to has to stand committee substitute bill of that same law changes. House bill 782 in 293 calendar. senator Wade for what purpose do you rise? Send forward the committee reports. Can you send forward your reports senator. clerk will read. Senator Wade for the [xx] Resources Committee, submit the passage, Senate Bill 51 unfavourable as to bill, but favourable as committee substitute bill tittle, North Carolina for mark 2015 So bill 513, transportation. Any other report to standing committees?

Senator Wade what purpose do you rise? Send forward committee report. You can send forward your reports senator, the clerk will read. Senator Peg[sp?] for the Health Care Committee submits the passage House Bill 158 [xx] program, Skin Cancer Provision Act [xx] House Bill 195 Committee Substitute number one allow substitution of [xx] similar favorable House bill 437 committee substitute number one create permit exemptions [xx] on home products also favorable. House bill 158, 195 and 437 calendar? Do we have any other reports standing committee? Senator Davis [xx] Send forth a committee report? You can send forward your report. Thank you Mr. President. Clerk will read. Senator Davis for the state and local government committee submit for passage House bill 71, clarify county commission oath filing favorable, House bill 73 committee substitute number one, [xx] annexation favorable, House bill 204 or can will be quick take in the domain all show favourable. House Bill 243, local market economic development commission, also favourable House Bill 71 204 and 243 calendar, House Bill 73 finance. Senators are pound the motion Senator Palm county, the chair's happy to extend courtesies to the gallery to Woodland Heights Elementary School fourth grade class from Mooresville, North Carolina you are here with us, please stand to be recognized, thanks for joining us today. senator Apodaca for what purpose to you rise? Hold on a second Mr president, my mic broke, motion please. Senator Apadoca has a forward immersion. Thank you Mr. President. House Bill 597 is on the calendar for third reading today they were moved from today's calendar and placed on Thursday the 14th this calendar. Objections are in order. Thank you Mr. President, house bill 71 was just from state government clarifying county commission oat filing move to the rule being suspended to the end House bill 71 be placed on today's calender for consideration. Without objection? So ordered. That leaves us with one bill on the calender house bill 71 over the second reading clerk will read house bill 71 clarify county commission all sirent. Senator Beringer is recognized to speak to the bill. Thank you Mr. President. I'm hopping maybe call this into an oximeter award this bill under current law I'm just joking feller this bill under current law if you are elected or appointed as a county commissioner and you take an oath when you take your Current law says it's filed with the clerk. This bill simply clarifies who the clerk is and it  would be the clerk of the board the commissioners and not the clerk of the county where the oath was taken. I appreciate your support. Do we've discussion or debate? Hearing none the question before the senate is the passage of House Bill 71 on it's second reading. All those in favor will vote aye, oppose vote no, five seconds to be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote. 49 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative, House Bill 71 passes it's second reading without objection be read for a third time. North Carolina general assembly enact. The discussion of the debate. Hearing none the question before the senate is passage of house bill 71 on it's third reading all in favor will say aye, oppose no, the ayes have it, House Bill 71 passes it's third reading it'll be enrolled in senate to the governor. And that wraps up our calender for the day. Senates upon the motion of Senator Tarte and Senator Ford of Mecklenburg County the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to. [xx] Morgan president of the [xx] Chamber of Commerce and delegation from the chamber. Any folks here from the [xx] chamber please just stand up and raise your hand to be recognized. Thanks for joining us today. [XX] do we have any notices or announcement [xx] You have the floor senator. Thank you this is for the ladies the joint legislative women's [xx] will meet tomorrow at one o'clock.

The room number was 414 you will be receiving a notice that the room now is 423. I hope you all can come, thank you.  Any further notices or announcements? Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise?  Mr. President a motion please. You have the floor Senator.  Thank you. Mr. President member on next week Mar 19th we are going to have coach Kay and his 2014/2015 men's basketball ball team here to visit with us. If you all have forgotten they probably have more national championships than any other team in North Carolina. I don't been a resolution. Senate Blue and the remarkable damn delegation are going to sponsor a resolution honoring of the team I move to role spices spend at the end that duck resolution my be filled in the clerks office and their after consider it. I object is their order any further notices or announcements? Any other business to come before the Senate, if not the Chair recognises Senator Berger for a motion almost closing I move to senator Denour[sp?] John subject of stand stipulation said in senate rule 24.1 receive the house messages and notifications will convene on Wednesday May 13, 2015 at two pm. The motions of the senate now adjourned, subject to the stipulation sustained by Senator Berger to reconvene on Wednesday May 13th at 2 PM seconded by senator Burr, all in favour say aye, those no, the ayes have it, since then it's adjourned.