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House | May 7, 2015 | Committee Room | House: Rules, Calendar and Operations

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Members the house committee on rules calender an operations of the house will come to order thank our surgent on staff for Mr. Adams [xx] simple star for being with us today there is only one matter before the committee today and that will be the consideration and hopefully these favourable report house joint resolution 942 the confirmation of Dr. Render Marison Corns to the office of state controller Dr. Corms is with us today and Chair has asked her to give you a few remarks and then she of course has agreed to accept any enquiries that you have and then the chair will recognize recognise representative Floyd for a motion [xx] welcome to the house committee on rules you have the the 4 of them. Thank you chairman Thank you to all of you it's actually a great privilege to appear before this committee until they nominate by the governor for a 7 year term as a state controller I think the most question I have heard over the year that I have served as state controller already has been I just wanted and office too indefinitely to representation of bill am not going to go through that with you today because we knew packages we have a whole lot of information about and about me and what our office does but am honour to be nominated by the governor am honoured to be working with you as I have over the last year and to get to know many of you if I have. I'm also wanted to tell you over the last year I have know about office, is that some of the finest people I have ever work with, it's no wonder North Carolina physical resource being in the state control of offers has such a story reputation and contribute significantly to our AAA vode writing and other good physical management practices that we have here in the state of North Carolina. I'd to talk about North Carolina has been beautiful on the outside and strong on the inside and I tell my folks everyday how important they are to making that happen. So, you are important to making that happen and a lot of people throughout state government have part of that responsibility. So, it's an honour to serve with all of you, I look forward to working with you as we move the confirmation through the process and to completion of that process. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Thank you dr.comb[sp?] Members, does anyone have any inquiries for Dr. Komes at this time, thank you Dr. Komes. Thank you. Representative Floyd moves that Houston Resolution 942, the confirmation for reappointment of Dr. Komes and officer state controller given a stable report, is there a further discussion of debate on the motion from the gentleman from [xx] seeing none, those favoring the motion will say aye"aye", those opposed will say no. Supreme Chair, the ayes have it. I believe it was unanimous and the Bill will be given a favor report, there being no further business, the Committee on Rules on stands adjourned.