A searchable audio archive from the 2013-2016 legislative sessions of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Awards and Grants:

Capitol Hound receives $50,000 award from UNC

Capitol Hound Q&A with C. Felix Harvey Award Winners

Reese News Lab wins $35,000 Knight Foundation grant to launch searchable N.C. General Assembly acrhive and alert system

On PBS MediaShift Idea Lab:

Fresh from Reese News Lab: Capitol Hound and NewsLing

How Reese News Lab's Capitol Hound found its business plan B

On Nieman Lab:

With Capitol and Campaign Hound, UNC students are learning the sales side of media (and it's not easy)

On Radio Television Digital News Association of the Carolinas:

Inside UNC's Reese News Lab

On Reese New Lab: Lab Reports

Capitol Hound: We're launching

Students pitch business ideas with big impact

Learning how to learn

Quote from Senator Ellie Kinnaird's weekly activities news letter:

"My second event of the day was a presentation at the UNC Journalism School on their projects to create breakthrough media innovation. They had three criteria: feasibility, viability and desirability. Could it be done, could it make money and would people like it. One of the presentations was of personal interest: an instant alert system for journalists, lobbyists, and advocates when a legislative bill that would affect them came up. This would eliminate their sitting in committee meetings on the chance that something came up unexpectedly, such as the abortion bill that arose at 8:00 p.m. without notice. Again, I was impressed by the energy and ideas of these young people."