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House | May 7, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The House will come to order, Members will take their seats. Visitors will retire from the chamber, the Sergeant at Arms will close the doors, members and visitors please silence all electronic devices. The prayer will be offered by Representative Susan Martin, members and visitors in the gallery will please stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance, Representative Martin. Thank you, today I'd like to share with you from a devotion book I picked up called 'Keep Calm and Trust God', and it's about pressure He spoke to me and I think he will speak to you. Lord when we long for life without difficulties remind us that hopeful strong in contrary wins and diamonds are made under pressure by Peter Marshall, join me in prayer. Lord please help us to stay calm and maintain our peace when faced with pressured situations. Help us not to feel forced into making rush or hasty decisions. show us how not to give in to the pressure to act before we are confident what the correct course of action actually is. Help us not to let the pressure at the moment forces as to make ill fated decision that we will regret give us wisdom and clarity of thoughts to properly discern the choices available to us. Let us not be agitated, disturbed or intimidated by the circumstances around us. Grant us your peace so that we may maintain calmness in the midst of adversity, we ask you for your guidance and direction concerning the choices before us, Lord we trust you and we'll follow your direction. Thank you for our nation and our great state. We lift up all our leaders on this national day of prayer, we praise you for our many blessing and acknowledge our need for you, in Jesus name Amen. Amen. I pledge the allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice. Representative Davis is recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker the journal from May six has been examined and found to be correct and I move that it be approved as written. Representative Davis moves that the journal from May six be approved as written, those in favor will say aye, those opposed will say no, in the event of a chair the ayes have it and journal stands approved. Mark, chapel bills. Reports of standing committees, members of the chair can I have your attention please. The clerk is about to read the orders of standing committees, the chair will ask leave of the house to add some of these bills to today's calendar, please listen as the bills are read. Rep Brownly, Saine, Hastings, Martin, Seth and Zucker are recognized to send forth a report from the committee on finance. The clerk will read Rep Balley, Stein, Hastings, Martin and [xxx] finance committee report, house bill 289, instant money transmitters act, [xxx] favorable House bill 289 will be added, pardon, chair stands corrected. Calendar and without objection, today's calendar seeing none, so ordered. House bill 430 county [xxx] and legislation, favorable, House bill 430 calendar and without objection, today's calendar, so ordered.  House bill 182 property insurance fairness, favourable committee substitute number two, unfavourable committee substitute number one.committee substitute number two under 36B, committee substitute number one, unfavorable calendar. For what purpose does the lady from From Wake Representative Adcock arise? For a point of personal privilege. The lady has the floor for up to three minutes to speak for personal privilege. Thank you Mr Speaker I don't

know how many of you you know that today is national school nurses day and we have many school nurses in our gallery from today and it would be wonderful recognized both what, their presence here today, but also the contributions they make to the many school children in our with a round of applause thank you. And yes on behalf of all members of the house we are so proud and pleased to welcome and recognize our nurses that are here today. What purpose is the lady from Mecklenbug representative Cartham arise? For a moment of personal privilege Mr speaker. The lady has the floor may speak up for three minutes to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr speaker and members and on that note I'm sure that you are all aware that this week is teacher appreciation week and I thought I would share this little story that was written from busyteacher.org. I'm so much more than just a teacher, I'm a councilor and a psychologist to a problem filled child, I'm police officer that controls a girl gone wild, I am a travel agent scheduling our trips for the year. I am a confidant that crying child's tear. I am a banker collecting money for a tonne of different things. I am a librarian showing adventure that a storybook brings. I am a custodian that has to clean those certain little messes. I am  psychic that learns to know all that everybody guesses. I'm a photographer keeping pictures of a child's yearly growth. When mother and father are gone for the day, I become both. I am a doctor that detects when child is feeling sick. I am a Politician that must know the Laws and recognize a trick I am the Test Administrator for all the required tests all year long. I am a party planner for holidays to celebrate with all. I am a decorator of a room filling every wall. I am a news reporter updating our Nation on current events. I'm a detective solving mysteries and ending all suspense. I'm a clown and a comedian that makes our children laugh, I'm a dietitian assuring they have lunch or from mine, I give them half. When we seem to stray from their values I become a preacher, but I'm proud to have to be all this things and am proud to say that I'm a teacher. And members I know this is teacher appreciation week and we have been in practise so much by teachers and we are all supportive of them so I ask you to honor the teachers either in this chamber or the ones that you know back in the district and say thank you and hopefully we'll do that throughout the year, thank you. For what purpose does the lady from Foresigh Representative Terry rise? For a moment of personal privilege please sir Mr. Speaker The lady has the floor and may speak up to three minutes on a point of personal privilege. Thank you very much Mr. Speaker and members of the house today I am honored to tell you about Jack and Jill of America incorporated an African American membership organization and families founded in 1938 to assure that children ages 2 through 19 will be nurtured to become leaders through strengthening development of volunteer services, understanding philanthropy and their civic duty. The Mid Atlantic Region of Jack and Jill of America has 13 chapters, many located in cities across North Carolina who are visiting her with us today. Jack and Jill of America continues a tradition of excellence in promoting and advocating for all families and their children. Advocacy in all areas of building stronger families to build stronger society is what brings the members of Jack and Jill of America to this great body today. And I would wish you to welcome them along

with me as a proud member of having been president of my chapter in Winston Salem many many years ago. Thank you very much and I believe there're other members in our delegation who may also be members, who might like to say something about Jack and Jill. Thank you Sir. For what purpose does the lady from Wake, Representative Holley arise? Point for personal privilege. The lady has the floor and may speak up to three minutes to a point of personal privilege. I too am a former Jack Jill dealer and I would like you to take advantage of all the opportunities that they had today to come around and speak to them. The young kids trying to learn about the political process as we've heard so many groups coming before, but it was also instrumental when I was a young child as a participant in Jankee Jee that gave me a disclosure to a lot of things that I would not have had exposure to in this case a boy here to give an exposure so I'd like you to welcome all today and say thank to the jank and Jess of America. Members we would like to extend warmest welcome to those that are here from the Yankee Jee of america mid Atlantic program if those folks are in the garelly would they stand please. We are glad you are here we welcome to the house For what purpose does the lady from Wake representative Adcock rise? I just forgot to turn off my light thanks. Members, the chair is going to extend the courtesies of the gallery to some school groups we believe are visiting us today if you will hold your [xxx] until the end. We have, when the chair calls your name, if you are here please stand. We have St. Marks Catholic school from [xxx] North-wood Elementary School from Highpoint, Newland Elementary from Newland and Calvery Baptist day school from West [xxx]. If you're with us, would you please stand and we're proud to welcome you to the house of representatives calendar, house bill 289 the clerk will read. Representatives Ross, Gida, Holster and house bill 289, a bill to be entitled an act to enact the North Carolina Money Transmitters Act as requested by the Office of North Carolina Commissioners of Banks. General Sender of North Carolina you are next. For what purpose does the gentlemen from Alamas, Representative Ross arise. Thank you Mr. Speaker, present the Bill. Gentleman has the floor to debate the Bill. Members, House Bill 289 comes to us through the Office of The North Carolina Commissioner of Banks. the Money Transmitter Act was passed back in 2001, which is 14 years ago. Since that time there had been a number of technology changes in the world of banking and finance, as many of you seen lately, there have been things like Apple Pay, and Google Wallet, or what we commonly refer to in the finance world as virtual currency. What this bill does simply is goes through the existing money transmitter act and revises the act to include the virtual currency world that is growing by leaps and bounds. You may have heard the term Bitcoin a Bitcoin is obviously a virtual currency and is one of the pieces of virtual currency that will become regulated under this act. The bill itself is non controversial, it went through banking unanimous, went through finance this morning unanimous, there is no no in opposition, and the officer of the Commissioner Banks has worked on this bill for the best part is about two years when stakeholders trying to get this exactly in the right form so with that I will ask you for your spport and thank you. Further discussion further debate on house bill bill 289? Seeing none, the question before the house is the

passage of house bill 289 on its second reading those favoring passage will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote, with 108 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative, House Bill 289 has passed its second reading and will, without objection, be read a third time. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Further discussion, further debate on House Bill 28. Seeing none, the question before the house is the passage of House Bill 289 on its third reading. Those favoring passage will say aye. Aye. Those opposed will say no. And in the opinion of the chair ayes have it and House Bill 298 has passed its third reading and will be sent to the Senate. House Bill 430 the clerk will read. Representative [xx], Coni and McGrady house bill 430 a bill to be entitled an act turn this fate lour of taxes study commission director of in the environment commission to study issues relating to state wide approaches to control invasion of aquatic that is sweat in the state order directing revenue lost committee to study issues relating to financial impact of local government searches previously taxable properties from the popular based acquired by none profit time the authorities of counties to establish residential recycle of all materials collection program General Assembly North Carolina enact. For what purpose does the lady from [xx] representative Mikel to rise? To debate the Bill. The lady has the floor to debate the Bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker, and members of The House House Bill 430 is the County Omnibus Legislation Bill that we have [xx] by [xx] which reflects the County Commissioner's top priority for their Legislative Agenda and it has four sections, three of them are studies and one is clarifying language. Section 1 sets up the static commission that will actually set up the last [xx] we formed our members of the senate never form there so we're trying it again and it's to study the state payment in lieu of taxes for counties that have a lot of state property on them, for instance my little Jones County when the poorest counties, the DOT takes a lot of their land to the [xx] takes all the tax lost so they are hunting for taxes so this just studies that, section 2 are directly environmental review commission to study issues around the aquatic not just weeds we have in all the lakes use of the lake such as the hydraler   the general assembly has provided funding for hydraler in the lakes but this is to study a more comprehensive approach to make sure we're not just throwing money at it and we do this in a comprehensive way. Section three directs the revenue loss study commission to study impacts of local government of exempting previously taxable property that's in the tax base and then sometimes they're required by non-profit such as hospitals will buy other medical center that's on the tax row and all of the sudden it becomes part of the non profit and non taxable which puts the counties in a bad spot as far as their taxes go especially in a non revenuer. So I think that there will be an amendment that in exam three institution from representative Collins in a few minutes. Section Four clarifies the authority to establish and recover costs for residential Recycling Programs. this is already being done by the Counties, but I think there was an objection from one citizen in one of the counties, I think it was the Orange County maybe. They're objected to pay a recycling fee, they've already been doing this for years, it's just to recover their cost some recycling fees. Most of time the Counties actually have the recycling fees incorporated into their solid waste fee, and I will tell you that most of them just recovered their fees, and if they make profit from the recycled materials, it goes back in to reduce the price of the solid waste fee.

So, I'll be happy to answering questions. For what purpose does the gentleman from Nash Representative Collins arise? Bring forth amendment. The gentleman is recognized to send forth the amendment the clerk will read. Representative Collins seeks to amend the bill on page two line 36 by rewriting the lines to read. The gentleman from Nash is recognized to his amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker, now this is a friendly amendment that's been just to clarify the intent of the bill, the study committee or the study group that they're going to create to study the effects of non profits taken over real property was not designed to deal with Churches and this just makes that clear I had a Representative from the County Commission Association thank me a few minutes before the session started they for offering this amendment, it's not really adding anything to the bill it's just making clear the intentions of that study committee, I would ask you to vote Green. For what purpose does the lady from [xx] representative Mikel have to rise. I would just encourage you to vote green thank you. The lady has the floor to debate on the amendment sent forth by the gentleman from Nash, see in none those in favor the amendment will vote aye, those oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote with 109 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, the amendment is adapted. Further discussion, further debate on house committee substitute for House Bill 430. For what purpose does gentleman from Wake, Representative Stam arise? To debate the bill The gentleman has the floor to debate the Bill. Mr. Speaker and members of the house I would like to invite you to take some home work home. The paper I put on your desk, North Carolina's most regressive taxes will relate to an amendment I may suggest on third reading next week. I object to section four of the bill. Obviously if counties had the ability to do this recycling thing now you wouldn't need evidence in section 4 anyway. What I'm doing without authority, my objection is but it's a very bad way to correct what's in reality at tax. This article by Charles Liner of the School of Government was published in popular government about 15 years ago and explain the difference between taxes and fees. We often get those mixed up in our lyrics[sp?] something that are called fees are really taxes like storm water fee, somethings that are taxes somethings that are really fees are called taxes. But it depends on what the function is and how they are collected, and he collects in his article somethings that are called fees but are really at flat taxes. I'm not talking like a flat income tax which is a good idea, but it's based on income, but there're more like a pole or capitation tax, I'm just going to mention a few things if you want to look at it I will give you the highlight so that you don't actually to read the whole article when you intend to spend the weekend with your children at the bottom of page one. Provision for flat taxes while both of the commonly held principles of tax fairness, the benefits received principle and their ability to pay some people then if you to age two at the very bottom you begin talking but what we used to do like pokhol and had a computation task like a pole task that because of the controversial on the top of page we actually have a provision in our constitution that prohibits poles or computational taxes that is as per household or per head, for those of you who are old enough to remember Margaret Thatcher's government was brought their own [xx] to put a computation test on the people of Britain about 20 years ago, and then he goes over what some the fees that really flat taxes because it is not these or benefit received or ability to pay and in this [xx], and in page well 21, three of this article he talks about availability charges, those are really flat taxes like [xx] later to finance GreenBox and recycling programs. And he says in the case of

a landfill, the charges bare no relation to resident's actual use to that landfill or the volume of waste they put in it, this tax is levied as a flat amount per house hold or apartment, and collected as a separate charge property, Tax Bill. So, there's a lot of ways that it can be done. But, this Bill it's not about, do you like recycling or not? It's about how we are going to pay for it. Well, let's just hypothesize three families. Well, I'm an unusual family. I'd have never subscribed to the newspaper ever. Main reason is that I enjoy telling their telephone solution every six months that I think their paper really is a rotten piece of garbage but of course I have to read it so I bring I will pick it up at bagger King or Hardy borrow from somebody else or read it online. What the other major thing that recycle is cans, beer bottles I don't drink beer and the cans we try not to do those, so I really don't have a whole lot of real recycling to do, but some people have a whole lot and there're some people who just cant spend, they don't have enough money to buy things to recycle, but they're paying just as much as the mansion people with ten kids that cycle it's kind of stuff every week. It's a flat tax, it's not a fee and I would encourage you to think about, read this article and hopefully I'll have Monday or Tuesday when we're taking up on third reading a solution. For what purpose does the gentlemen from Union Representative Rowdy arise? respectfully has to be reported I in the cans amendment I was in the chamber. The gentleman from Union will be recorded as having voted aye and the amendment sent forth by the gentleman from Nash. Members and chair has been made aware that there's going to be another amendment offered by the gentleman from Gaston, we are only waiting for him to submit that return to his chair and. F or what purpose does the lady from the Lake, Representative Gill rise? On a point of personal privilege. The lady has the floor and may speak to up to three minutes to a point of personal privilege. Representative Cotham read a point of an article about teachers and what they do and I was sitting here thinking, we in the general assembly certainly did not give a standing ovation and appreciation for what our teachers do. We had teachers in the gallery and we have school students there also, I think it's proper now to ask the speaker if he would allow the general assembly to show their appreciation for teachers all over North Carolina and what they do for our students. The lady's point is well taken the chair is aware we have school groups at least one VS team, would all of the teachers that are in the gallery, be teachers around the floor or the former educators around the floor please stand and allow us to express our appreciation for your hard work during this teacher's appreciation [xx] For what purpose does the gentleman Yadkin, Representative Zachary arise? To be recording voting aye on House Bill 289, The gentleman from Yadkin will be recorded as having voted aye on the second reading of House Bill 289. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, Representative Bob Gardner arise? To set forth an amendment The Gentlemen is recognized To send forward this amendment, the clerk will read. Representative Tom Gardner moves to amend the bill on page two lines 40 The gentleman from Gatson is recognized to explain his amendment.

The amendment does strike tough section for this otherwise good bill. And the reason is, I live in a city that has recycling what they call a recycling system or what Representative Stan was talking about, and we have perhaps two garbage of cans, and I really don't have room for two garbage can and don't want to log this cans but when I set them beside the road they don't pick and take with them they just empty and leave it there, but I don't want to do that to everybody in Gaston county, and that's what this bill is going to do it's going to give the counties the authority to pass an audinace requiring everybody to not only have two [xx] of cans, but obligate them to pave for every month, and that's what happening to me, and I personally don't like it and neither do a whole lot of other people for in my town in my district so I would appreciate your support for this amendment. For what purpose does the lady from Colorado representative Mikel rise? To debate the amendment. The lady has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you this is the first this amendment I would ask you to vote no in this amendment. This actually takes away the authority that our counties already have and section 4 is clarifying that authority they have been enjoying this 4 years and years and years and only because of what citizen did they come up that the statute were not really that clear, I will tell you that as I former commission and the town commissioner, our folks like to break how the solid waste thing, they want it to be separate than the property tax fee and the reason they want to do that is because that can go up and down. If our county west authority makes money on the recycled things and they can lower the solid waste bill on your trash that way. This is a good section and it has been working for years, and years, and years here in our counties our Counties are not trying to get more money. This is their way of just taking cost them for this. Recycling whether you believe in it or don't believe in it, we have farms here in North North Carolina they take milk bottles and make polywood furniture out of it. And it's the most amazing furiniture you've ever seen at the coast, you don't have they keep buying patio furniture or pool furniture over and over and over again. It would last for years and that's stand from a milk bottle that we would have crushed in our landfills. So please, vote this amendment down, do what your Counties need the Counties need this recycling and waste fund so that they can do what's best for the land fields. You start putting up this in the land fields. And you're going to be paying more on your taxes, we're going to have to build more land fields. So please, vote this amendment down. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative  Stem arise?  To speak on amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. I also didn't know the amendment was coming, but maybe that's because the Bill only came up in Finance about two hours ago, so it was a surprise to all of us the Bill on the floor today. There's something that's missing here. First of all, if they're doing it already deleting Section Four doesn't change the Authority one way or the other. The second thing is taxed the adaptability we often forget about that that all our folks are federal tax payers as well if you put something on a separate fee as opposed to pay that for the property tax you are changing a deductible expense to a non-deductible expense, costing the citizens of this state millions and millions of federal income tax so I support the amendment. Members if we could pause for just a moment, the chair would like to extend the courtesies of the gallery, and if they're present if they will stand to suite us at our visitors from Franklin Elementary in Mounteri, if they will stand, and students from Northwood Elementary School in High Point, if they're present would they stand so that we may welcome come to

the house representative. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland, Representative Glazier rise? To debate the Bill Mr. Speaker and to ask Representative Marke[sp?] wrapped a question at the end of the comment. Does the gentleman wish to debate the amendment or the bill? I'm sorry, I apologise the amendment amendment Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker, just a comment on the amendment and then the question. I appreciate Representative Stam's point about the bill and the amendment just coming today I think a lot of us admit the point that he made that maybe we ought to have a little more time to think through these things as opposed to it coming to the floor directly, but I will say in complete reference to the chair and the speaker Representative Stan yesterday Representative Moore made it clear to everybody at the end of the day that he was going to ask for bills to come on from Finance so I don't think it's any difference we did get notice, but I agree with your point about the process and hope that we think about that for future session that being said Representative Caro [xx] I would like to know if you would yield for a question Mr. Speaker Will the lady from [xx] view to the gentleman from Cambland  I do. She yields. Thank you Mr. Speaker representative I just want to make sure understand it seem to me that all the provisions of section four are voluntary that is Nothing is mandatory on the county they may choose to operate a residential recyclable material collection program they may issues to charge these. Am I right that there's nothing mandatory here that imposes any requirements on the county other than what its county citizens choose That they want to do to their elected county officials. That's exactly right and it is the fairest way to do who work lather than property taxes most folks fail. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford representative Blust rise? Chief Representative Bamgardner yield for a question. Would the gentleman from Garston yield to the gentleman from Guildford? He yields Representative Borm Godner if I understand your amendment to the way it was added as your striking section four from the bill in the entire would that not mean then practically JS 153A-292 will just remain as it is currently you are intending to repeal 153A-292 is that correct? correct. For what purpose does the lady from Mecklenburg representative Carney rise? To speak on the amendment. The lady has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen of the house there have been some good questions raised today, and the sponsors and I would like to ask you respectfully to vote no on this amendment, I know Adam Jackson a third reading and let those sponsors work with the association and two gentlemen that have raised the questions over the weekend, we can come back and address this on Monday night. I don't want us to get into a situation that we are putting into jeopardy all the recycling programs that are taking place in our counties. Whether you agree or not with them, I do think this is a big move to strike this out without their being total understanding of whether we are wiping this program or not or calling them into jeopardy, so I would ask on behalf of the other bill sponsors that you would please vote this amendment down and let us subject to third reading and we'll fix it between now and next meeting, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Randal, Representative Mcneil rise? To ask Representative Stem a question. The gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman from Wilkes? Counties already charge a fee for solid waste collection, is your argument that that fee is also a flat tax? As the argument about the fee that is established for the recyclables. Yes it's a bad policy but it's already the law, I'm just asking you not to make a bad tax policy worse. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wilkes Representative Elmore arise? To speak to the amendment. The Gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment.   Thank you. From my understanding when I served as the Town Commissioner inner prose funds such as your trash collection, your water funds have to be self sustaining through your fees.

You cannot continually transfer your property tax money into that enterprise system. And the goal of the enterprise system is to be self sustaining, so, you're not seeing your property tax roll into that system except in emergency type situations. So, to me, striking section 4 will jeopardize existing inner pro systems that counties are operating, and also on the recycling component, we made that decision locally while I was serving, because our tipping fees were sky rocketing. The county was making money off of the two municipalities, so, when we pulled the amount of weight going to do our land field away, it stabilized the trash collection fee for inner pro systems. So I would urge you not to support the amendment. Thank you. for what purpose does the gentleman from Harsh representative John arise?   And call the Bill sponsor. Does the the gentleman from G Austin yield to the gentleman from Harsh. The bill sponsor. The bill sponsor who is there? Michelle. Does the lady from [xx] yield to the gentleman Harsh. Thank for pronouncing my name. I do. I got it right? You did She yields Okay thank you Representative [xx] Can you please tell me what the difference would be between current law and adding what is in your section 4. What would be done differently if section 4 the amendment part pass. Actually the reason for section 4 in this field, was just to clarify what we think as existing law, it just clarifies that, not only can you charge a solid waste, but you can also charge a recycling fee. And that, okay. [xx]  Does the lady yield to an additional question?  I do. She yields. So, in effect whether we pass section 4 or not the current law will stay the same with these recycling programs. They will stay the same probably, there would probably be more people, maybe like Representative Bob Gardner who will come and complain and exactly would be unclear about what already been done. Thank you, inquire the chairman. The gentleman may state his inquiry. I'm not sure how do this exactly Mr. Speaker we don't have the staff on the floor for this kind of question. Representative Bumgardner's amendment to my understanding and to what Representative Blust was saying, only removes the underlined portions, is that correct or does it remove the actual portion of the law that are also written there in section four, what is the exert result of the amendment? Mr speaker. What it appears today in the roles chair, his opinion is the same as mine only it only strikes this section out of the Bill, it doesn't change existing law I don't believe if, but I'll recognize, for what purpose does the lady from Carteret rise? I'd like to pull this Bill, and let us try to resolve this and bring back on Monday. Without objection the bill will move from this evening so we counter for without objection Thanks sir. We have an order. Members we have the school group with us here from Northwood Elementary School from High Point that's coming, I think there may be another group from the school earlier, but we have a new group. Would you all please stand so that we could welcome you with us today, thank you that occasional bill resolution the clerk will read there well in tackle following bill do where to find them for presentation to the government house bill 901 an act to devote of motor vehicle to study ways decrease the misuse of wind-shield cracks issues by handicapped person. House bill 601 enacted to provide for the lawful sale of deer skins subject to target and reporter requirement [xx] House Bill 706 in order to require the Building Code Council to amend the North Carolina Building Code to exempt Open Air Camp Cabins from certain requirements of the code. Chapter bills have been noted. Representative Davis and Ford recognized the same before they report, the clerk will read. Representative Hagers and Ford, local government committee report, house bill 266 city of Illinois [xx] favorable and referred to finance. Bill is referred to finance. House bill 400 town of Mid hill [xx] favor and we refer to Finance.

Bills really fair to Finance. House Bill 426 Town of Weldon the Deannexation favor and we refer to Finance does refer to finance. House bill 526 de-annexation being referred to finance. Bill is referred to the finance committee. House bill 493 Lake Louis de-annexation referendum favor of committee substitute in favor of regional bill being referred to finance. original bill on favor of the current committee substitute we refer to finance. We'd ask our pages to come forward please. Pages on behalf of all my colleagues here in the House would like to thank you for being with us this week. I hope you've had enjoyable time. I know you missed being at school for a week, but we hope you had a great time with us and learn something and make some new friends. We'd ask my colleagues please join me in thanking you for your services with [xx] pages. May you return to your post. Notices and announcements. There, and the Chair will make a said the bill 445 was referred to rules yesterday by the Chair. The Chair removes that from rules calender of 36B will be counted for Tuesday, that title [xx] is the short title on that is much[sp?] law. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rockingham, Representative Jones rise? For an announcement. Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I just would like to remind everyone and then today is the National Day of Prayer. And there's a prayer walk out on the Halifax Mall beginning just a few minutes here at noon and you all invited to participate, thank you. Further notices and announcements. Members it appears from the Chairs review the calender, there's really no reason to have any recorded votes on Monday. So it appear we'll have recorded votes on Tuesday and what we're going to upload is just have a nervous session at 4 PM, so if you'd like to be here come on, but certainly don't feel like you have to. Further notices and announcements? If not the gentleman from from Hornet representative Louis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker I move that subject to receipt of committee reports we refer of bills and resolutons of representative statement and committee appointment so the house to now adjourn to reconvene Monday May 11th at at 4 O'clock PM. Representative Louis moves seconded by representative Harrison that the house do now adjourned subject to receipt committee reports re-referal of bills and resolutions committee appointments and reading of representative statements to reconvene on Monday maybe 11th at 4 PM those in favour will say aye those oppose will say no the ayes have we stand adjourned.